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Rihanna and Chris Brown, the face-off that wasn’t

June 23, 2009

Going into Monday’s criminal hearing for R&B singer Chris Brown , the buzz at the court house centered on the possible testimony of Rihanna , who was Brown’s grihannairlfriend in February when he assaulted her in a rented Lamborghini on the eve of the Grammy Awards. But Rihanna and Chris Brown never faced off in court.

Instead, Brown pleaded guilty to assault and left the court room through the front entrance. Moments later, Rihanna was shown into the court through the back door. She was dressed all in black, and came in wearing sunglasses and pearls around her neck. She set a black hand bag down on a chair, took off her sunglasses and stood listening as Los Angeles Judge Patricia Schnegg explained the terms of the stay-away order she had just issued against Brown. 

Schnegg told Rihanna that the order is “really two-ways,” meaning that Rihanna must stay away from Brown just as he must stay away from her. She also said that the two must remain at least 50 yards apart, which is reduced to 10 yards if the two are attending the same public event. Schnegg also told Rihanna that, after Brown completes his required domestic violence courses, if the pop diva wants to make the terms of the stay-away order less restrictive, the judge would consider that.

Minutes before, Rihanna’s attorney Donald Etra had told the judge that his client would be happy with a less restrictive protective order, which does not set a specific distance that Rihanna and Brown must be apart. Schnegg opted for the stay-away order instead, but did not say why she set that standard.

 chris-brownMedia reports that came out three weeks after Brown struck Rihanna indicated that the couple had reunited after the incident. But in recent weeks the two have not spent any time together in the public, and all indications are that they have broken up.

Both Brown and Rihanna showed little emotion during the court hearing. Before leaving, Rihanna simply told the judge, “Thank you, your honor.”

With the out-of-court settlement between Brown and prosecutors, there was no need for Rihanna to testify, and it seems that all parties involved wanted to avoid having her take the stand to recount Brown’s attack.

After pleading guilty, Brown faces five years of probation, but he avoids a sentence of more than four years in jail. The L.A. District Attorney’s Office and Rihanna’s attorney all said they were pleased with the sentence. Was Brown lucky to avoid jail time? Or did he get the sentence he deserved?


Chris Brown got off pretty easy. He could have killed her that night and sadly enough, he will probably offend again. Probation? What a joke. He needed to see the inside of a cell due to the severity of the beating Rhianna received. What another slap in the face for victims of domestic violence everywhere. Once again the abuser gets away with it and the victim is victimized!

Posted by weave | Report as abusive

I think that the outcome was fair. We all make mistakes! Some of us has done worse than that, stuff that we would not dare tell anyone. She did not want him to go to jail anyways. And from a women’s point of view (which I am 1) us as women have been there, done it or on the way to it! We learn as women that a man is not going to do no more to u than u let him!!!! Rhianna and Chris Brown are to talented to have there career ended over some mistakes and puppy love. Forgive so u can set yourself FREE!

Posted by trulyblessed | Report as abusive

i just heard about it on tv and just read it on this site…i feel that he is a lucky man because after what he did to rhi i feel that he should have gotten some time…i hope he learned his lesson and that it will never ever happen again…as for rhi she needs to get on with her life also and continue with her singing she has a nice voice…hopefully one day she will and chris will find the right person for each one…as for the both of them i hope they (heard) the judge he stay away from her and she away from him…GOOD LUCK to the both of them…

Posted by tashi | Report as abusive

I dont agree with the comments of trulyblessed. He was not given the punishment he deserved. Beating and assulting someone is not “mistake” and it does not “we all dont make mistakes” like that. No one has the right to assult another person. The Court is sending the wrong message. Its just a matter of time before he assults some other woman.

Posted by amazed | Report as abusive

He got off far too easy, I also think Rihanna is a bad example for the young girls of this generation, she gives the message that its somehow ok for a boy to molest a girl and that its part of a relationship. Rihanna should have aimed for his balls, making a clear statement that girl/wife beaters are complete losers and deserve to end up behind bars.


I think everything just went to far. True he shouldn’t have put his hands on her cause he’s a man and there’s no excuse. But I feel if he wasn’t a star he would have not gotten in this much trouble. He only does what Rhianna allows him to do he probably been fighting her but this incident got out so she had no choice. My thing is his need to leave her alone and she need to stay away from him she is a jealous girl and he is only being him. Again he is really wrong for putting his hands on her he deserves anger management but they making him out to be a murderer they need to leave both of them alone and let them live their lives.

