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“Weatherman” Al Roker, Speidi wage war of words

June 15, 2009
On Monday, the reality TV stars appeared for an interview on NBC morning news show “Today” and were questioned by weather anchor Al Roker. It’s not the first time that Roker has done an interview, but it seems Speidi thought they would be interviewed by “Today” host Matt Lauer. Apparently the celebrity couple was not amused by the whole thing because they later accused Roker of being too harsh.
Some of Roker’s most pointed questions came when he asked Spencer about his style of acting like the villain on reality television.
“When you say villain some people say jerk,” Roker said, equating the two. Spencer responded in a way that made one think he thought the two were the same.
Afterward, Heidi Pratt told broadcaster Ryan Seacrest on his Los Angeles-based radio show that she was “shocked at how rude” Roker was. “I was crying afterward because I couldn’t believe I felt personally attacked.”
Spencer added, “We were thrown off that the weatherman was trying to talk to Speidi,” and they way he said “weatherman” made it sound like a low-level job.

they are trying to make a living in a recession

Posted by wild bill | Report as abusive

I hope they continue to be this ridiculous because it’s just helping their celebrity status dwindle and I am praying the clock is ticking on their 15 minutes of fame, because it has already been waaaaaaaay too long.

Posted by melissa | Report as abusive

These two are idiots…did they not get the memo?

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Ah… MOre reality show people looking for 15 more minutes of fame. Go out and get a real job.


I have a renewed appreciation for Al, a veteran and a true professional, for suffering these two fools as well as he did.

Posted by Valerie | Report as abusive

I agree with Valerie. Bravo to Al Roker for remaining professional by having to interview these “reality” show stars on a morning news program. Flashback and hats off to Anderson Cooper for his coverage of Paris Hilton’s “arrest” on CNN. Anderson refused to call her by name, referring to her as the “hotel heiress”.

Posted by alt | Report as abusive

What diluted little world do these peons live in? And then, when things don’t go their way, they evoke the devil as being the instigator? What a crock!

Posted by sko halpin | Report as abusive

I love this interview! I have never heard of these people before today, and BIG AL put them in their place. Do you see the parallelism between no name “celebrities” and the situation of them being interview by the usual weatherman? Good job Al; you would have made Ron Burgundy proud!

Posted by Todd James | Report as abusive

Cheers to Al! I can’t wait until Heidi and Spencer are no longer in the news!

Posted by chrisy | Report as abusive

Why are they lasting this long? It is a sad comment on America that this is our youth. It’s like the octomom quick fame and than gone. All they look for is the fame. I really don’t even want to write this because again they think they are important. Next in play boy for Heidi (is she going to hold a bible over her private parts?) and than Spencer saying what an angel she is. No talent, why does the network keep putting these no class shows on? I never watched the Hills and never will with these retards. Want to see good reality watch “Family Jewels” with kiss now that is a good reality show. Gene Simons plays him self along with his family. Great show. Forget Heidi and Spencer a few weeks from now they will be in line for unemployment. One can only hope!

Posted by linda | Report as abusive

I can’t think of a more annoying couple than Heidi and Spencer !!!! I’m with Al, I think their 11 of 15 minutes are almost up !! Go away !!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by Michele | Report as abusive

Al Roker should be ashamed of himself. Calling guests jerks and attacking a young reality tv couple is just mean-spirited and poorly researched. Trivializing the baptism is unchristian. Al Roker is reaching to stay relevant to a young American audience who is ready to put out to pasture.

Posted by Boston cares | Report as abusive

Go Al! Is their combined IQ 10? An interview with a chimpanzee would be more interesting!


I think Al needs a T-shirt I talked to Speidi….and kept my brain cells.

Posted by Shannon | Report as abusive

Wow. That was the most amusing thing I’ve seen today! You can tell that Al Roker and the two guests were completely unamused with each other. Two thumbs up to Al Roker for being so persistent and realistic in his questions; I guess “Speidi” did not like looking at “the man in the mirror”…

Posted by D. | Report as abusive

Why are we force fed a steady diet of celebrities anyway? Who are the low-life brainless twits who buy “People” and “In-Touch Weekly?” Who are the
pathetic people who watch “Entertainment Tonight?”

To all of you I beg, GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN!!!!!!!


Those two cry a river anytime someone is honest enough to give them reality orientation. I find Heidi wanting to be such a Christian however very vain and materialistic. She mentioned the devil in regards to Al R. What about her partner? Like Whoopi G. said. They need to take responsibility!

