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The Hulk trains Michael Jackson ahead of London concerts

June 19, 2009

Michael Jackson will need to be supremely fit to perform a series of 50 shows in London starting next month. The dates are fast approaching. Who better to get the so-called Kinmichael-jacksong of Pop into royal shape than bodybuilder and actor Lou Ferrigno, who was known for having fast-growing muscles playing The Incredible Hulk on television in decades past.

Ferrigno’s wife, Carla, on Thursday told Reuters that her husband has been helping Jackson train in advance of the shows.

“He’s known Michael 15 years,” Carla Ferrigno said. “He used to train him a long time ago and now he’s doing it again.”

lou-ferrigno-jason-segelBut Carla Ferrigno would not give details on the workout regimens. A spokesman for Jackson did not return a call.

 The only question is, will the Ferrigno workouts allow Michael Jackson to mimic the Hulk’s ability to turn into a man of brawn within seconds of getting angry? That would be a show ranking right up there with the headlock Ferrigno put on actor Jason Segel in this year’s movie “I Love You, Man.”


This news is soo heart breaking. I think that Micheal Jackson’s show which was suppose to be stage in London should still go on. The show should be performed by his most love,true, sincere and influenced musicians as well as his siblings perhaps so that Fan can live his legacy on stage all over again. It might not be the same with him not around but the mind can imagine a lot of things with words of music. This will be the most important tribute musician can give to him as it was his wish to perform for his funs, it was the come back of the King of Pop. But death took him unexpectedly, Performing his music will be the greatest, outmost respect anyone can give to him. Fullfilling his desire to perform on stage after many years. Anyone who can make this happen should PLEASE collaborate this last tribute. I will always remember him. MAX LOVE

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Rather than comment on it being sad about michael jackson dying, may i take a min to remind you of what sort of man he was. he had an unhealthy obbsession with children, never mind his own poor darlings he sang a song doesnt matter if your black or white well lol it obivesley did as he has been both he is an embarresment to human kind and shall not be missed it is one less in the cess pit

Posted by emma | Report as abusive

Michael we all will never forget you, i love listening to your songs and i could listen to your songs all day if i could. u will be missed and you will never be forgotten xx we will all miss you xx

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It saddens me that the news is full of rehashes of all the scandal and gossip about Michael Jackson. The surgery, bizarre behaviour, etc.etc.etc ad nausea.Just take a moment to stop and think of his life.From a very young age, he was controlled by first his dominant father, then by music moguls and now, it seems, by his personal physicians.His life was never his own.It is no wonder that he was compelled to change his appearance because it was the only thing that truly belonged to him alone.Much like an anorexic or self harmer.It saddens me to think how this boy was exploited right into manhood.Let him be at peace at last.

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It is unbelievable that Mr.Michale Jackson had his last breath. It is a great loss to the world not only to the music lovers but to the millions of people know about his achievements. His achievements are forever inspires the people of all the fields.May his soul rests in peace.

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I would just like to remind all those who criticize Michael Jackson and his life that he was one of the first artists to make significant contributions to social causes as well as a plentitude of financial contributions to various charities and he did this 20 years ago before it became trendy or a public relations requirement. He did it out of the unending generosity of his heart. I respectfully wish that he truly rests in peace away from the clutches of the evil media.

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I remember thinking what a talentless hack this guy was when I was a teenager and just HATING his music. Now I realize that I underestimated his lack talent and just who mindless everything he ever did actually was!

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Everyone…Just remember one thing…We all have skeletons in the closet and can keep them secretive, Michael, because of his fame and fortune could not keep his life a secret from the world…This is sad that anyone should have to be tortured in life and now even after death…People…Say what you will, but Michael was a great performer and a decent, giving, generous man…I grew up to his music and really got to experience the music when i was about 12 yrs old, trying to dance like him and finally learning some of his moves, just like millions of his fans did…May the Lord bless him and keep him…May the Lord be with his family and his children in this their greatest time of need…All these people trash talking should be ashamed of their selves because most people were taught at a very young age ” If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all ” May you finally rest in peace Michael…Your legacy will live on forever and ever…


I grew up watching and listening to Micheal Jackson. He was the best I dont care what the stupid critics say. Lets see you make an impact like he did!!!!!!!!!!! Micheal had a major impact on me and my family. You will FOREVER be MISSED!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U MICHEAL. RIP!!!!!. Much Prayers for the Jackson Family.LOVE YOUR FAN TONYA

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Michael Jackson If tears could bring you back to lifeIf a good chef would know what meals to cook for you to be that life healthyIf a genuine woman would love and behold you without the flashing of societies ‘ camera of slandersIf you had said To God be the glory in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I am healedThe backbiters jaws would be locked like the bars of the seven seas andWe would have no tears to shed.If tears could bring you back we would filled your land with eye water some would cried, cried lessIf doctors would only have humans at heart,Hearts of flesh with love pumping in their veins they would have refusedTo knifed your face like scaling dead fishes for the frying pansIf greedy medical life takers would justTeach you how to survive off laboratory poisonsIf only your life was at the place of escape into God’s careNo need mark would have pierced your give up heart andWe would have no tears to shed,: No, not this year, June 2009If the pastors had sought to give a word from the Good old bible and say “MichaelREPENT, for the kingdom of heaven is a hand”Today, none would be wondering IF You made it to heaven or hellOnly time know wellMichael Jackson earth’s musical GENIUS gifted by God, theGiver of LifeMichael, God made you a warrior like King SolomonYou had Music and musical creation and aHeart for human kind that was made of fleshMichael Jackson you were God’s creationBut now you sleep from the life takers of your every circumstance.Neighbours closed their arms from helping youBound up in self and Kingly social lifeWere you swept away and could see the way, to your Creator?Herbal medicine, Good food from God’s green Pastures,Water from the well of life plusA woman with a Christ life heart for your wifeSo many regrets as you sleep on in death.No more do you live in hide and cover up from the storms around youChildren you do bear still life remains seems your nightmare.Now we have nothing in our arms of being among youBut air, air of loss of another lifeA Genius now to go to the dustWe thank you for your input to shaping our worldsInjecting care, values and quality and the inspired drive and zestTo go on to achieve our dreams, reach our destinationsFor our tears will some how flowKnowing many loved you soIf only as neighbours we take time to careMichael Jackson would have been alive right here!

Posted by Jimima Ewers | Report as abusive – all about The King of Pop


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