Posted by toya | Report as abusive

Violence begets (to cause) violence. What bothers me about opinions that are so quick to judge others is this: You weren’t there. Your opinion doesn’t matter.
I wasn’t there with Chris and Rihanna in that car. I don’t know how things transpired to lead to the altercation. As a human being, though, I do not condone violence at all. However, being a human being, I’m just as guilty as EVERY PERSON on this planet when it comes to having been violent in some way to some degree towards someone or something. ANYONE that says they have never been angry enough to hit something (preferably not a person or living creature) is a flat-out liar.
Will Chris Brown strike again? I haven’t a clue. I’d rather worry about whether or not I will ever find myself in any type of situation that is similar. His and Rihanna’s business is just that -their business. Not mine. And it sure as heck isn’t any of yours (people outside of their immediate lives), either.

Posted by Shawn S | Report as abusive

i think that chris brown got off easy if it was a regular person on the street they would have got it alot worse…its clearly shown that rihana and chris brown are still in some type of contact because she did want the stay away order put out. i think that they both need to stop fakin the funk if they wanna be together then be together.there are plenty of couples that fight and get back togethet.


Many who would have known Rihanna when she lived in Barbados, were exposed to what Rihanna really is. She loses her temper at the drop of a hat, has been known to curse her own mother and many of those who went to school with her just don’t like her because she bullied and cursed those younger and weaker than she was. In fact, many tell of when she got her recording contract, how she made a point to go around and cuss out the teachers who she felt she had to. With a history like hers, I cannot believe that Chris is the monster that everyone is making him out to be. I believe that she would even attempt to call him now just to get him into trouble. She is trouble with capital T for any man.

Posted by StarGirl | Report as abusive

What a joke,,,,,,if it was anyone diff, it would have been JAIL time

Posted by jazzy | Report as abusive

CB is wrong & he seeks 4 4giveness why can’t u ppl just give him zat.& where the hell did mercy go.

Posted by betty | Report as abusive

In reading through these comments, it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the public continues to be about the nature of domestic violence. A woman having a temper, doesn’t excuse it. And a man having a family history, doesn’t excuse it either. They both should be mandated to counseling and Chris should at least receive probation for the physical violence committed against her. Their story is shaping the mindset of thousands of teens and young adults in a VERY negative way. Every opinion matters b/c we are members of society, and thereby shape our collective standards.

Posted by enlightened | Report as abusive

I find it flat out amazing that anyone could attempt to explain away physical abuse as “oh it happens” or “he just made a mistake” is not only ignorant of the terrifying reality of domestic abuse that hundreds of people go through everyday but it also unequivocally Condones such events. What I read from it is this; If I have enuf money or am popular I can do what I want regardless of the law. The coward prosecuting this case was more conserved with headlines then holding Mr. Brown to the letter of the law.

Posted by Amazed | Report as abusive

Interesting that Rihanna was also ordered to keep away from Chris. Anybody have a take on that?

Posted by jeansonly | Report as abusive

Listen up to all you people who think Chris Brown should get jail time for this. Well your wrong. This is a big bump in him and Rihanna relationship. We do not have nothing to do with that couple relationship nor their personal lives. So we should just back up and let those 2 handle their business. If Rihanna wanted to press charges against Chris Brown, then she would have. But it is not our business to be putting our noses into their relationship and press charges. I believe that the judge should not had a restaining order against Chris Brown and Rihanna unless Rihanna wanted one. We just let those 2 be and let them settle their problems like grown people.


I have to put my two cents. Rihanna hit first she should also face time for hitting. Both of them should be disciplined. She is protrayed like she is this innocent princess. Please, the sad thing is Chris Brown has to suffer the public opionion while she gets to act like she is innocent. I think that people needed to leave him alone and let him make music and enjoy life. But it is a lesson learned what the public eye will do to you. Martha Stewart was back on t.v. after her time served hell them Chris Brown can pull himself back up from this. That is why Rihanna was so big on making sure he was not punished harshly because she know that she started it by smacking him in the face. No one should hit. Most of all not because of a text message.

Posted by Jacqueline | Report as abusive

i think that no – one ever deserves to be beaten up so the question we are asking is why did chris beat rihanna up. i plainly and simply think it is because he new about what happens when someone gets beat up and thought that if someone can do it to someone he knows well then he thinks it’s right to do it to someone very close to him but why throw away the love and passion for rihanna he had with beating her up for no APPARENT reason?!

Posted by chris and rihanna | Report as abusive


Posted by miss toreebaby | Report as abusive

I like her music but i don’t like the fact that she’s hanging around with her new Chris Brown lookalike playboy in God knows what downtown Denver hotel.Please snap out of it RiRi

Posted by elliotfoster | Report as abusive

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