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The Hulk trains Michael Jackson ahead of London concerts

June 19, 2009

Michael Jackson will need to be supremely fit to perform a series of 50 shows in London starting next month. The dates are fast approaching. Who better to get the so-called Kinmichael-jacksong of Pop into royal shape than bodybuilder and actor Lou Ferrigno, who was known for having fast-growing muscles playing The Incredible Hulk on television in decades past.

Ferrigno’s wife, Carla, on Thursday told Reuters that her husband has been helping Jackson train in advance of the shows.

“He’s known Michael 15 years,” Carla Ferrigno said. “He used to train him a long time ago and now he’s doing it again.”

lou-ferrigno-jason-segelBut Carla Ferrigno would not give details on the workout regimens. A spokesman for Jackson did not return a call.

 The only question is, will the Ferrigno workouts allow Michael Jackson to mimic the Hulk’s ability to turn into a man of brawn within seconds of getting angry? That would be a show ranking right up there with the headlock Ferrigno put on actor Jason Segel in this year’s movie “I Love You, Man.”


I don’t belive a word of this. If you believe that Michael Jackson will take the stage at O2 in London for even one single concert, then you blieve in fairies, but I don’t.There’s not one shred of evidence that these shows are going forward despite all the statements to the contrary. I swear, a whole lot of people are going to be very disappointed and pissed off if their tickets are non-refundable (which most ticket-holders will find to be the case).50 Shows? Give me a break. In one town?Wasn’t it Lincoln who said that you can fool most of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people most of the time?The bigger the lie, the more they will believe it.I’m afraid a whole lot of people believed in the O2 shows, but I’m predicting that Michael will fail to deliver.Sorry suckers – take my advice, don’t book your flights just yet.Just wait – soon they will announce that the entire show has been “postponed” because for one reason or another (e.g., doctor’s note) Michael just isn’t up to it.Michael screws everyone in his path – why should he care about screwing fans as well? He doesn’t.Go figure.

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Don’t make Michael angry…you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!I wonder if Michael will show up to a work out wearing a tank top and pajama pants?

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Michael Jackson is not the so called “king of pop”, He is the KING OF POP hands down nobody has done what he has done yet. Respect him and stop Haiting on the King.

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Wow, your very negative towards this person. Has he screwed you over or one of your cousins? You should really self reflect on why you have such a negative, biased approach towards Mr Jackson. i thought journalism was based on fact, not innuendo and speculation.You were probably one of the writers who said the show was not going to happen, that he would be found guilty, that he would lose Never land and the Beatles catalog. All of those predictions by you “talented” journalist were wrong. It seams like when it comes to Mr Jackson, you should have a wait and see approach before you systematically trash anything that he does,that way your writing will not be full of fallacies and you won’t have to eat crow again.If I were you, I would be full off of crow and would probably want to try something that was a little more satisfying.When you attack, you really just look like a hater and that is how most people view you.You don’t want to be looked at as a hater because they do not get the ladies and they are miserable within their own skin, ask Rush Limbaugh. No disrespect towards anyone, just some real talk minus empty rhetoric.

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Just shut up, you can’t see into the future can you? No, so were all going to wait and see. so for now keep your annoying opinions to yourself.

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Say what you want about Michael Jackson, but he’s not a guy with a history of backing out of concerts. That’s not to say it hasn’t happened before, but on the whole he’s been an artist who takes his commitment to his fans seriously and wants to deliver a good performance.And remember, this isn’t a guy who sits on a bar stool and sings ballads — every time he performs it’s the equivalent of running a marathon. So yeah, he should be scared about being able to do 50 concerts, but I’m confident he’ll pull through.

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which country are you all from ? i bet its not the uk your are all jealous because michael has chosen the uk to perform, and not yours, you are possibly all american anyway and he hates the u.s after what they did to him, stop hating and get a life , you sad bunch of freaks. i bet if he toured your country you would have a ticket.

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Hey you silly guys !Soon you will see michael jackson performance at O2 ! then you have to be shut up !!!




lol, calm down u guys.

