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Michael Jackson’s dad — Back in business?

June 29, 2009

joe2Michael Jackson’s fans are still in a state of shock over the King of Pop’s sudden death on Thursday.

So some were a little rankled when Michael’s father, Joe, turned up at the BET awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night and worked the red carpet, speaking of his late son AND plugging his latest business venture: a record label.

In a red carpet interview with CNN reporter Don Lemon, Joe said of the funeral arrangements: “We haven’t gotten to that yet.”  When Lemon asks about how his bereaved wife and children are doing, Joe responds curtly “they’re all doing fine.”

“But I want to make this statement, this is a real good statement here,” Joe says next as he introduces his business partner, Marshall Thompson.  “Marshall and I we own a record company called Ranch Records.”

Thompson then steps forward to explain that Ranch Records, which will employ Blu-Ray technology,  is the “next step” for Joe Jackson. A seemingly confused Lemon then changes the subject.

At a Monday morning press conference to address his son’s second autopsy and plans for a funeral, Jackson explained that he only brought up the record label because he was asked.

“I was asked a question last night about the record company,” Joe said. “What I’m doing is I established a record company with Marshall and the company is called Ranch Records …,” he said. “So we have a lot of good artists fixing to come out.”

Photo: Joe Jackson arrives at the BET awards on Sunday night (Reuters/ Phil McCarten)


If this photo of Joe Jackson was taken at the BET awards Sunday night, the smile on the man’s face speaks volumes about the environment and parenting Michael grew up with. Apparently, he was never a son and child, he was a business and an investment. Very sad.

Posted by ronster9 | Report as abusive

he is a real piece of work and a heartless man his son just passed away and he is out having fun and laughing. So discustting


Mr. Joe Jackson is a real work of art! No tears, no heartache over loosing his son. Just using his son’s death for himself. What a discrase! I have no interest in Joe Jackson whatsoever. Michael was and forever be the star here. I am certain the rest of his family is NOT SMILING AND JUST FINE! I feel for their sorrow and pray Janet can go on for she too is a phenominal artist in her own right. Unfortunately Mr. Joe Jackson just reminds me of Anna Nicole’s mother. Discusting!

Posted by Regina | Report as abusive

He is all smiles because he realizes that his son is going to bring in more royalties that he will probably benefit from. WHAT A PIECE OF WORK. If I were an offspring of Joe I would have disowned him after this spectacle, he is just riding on Micheals coat tails. Even in death. HOW SAD

Posted by Angela | Report as abusive

Joe came out at the BET as somebody who may have had no emotional connection to Michael all his life & just looked at him as his paycheck.. As y’know Michael was the biggest star in the world & he didnt want the record to be broken. Now onto the next project.I am now suspecting Joe Jackson’s mental health & what he may have passed onto Michael … Genetically & by potentially life long sociopathic behavior.Was Michael by his connection to Joe Jackson, become more and more like him?

Posted by Diana | Report as abusive

Joe Jackson is a piece of dirt. I am not sure why Mrs. Jackson ever stayed with him. If Michael had issues, I am sure they stem from the abuse he received from this man. I too was abused as a child and to this day I remember what happened and always will. May you rest in peace Michael and I am sure you are in heaven as you lived in hell on earth.

Posted by Carol | Report as abusive

Joe Jackson obviously has no sorrow for his son’s death who was and will always be remembered as the King of Pop. He smiles and makes an excuse that he was asked to talk about the record company. Rather he was or not man your son just died who cares what they want you to say. Well it’s a shame but hopefully Michael is in a better place now. R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Posted by thomas77 | Report as abusive

Micheal may you rest in peace. Joe you are a terrible Father for not having enough respect for your son than you do. Going to BET and smiling and promoting yourself good GOD man are you for real.


ahhhhh come on people. just because he isnt crying doesnt mean he’s not sad. people mourn in all different kinds of ways. Especially being out in the public eye you gotta keep your composure, and if your telling his fans to stay strong for Michael he has to too. I do find it a little ughh strange that he is talking about his label but still he’s probably trying to take his mind off the situation.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Even if he might be grieving in his own way, it is still disrespectful for him to be out on the town, smiling like he is celebrating his son’s death.


