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UPDATE-Confused David Letterman backs down over Palin daughter jokes

June 11, 2009

Talk show host David Letterman says he was “guilty of poor taste” after causing a stir with some sexually suggestive jokes about one of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s teenage daughters, admitting he confused 18-year-old intended target Bristol Palin with her 14-year-old sister, Willow. The comedian’s 7-minute-plus discussion of the controversy during his Wednesday show can be seen on the video link below:




Todd Palin, the governor’s husband, has accused Letterman of making a joke about someone “raping” his younger daughter. Neither girl was directly named in the original joke, which also namechecked New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

Letterman responded, “I would never, ever make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl. I mean, look at my record. It has never happened.” The comedian also invited the governor to appear on his show, but suggested she leave Todd at home.

Here’s the update. On Friday, Palin was back on the attack against Letterman. She told Matt Lauer of the “Today” show on NBC that, “You and anybody else are extremely naive to believe that very convenient excuse of David Letterman’s the other day.” By that, Palin meant Letterman’s statement that he was joking about Palin’s 18 year-old daughter, whose pregnancy was widely commented on last year, and not her 14 year-old daughter, Willow. The full video link is below:


A publicist for Letterman’s show on Friday declined to comment on Palin’s latest criticism.

Also on Friday, New York Assemblyman Brian Kolb, a Republican, sent a letter to Leslie Moonves, the president and chief executive of CBS Corp, asking him to fire Letterman over the comments. “Mr. Moonves, as a proud father and husband yourself, I ask you to consider what sort of message is sent when an employee of the corporation you lead is allowed to make such disrespectful remarks about women?” Kolb wrote.

So the controversy continues. It’s not the first time that Letterman has had to eat his words. Last year, he apologized to celebrity heiress Paris Hilton, after he badgered her in a previous appearance with questions about her time in jail.


We agree that Letterman spoke in complete stupidity and should be ousted from the Letterman Show–we will boycott CBS and the Letterman Show–he is totally disgusting and not funny

Posted by Russ and Linda Saunders | Report as abusive

so where were the conservatives when tons of nasty jokes were being made about hillary clintonsheesh, they want to complain about double standards?

Posted by BRG | Report as abusive

While Letterman was certainly guilty of bad taste – what kind of pervert automatically assumes the joke was about the 14 year old? Palin is using her children again so she can fake outrage and get attention.

Posted by Stewart Reed | Report as abusive

David Letterman should be ashamed of himself. Sexually explicit remarks are not appropriate about teens of any age – especially from someone as old as Letterman is. He thinks because Bristol is 18, his remarks are okay. No, they are not! He needs to apologize to the teens, the Palin family, and his viewers. A real apology this time!

Posted by Gail Monroe | Report as abusive

Ya know, I just don’t believe that Dave “didn’t know” what he was saying. He knew or he SHOULD have known. To do a driveby at the expense of someone else isn’t funny no matter who does it or who it’s about. Everyone was respectful over Dave’s houseguest problems and he wasn’t the butt of any jokes about that. So why should any of us just accept his explanation about the Palin issue? I don’t accept it, I think that it’s Dave’s hate for all things Conservative and the media will probably give him a pass over it too. Disgusting Dave, simply disgusting.

Posted by R | Report as abusive

I’ve tuned out Letterman a long time ago, I used to really enjoy the show. But, found it to be unfunny and I drifted to other late night shows.This latest stunt confirms that Letterman is not worth going back to see if the show has improved.I’m sure he will lose even more people with these stunts. It’s clear he’s trying to attract ratings, but this is pretty weak.

Posted by Dean B | Report as abusive

Palin is a joke so it’s very strange that she can’t take one.

Posted by P Henry | Report as abusive

The jokes were clearly at the expense of Elliot Spitzer and Alex Rodriguez, respectively, and not at the expense of either of Gov. Palin’s daughters (other than to suggest that the daugher was attractive). The real issue: conservatives are still bitter at Letterman’s perceived influence in the campaign when he ran down McCain for failing to honor an appearance on his show. We have yet to see Sarah Palin let an opportunity for media exposure pass her by.As for this ridiculous article, Dave did not back down and was not confused. He did not admit he confused the daughters, and his jokes clearly were directed towards Bristol, who was “knocked up” and of a similar age to the escort that brought down Spitzer.

Posted by Charles | Report as abusive

The headline says that David “backed down” over the Palin jokes. It didn’t sound like backing down to me. It sounded like excusing or justifying them to me; and “bad taste” is not nearly strong enough to describe how abominable they were. I will not watch the Letterman show and I will not patronize the sponsors until he makes a “real” apology and I urge everyone else to do likewise.

Posted by maquignon | Report as abusive

Ok, Dave made a mistake and apologized. Whadda ya know, Palin was finally right about something.Dave really meant his jokes to be about the Governors 18 year old daughter. Apparently jokes about her are OK.Of course, if Palin didn’t parade her children around during the campaign, no one would be able to use any of her children for cheap laughs. Now of course they’re fair game, with Bristol Palin as the poster child for Alaska’s “Just Say No” campaign.

Posted by Owat Agoosiam | Report as abusive

Sure, Letterman’s comments were in bad taste. But, this is a society that thrives on bad taste. Have you watched any TV lately? If you want good taste, don’t watch TV.As far as Todd Palin’s hysteric comment about “raping” his daughter, I didn’t hear Letterman say anything like that. The Palin’s need to relax. If they don’t like the heat, stay out of the kitchen. They’re the ones who are stoking up controvery here. It’s Dave’s job to be irreverant and controversial.

Posted by Bill P. | Report as abusive

I hear scores of disgusting “jokes” about Hillary Clinton and any number of other non-right-wing women and men on every single right-wing talk radio show. It is as the person wrote above: fake outrage.This is the same old phony moral outrage we’ve seen since these so-called conservatives first found a voice on talk radio. They will do anything to get airtime.

Posted by Fus | Report as abusive

I think Letterman should stop making excuses, whether he meant the 18 yr. old Palin daughter or the 14 yr. old. The words that came out of his mouth were disgusting and perverted. Frankly, I can not stand this man anymore, because in the name of humor he has stained good comedy.He did not apologize. I wish he would face up to his mistake, apologize like a mature intelligent adult and not invite Sarah Palin on his show to attempt to make this right. IF I were Sarah Palin, and I am not a fan of her’s politically, I would not go near his studio, much less be on his show. She has not reason to make him feel better, wh ich is why he is inviting her. It has nothing to do with his admitting his mistake and trying to make it up to her.