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Michael Jackson and I close to the same age. I remember when he first came out when I was eight years old and in the 3rd grade. I would stand up to his and his brothers’ music as if it was the National Anthem. I will always be a fan.T. Corbett,MD


Who is comparable to MJ in the pop history? We’re yet to get one,but I guess not soon.Whats wrong with him doing physical preparations? After all doing what he is about to do at his age(51yrs)ain’t a joke.He has no history of disappointing his fans,then why think of it now? He’s gonna stage a grate performance as usual.Lets wait and see.

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did micheal not doyou.. or was it that he never gave u an autograph or did mommy and daddy never loved you.. whats wrong .. i seriously advice you to go see a therapist.

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michael jackson rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello everyone. Hope all are good in health. I wish MJ his best in health. I wouldnt’ say that I am his biggest fan or anything. I don’t even care what he does in his personal life. Myself and all of us here mostly love to hear his songs and see his extremely talented concerts. I am definite that MJ will not his fans (us) down. Good luck and have a great day everyone.

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Hello every1!I just wanted to say that every1 in the U.k is very fortunate, & I’m just anxiously waiting for him to make a concert again in the U.S, I love him so much, I wish hed know there’s many people here who still support him 100% & would love him to book one here aswell!However about the nasty & pessamisticly RUDE comments, I really do think people who aren’t supportive of him should take their own personal anger elsewhere.He’s the most amazing performer & no1 can or will take that away from such a dedicated person.I wish I had enough money to go to the U.K & get Tickets but I don’t, but for the people who think he’s going to not go through w/these concerts.. I’m just going to let u know,The second he makes a concert around Florida, I will 1 of the 1st getting her ticket!!Michael Jackson Foreverr!! <3

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Hello EveryoneI don’t know why some people always want to trash on Michael Jackson. I mean if you don’t like his music well don’t listen to it, nor attack the musician. Let’s all be civilized and show some tolerance towards other people’s preferences and lifestyles. I personally loved his music, it always soothes me, but not really care about his personal life, that’s whay is PERSONAL….Anyway, try not to be too prompt on judging others, especially if we don’t know them personally nor aware of the REAL facts…I would hate to be treated like Michael Jackson gets treated just too many times….HAVE A NICE DAY *_*

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hello people….i m 1 of michael jackson fans in india..i remember wen he came to india aroend 4000 people gathered to see u at airport….m not an mj fan b coz of his fame or money but bcoz he has a gud soul n heart & i also luv all his music…n has done so much 4 poor ppl n children around the world..mj is often in disputes wid media n oder wat ppl want is tht they want to strip off his fame,his intellence…n want to make him mentally handicapped…i dont care wat the world saysss….but ill always b wid u michael…..WE LOVE U ALL MICHAEL(ur fans)


It’s good to know that Michael Jackson is getting back in shape. Thanks for a great post and photos.


I guess all that training was too hard for him..he’s been taken to hospital with a reported cardiac arrest…

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Just heard that he has died. Very sad. I feel almost as sad for the guy with front row tickets and aftershow invites.

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It seems Zack was indeed correct.Reports are now coming in that poor MJ has suffered a cardiac arrest.

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RIP Michael Jackson

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So much hate and concern written over a person who now unfortuneatley no longer exists! He was just a boy grown into a man in a difficult environment, maybe strange, odd, peculiar and upsetting to some but still, a VERY talented and current performer in his day.Rest in Peace Michael J

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Well for all that thought the show will not go on, you are correct… RIP Michael Jackson..


Wow, it’s just been announced that Jackson has died.It looks like the guy at the very top, on June 19th at 3:59amwas right in his adamant prediction that Jackson absolutelywould not attend even one concert. Is this all real?


please please please please tell me the news i just heard is not true…

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I guess it really won’t happen. All of his fans and I will miss him very much.

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wonder if you nasty ones will feel bad now he is no longer with us. Yes, not the most straight forward guy, blame his dad, not him. He’s died – is that really what you would wish on him?

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I was just published that the beloved Michael Jackson has died…WHAT A GREAT LOSS!!! I love Michael and I ALWAYS will!!!This has to be a lie…I hope it is a stunt so he doesn’t have to do the London concerts!


so sad to here that michael jackson has passed away, i sure wish he could have lived a more realistic life style. people must realize he is a human just like all the rest of us, he just happen to be very talented and used it to his full potential.lets just all set back and reflect on the wonderful gift that he shared with us and that we may use of gifts to the full potential that he has.