Joe Jackson, you are pathetic~evil man, who only see’s the dollar signs in your sons untimely passing.Rest in peace dear Michael, and watch over your precious children, as I belive they were his true Pride and Joy!The world misses you.

Posted by Denise | Report as abusive

I am not surprised by Joe Jackson comments on the red carpet. It is all about Joe and now he can be Michael’s Manager in death. POOR MICHAEL CAN”T FIRE HIM!! THERE is a reason why Michael Jackson fired him and this just shows why he was fired. Michael wasn’t his son but his bread and butter. Joe just wants to make a buck for Joe.Joe Jackson has no class and his son knew that!!!

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

The reason Old Joe Jackson has that look on his face is because dollar signs are dancing in his head. He visualises a scenario like Elvis. Unfortunately, it won’t work out that way. You would have been lucky to hear a Michael Jackson song on radio until his death. He hadn’t toured in 12 years. He’d sold hardly any albums in the past 15 years. (Albums by Elvis and The Beatles continue to go gold or platinum every year).

Posted by marc | Report as abusive

For heavens sake, someone keep Michaels kids out of this mans reach. Janet, they need their Auntie now. You are young and were so close to Michael.Rest in Peace, Michael. We didn’t give you the respect you deserved while you were on this earth. You gave your life to entertain the world. Any happy moments you got, you earned.Joe – go retire in obscurity. No one wants to see you smiling right now. Your family is in incredible pain.

Posted by Ziggy | Report as abusive

I think it is sad to see the smile on his face a few days after his own son has died.All he saw was business.Very Sad.

Posted by Jess | Report as abusive

I watched in disbelief the first time Joe Jackson came out of the “compound” with Jesse Jackson (& son)- all smiles, waves to the cameras and then the double thumbs-up to someone who yelled “we love you Mr. Jackson”. I almost lost my lunch.Almost positive the pic is from BET Awards Sunday night. At least Janet’s comment showed true emotion, err… showed true greiving.The CNN interview with Don Lemon- amazing– great job Don for showing his true colors, even though you had no idea it was what you were about to do.But.. this just in… according to AC360 tonight in an interview .. Joe Jackson lives in Las Vegas…. and Katherine in Los Angeles. Maybe there is hope for the family.. if that is the case, GO HOME JOE and stop mooching off your son!

Posted by Cali MJ FAn | Report as abusive

That guy has a heart of stone, its like he’s at some kind of product launch, unbelievable.


It hurt so much that Michael Jackson is going ,Rest in peace,God be with you Michael.we love you .Somebody please in the Jackson family keep that Joe Jackson away from Michael kids ,Lord please .come on Janet,you know your mom is in her age now she need peace from your dad.who the hell do Joe Jackson think he is. we as the poeple don’t want to see his ASS.!And get that smile off your face what the hell are you smileing about.Your son is going!

Posted by c.bantum | Report as abusive

Joe Jackson is slime.He’s the one who should have overdosed.

Posted by Johnathan | Report as abusive

Michael father come across as an extremely cold calculating and insensitive man. he should NOT be at the BET awards period. Damn his son just died ! wipe that dirty grin off ur pathetic face.

Posted by dubeei | Report as abusive

WELL, this explains Michael Jackson, as they ALL that is hidden in the DARK shall come into the LIGHT !

Posted by SELENA | Report as abusive

LOOK at that grin, its like he WON something,NO REMORSE or love being shown toward Michael’s passing,WE can only imagine what kind of man he is!He’s sees Michael a a $$$$$$$$$ sign! JANET get your brother’s children ! It’s true Michael was tormented as a child and he brought home the bacon!To Michael’s DAD, be careful of the stones you throw,What you do will come around like a boom a rang!GOD does NOT LIKE UGLY!

Posted by SELENA | Report as abusive

Joe Jackson showed his true colors at the Bet Awards. He is an animal who should be locked up for child abuse. He had the nerve to ask America why they didn’t let Michael know how much they loved him when he was alive. Where were you Joe? Why didn’t YOU organize a tribute for your talented son? Why didn’t YOU tell him how much you admired him? Why didn’t YOU give that man some peace of mind after years of waving your stick? Go crawl under the rock from whence you came, Joe.