Posted by Vicky | Report as abusive

C’mon right-wingers. It was fine for Rush to smear a teenage Chelsea Clinton, remember? He made a joke about the White House dog and then showed her picture on his short-lived TV show.Besides, this joke was clearly about her daughter that had already had underage sex (and is now on a wonderfully hypocritical “abstinence” tour). You made your bed, Sarah, so shut up and sleep in it. Advocating ignorance is paying you back.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I feel that David Letterman stepped over the line in his comments in regards to Sarah Palin and it was an attack on the Palin family. There was no apology and there was no confusion. There are politicians that I do not like but to ridicule them is not appropriate and especially to drag their children into the mess.


Where was Palin’s taste when she gave an interview to a reporter with somebody chopping off chickens’ heads in the background. Or when went on a rampage against the nations’ recovered wolf populations and her promotion of their slaughter by sniping at them from a plane and chopping off their paws. Palin acts like a cruel undeducated trollop in general and I feel sorry for her daughters.. they are beyond recovery.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

David Letterman let himself down way more than he did Palin’s daughter. When you throw dirt, you only loose ground under yourself. If Ms. Palin were a leftist, he would have left her alone. I cannot beleive how low people are willing to go to put forward the political agenda that suits them the most.I saw Letterman a year or so ago with O Reiley and when he was asked how he felt about the war Letterman hedged. When O Reiley pressed, Dave stated that he needed to think about the subject, he stated that he always “thinks through these kind of hard issues” What a load of crap that was. Unless he has a tic tac for a brain, which he does not, he had already thought through the war opinion. Why not be “thoughtful” and earnest?He needs to remember that he is a part of the compassionate party.C. DitlefsenBremerton WA

Posted by Colleen | Report as abusive

Conservatives outraged? Give me a break. Where were they when they went into Iraq and blamed 9/11 on Hussein, WMDs, jokes by Bush about “no WMDs here, nope, none here either.” You conservatives are done so pick up your ball and go home.

Posted by Gary D | Report as abusive

Letterman is a tired, boring old man with little humor left. He targeted an innocent 14 year old child for a cheap laugh. I think anyone who values protecting children, especially young girls for old sleazy men like Lettermen, should make a point to stop watching this moron any longer.

Posted by D Randy | Report as abusive

I had been a fan of the tonight show through the years of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, but even before this Palin incident I had sworn never to see the Letterman version.What humor anyone would derive from David Letterman’s various twistings and indecencies is beyond me. He is a slob, with programming aimed at fellow slobs.

Posted by William D. | Report as abusive

If she can’t stand the heat, maybe she should go back to the kitchen. If the GOP didn’t have a policy of NEVER, EVER admitting any misjudgment of any kind ever, she would have just gone away by now. So we’re stuck with her shrill hysteria, at least until her next defeat, because the Republicans can’t admit she was a cynical, unjustifiable choice in the first place.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

To those commenters suggesting that Letterman’s jokes were about 18-year old Bristol, and not 14-year old Willow, I’ve got news for you–only 14-year old Willow was at the Yankees game to which Letterman referred. Sorry, but Letterman made a disgusting joke, and even now is not man anough to own up.

Posted by Thomas Reimel | Report as abusive

The fact is if Letterman said this about Obama’s daughters, Chelsea Clinton, or someone else on the Democratic side, he would have been fired by now or at least suspended for a very long time….No question there is a HUGE double standard when it comes to making below the belt jokes about politicians depending on their political affiliation.If it’s a Republican or a conservative that is on the receiving end, everyone, espeically the left wing liberal media, thinks it’s funny; if it’s a democrat, a minority, or a liberal, that same crowd would be screaming bloody murder….

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Mr. Letterman is a has-been who is doing anything to improve his ratings. I’m not real sure why he believes a 61 year old man can make inane sexual comments about teen-agers and think it is OK. His explanation, “I was talking about the 18 year old” makes about as much sense as Senator Edwards saying “I only committed adultery when my wife was in remission”. Neither excuse makes any sense. David, do a real apology without qualifications. You messed up.

Posted by Glenn | Report as abusive

Obviously the joke was targeted at the 18 year old who actually did manage to get knocked up. To conclude it was about the 14 year is either moronic or affected (for the purpose of stirring up the outrage that plays so well to the anger-core of whatever is left of the republicans)I’m not saying Letterman is funny…never been a fan.But this is comperable, even less vicious than some of the stuff right wing blowhards have come up with over the Clintons and Obamas. It is certainly better justified–because again, she really did manage to get knocked up out of wedlock. (not that I have any problems with that–although keeping the kid…that is questionable)

Posted by elc | Report as abusive

Frankly, I forgot Sarah Palin had a 14 year old daughter and maybe Letterman did too. And where the protestors are getting a rape reference from, I do not know.

Posted by Mary Anne | Report as abusive

If Palin’s daughters are fair game, so are Obama’s. Do you seriously think Letterman would have made a similar joke about A-Rod statutorily raping either of Obama’s daughters?The deeply disturbing thing about this entire situation is that no one seems to think there’s something wrong with making filthy comments about women. So much for the liberal’s notion of feminism and equality, eh?Playboy can publish an article describing in great detail how liberal men fantasize about raping specific conservative women, Sarah Palin and her daughters have been the target of comments so vile they can’t be published — comments proudly worn on T-shirts by supposed feminists, and Letterman can oh-so-glibly toss off a few rape jokes about a little girl just because he doesn’t like her mother’s politics. Then, of course, we have that sniggering, tittering oaf, Keith Olbermann repeatedly likening the phrase “tea party” to a vile and repulsive phrase describing an equally vile and repulsive (and degrading to women) sexual act on television.I can only suppose the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of liberal men are the sort who allow that kind of behavior and that kind of talk in their presence. I can only suppose Letterman’s and Olbermann’s female family members are those sort of women. I can only suppose they are raising their own children to be dirty mouthed, dirty minded, sexually objectifying, immoral, vulgar, dishonorable men just like themselves.The world is watching. The world is getting an eyeful of what liberals are really all about. I’d sure hate to be a Democrat running for office any time soon…

Posted by Nora H. | Report as abusive

letterman is so overtly far-left leaning politically, that for most intelligent viewers, he has become downright unwatchable. add to that his anti-social personality, his meanspiritedness, his ego-centric and delusional self-importance, and his basic inability to draw out the best in his guests, and you’ve got a product that will soon be in the toilet – where it indisputably belongs.i grew up with letterman and very much enjoyed his early and intermediate years, but he has become a very disturbed individual. he needs to hang up his pencil and call it a day. incidentally, the pencil is the only thing he has in common with johnny carson, the genius of late night comedy and entertainment, who will NEVER be matched.