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Blean’s comments could not be more ironic.

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This is what killed the King of Pop. He shouldn’t have had such workouts at his age. He should have done things in another way, in the right way at least. He rushed things. His body couldn’t follow. R.I.P. You’re my idol, you always will be.

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So, were the intense workouts a factor in the heart attack?

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He is dead. Wait. What? I am a fan and this is very, very sad.

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RIP, true legend, always remembered. we love you. ben

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I guess the first commenter from a few days ago feels really bad:”whole lot of people are going to be very disappointed and pissed off if their tickets are non-refundable”

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Possible reason he went into Cardiac Arrest today?

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the king is dead.R.I.P Michael Jackson.6/25/09

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Michael Jackson is deceased… sadly, he will no longer be performing


What I want to know is did these exercise regimens kill him??!?! How does a 50 year old man drop dead of a heart attack??!?! I want answers!!!

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Well I guess it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks now.They just announced that Michael Jackson died.Only 50 and now gone. how sad for the music world and his Fans.

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Ironically, it looks like the first poster was right. RIP Michael Jackson.

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The king of pop is dead…. so sad.


Too bad MJ died today… looks like the original first poster on this comments page “Zack” was correct in his prediction that MJ would not be at the 50 concerts… but I doubt that “Zack” could have predicted that MJ’s death would be the reason.The thing is, you never know when someone will be gone forever, so why not try to stay positive and appreciate people for their positive contributions to this world?Michael Jackson IS (not was) the King of Pop. RIP

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zack! you nailed it!!

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I wonder if the people who bought the tickets will get their money back now that he’s dead…

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Whelp…I guess the first commenter was right.

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You might want to revisit this story after today’s news. Yes, the concerts will be canceled, but the reason behind it is entirely different than Michael “screwing” people in his path. At this point, a little respect might be in order.

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Wow!I guess Zack was right all along!

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Hey Zack, how do you feel now? Idiot!

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Today’s news makes it official that the 50 concerts will not be happening.My heart and prayers are with his mother.

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And so it ends1958-2009

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I love you Michael. RIP

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They just announced that Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest today. Let us all remember that he was one of the most beloved artists of our generation. May God Bless his children and his family at this difficult time.

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Micheal has passed a left a big legend on this planet. The King of Pop has died with he moon boots on.Rest now Micheal and yes it was a wild ride. But you knew it would be.Dan

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Everyone that has ever talked bad about MJ should be ashamed. If you grew up in the 80′s and sat in front of the TV to catch a glimpse of the Moonwalk, you know that no one has been more influential to the music and dance world than MJ!

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weel i hope all the people who wrote negative comments feel guilty now maybe you will think twice before passing comment next time michael jackson R.I.P


Looks like this getting in shape thing was way beyond what a nearly 51 year old could take.It is sad to know of this. I hoped his career would rebound with this set of shows.

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Wow. What a really sad day. It’s too bad so many people tormented him and gave him so much crap his whole life. =( I hope he has peace now. We <3 you MJ!

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Rest in peace. This world will miss a person that united worldwide with music. Thank you for the music.

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Sadly, He has been pronounced DEAD at age 50. RIP Michael, a Genius is gone!

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i feel so sorry for the kids and all his family members cause i’ve been there and it’s not o good feeling

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It now seems so ironic that a week ago the original poster here said the O2 shows/concerts will not go ahead, and now that prophecy/prediction/assumption (whatever one wants to call it) has come true and these shows will never ever go ahead, not because of poor health but because he has passed away from this world. What a loss to this world to those who appreciated his music

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the king is dead, long live the king…

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So, so sad…this day. First, Farrah and now Michael. At least now they can rest in peace. Farrah’s fight is over and Michael goes to his Neverland. I never believed the pedophile stories about Michael, always thought it was a way of getting money out of him. I hope his music will out weigh the nay sayers and we can rememeber him for “We Are the World, Black & White, and Man in the Mirror.” Thriller was great entertainment but his other works were from the heart. He will be missed.

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Very sad and very sudden.

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Blean, he ain’t been in good shape, neither physically nor mentally. And evidently he doesn’t have such a good heart as you would have hoped, mjlovertown.Although I personally wasn’t a fan of most of his work, it seems to be the end of a music legend. I can’t ignore that and hope that his soul lives on in music as it has done for the past 40 years.