This is so direspectful towards his son.


The way Joe talked about his “record company” and the way he’s handling MJ’s unifinished business tells alot about him. He didn’t care about Michael, he’s just another leech who’s after Michael’s money. I hope someone better qualified than Joe takes care of Michael’s businesses. Joe is nothing but an abusive vampire. He shouldn’t get a dime from Michael’s money.

Posted by Music Monk | Report as abusive

The guy looks like he just won the lottery. I guess he did. People like that disgust me to no end. Once again – only in America! Here’s another thought – why does Jesse Jackson think he needs to get involved in this? He is a low life who only turns up in places where he can make a buck, and has the nerve to bring his son along to see what he too can gain. There have always only been 2 real problems in the world – people and money. Both are evident here.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

Your father showed no emotion. You were nothing like him Michael. If he did abuse you emotionally when you were a child then he will have to answer for his sins one day. Abuse leaves far reaching scars and the perpetrators should always be made accountable for their actions. Perhaps the truth should out about what really happened during his childhood and if found guilty Mr. Jackson should be publicly held accountable. Maybe if he is to profit from his son’s death the fans should speak out and say they don’t want him to get a penny of Michael’s money.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

I really hope this man never gets anything to say about Michaels kids as this shows again that he’s incapable of giving love.


I think in some ways it is a blessing Michael has passed. His father obviously did not care about Michael and only wanted the publicity for himself. I think it is awful his father was talking about his own business adventures instead of talking about what a talented son he had. Joe Jackson is disgusting!

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Pure Professional.His smile in Photo shows he has won a Jcakpot.

Posted by nishantesh | Report as abusive

This guy is a true bloodsucker, he’s trying to make money out of his son’s death as the way he did while he was alive.

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

Oh Joe Jackson HAVE YOU NO HEART? Your son has died where are the tears, the struggling to find the words.the Shutting yourself away for a few days because you are to hurt and troubled to face the world.When my brother died all the above my father and all the family went through.Michael rest in peace.Thank you for your beautiful music and dance

Posted by Sandie | Report as abusive

CEO’s would tell you, “Its just business!”So what’s so different between Joe Jackson and the person you work for?

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

Joe Jackson does not deserve to be ANYONE’s father. What a horrible sh*teating grin to have plasterd on your face after a death in the family.The in another interview Joe-baby says that’he a fixin’ to have some real talent fixin’ to come out” on his new record label Ranch Records which is actually into blu-ray!!!!WOW!!!!He and his soul borther pardner from the Chi-Lites never even checked to see if the name Ranch Records was trademarked or not…’s owner by a guy in Texas.What a complete and utter geezer, dipsh*T!!!! Are there any drugs we can put in Joe’s next martini????

Posted by kirkmc | Report as abusive

you all have to understand that Joe is a business man, before michael jackson was born and after his death. “Business Men” will auction off there own children if they have to.

Posted by monkeychicken | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson rest in peace. I pray God will comfort you in your journey into the kingdom. I will pray for the Jackson Family as a whole and be granted peace from the negativity of the media.

Posted by Trinny | Report as abusive

what a scumbag

Posted by carlton | Report as abusive

Joe Jackson……I hope you are reading these comments:Why don’t you tell the world how truly sorry and shamed you are for being such an abusive father? What type of human being demands their son call them ‘Joseph’ in place of ‘daddy’. Maybe if you just let Michael show you his god given talent when he was young, you would have never had to beat him to get him to perform on cue. Can’t you see that you created all the problems Michael had and he overcompensated all his life by giving as much as he could to others so he would never look in the mirror and see you in his reflection or spirit. For all you did not give of yourself, he took it upon himself to compensate for your inadaquacies and give as much as he could to others and look where it got him.It is time for you to move on from your cash cow and beg for forgiveness. It saddens me to see how dysfunctional your family is and all your children are brainwashed to tell the world how lucky they are to have your family and how much you all love each other. I bet Michael would have traded in all the fame, glory and money if he could have gone back to his childhood and grew up feeling unconditionally loved and appreciated.So incredibly pathetic.

Posted by joe jackson hater | Report as abusive

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