Posted by gilda | Report as abusive

Mary Anne-fyi- sex between a 14 year old girl & an older man is, by definition,rape. You can look it up if you’d like.

Posted by William Post | Report as abusive

1. Dave said he did not aim the joke at the 14 year old.2. Palin needs to retract and acknowledge that or it’s Slander on her part.3. From the start – I never believed Dave aimed the joke at a 14 year old – and neither does anyone else in their right mind!4. Palin’s daughter’s “off-color behavior” came first; but Palin blames Dave for humoring it… that is called enabling-mom!5. Palin moralizes democrats mercilessly about so called conservative family values … they strutted their children on the public stage.. for political gains. They should be fair now and Let us laugh at their family’s failings….even though I am sure it hurts a little.

Posted by Ryan Heart | Report as abusive

So, let me get this straight. Letterman’s “apology” included another recitation of the “jokes.” Yeah, funny stuff, old man. Keep going for the laugh at the expense of people’s feelings. Look, I couldn’t care less who is doing the joking. If Limbaugh made a crude/rude joke about Chelsea Clinton (as stated by a different commenter), then he’s a slob for doing so.Would Letterman want comedians making jokes about your son? How ’bout when he’s 14 (or 18), would you dig that? Besides, Letterman quit being funny a long time ago, so the “jokes” about Palin were immature and stupid. Finally, can you imagine how much fur would fly if he started making jokes about Michelle Obama? The Letterman Show would cease to exist. And, in the words of Martha Stewart, “That would be a good thing.”

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

It is so sad that even though you apologize,the damage has been done. I can’t beleiveyou could say such a thing about Sarah Palin’sdaughter. I hope no one ever says anythinglike that about your child. I have no respectfor you whatsoever.

Posted by wanda grant | Report as abusive

Well, this all started when the Republican National Convention gave Bristol and Levi a standing ovation for their teenage irresponsibility. Palin actually used the pregnancy to showcase her allegedly superior morality, remember? She’s the one who chose to cynically grandstand about her anti-choice views to cater to the anti-birth-control, anti-sex-education, anti-intellectual right.The humor of the talk show hosts has always been about puncturing that sanctimony and hypocrisy. Granted, this particular joke would have been right at the edge of acceptability had it been clearly about Bristol. Since it was the younger daughter at the game, it backfired badly. Yet still, Palin comes across as the same celebrity-seeking grandstander she’s always been with her over-the-top response.

Posted by Sportin' Life | Report as abusive

WOW-I posted a couple of suggested Obama wife & daughters jokes & they disappeared in less than 30 seconds!They contained not one profanity!What double standars??????

Posted by William Post | Report as abusive

What is truly repugnant and moronic about Letterman’s response is his assertion that it is quite OK to slander an 18 year old girl just because she got pregnant with her boyfriend. It is tragic isn’t it that a misfiring trail of sperm never sticks to a man as much as it does to a woman. What a pathetic misogynist this guy is.

Posted by Vick Gower | Report as abusive

Letterman is a creepy, dirty old man

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

6. If somebody wisecracked Dave’s kid, I bet he would teach his kid to rise above it and not play the toxic victim card! That’s the price of celebrity. Palin is not wise to delay this lesson.

Posted by Ryan Heart | Report as abusive

There is good reason he never made the tonight show host.

Posted by ddr | Report as abusive

As a longtime Dave fan, I will say I cringed when I heard those jokes and felt they were in poor taste, even if directed at the 18-year-old Bristol. Having said that, I think the calls for boycotts and firing him are WAY overreacting. We are so ready in this day and age to require ultimate punishment for any mistake.Let’s take this in the context of Dave’s 30+ years being on TV. Is it really his style to make explicit jokes about children?? Of course not… While he can be edgy (which I personally like), he is not the type of person who uses incendiary or offensive humor, and his actions as a whole seem to point to him being a pretty decent guy. If you had a longtime friend who made a bone-headed remark, would you immediately cut off all ties? Or could you not just say, “What were you thinking??”, ask them to clarify / apologize and move on?

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

She is in the public eye………….deal with it. I am tired of her whining. She can’t take the heat!

Posted by nancy | Report as abusive

The real jokes are Palin and her idiot daughter. After all, who with even a shred of intelligence can blame Brisol’s former paramour from backing out. I mean, could any halfway rational person imagine, without cringing, being married to this spectacular moron, and in addition, having Palin for a mother-in-law?Worse yet, could any halfway intelligent person for even a moment think Letterman was joking about Willow? It just goes to show what lengths Repubs are willing to go in hopes of gaining political advantage.And worst of all, Palin stands out like a sore trunk re. how she symbolizes the mental illness afflicting today’s GOPsters (who have dragged their party down into being the least credible of any ever known in America).They are eager to say or do anything to gain political advantage for their slave masters: The wealthy and the those who favor authoritarian government.As such, they mark themselves as demons in human disguise and deserve only contempt from decent people.

Posted by No Bullroar | Report as abusive

Letterman is great. He makes me laugh! Who needs the tonight show when you have the late show!

Posted by Dana | Report as abusive

Ryan Heart, your 1-5 reasons for Letterman’s joke being fair game disgusts me. Palin did not parade her family around at the convention. She simply had them there. Was she supposed to hide her daughter back home? I thought we as a nation had progressed a little more than that. Perhaps before making such a disgusting comment, Letterman’s big and well paid staff could do a little more research about which daughter was at the game. Either way, I find the “jokes” in horrible taste. The top 10 reasons Letterman isn’t funny? Here’s one of them.

Posted by JT | Report as abusive

There was obviously an egregious error on the part of the writers that provide Mr. Letterman with his material. I would suspect that Mr. Letterman wasn’t aware that the younger Palin was in attendance of the game.I am very disappointed in who ever made the statement “Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.” This is borderline slanderous and discouraging.One would think that it is necessary to understand in order to forgive. Apparently there is no understanding on the Palins aids part.Perhaps the aids have considered this to be advantageous media attention and feel it necessary to fan the flames to garner further coverage. Play with fire and get burned kiddies. Remember the golden rule, do unto others……

Posted by Charles U | Report as abusive

Guilty of poor taste? Are you kidding me? Time to fire the old man. Just sold all of CBS shares and time to short the stock. This stuff has to end. With all the crimes against children happening every day, this type of talk and acceptance as humor has to stop.I’m mad as heck and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

What’s the matter with these people who think it wasn’t okay if Letterman directed the “joke” to a 14 year old, but it is okay if the comment was directed to an 18 year old just because she had a baby out-of-wedlock, she’s already had sex, and/or her mother is a public figure? What’s the matter with these people who think it’s “no big deal” to make a comment like that in front of millions of viewers, call it a “joke”, and/or say the Palins should just get over their whining? I’m pretty sure the Palin children didn’t have much control over their mother’s decision to be a public figure. Who cares if you’re a conservative or a liberal! What happened to just plain old common decency? What happened to just plain old human kindness? Can’t David Letterman find humor in something other than destroying someone’s dignity or at someone else’s expense? Does anyone remember the mean-spirited mother who posed as a boy online, resulting in a teenage girl committing suiside? Would they change their tune if this incident turned tragic rather than “humorous” in their eyes? Have we, not only as a society but as human beings, sunk so low? I do find some comfort that the majority of those who commented on this find it despicable and reprehensible. Wonder how Dave would have felt if a comedian (I use that word loosely) made a comment like that about his daughter just because he’s a public figure and/or they disagreed with his polical views?

