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Where were you when Michael Jackson died?

June 27, 2009

The events of Michael Jackson’s death, the fan outpouring of emotion, and autopsy results all have played out in rapid succession since Thursday. But by late Friday, the day after he died, some people began saying they knew they would remember where they were the day he died.

Since then the question seems to linger, will the King of Pop’s death be remembered like the King of Rock, Elvis? Will it resonate like Princess Di’s, like Kurt Cobain’s, John Lennon’s or James Dean’s.

Will you be saying, years from now, I remember where I was when I heard Michael Jackson died?

Or, better still, do you remember where you were when you heard the musical icon of a generation and dynamic performer had passed on to another stage?

We were at Graumann’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Saturday, and here’s what some of the people walking past Jackson’s star had to say.


I was about to go to the mall when my sister called me and told me that michael had died. i thought she was was pulling a prank, untill i turned on the tv and heard the news i started crying i was in complete denial about it. I know he is in a better place now! I will miss him but his music will live on forver!


This is totally rediculious. You people are acting like he was the mesiah or something. Sure he was talented, sure he did things for pop music that will never be equaled, but please people GET A LIFE. I enjoyed MJs music immeasurably throughout the years but when they start comparing him to JFK, Elvis, and Princess Di they have gone way over board. I was an immense fan of Elvis Presley and Dale Earnhardt. I only remember where I was when Dale died because I was at the race. The only death that effected me to the point that I remember where I was when it was announced was the asassination of JFK. MJ was an entertainer, he was no President Kennedy. You people need to get a life.As an entertainer he was fantastic but as a person he was a train wreck looking for a place to happen.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

My husband called me on my cell phone.while i was driving my car going to see my mother in law. He said to me did i hear anything about michael jackson died and i told him no i haven’t he then presisted that it was true i kept telling him that it was not true until i reached my moms house and there i heard that Michael Jackson was in the hospital.Just then channel 6 news came on and announced Michael Jackson dead at the age 50 there i was in disbeliefe. i couldn’t sleep or anything i cried everyday since his death everytime i hear ROCK WITH YOU,OFF THE WALL,GONE TOO SOON,I BREAK OUT IN TEARS UNCONTROLLABLY CRYING he will never be forgotten the world looks up to MICHAEL JACKSON

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Well, I had been feeling really ill that day. I took a brief nap, and woke up sometime between 5 and 6pm here on the East Coast. I logged on to my Facebook page and saw some statuses had been changed to “OMG MJ’S DEAD!!” or something like “RIP Michael Jackson”. I didn’t believe it–I thought it was a cruel joke.I then decided to tune into CNN and the major news networks. They were reporting that Michael Jackson died. I was stunned, speechless. I became so emotional, like a part of my childhood had died. We truly lost an icon

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Let’s see, where was I? I was taking care of my sick husband, doing what I do every day, minding my own business, etc., etc., etc. This man’s death has not changed my life at all. It proves to me that all you folks out there need to get a life! This man was not God. By the way, what will we do with Elvis Presley now? I thought Elvis was the King!!!

Posted by Patricia | Report as abusive

I was in sleep bcos it’s 6am in China. When I got up, I recieved a msg from a friend said that MJ died in the morning. I thought that was mischief or something….I just couldnt believe it…

Posted by xia | Report as abusive

i was in train 4m hyd to madras..early in the morning i got a mess 4m my frnd whn i was in train i thought its a joke but aft tht i got another mess thn i got a dbt…aft gng 2 my frnd room i rushed 2 watch TV nd the bad news was true ..MJ is no more..RIP NJ

Posted by Raj prakash | Report as abusive

I was at work not caring that some crazy pervert had died. Who cares about a acused child molesting dancing idiot anyway. I am glad he is gone.

Posted by smitty jackson | Report as abusive

I was just getting into the car on my lunch break from work going to the mall with some friends, when we heard nothing but Michael Jackson music on the radio. I knew it wasn’t his birthday and i had a feeling a bad feeling that something bad had happened to him. I began to pray that he was not dead. I kept turning to different stations that had things about him, and I heard he was in a coma. I was like thank god. (i mean I know that’s bad, but it’s better than death)…so i go into the mall like kind of happy because he wasn’t dead…then my sister sends me this text talking about pray for his family and such and i just got really sad. But after a while, I got really happy for him because I know that God took his soul, and this is just what he needed, some peace. He had no peace on this earth…he is in a much better place now.