Posted by kim | Report as abusive

i so ispise these two people. the way spencer got babtised, their claimed “devotion” to GOD. too bad there isn’t a show where the public could vote celeb-idiots onto a “Lost’ style island and leave them there. that would make my day, and i’m pretty sure quite a few toher peoples as well. these two are so disgusting.

Posted by marie | Report as abusive

Who are these two fools? They can not be that famous because I have never heard of them before this show. I heard more about Patty Blagojevich then these two childish fools. Note to Spencer and Heidi–people have to know who you are before you are considered famous. Maybe this is why they act this way, so people will know who they are.

Posted by Monica | Report as abusive

BIZARRE!! These 2 have completely lost the plot; are absolutely out of their minds… Good lord…

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

poor Al had to interview these 2……..

Posted by MBS | Report as abusive

Heidi & Spencer are exactly like a lot of people out there. They are self-absorbed, selfish, stupid and have a false sense of entitlement. They have no real morals at all and are willing to lie, cheat, and say or do anything to try and get ahead. Thier false christianity is overly pronounced, and almost cartoonish, because their actions and behaviors are the complete opposite of what christianity is about, such as posing nude in a magazine and “acting” like a villian. Because they talk about Jesus, they don’t have to act like him. They are the younger versions of Bush Jr. and Sara Palin and they are expanding the culture of the ruthless idiot.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Al has always been a consummate professional. How did he get saddled with these two clowns? It’s time to set them adrift into reality show oblivion and give the air time to people with some form of talent.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Al has more knowledge in his little finger than these two could ever imagine. To refew to themselves as super stars is a joke.

Posted by Bev Reddy | Report as abusive

Al Roker behaved like the gentleman that he is. Sitting next to such a kindly and gentle person, the team of Spencer and Heidi were shown up for what they are – a co-dependent folie a deux.


Lets be real here reality stars or not Al WEATHERMAN Roker has no right to talk to any ‘celebrity’ in that fashion. He did completely attack them. He questioned them as if they were in court on the stand. “Are you proud of this? no the question is are you proud of this?” I mean come on celebrities don’t always answer questions outright and reporters don’t push the questions until they get an answer they are looking for. I guess at the end of the day everyone is trying to better their careers – this includes Heidi and Spencer’s antics (which by the way have made them rich) AS WELL AS Al Roker and his wanna be news reporting approach (rich? eh no so much).

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

BRAVO AL ROKER!!!!! Speidi sucks

Posted by annoyed253 | Report as abusive

Did Spencer actually refer to himself and his wife in the third person? “We were thrown off that the weatherman was trying to talk to Speidi”….for example: if you have an exaggerated view of how great you are, you could be using this to make yourself seem even bigger. It’s a way to enlarge yourself to fit a role that’s too big for you.

Posted by CM Davis | Report as abusive

I didn’t watch the interview, now I have to go home and look it up on youtube. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be on Al’s side.


Gee, I read this thinking that Al Roker really busted Speidi’s balls. I didn’t see anything rude about his behavior. If anything, he was waaay too kind. I have no idea why these two people are so popular. It is a sad testament to what the younger generation is becoming. Heidi doesn’t seem to be that bright and Spencer is a bonafide jerk with at capital J. They deserve each other.

Posted by KLC | Report as abusive

I personally have no vested interest in any party, but its a shame how journalism has really allowed itself to be all out biased with no decency for having the viewer believe its their own opinion. why have the two on the show? that made no sense. unless al roker truly is a heartless angry man without God in his life? this is a blatant display of self serving cruelty that has no place in the heart of a man who walks with God.
whether al roker shares a popular opinion with others about these two does not justify his disregard for professionalism.

Posted by not impressed | Report as abusive

why are people so full of any emotion for these two is beyond me, i have not nor will i watch these two. i will not aide Al Roker in furthering their careers by making it scandalous to watch them, nor will i slap a label on them yet continue to whine and moan on every page i can. we all have opinions but here in these comments, in our “news” reporters i see anger and violent thoughts, corruption. justified judgments, justify your disgust, justify your time invested in dark thoughts, but beware that you are no longer any different than what you feel you are speaking out against. you become apart of the faceless mob that wishes to get its voice heard despite how stupid its own thoughts are, who want to be in the spotlight, who want to play Salem witch trial. its disgusting, but thank you Al Roker for weeding out who is truly the evil in this world, you are now apart of the faceless mob, justified by your own hidden demons.

Posted by not impressed | Report as abusive

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