Posted by TKing | Report as abusive

dumb dave…shaking head and bitch slappin ya, STFU and retire while you still have about 8 fans, you are just 3 ahead of chris dodd, the idiot in CT that had just 4 people contributet to his campaign, and he is a senator..shows ya, you can be famous and incompetent with the help of a handful of idiots

Posted by zapperz | Report as abusive

They fired Imus for shooting of his mouthwhy doesn’t Letterman get the same done to him?Who does he think he is?I wouldn’t watch him if he were the only thing left to watch.How would he like it if someone were cracking jokes about his kids?


Very disappointed in Letterman…are you really raising yourson??? Enough of you…thanks for reminding me about the kindness around me…


Letterman can’t even apologize properly. He didn’t confuse anything. He knew Palin’s 14 year old daughter was at that game. He’s a disgrace and the Station should FIRE HIM! Actually, I hope that he gets sued from the Palin family and also that ballplayer sues him for Defamation.

Posted by Mrs. H | Report as abusive

Another thing — that Letterman audience should be ashammed of themselves for laughing at the comment. It wasn’t funny – and I sure do hope that some, at least, walked out of the studio.

Posted by Mrs. H | Report as abusive

Someone Wake Up Sumner Redstone!!!

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

If the Palins were african-american, Dave would be fired right now.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

I am sure Sara never tells a “bad” moose hunting joke either!

Posted by Ryan Heart | Report as abusive

Politics aside, Mr. Letterman is a schmuck. The remarks about a 14 year old girl were bad enough. His inability to offer a simple mea culpa was inexcusable.By the way, the remarks would be equally bad if it had been the 18 year old sister. This is just another sad commentary on our society.

Posted by Andrew Ingram | Report as abusive

David Letterman is a nasty vile old man. For these remarks, he should be fired. What about the Imus remarks… double standard?? Get him off the air..he isn’t even the least bit funny. I would never ever watch him again!!

Posted by Carolyn Talarico | Report as abusive

I use t really enjoy watching David Letterman’s show, but recently David has really started to show his political views through his show. I like to watch entertainers who want to entertain, but stop watching when they start trying to sway the public who watch them into their views. I think what he said about Sarah Palin and her daughter was incredible rude and not funny! I think that the American people need to take a stand against this kind of ridiculous and crude poking at people just because entertainers hate a persons views. I will never watch David Letterman’s show again. I don’t think what he had to say was funny and I think he said it because he is trying to sway the American people to find fault with this family for his own political gain! So as Americans lets all stand up against this type of cruelty. We are Americans with our own values and beliefs and don’t not need Hollywood or anyone else telling us who to vote for! Entertain us that’s all we want from you! Take a stand against David Letterman, stop watching his show and supporting his views! Lets show Hollywood that we are not going to take this anymore!

Posted by Robin | Report as abusive

So tell me this Dave, how would you feel if someone talked about beating your son or wife with an ugly stick. Attacking kids is wrong! Shame on you!

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

Letterman and the people in the audience who laughed at his vulgar comments should be ashamed of themselves.Children of politicians should be off limits by comedians.Perhaps it is time for Letterman to step aside from the “Late Night Show.”Since his heart surgery, it is obvious that there is not much oxygen getting to his brain..

Posted by Joannie | Report as abusive

How sad that Mr. Letterman would make fun of anyones daughter. I don’t care if shes 14, 16, or 18 its very sad that he can’t find anything else to joke about. Wow I know that if he made a comment like that about my daughter–I would not be as gracious as the Palins. Shame on you Mr. Letterman. I pray that know one ever does this to your son.

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

Great example of a hate speech, No Bullroar. Mr. Letterman’s jokes are cheap-shots, no matter to whom they are directed.

Posted by JJ | Report as abusive

David Letterman’s show is awful. His jokes are rarely good. Its time for him to be replaced by someone younger, energetic, smart, witty, and by one WHO DOES NOT make awful jokes about 14 year old girls and yet thinks he is being funny. There is nothing funny in being disgusting. I dont approve of Palin or Bristol nor am I a Republican. But a daughter is a daughter…. of Republican parents or otherwise.

Posted by Amelia | Report as abusive

It’s pretty obvious Letterman direceted his joke at the ‘knocked-up’ Palin’s Daughter (i.e. Bristol)Bristol Palin has gone to every other talk show discussing her love/sex life.Now they are accusing Letterman of wanting to have a 14 year old rape.Bad taste? he admitted it? Criminal? Come on!Just shows how stupid America can be

Posted by Winston Churchill | Report as abusive

How woul you feel if someone made a sexual jokes about your son,girlfriend or your mom?

Posted by rick | Report as abusive

Imagine if some talk show host made a joke about Bill Clinton doing something unspeakeable to the Obama girls if he were to visit the White House? Or a three-way with the the first lady, and the president? It’s the same goddamn thing! This is the second time the Pailin’s have been attacked. There was that tastless skit on SNL insinuating incest between Todd Pailin and one of his daughters!Enough!And, hey Bullroar? Go hang yourself in a closet, you verminous pile of excrement!