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WOW. Make me want to go to the doctor to make sure all this exercise isn’t going to give me a heart attack. MJ had the best doctors and specialist. This is what is scarry….It can happen to any of us at any time. GOD BLESS HIM. Hopefully he finds the peace he really never found in life. God bless the King of Pop. This funeral will be sad. A piece of my childhood dies today. I am a child of the 80′s.

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His hits will resonate forever. His talent is everywhere for us to listen.He may have or may have not TOUCHED little Johnny. Hate him or don’t; you can stress him out to death, but you can’t kill his brilliant work.

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can’t believe he’s dead. apparently he died of a cardiac arrest n_dead_TMZrest in peace micheal.


Michael Jackson, we love, appreciate and embrace your extraordinary achievements as singer, recording artiste and performing artiste and songwriter.We appreciate you for setting very, very high standards in the musical arenas. The unmatachable quality and content of your musical pieces and, your superb delivery on each of your concerts are phenomenal Michael Jackson there is simple none like you.You were chosen by the Almighty God for this musical journey.Michael we all know that you just slipped out of earth to perform in eternity with your Maker, Jehovah God. Your music will forever live on. I do hope that ALL New artistes will see you are the role model because of your incomparable educating, refreshing, and humanitarian and definitely sensible songs, in this century and those to come.Your songs Michael Jackson has healed and will continue to heal and restore some of the many wounded soldiers in all walks. Your songs are like life, to many nations around the globe, and in all local communities. From my reviews, wherever you go, Michael Jackson, may the Peace of the Lord Jehovah God be with you. The God who knows no religion or doctrine. The same God who knows all skin colour, the same God who knows that ALL human being was created with “ONE” Red blood.Michael Jackson, you will always be special to us enjoy your concerts outside of the natural. You are simple rated above all living musical geniusOne LoveJimima

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at any age a person can have a heart attack.once your time is up on earth, it is time to return to, Michael and Farrah Fawcett.

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REMEMBER! The feeling we had when we first heard michael sing BEN…The feeling we had and the chills when we first saw the THRILLER video…Do not listen to the stories, of his personal issues, do not bring up all the plastic surgeries…bring up the talent and the drive and the many hours of entertainment he brought us all….He was an icon,like the man he idolized ELVIS,…think good thoughts for his family and hey up in heaven they are getting a treat…MICHAEL JACKSON AND ELVIS together …RIP Michael and you will be missed

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The world truly is a better place because of you Michael…this day will be remembered by so many, where were you when the king passed?…rest in peace… at last.

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There seems to be a huge amount of surprise from some people that MJ’s body couldn’t cope with new exercise regimes, especially from JonMaxX.He was almost 51 years old, has been very frail for a long time, and has suffered several bouts of ‘illness’ over recent years. I’d hate to offend anyone by the way I say this but it is true that it’s hardly a surprise.

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People can choose to remember the professional life of Michael Jackson as a gifted talent. There will be those who will choose to remember him as a troubled man in his personal life. As his song said…there is good & bad in everyone. I choose to remember the good…and we will always have his music to remember, that good! Peace.- Mark Rentas.


The King of Pop is DEAD, leave your messages of support and remembrance online here.Michael Jackson the most influential musician of our generation has passed away…..Please Share this tribute with all of your friends …..Please join us in remembering the joy and happiness his music brought to so many of us…..Leave messages of support, share stories and remember the one of the Greatest musicians of all time…… ef=logo#/group.php?gid=96211893197&ref=n f


Sorry to break it to you old chaps, but M, Jaxson is dead, you cant stick those hard earned tickets right up your A-holes!!!! Maybe in another life you will see him perform but for now, pay your respects and pray that the gates of heaven will be open for him.Peace!!


I’m afraid that “Zack” (the first poster on this page) will be right. Very unfortunately so. Most important musical star has died today of a heartfailure. All this stress… And now we just have to see if we get our money back!!!


