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Michael Jackson’s dad in spotlight, despite son’s “strong hate”

By Dean Goodman
June 30, 2009

In a cruel twist of fate, the man for whom Michael Jackson once said he felt “strong hate” is taking a central role in his final memorial. Joseph Jackson, the 79-year-old family patriarch who, according to Michael, dished out regular beatings to his children, has also raised eyebrows in the past few days, rarely missing the opportunity to promote his new record company.
joe3“Joe Jackson is like the ultimate evil stage mom,” British music author Barney Hoskyns told Reuters, comparing him to the abusive father of the Wilson brothers in the Beach Boys. “You ask what ultimately killed Michael Jackson: It was the self-hatred that was cultivated in him by an extremely abusive — both physically and mentally abusive — man.”
Michael Jackson, the third-youngest child in the Jackson clan, made no secret of his father’s harsh methods.
“He was very strict, very hard, very stern,” Jackson told Oprah Winfrey in 1993. “Just a look would scare you … There’s been times when he would come to see me and I would get sick. I would start to regurgitate (as both a child and adult).”
In an interview with British broadcaster Martin Bashir that aired in 2003, Michael said he got off lightly compared to his older siblings. He tearfully recalled that his father would “tear you up” with a belt or some other convenient cord, and “would throw you up against the wall.” At such times, he said he felt “strong hate” for his father.
In the 1994 book “Michael Jackson Unauthorized,” author Christopher Andersen wrote: “Beatings were administered with razor straps, belts, wire coat hangers, rulers, switches, and fists. Bloody noses were not uncommon, and more than once one of the boys was knocked senseless.”
But Michael Jackson said he still loved and forgave his father. Billy Wilson, head of the Motown Alumni Association, said spankings were common with black families before “we started moving into mainstream America.”
“Without his father, Michael would have taken a different path,” Wilson wrote in an email. “Michael was brave on stage because his father instilled that toughness needed. The only person Michael was afraid of was his father! Which meant … he was fearless with anyone else and on stage.”


How on earth is it possible that this man is allowed to be the spokesman.


The man is a sociopath, it makes me so angry watching him shamelessly promote his new business. I haven’t seen him shed a single tear for his son.


If you were to look at Joe Jackson from a different perspective, you would see that he is doing the right thing in business. He is stepping on those close to him to get what he wants. After all, its a “dog eat dog” world out there right?

Now ask yourself if you have done the same thing at the office in your line of work? I’ll bet that the majority of those reading have.
“Its just business!” Well, Joe Jackson has been given an opportunity here and he is taking it at the expense of his son’s death. Others have probably done far worse but won’t admit it. The only difference is that Joe Jackson is in the tabloids/news/limelight.

Its sad that Michael died, but people die everyday and it was just his time. I enjoyed some of his music but don’t consider myself a fan.

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He is not a “sociopath.” He is far more intelligent, wiser, smarter, and richer than anyone of us might aspire to achieve. Most of you have never done anything important in life so you sit here and come up with judgements for how others handle situations. If Joe wasnt Joe, then Michael wouldn’t have been Michael. Joe saved Michael. Michael just didnt want to listen. If Joe wasnt there and Mike could have done whatever he wanted to do, There is a high chance that Mike would have been a regular nothing like the rest of society. Joe can do whatever he wants. Stop Hating on him and call your daddys and tell them you love them and thanks.

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Sad to day, but Joe Jackson saved his family from a life of poverty. Gary, Indiana was just beginning to become the desolate place it is even now with the steel mill jobs beginning to dry up. Joe made his sons’ routines as tight as the Temptations because he felt their very lives depended on his kid’s success. To him, each talent show was literally life or death. Right or wrong, the end justified the means.

Posted by Charles Johnson | Report as abusive

Wow !!!! QUe descanse en Paz, Amen

Posted by Jose | Report as abusive

No child deserves that kind of treatment. I don’t understand how Katherine stood for her children to be mistreated. There is difference in discipline and evil. I can’t stand the man.

Posted by Belinda Graham | Report as abusive

JOE jackson equals a strong black man who raised 8 kids. He might have been mean and harsh but he raised those kids to what they are today. I not agreeing with his ways just he was a little tough but that’s how you gotta be when you growing up tough. WE are all sad that the king of pop is dead. Some people don’t know how to handle death joe jackson is one those people. Let’s be judgemental on behalf of michael jackson he gave the world something it has never seen before. Rest in peace michael jackson. Now the media will not bother you anymore.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Are you all serious????????????