Posted by Nomore | Report as abusive

I wrote this to the Chairman of CBS and encourage others to keep our TV “out of the gutter.” June 11, 2009Sumner Redstone, ChairmanCBS Television51 W. 52nd St.New York, NY 10019Phone: 212-258-6000or: 212-975-4321Fax: 212-975-4516 Email:audsvcs@cbs.comDear CBS Chairman Redstone:David Letterman’s comment about the sexual abuse of a young girl is not humor. He and CBS should immediately and sincerely apologize to the nation and to the Palin family. His so called “apology” was more salt in the wound.It is unconscionable to think you and the CBS network approves of Letterman’s comments to the point that you will not let it go unpunished.I watched the clips and he knew which daughter was in town. It was Willow and she is 14. He is trying to weasel out of this one by claiming he thought it was Bristol (18 YRS). The “joke” was, if one daughter got “knocked-up”, then why not the next. It was certainly what I understood it to be. He is so crass; I can’t believe you put up with him. I rarely watch the show anymore. Reruns of “Lucy” are more entertaining, even if I have seen all the episodes several times.President Obama’s mother got “knocked-up” at age 17 and was unwed, so did Bristol Palin. How come Letterman never used Mama Obama as the butt of his jokes? By the way, the expression “knocked-up” implies fault and stupidity on the female’s part with no similar derogatory or responsibility factor on the male’s part. IT IS TIME TO RETIRE THIS PHRASE.It’s about time for networks to be “Big Boys (and Girls)” and behave in a mature responsible way. Letterman was not funny. They are ugly, vicious diatribes he tries to pass off as jokes. Ask his Mother if she thinks they were funny.He thought he could get away with making crude, sexist slurs against Palin and her daughter. He must get this impression from his bosses at CBS. It is not acceptable when directed towards any females for that matter. Imus was fired for making similar remarks! Sexist slander and double standards have no place in the media. Time for Letterman to go, and send the rest of the ultra liberal hateful slugs with him. “Jokes” that are meant to be hateful and hurtful are just hateful and hurtful. They are not funny. Please stop hiding behind the “joke screen”.I don’t think CBS can afford to lose more ratings, you already are at the bottom of the pile. (Oh, come on, laugh it’s just a JOKE!!)Sincerely,J.R. Spano

Posted by J R Spano | Report as abusive

Dave says that his jokes were in bad taste … but he doesn’t seem to be able to apologize for his bad taste. Neither does CBS.Dave can be funny but more often than not, he can be very mean … almost passive aggressive. Dave needs to grow up. He has a wife & child now … it’s time to leave junior high.

Posted by Ellie | Report as abusive

Oh for God’s sake, find something real to get upset about. He’s a late night talk show host and a comedian. And Palin and her entire family are a huge joke. Seems like a perfect fit to me.

Posted by Sonia | Report as abusive

Comment to No Bullroar: Surely with the type of comments and hatred you just spewed, you’re not lumping yourself into the “decent” people category.

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response to JT’s would-be moralizing of Ryan HeartNext time you or your husband tell a dirty joke be sure to moralistically fire yourself!re: strutt her kids in publicIs a figure of speech that fits well to her right wing egotistic moralist swagger, she is not well balanced and I am so glad she was not elected. So is all Europe!Thanks

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Letterman used to be funny before he turned mean.


Oh, puhleeze…all you folks who believe Letterman when he said he really meant the 18 year old (like that makes it okay…riiiight…) are as full of it as he is. The joke was about the Palin daughter AT THE BASEBALL GAME. That daughter was the 14 year old. Duh. Letterman knows it, you know it, and I know it.

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Letterman’s a PIG, always has been always will be…So is Bullroar! OMG! How crazy are you?!

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Finally some on the left are sheding their hypocrisy and realizing just how hideous this non joke really was. Letterman’s behavior was putrid. There should be no sponsor who should not believe than their products will not now be identified with child rape and molestation. Mars M & M, Lexus, Olive Garden, Downey, Best Western, Hellman’s et al should really take pause on whether their names should continue to be associated with such harrassment. And believe me this is harrassment. If one of their employees uttered that sick ‘joke’ at the workplace their own policies would necessitate disciplinary action. No different. Mr. Letterman represents them. No own in their right mind can defend such behavior whatsoever in any way. CBS should publically apologize and then terminate Mr. Letterman’s contract.

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Letterman should have his ass kicked for this one. I saw both Monday and Tuesday nights show and I was absolutely appauled.Letterman, you are a freaking idiot and are now banned in my householdAgain, you need a good old fashioned asswhoopin. Freak!

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Dave letterman is obviously mentally ill or slipping into senility. His comments regarding Sarah Palin’s family are disgusting. We used to always watch letterman….and switched to Leno when letterman got nasty mouth. He is never entertaining, and just shows to go he has no talent, if he must resort to belittling people. I would not wish ill on his son, but…Dave has some bad karma in the future…And…his wife is no prize, either. I think he really has the hots for Sarah Palin. Never watching Letterman again..waiting for Leno. The term “boob tube” now applies to late night t.v.Total turn off…CBS should be ashamed of themselves.Yuk. what a sicko


There is such a double standard here. No one has ever gone after Chelsea Clinton or the Obama girls. Politician’s children should be off limits. But the Bush girls were scrutinized as well as the Palin children. David Letterman needs to back off. Sarah Palin is a class act compared to this disgusting piece of trash. He does not respect the family unit and has finally married the mother of his child after all of this time. If anyone is to be laughed at and demeaned, it would be him. He is so “not funny” that he would sell his soul for a laugh. I quit watching him years ago because he is frankly boring.

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David Letterman’s comments about Gov. Palin and her daughter were totally disgusting. When Chelsea Clinton was a teenager Saturday Night Live did a show about how homely she was. A loud outroar started that it was unfair and unkind to speak about a child in this way. Anyone who made an unkind comment about Barack’s girls would be crucified. But to make a joke about rape of a daughter of a Republican is viewed as OK by the weird Democrats. No matter if Letterman meant the 18 year old or not. His comments are unjustifiable. He should be fired. What he said is much worse than what Don Imus said and Imus was removed from his show. Good by Letterman.

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Dave clearly thought he was referring to Bristol Palin. Isn’t it obvious? The Palins are way out of line to suggest that Letterman supports the rape of a fourteen-year-old girl. He may be guilty of poor taste and mistaken identity but not for promoting child felony rape or pedophilia. The real crime is to be found in the perverted logic of the accusation and the misplaced postures of righteous indignation. Go after the real rapists and pedophiles, not the late-night comedian, David Letterman.

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Letterman would never have made a joke about the Obama girls and Bill Clinton, since he would be out of job.What a double standard.

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I can’t even image if what the Media liberals would do if a comedian attacked Clinton’s and Obama’s daughers. Same old double standard. It seems that the liberals keep trying to “pick” on Sarah.Actually, it seems Letterman has issues with attractive women with brains. Maybe he hold resentment and bitterness to the “pretty” girls that never paid any attention to him. I have know banned watching his show! TIme to grow up and pick on adults not children.

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David hates conservitives so bad you can almost feel the hate coming through the tv. What a moron! He is digging his celeb statous grave!!!!