MJ u have always remained face of pop for us.RIP MJ

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Michael Jackson, the onetime child star turned King of Pop, died in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon after he stopped breathing in his home and was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center. He was 50 years old.To leave a tribute visit: http://tribute-to-michael-jackson.blogsp


Michael Jackson,Thank you for your music.Rest in peace!Chris Partlandhttp://www.michaeljacksonmemoria


Micheal Jackson R.I.PA positive influence on the worldWe can not judge as we hav’nt steped in his footsteps” So let his legacy thrive in peace “Rest in peace my Brother xxxxxooooo

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Dear Michael,Thank You…Your friend forever, Mike D.

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You have about as much chance of getting your money back as I have becoming the next Queen of England.

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thankyou Michael for all the magic you shared with me and the world, God bless you and your family,rip ,Philip

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RIp MICHAEL JACKSONwe always miss u chael-jackson-died.html

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We are so sad and shocked to hear about the death of Michael. He was such a kind man who was simply misunderstood. Our hearts go out to your children and your family. Your legacy will always live on and you will never be forgotten. We will still be hearing your amazingly creative song in years to come. Rest in Peace Michael and be happy. With all of our love to you.

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Working out with lou ferrigno would probably kill me too.Rip Jacko x

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Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, and know that in death you still bring the world together.

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MJ,Thank you for the best teen years from the white glove to thriller. It was a blast!Chris Partlandhttp://www.michaeljacksonmemoria


let your songs live on forever and my sorrow to your family

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Amazing, I can’t believe he’s dead. Future generations need to know him, he was so So Amazing! No one has ever been like him. Everyone wanted to be him, he made you feel good. R. I. P. and live on forever…. Michael Jackson we loved you. I hope to meet him someday when I pass…


Yesterday is the day music died, MJ was an entertainer that changed the face of music. Iconic and legendary, no one will ever compare to him.His music touched the lives of so many. MJ was a one man show, he didn’t need the glizt and glammar like new artists do, he knew how to entertain the crowd.MJ, we will miss you but mostly, we would like to thank you for breaking the racial barrier and uniting so many people, even after death, you have united the world, we love you.I truly believe the media killed him, those jerks destoyed an innocent man, exploited him for his riches and portrayed him to be this monster he never was, he was a great father and a good hearted person. MJ, all your fans stood by your side. We love you MJ, I can’t believe your gone, it’s a sad day for everyone.RIP. xoxoH

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Michael Jackson.Ever since ive heared your songs i loved you and your songs and in my heart i think you’ll be the king of pop forever. I give all my faith and love to your family and i will never forget. I’ll pray for your family and you.You are my favorouite singer and will always be.I loved the Jackson 5′s as well.R.I.P Michael Jackson and dont be afraid your family is there and its your job to look after them all.Thank you for being born and ill never forget you.x x xMaria xoxo

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I am still in shock at the news of Michael Jackson dying. I just can’t beleieve it…we have surely lost an Icon in music. It just won’t be the same. I will always love Michael and everything he stood for…I hate seeing all the hateful remarks in comments left about him and I hope the owners of these sites will delete them…the man was aquitted of all charges…but besides all that, He was a genius in the musical field…Please remember what he did accomplish and remember how his family must be feeling now…I didn’t even know him personally and I can’t stop crying…I’m a 58 year old woman and I love him and his music…God bless his family and his children…Michael, rest in peace…you will be missed! But through your music you will live on within all of us who loved you.

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I love Michael Jackson and I hope he is now in a magical world. XX

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This news is soo heart breaking. I think that Micheal Jackson’s show which was suppose to be stage in London should still go on. The show should be performed by his most love,true, sincere and influenced musicians as well as his siblings perhaps so that Fan can live his legacy on stage all over again. It might not be the same with him not around but the mind can imagine a lot of things with words of music. This will be the most important tribute musician can give to him as it was his wish to perform for his funs, it was the come back of the King of Pop. But death took him unexpectedly, Performing his music will be the greatest, outmost respect anyone can give to him. Fullfilling his desire to perform on stage after many years. Anyone who can make this happen should PLEASE collaborate this last tribute. I will always remember him. MAX LOVE

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Rather than comment on it being sad about michael jackson dying, may i take a min to remind you of what sort of man he was. he had an unhealthy obbsession with children, never mind his own poor darlings he sang a song doesnt matter if your black or white well lol it obivesley did as he has been both he is an embarresment to human kind and shall not be missed it is one less in the cess pit

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Michael we all will never forget you, i love listening to your songs and i could listen to your songs all day if i could. u will be missed and you will never be forgotten xx we will all miss you xx

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It saddens me that the news is full of rehashes of all the scandal and gossip about Michael Jackson. The surgery, bizarre behaviour, etc.etc.etc ad nausea.Just take a moment to stop and think of his life.From a very young age, he was controlled by first his dominant father, then by music moguls and now, it seems, by his personal physicians.His life was never his own.It is no wonder that he was compelled to change his appearance because it was the only thing that truly belonged to him alone.Much like an anorexic or self harmer.It saddens me to think how this boy was exploited right into manhood.Let him be at peace at last.

