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Robert Pattinson most handsome man in world — Vanity Fair

June 17, 2009

Guys, if u want a date sharpen your fangs — but just don’t bite.twilight4

That’s the message that seems to come from a new poll by Vanity Fair’s website,, whose readers just voted “Twilight” vampire Robert Pattinson the world’s most handsome man.

Over 270,000 readers voted. You can see the poll by clicking here.

British actor Pattinson, 23, burst onto Hollywood’s scene — and, in fact the worldwide movie scene — last year with his role as the brooding vamp Edward Cullen whose membership in the league of blood-sucking living dead gave him a few problems when it came to wooing his loved-one, the film’s heroine Bella Swan. But women still sucked it up, turning out in droves for the romance and boosting itstwilight3 global box office to $382 million.

And now, Pattinson is a global sensation — and a bona fide hottie, according to VF readers! But a lot of other women and girls are into him, too. In fact, he’s been rumored for a long time to be dating his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart (Bella). That’s them at the MTV Movie Awards to the right. Word comes today from gossip website Hollyscoop,, that the pair are “definitely dating!” Click here for that one. They are probably right, but you never know.

One thing we do know for certain: at 48, George Clooney’s days as Hollywood’s leading hunk seem to be fading fast. He didn’t even make VF’s list. Here’s a suggestion George, try buying some fangs. It worked for Robert.


robert pattinson deserved the title.this is not about popularity contest.he is not the most good looking man in the word but he is smart ,talented and avery humble person inspite of his first i am questioning other people when the say he good looking then one day i watch him being enterview then i know why everybody are obssessed with him.iwatch all his erterview even the audio one and he is very hilarious and smart.he always put an effort to answer the boring question in a funny way

Posted by maria | Report as abusive

Love it! Congratulations Rob!!!


Sorry Robert you sure are a good looking, but George still is the man.


I love Ro-bert! he is STRACI!—> (Stracicalo= italian word to say very handsome man in world!) RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRob ert!!!

Posted by Valentina | Report as abusive

Good for Robpat. Because he did work hard to earn that title. His role in twilight as Edward Cullen indeed played a big role in his fame right now. Good thing he really matches the criteria for being a very close to perfect bloodsucking vampire. If not for Edward Cullen, all of these will not be possible. He deserves it though. congrats rob!

Posted by Brianna | Report as abusive

Robert is well deserving of this title. He is the sexiest man on this planet. And this is coming from a woman who could be his mom.

Clooney, Depp and Pitt are all still attractive. But Robert is man pretty. Besides, they all had their turn, it’s time for someone new to take the crown.

Posted by Marlena | Report as abusive

No English translation found for ‘Stracicalo= italian word to say very handsome man in world’.

bellissimo (molto bello) adj very beautiful (wonderful)

?bello adjective nice;
(di aspetto) beautiful;
‹uomo› handsome;
(moralmente) good

Posted by rob | Report as abusive

why is always some metrosexual white guy who gets dubbed sexiest man? its always the same recipe white, blue eyes, psuedo-intellectual, bushy browed dude. He isn’t ugly but I see more attractive guys all the time. I think the title should be rephrased to sexiest man in the media.

Posted by cameo | Report as abusive

ROB IS THE WINNER HANDS DOWN!!!!! and..”Cameo” Rob is NOT metro sexual…if you haven’t seen much of him..please don’t comment about something you obviously don’t have a clue about..Rob doesn’t care about his clothes or hair..I FIND THAT INCREDIBLY SEXY AND APPEALING!!!!

Posted by Fiat Lux | Report as abusive

Messy hair and bushy eye brows… so hot!! Pause… NOT!!

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Robert Pattinson? Pshaw! Not quite. He is a looker but not quite a manly man. Of course I am twice his age but you want to see a beautiful man? Take a look at Brendan Frasier, Ed Harris, Ray Liotta, Joaquin Phoenix, and the most amazing creature…Hugh Jackman.. now these are men! Beautiful men.



Posted by Hdoch | Report as abusive

Hello! Have you even read the books? The vampires in the Twilight series do NOT HAVE FANGS. Ya moron, get your facts straight.

Posted by emandmom | Report as abusive

Who the heck is George? He’s old enough to be my dad, come on already. Let’s get some new blood in here, those old guys are for my mom. Rob’s good looking but he’s not exactly gorgeous. I mean, I think he’s cute, but, really, he is not, and I repeat NOT the best-looking man in the world.

Posted by emandmom | Report as abusive

Hello, you beanball!! Have you even read the Twilight books? The vampires don’t have fangs. Get your facts straight, ya moron.

Posted by emandmom | Report as abusive

Rob is sooooo SEXY!!!! I am 30ish and married, but I still think he is the most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL man I have seen in a long time.