Palin seems to be very sanctimonious now concerning teenage sexual activity, but how protective was she when Bristol Palin was having sex as an underage minor? I remember when Sarah Palin was advocating abstinence-only education during her 2006 governors race, but just how well did that prove to be sound logic considering the birth of her grandson Tripp Johnston by her underage daughter?Sarah Palin also went one step further in her hypocrisy in that she used her line-item veto to slash funding for a state program in Alaska benefiting teen mothers who were in need of a place to live.She cut the funding for the Covenant House Alaska program by over one million dollars. The lesson learned there is not every unwed teen Mother has the financial support from a parent who is governor of a state.So David letterman made a joke concerning her daughter, get over it,Palin did everything to set herself up for the jokes.It is the past hypocrisy of Palin that Letterman is targeting and Palin knows it,it has NOTHING to do with Letterman promoting teenage promiscuity with any adult or any person. This is just another opportunity for Sarah Palin to look like the poor victim and wear her victimhood crown with relish.Is the jokes distasteful, sure they are, however Palin is taking the jokes out of context to create the controversy and attention she so desperately desires and feeds off of. I didn’t like the nature of the jokes myself but to take them out of context is in itself untruthful and self aggrandizing.

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Is David Letterman so desperate for his rating and telling this cruel “joke” about Palin’s daughter?

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Mr. Letterman: I used to find you mildly amusing, now I just find you disgusting. Your not even funny any more. You are entitled to your opinion but you are NOT entitled to make jokes at the expense of children, no matter what their age. Dottie

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I think that you David are a PIG. As a father I think you are a poor example of what a parent should be. I just hope that your kid is perfect if not watch out because you started the war so he will now be fair game for other to makr fun of.

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No one sucks like you Dave…I hope Sarah’s husband physically beats the mess out of you… Fortunately no one watches your show or your company.Retire already… and take your entire liberal generation of old farts with you…


Letterman, you have offended everyone with your insensitive comments you don’t deserve to have public access. As a father, i would never consider allowing your vitriol to my family. You can be confident that I will never waste my time with any of your broadcasts

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David:The Palin daughter joke was very unappropriae. I’m surprised you would use that joke.


It is absolutely ludicrous to use the excuse that the jokes were actually intended toward Sarah Palin’s OLDER daughter — all of 18 years old, that is. The whole drama over young Bristol’s pregnancy centered around her young age, so even if she is “of age,” does that excuse the crudeness?Stand-up comedians have made careers of political jokes for generations, but this sort of crassness isn’t funny. It’s just a mean-spirited liberal celebrity having, as he called it, a cheap laugh at the expense of an innocent girl in an effort to paint Ms. Palin and her family in as bad a light as possible.And his inability to muster up a proper apology is even more evidence of his disgusting arrogance.C’mon Mr. Letterman, if that’s the best you can do to get a laugh, maybe it’s time for you to move on.

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David letterman is shameful… he seemed to lost his proper ethics to get his ratings… I wish people will stop watching his show to teach him a lesson… advitisers must pull out their support from this show… David, you are really disgusting!!!! you can say all excuses but its just not acceptable…

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it was a regrettable joke, but if the palins don’t want them involved in the media, they should not have paraded their kids across the national stage.they’re now trying to spin this for their own political advantage.

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Pathetic Dave!


Sarah Palin uses her children as a political prop to promote “family values”. She should keep her children out of the political limelight. forcing her poor daughter to marry to save political face was the wrong thing to do.David Letterman always has a feud going on with the celebrity elite: Cher, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin. Good for ratings.

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Since I make it a point not to watch david letterman. I didn’t get to see or hear his obnoxious remark about Sarah Palen and her daughter.But I did just read wbat he said and his so-called appology. Quite honestly this is par for the course for him. His brand of so-called humour is quite juvenile and obnoxious.

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Funny how a tasteless joke told about a Conservative is “just a joke” and should be accepted as such, but a joke told about the President, his foibles, his family or Libs in general are labeled as clearly racist or totally inappropriate, hateful remarks. Conservatives are told to “toughen-up” and learn context, while the Left is allowed and incouraged to find or create “sinister intent” in every comment which has ever been made.The double-talk and standards of the political Left is clear and obvious… to everyone but the political Left.It’s a shame that someone as articulate as Letterman doesn’t have the courage to acknowledge such an obvious mistake on his part, and to try and smother such a blunder in such a sophomoric manner.

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hey chris, then i guess its ok to go after the obama girls, i see them on the public stage quite often, but, hmmm, no “regrettable” jokes?? i guess only conservative parents must hide their children away.

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david needs to retire, nobody knew about the joke that i spoke with so it looks like alot of people don’t watch him anymore. He needs to move on like carson did before he becomes a real bore. Yawn

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Letterman is a political chump, i bet he would love to be invited to a wednesday night bash at the White House, i hear they laugh at all of the taxpayers when they are eating lobster. Must be nice to dine everynight on lavish food not to mention poor people looking for food at soup kitchens with 500 dollar black berry phones taking pictures of whatever the first ladys name is…

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I would have expect letterman to say more dirty things about people just to get ratings. That’s so sad when CBS needs to write junk for him to get attention. They must be a non-Christian Tv station to allow this crap. The FCC must be allowing this kind of stuff to be aired in the United States of America, soon to be overtaken by Mexicans because most of us want to move back to our homelands where we can get away from them…

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I with Letterman all the way, classy guy–good show! Suck it up Palins…u. want the spotlight by getting involved in politics! Too bad you guys can’t take a joke the proper way!

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It was shocking and disturbing to hear insulting vulgar words spewing out of the mouth of Old David Letterman. It demonstrates how much respect he has for young girls, and probably boys. David Letterman is a dirty old man.There are jails full of perverts that think the same thoughts that he does and have committed sexual crimes against little girls and boys, The only difference between the inmates and David Letterman is that they have been caught, and Dave has not. Mr. Letterman is laying out the end of his career and beginning for his demise, like a fast spreading cancer, it is coming soon.His obsession and ruminating hatred towards the Palins is not only infantile, but psychotic as well.In psychology we identify a man with relentless aggression and sexual insults against women as suffering from something similar to Freudian “Penis Envy” that affects men in the same way but the envy is for a female sex organ.Interestingly enough, hormones like Progesterone when used with men, and testosterone for women have been known to change the aggressive behavior.But, my diagnosis for Mr. Letterman is late onset geriatric bipolar disease that precedes Alzheimer’s.

