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Should Madonna be allowed to adopt again?

June 12, 2009

Madonna has won her appeal for the right to adopt a second child from Malawi, after a court overturned an earlier ruling blocking the bid, and the 50-year-old queen of pop is likely to face further criticism fmadonna4or her actions.

Local rights groups in Malawi have complained that Madonna has been given special treatment by the judicial system because of her status and wealth, and many people question whether taking a child from its native environment is necessarily a good thing.

Her divorce last year from Guy Ritchie, which has brought with it decisions over custody of their children, appears not to have concerned Malawi’s supreme court unduly. The Madonna brood already comprises daughter Lourdes, born in 1996, Ritchie’s son Rocco, born in 2000, and David Banda, a boy adopted from Malawi. Malawian Mercy James would make it four.

On Friday, Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo said Madonna had shown an interest in helping Malawi orphans and that four-year-old Mercy would have a better life with the star. Madonna has set up a charity called Raising Malawi which plans to build a school for girls in Chikhota village.

Do you think Malawi’s supreme court was right to overturn the earlier decision, thus allowing the adoption to go ahead?


This proves again that if you pay the right amount to the right people you can bend the rules


No, I don’t think Madonna can provide a stable home environment and a good moral upbringing. Her divorce from Ritchie started a whole string of erratic behavior. First with A-Rod and now with a 22 year old male fashion model.

I don’t care how much money she has, she doesn’t have the moral fiber and solid character to help a child grow up positively. And I don’t think show biz people have a good crowd around them, either.

Posted by katie stevens | Report as abusive

madonna is a good mom.

Posted by dude | Report as abusive

divorced!how many parents are divorced that are actually good parent. is madona being a famous star keeping her from being a good parent or parents should never have a social life . the only different is that she is a pop star and her whole life is on display day after day. some people do worse to their kids and none founds out ( check out the foster parenting systems or kids that are abuse day to day even here in us, even worse in other counties) has madona ever abused her kids?the right question to ask is will this kid be better off with her or without her. before you are so critical do you even have any idea of what kind of life that kid lead where the kid sleep? hold you harsh criticism and look beyond your little bubble maybe just maybe you can understand what she is doing for that one child. isn’t how is suppose to be, save one human at the time. how many olphans have you adopted so far.

Posted by marie | Report as abusive

Now she can teach her kids that if you have money and fame you can do anything, get anything and buy anything you want. Her kids will learn that if marriage doesn’t work, there’s always divorce. And they’ll most likely be forced into her kabala beliefs.

Posted by RJ | Report as abusive

I think that Madonna (what is her real name anyway?) is going a good thing. She’s giving these kids a better life than what they have.

You might ask, why doesn’t she adopt from her own back yard? Answer: Too much red tape and burning hoops!

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

Yes, Madonna received preferential treatment; that does not mean she is not fit to be a mother. My guess is that Madonna is a fantastic mother, despite the constant surveillance of her every move every day of her life by the media.

I do agree with the argument that now anyone can waltz into Malawi or wherever, flex their $ or popularity or whatever, and adopt a child. Yes, this will encourage child trafficking – like Africa doesn’t have that going on already in the form of children being kidnapped and turned into “child soldiers.”

What is the real issue here? The well being of the child? Madonna is so ridiculously famous that anything she does will be pulverized to a pulp in the media. That said, this child will no doubt have a better life than living in a orphanage and being exposed to many other children (1 million in Malawi) who are orphaned with no where to go.

That just said, I think it will be awkward for this child to go to Malawi as she grows older and see her fellow children, so to speak, living in squalor. The kids “left behind” will no doubt resent her, but it is not her fault…..which brings the argument back to…what is the uproar really about? Does it have anything to do with this child, really?

Posted by R | Report as abusive

She just bought another baby. Do you know how many less-wealthy people in this country go through an incredibly complex, expensive process to adopt abroad? It takes years to get through all the red tape in many cases.And each country has their own laws – in many cases eliminationg single parents, parents over 40, etc. In Madonna’s case, the judge ruled (twice) in direct conflict with the laws of their country. If she wasn’t throwing $$ at this poor country to buy herself babies (in other words, if it was you or me) you think we’d be given the same consideration? If they really want children out of the orphanages, open up the process to the many, not just the rich and famous.

Posted by May Samuels | Report as abusive

One thing,if Madonna adopt this orphan,i think it is better than present status.


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