Posted by shy | Report as abusive

Robert is hot…In his own way! He def deserved this!

Posted by mamakc | Report as abusive

All these comments just crack me up. I am a busy 35 year old woman…one of the many women that loved the twilight series. I totally think Rob is hot…as much for his humble and cute personlity as his looks. I agree that Hugh Jackman is a super hottie!!! 40 (or close to that) and a body like he has. Wow!!! and appears to be nice… double wow!! I can’t wait for the movie that Rob will be making with Hugh Jackman. Anyway…back to work.

Posted by 35& | Report as abusive

i’m satisfied with the fact that you, guys, at least admit that Robert is something outstanding.even if some of you are not able to estimate his celestial beauty which he is forced to hide.

Posted by just me | Report as abusive

I this isn’t hot, then I don’t know what is: es/2008/12/twilight_outtakes200812

Posted by Kara | Report as abusive

Well, he sure is good looking, but not handsome yet–he is still too young! I’ll wait until he is about 30. Then I think with maturity set it in his face, he would really be fabulously handsome and interesting! He looks so young, acts so young and boyish in a boy way.

Posted by isabel | Report as abusive

Hugh Jackman has been my No. 1 man for a long time, but now Rob has that title. I sitll love Hugh, but Rob just has this intensity about him and is down to earth (like Hugh). Can’t wait to see my two fav men in a movie together!!! I will be in heaven…..Rob may not have the muscles that other men have…but muscles aren’t everything…he can leave his shoes under my bed anyday. The world is your oyster of luck in everything you do….I am a busy working, married mum with children that are only a few years younger than Rob, and he helps me escape the stresses of life!!!

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

OMG!!! I am watching Twilight now…the prom scene at the end….he has the most amazing mouth (and eyes). He would be such a sensual kisser!!!!! it is his eys and his mouth that help to make him sexy!!!!

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

For all of those who think Rob is not HOT… well, perhaps you should have banned together to vote for someone else against him. Twihards have to be the most dedicated fans ever… I love all the haters… makes my day cause there’s nothing that can be done.

Posted by ObsessiveCullenDisorder | Report as abusive

Shoot I’m a black woman and I think Robert IS the sexiest man alive. Ain’t there nothing racist about it. Bye y’all.

Posted by kisha. | Report as abusive

Its a good thing you played edward cullen the most beautiful man ever! Haha… You deserve it rob.


Bellisimo. Drool.


Rob is winning new fans every day. At first I thought he was just another pretty boy, but when you see him talking in interviews you realise he’s the sexiest guy outhere I’ve seen in a long while. He’s completely gorgeous and I’m 33. I think he embodies the perfect Edward Cullen that all fans of the books had in mind, he’s close to perfection in all senses, not just looks. I understand that some people may not like him, as sure as I’ve never liked Johnny Depp or Brat Pitt, though I recognise they’re good-looking men. And you may not like Robert (maybe he’s too boyish, too pretty) but you must recognise he’s good-looking, sexy and very clever and humble guy.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

Hes easily gonna be the Most Handsomest man till hes well into 40 and beyond!


robert pattinson deserved the title.he is very talented,smart,has a geat sense of humor,very humble and very good looking.I didnot find him attractive before.I always question the people obssession with him.then i watch one of his enterviewt.then i find the answer for all my question.i watch all his enterview including the audio one.theres no dull monent with this guy when he talked he is very smart and very funny.he doesnot have the same answer with most boring question thrown at him.he uses his brain and not his good looks with all his entervies

Posted by bing | Report as abusive

OMG!!!!! I’m sooooo obessed with Robert!!! He by far deserves this title!!! I’ve never had a bigger crush on a movie star!!!!


Rob certainly has charisma – his demeanor has much to do with his good looks – he is very humble and I hope he stays that way and doesn’t let stardome go to his head! Rob seems to be grounded from everything I’ve seen and seems to have been brought up right – this is a big plus to a young man who has so much to look forward to in his long future ahead; I have a lot of respect for someone who takes the fame and attention of mobs so graciously while still working so hard on his career to be the best he can be – he is clearly a class act (by the way for you twilighters, try watching his other films – twilight isn’t his only piece of work you know – he’s very talented!!!) – KC

Posted by KC | Report as abusive

I coundn’t agree more! I am 35(yikes!), married with three boys, and completely into him, which makes me feel a little dirty. I’ll admit at first I thought he was attractive(even in Harry Potter), but that was it. And then you watch the interviews and something draws you about his wit and innocence that makes him sexy which is always more important than just good looking. And with his youth, things will only get better. I hope he withstands all the craziness that comes with the fame. He has extreme potentional to be an iconic actor. Twilight just touches the surface. Let’s dig deeper! Best of luck to him and his published love life.

Posted by Teresa | Report as abusive

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