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This issue sadly reminds me of the Al Campanis Nightline fiasco years ago. The truth came out about the man’s bigotry. Same for Don IMUS and now David Letterman.As a father of a young girl, I hurt for Todd Palin, and I definitely could see why Letterman would not want to face him on the show. Letterman’s true colors keep coming out. Letterman is through and CBS could score big points with the fathers out there if they canned Letterman. We can do without perverts on TV. If they fail to act, it will only hurt CBS and they should then apologize to Don IMUS.

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There was no talk of raping you mental patients. The joke was about getting knocked up-as in pregnant NOT rape. Part of the joke was baseball reference-knock it out of the park?Seeing as BRISTOL has been knocked up rumored to be more than once. She has also been IN THE NEWS and a spokesperson for “abstinence only Candies slutwear campaign”. A questionable company whose clothing/shoe line tarts up preteens with their pre-hooker wear. I also think both girls look a lot alike so if you looked at them there could be that mixup.Only someone with a low IQ and high witch factor would claim that it was about the younger girl. Bristol and Sarah need to be a BIG girls and take the heat or get back in the sled or go home and make some moose chili. You put yourself out there as “family values” then trot them all out onstage as you sideshow. Abstinence Only? LMAO!The Palin’s are white trash. Publicity hungry white trash. McCain unleashed this power hungry witch on the lower 48 and he should be ashamed.Do comedians make bad jokes-of course. Does Palin make a big damned deal about everything-OMG YES! It keeps her name in the news.Keep making stupid drama’s over everything Palin-it will make your run for any higher office that much more of a joke.

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Are you kidding me? Letterman FURTHER exploited the comments!! There was NO apology in his comments it just made the comments worse. You are WAY off to write this article in this context.TELL THE TRUTH.


Proper ethics and Palin? Omg! What a laughable comment.Palin who gave us:troupergateclothesgatetravelgateperdi emgateand let people in her own state starve during this last winter. Oh, opps my bad! She brought cookies in a Photo-op with a Christian group and told the villagers that they should look for jobs out of their communities.Palin-dumber than a rock!

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this is about keeping the Palin name in the lower 48.Palin is dumb but not stupid. She learned to get her image out to the media well. Funny! For a journalism major to have issue with the press on a constant basis means she didn’t learn much. Making her dumb not stupid.Dumb is someone who cannot learn-stupid means you don’t try.

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Mr. Letterman: I have watched your program over the years and I am very disappointed in your choice in jokes concerning young women. I can assume that your are in a society that thinks that all things are up for “grabs” as far as jokes are concerned.To some of us of “your” generation, that is not acceptable. I will continue to be concerned when you jokes are over the line. Today we are careful of jokes concerning ethnic groups, I agree with that, but some things seem to be open for anything! Fat people, public figures, etc. . So be it. But the children of these people SHOULD be off limits!Someday it may be your child and you will then possibly understand, perhaps not! You are of an age where in 10 to 15 years you possibly will not be around to defend your child when this may come up. Your insensitivity is so out of place in any society.

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I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone everywhere says what they want about who they want in exercise of this free speech thing and just because Gov. Palin and her family happen to be publicly the butt of one of I’m sure hundreds jokes poked at politicians each day David Letterman is now some womanizing rape advocate? I say just take it for what it is, a joke, laugh, and go on with your life. Gov. Palin doesn’t have anything else to do these days? I’m certain we’ve all been referred to as worse in jokes by people that matter much more to us than a distant talk show host and I don’t see any of us alerting the press of our emotional duress.I’m just saying be human about the whole thing. Her kids are no more special than anyone’s and if I made that joke about some librarian’s or teacher’s kid I don’t think she’d get airtime let alone a spot in the paper to draw lines between an edgy joke and social travesty.


I am a conservative, but I have enjoyed watching Dave over the years, even if he is Left leaning. As an entertainer he has been ok, but lately (last 3-4 years) he has progressively gotten much more “Political” in his jokes and after this latest one with the Palin Family, I am done with David. I like entertainement as much as the next guy, but I am tired of teh hollywood types assuming they can give their political hack BS as entertainment. I now completely understand why Jay Leno was chossen over his sorry misguidedAS#. Too bad for you Dave. Way to go out on a high note…YOUR DONE! Can you now leave the stage as gracefully as Jay…for your own sake…

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John McCain “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno”….i guess that was amusing to him when she was a teen but he seems offended now at a top ten list?. So Letterman’s jokes were offensive…as if others haven’t made equally or more offensive comments..they just weren’t recorded. He made a joke about her daughter getting “knocked up”…well she was “knocked up” and unmarried…that isn’t offensive to people but mere words are?.

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David Letterman needs to go. He is a disgusting old man with an agenda to hurt people in a vulgar way, this is not comedy.

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oh please,you guys are making a big deal over nothing he was talking about the 18 year old daughter unless the 14 year old got pregnant too… anyway its just a freaking joke an he’s just making fun of the 18 year old for her poor choices she made, I don’t see why her mother would get mad an try to make it seem like it was the youngest daughter, when its clearly understandable he is talking about the one who just had a baby an is of legal age… its a joke he didn’t mean anything by it,get over it!!!!!

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I knew when Dave made the joke, that it would be an issue. The joke was a groaner, but the furor that Ms. Palin, her husband, Fox News etc. have churned up is starting to look like overkill. No one who is able to think critically believes the exaggerated charge that Letterman talked about raping the Palin’s younger daughter. Sure, the Palin’s are probably tired of being the butt of jokes and that’s understandable, but their reaction seems intent on making more of the situation than actually exists and I don’t really think it will ever stop the jokes. They’re just too ripe for the picking. I’m going to keep on watching David Letterman because he’s a very funny comedian. I thought it was good that he stood up and took responsibility for the joke he really told and admitted to the world that it was in poor taste. We all know that his writers probably gave him that joke but he didn’t throw them under the bus. So he gets points from me for being a stand up guy and taking all of the heat and I’m going to keep on watching him.

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Used to be a Letterman fan, but this Palin thing makes me dislike him. No more Late Show for me!

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A racial epithet about ‘nappy-headed ho’s’ or joking about the rape of a 14-year old girl? Seems equally bad. If the standard is equally applied to Dave Letterman as it was to Don Imus, Dave should lose his job.

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The problem with David Letterman is that he is no longer funny………he is just an old cynic……..boring….time to move on….. he is certainly not worth $5.0 million per year.

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This so-called joke of David Letterman was disgusting. He was totally out of line to make these comments about any female, much less a 14 year old girl. I am glad that the National Organization for Women has denounced his comments. It is ridiculous to think that these girls are fair game because their mother is a public figure. It is also unreasonable to say that it just Governor Palin’s attempt to “keep her name in the lower 48.” She and her family were the target of a vicious attack, and she has the right to defend her family. Letterman owes the Palins a sincere apology, not just a snarky attempt at drawing more laughs.