Posted by Tifney | Report as abusive

i was on a coach bus on the way to my prom in the city when i heard about MJ’s death.

Posted by jay | Report as abusive

I was at church camp hanging with friends eating a Slushie. I thought it was a huge joke until I looked it up on the Internet on my phone and saw that it was true. I still can’t believe it to this day. This year is the year of surprise deaths.


I was having breakfast watching news on TV, rolled my eyes, knowing that the media and fans will be blowing things out of proportion for this superficial man-child. finished breakfast…

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on 6-25-09 i had a baseball game. i came home from the game went on to youtube for some random reason. on the homepage there were links to alot of MJ videos. on top of the video links were the words RIP MJ i could not beliveve it during our game that day i was telling MJ jokes to guys in the dugout during the game. i typed Micheal Jackson into the goggle. that is how i found what had happened. I was always a fan of his music but i was not a fan of his goffy behavior

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I came from a cinema outting and it was about 0:45 am in Mijas, Spain, when I got home. As always, I put on TV, always set on CNN Live start up channel and first images I saw was a reporter at the gates of Michael rented home and the banner stated Michael Jackson in hospital due to cardiac arrest. They quit immediately and went on to another reporter on a terrace building near the hospital. I will never forget those moments and did not sleep for about 48 hours, only zapping onto news tv channels and browsing the web at the same time. Still today I cant sleep more than a couple of hours every 30 hours or so. I\’m devastated


i was sitting a home in my bedroom and i was actuall listing to thrillerjako R.I.P

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

I was in my basement playing Guitar Hero, and my mom shouted down from the stairs “MICHAEL JACKSON’S IN A COMA! LOOK ON THE NEWS!”. I thought it was a joke, so I checked CNN. It was true, he was in a coma at the time. I was just stunned; my jaw dropped. I was speechless. About an hour later, he passed away.

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My sister told that Michael had a heart attack as I was about to walk out the door to meet friends for coffee on South Street. I paused. I said to myself, “Ok… he’s 50. He’s been under pressure lately. He has another tour coming up. He’ll be alright. It’s his 1st heart attack. It’s only natural. He’ll be o.k.” I told my sister, “Keep me posted.” While on the bus into town, I got this weird feeling. I thought if I could get online thru my phone I can leave him a get well soon message. But I didn’t know how to connect. STUPID PHONE! I tried to hurry down South Street to get online @ the coffee house, when I passed Ladies’ City Blue. The door was open & the radio blared. I heard the d.j. say that “it has now been confirmed, that Michael Jackson had indeed passed.” I screamed, “NO!” My cheeks felt hot. I screamed, “THAT’S A LIE!” But I saw a salesman’s sad face. I started crying. I tried to walk up the street. A friend spotted me and said, “Hey girl, what’s up? You o.k.?” I said, “No… 1st, I just came from my stepfather’s funeral on Monday and now I just heard that MICHAEL JACKSON died!” He got on the phone & asked his buddy, “Dude, did Michael Jackson die?” I cried in his arms as I heard him repeat the words, “died… Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center… autopsy results won’t be for another 3 weeks.” When I heard the word “autopsy”, I truly lost it.

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What I was doing the day MJ died was I was on the computer just watching videos on youtube and looking at stuff on wikipedia. My mom was on the phone with her mom and she told me “You know Michael Jackson is in the hospital?” I think I knew already and I really didn’t care because I thought “He is always in the hospital he is going to be fine like all the other times.” A few hours later the TV was on ABC I think and I heard the news anchor report “Michael Jackson has died,” I was like “NO”! I yelled “MOM” who was cooking dinner and told her “MICHAEL JACKSON DIED!” I told her to come see the TV and the screen said “Michael Jackson 1958-2009.” My mom took the phone with her and I think she called my grandma and went to a bedroom to see if It was true. I turned the TV to CNN and It was true, but the reports kept saying he was in a coma or he is dead. I was confused. I watched the news coverage all night. From the first reports that he died to his body being flown to the coroner’s office. I was like this is not REAL! It was. I went with my family to McDonald’s to get ice cream cones and the first thing we did was change the station to one that was playing Michael Jackson (I forgot the station). I remembered the song “Somebody’s Watching Me” playing. I was like “Michael Jackson sung this song?” My mom told me “He is a background singer.” June 25, 2009 is a day I will never forget. R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson (aka The King of Pop).

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