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It is unbelievable that Mr.Michale Jackson had his last breath. It is a great loss to the world not only to the music lovers but to the millions of people know about his achievements. His achievements are forever inspires the people of all the fields.May his soul rests in peace.

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I would just like to remind all those who criticize Michael Jackson and his life that he was one of the first artists to make significant contributions to social causes as well as a plentitude of financial contributions to various charities and he did this 20 years ago before it became trendy or a public relations requirement. He did it out of the unending generosity of his heart. I respectfully wish that he truly rests in peace away from the clutches of the evil media.

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I remember thinking what a talentless hack this guy was when I was a teenager and just HATING his music. Now I realize that I underestimated his lack talent and just who mindless everything he ever did actually was!

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Everyone…Just remember one thing…We all have skeletons in the closet and can keep them secretive, Michael, because of his fame and fortune could not keep his life a secret from the world…This is sad that anyone should have to be tortured in life and now even after death…People…Say what you will, but Michael was a great performer and a decent, giving, generous man…I grew up to his music and really got to experience the music when i was about 12 yrs old, trying to dance like him and finally learning some of his moves, just like millions of his fans did…May the Lord bless him and keep him…May the Lord be with his family and his children in this their greatest time of need…All these people trash talking should be ashamed of their selves because most people were taught at a very young age ” If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all ” May you finally rest in peace Michael…Your legacy will live on forever and ever…


I grew up watching and listening to Micheal Jackson. He was the best I dont care what the stupid critics say. Lets see you make an impact like he did!!!!!!!!!!! Micheal had a major impact on me and my family. You will FOREVER be MISSED!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U MICHEAL. RIP!!!!!. Much Prayers for the Jackson Family.LOVE YOUR FAN TONYA

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Michael Jackson If tears could bring you back to lifeIf a good chef would know what meals to cook for you to be that life healthyIf a genuine woman would love and behold you without the flashing of societies ‘ camera of slandersIf you had said To God be the glory in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I am healedThe backbiters jaws would be locked like the bars of the seven seas andWe would have no tears to shed.If tears could bring you back we would filled your land with eye water some would cried, cried lessIf doctors would only have humans at heart,Hearts of flesh with love pumping in their veins they would have refusedTo knifed your face like scaling dead fishes for the frying pansIf greedy medical life takers would justTeach you how to survive off laboratory poisonsIf only your life was at the place of escape into God’s careNo need mark would have pierced your give up heart andWe would have no tears to shed,: No, not this year, June 2009If the pastors had sought to give a word from the Good old bible and say “MichaelREPENT, for the kingdom of heaven is a hand”Today, none would be wondering IF You made it to heaven or hellOnly time know wellMichael Jackson earth’s musical GENIUS gifted by God, theGiver of LifeMichael, God made you a warrior like King SolomonYou had Music and musical creation and aHeart for human kind that was made of fleshMichael Jackson you were God’s creationBut now you sleep from the life takers of your every circumstance.Neighbours closed their arms from helping youBound up in self and Kingly social lifeWere you swept away and could see the way, to your Creator?Herbal medicine, Good food from God’s green Pastures,Water from the well of life plusA woman with a Christ life heart for your wifeSo many regrets as you sleep on in death.No more do you live in hide and cover up from the storms around youChildren you do bear still life remains seems your nightmare.Now we have nothing in our arms of being among youBut air, air of loss of another lifeA Genius now to go to the dustWe thank you for your input to shaping our worldsInjecting care, values and quality and the inspired drive and zestTo go on to achieve our dreams, reach our destinationsFor our tears will some how flowKnowing many loved you soIf only as neighbours we take time to careMichael Jackson would have been alive right here!

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