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Letterman should resign…and advertisers boycotted.

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Letterman never said anything about raping anyone.That is the OVER reaction of the Palin’s.

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Palin is toxic. She cannot stop mouthing off to the public about anything. Even her own interviews she lies or harps about how “wronged” she is even when she pick the interviewer.The “attack” that wasn’t. Mountains out of molehills, much ado about nothing. That is all she is is a national joke.Her mother knows full well they were talking about her party daughter Bristol and that the two sisters look like sisters. Bristol is the one who was “knocked up” and paraded for her mother’s campaign complete with the “fiance” in tow. Funny how that ended after mummy lost? Makes ya go HMMMM?Bristol is a 18 yr old going out there and preaching her mothers “abstinence only” stance when it clearly didn’t work for her or her mother. If she is gonna take a public stand then she better be able to take the heat.It was a bad tacky joke that is what most comedians have at times.Get over it!

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Oh and for those who don’t think she is keeping her name in the news in the lower 48? I call BS! She knows that recognition is half the battle won. So any BS trumped up “drama” is gonna keep her name in the lower 48.In Alaska, they wonder were the heck she is. GINO-governor in name only-because she is missing half the time.

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How many years, is it going to take CBS to realize he’s not “Johnny”! What a waste, Late Nite has been and will continue to be known, as a show featuring a dork, poor communicator, poor comedian, awful one liners. He’s a narcissus, with a, “I’m a spoiled brat” attitude. He may connect with a few people, but he certainly does not have the attention of the masses. I grew up watching Johnny, never missed a show, I’ve seen Letterman’s late show, maybe five times over the years and every time I think when is this Dork going away!. Please, it’s time for someone new!!!!!.


What is the big deal?After all, Bill Maher laughed quite loudly and clearly about little girls that are raped by their own fathers and got applause for it: 9/03/bill-mahers-sad-anniversary.html


Wow. Maybe, Palin should apologize to women first. No one has ever made women look so foolish in history. I know women are very capable but Palin does not make a good case for them.

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June 12th, 20096:33 pm GMTWhat is the big deal?After all, Bill Maher laughed quite loudly and clearly about little girls that are raped by their own fathers and got applause for it: 9/0 3/bill-mahers-sad-anniversary.html- Posted by MarianoPurity balls-another stupid way for parents to put their heads in the sand and think a ring will stop their girls from having sex.Teenagers are walking emotional hormones.

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What an old unfunny waste of time…..Wonder when or if someone will make “jokes” regarding his son. Good-bye mean person.

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Letterman’s hatred toward anything ‘conservative’ is well known—the first 15 minutes of his show is a political commercial sucking up to democrats–he has NEVER told a joke the least bit offensive to Obama, yet every night rakes Palin over the coals–Letterman used to be pretty funny—I suggest everyone switch to the cooking channel for late evening entertainment.**David Letterman–a late night guy who used to have a good show

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Letterman should apologize to Palin for insulting women as soon as Palin apologizes to the entire country for insulting our intelligence.

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The sponsors should demand that CBS publicly apologize and then fire David Letterman for his arrogant disregard for women. Until I hear a “sincere apology”, I will not watch the David Letterman show nor will I patronize the sponsors.

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Just a funny joke ? Well lets ask this question…what would be the reaction of the American people if he made this same joke concerning one of Obama’s daughters ? All know he’d never go there with that type of joke but towards demeaning a family he thinks is politically correct and fun to do so he’ll do it. And sorry Letterman I don’t buy your lame statements later by saying words to the effect that yes it probably was over the top….probably? Why don’t you just step up to the plate and show some absolute sinerity and say you definately and uneqivically blew it BIG TIME…no such acknowledgement from you…spare America then your attempt to backtrack without clear acknowledging what you did was wrong.

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Les Moovves needs to apply the same rules to Letterman that he did to Imus. That means Letterman needs to appologize all over the place and then get fired.

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Some of these comments posted reflect a failed public educational system and the failure to develop critical thinking skills. None of this is or should be about politics. To think otherwise is an indication of shallow partisan stupidity. It is this mentality that enables despots to encroach on our liberties, regardless of which political party. So enough already and grow up.The real issue here is whether a person on the media should be permitted to slander, degrade and abuse women and children for personal gain, without censure. As a single dad who is raising a young daughter, I found MR Letterman and Columbia Broadcasting to be benighted and profligate. As a business, they need to be bankrupted. Their FCC license revoked and Mr Letterman personally sued for slander and defamation of character. Additionally, he promotes violence against women, especially children and should be liable under current law for promoting hate crimes. He should be held liable for all future child rape cases.His boss is aware and should act quickly to avoid complicity.

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Even in the apology, Mr. Letterman made jokes. This was and is not a joking matter. IF his apology had been sincere there would not have been underlying humor. this is not a joking matter. Many could say the same things, he has said about the Palin girls, about REGINIA. I’m sure others have thought about his life style. When you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw rocks.

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Gov. Palin needs to remember some of the “crap” she has said during the presendential election. This is the same woman who used her special needs son as a shield to “cover up” her daughter’s pregnancy. Grow up!

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How is David Letterman’s comment different than Imus’ comments about girl’s basketball team? Shouldn’t David Letterman also be fired? Yes!!!!

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It looks like Artie Lange is following in Letterman’s foot steps. He just made a joke on the Howard Stern show comparing Tom Cruise’s wife and adolescent daughter to a mother & daughter prostitute team from the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas!

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CBS should fire Letterman and hire Palin. Their ratings would fly off the wall. Would be the best move they could ever make.Letterman is old and washed up…but Palin is new and exciting.I can’t wait to see The Sarah Palin Late Show…Wasn’t she great on Saturday Night Live? Highest rating they ever got was when she made a guest appearance.Go Sarah Go…

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David Letterman, and like so many others in this country sicken me. What the far left exposes is to believe what I say, not as I do. And this affect hurts others who are moral and trustworthy, and degrades their own values. The only conclusive evidence of a man’s sincerity is he give himself to a principal. Words, money, all others is relatively simple to give away, but when a man makes a daily sacrifice of himself, it is evident that the truth, or lack of it, has taken possession of himself. David Letterman has shown his true colors by choosing to attack the Palin Family values, while engaging in his sexual misconduct and betrayal against his own family. What a slime ball you are!!!! I hope you are forced off the airwaves forever!!!

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How does feel now David? What goes around, comes around.

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