Are you telling me that any one of you ever got mistreated by one of you parents going up !!!
We are talking of thing that happen over 40years ago

Michael Jackson father was from the old school
He has raisen his children in the best of his know how
And whom are we to judge HIM of it
We all have a purpose in life we get the parents we get to make us best
what we learn and go through in life is to make us better men or women..
In today age the children are not educated by the parents because of people like some of you whom judge the book by the cover
STOP judging
And start praying for the Jackson Familly
and their time of pain and sorrows
May the Lord be with them
Gisele from Ontario Canada

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Joe Jackson is where he is today because of the money that his kids made. Do you really think an ex steel mill employee could wear clothes like that and drive a bentley. And what does he do with his time in front of the camera, grieve his son or hustle?? Well that is pretty obvious..


OMG….. Joe jackson… yes he made the jacksons where they are today, but come on that fella was all about the $$$$$$ honestly.. he hasn’t shed a single tear and is more worried about how much money hes going to inherit from the jackson trust hahaha yup… *gulp* a big )$$$$0000 for that dude… I’m happy he did make them all famous, but poor michael suffered big time, the name calling from his father that nasty Joe Jackson himself not just physically abused him, he was mentally, verbally and emotionally abusive towards Michael, and most of you guys think it’s ok.. My God you all should be ashamed as no-one deserves that kind of treatment no way… If his Dad treated him normally maybe michael would or may of reconciled with his dad.. but the fear was always there.. his dad never gave two tosses about his son.. only time was to get money or call him names under the sun.. such a cruel evil man… and to promote his business what a joke, that man cracks me up because all he thinks about is himself.. the $$$ signs is what will make him cry when he has nothing.. michael did the right thing in his will… BIG UPS TO YOU MICHAEL.. AMEN to that!!!!

Posted by Jackie (NZ) | Report as abusive

To Jackie:

The perception and memories of a child is most of the time much different than the perception of an adult.

When Michael was a child, he may have thought that his father was a cruel tyrant and chose to keep on thinking that way. If you could actually be there and witnessed what really happened, I think that all of the badness that Michael claimed that happened probably wasn’t accurate.

Joe trained his children to be the best performers of that time period. If you look around today, there isn’t much talent. American Idol?….every singer sounds the same to me.

Joe made the Jackson 5 successful. And to be successful, it requires work…hard work. There was no such thing as the big red easy button like we have today and that so many rely on.
There are so many of you who always look at a situation and say, “Oh well, he should have done this and he should have done that, etc…” I’m guessing you’re an expert in musical talent and business.

Who knows how Joe feels about his son’s death…that’s for him. He may hide his feelings and express them a different way. DON’T assume!
What I see from a business point of view (not an emotional one) is that Joe have been given an opportunity to push his business. Its a small window of time before the media moves on to some other celebrity. Timing is everything and he is smart enough to see that and take advantage of it.

Business is business.

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I cant believe these postings i believe in disciplining kids but not to the extent of it becomeing physical and mental abuse. you have to know where to draw the line. If you believe that Michael made it big because of his father, well his father had a lot to gain too as we can all see. I dont see any sadness in that guys face when i look at him on tv. he doesnt act like his son just died, he acts like this is an opportunity to promote and make money. business isnt always business especially when it involves your family member. You cant always be thinking about money. what good is money when you dont have your loved ones surrounding you. god rest his soul, may he find peace in his grave he sure didnt find peace on this earth.


Melissa, I couldn’t agree with you more. Family IS the most important thing in life. Money comes and goes. But you can’t assume how he feels just by looking at him. Some people are like ducks…they’re calm and cool on top of the water but paddling like hell under the water.

The only thing I want to point out is the wicked ways of how business can be so heartless. Is is morally right for Joe Jackson to promote his business? Like you and many others, I feel it is cruel too. But on the business side of things, he is doing what he needs to do in order to get it done.

To quote a phrase from Dennis Learey: “Life sucks. Wear a helmut!”

Let’s not forget, the media is partially to blame too.

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

Joe Jackson did a good job with his children. Society ruined Michael, not Joe. Joe is 80 years old. If you know the Lord, then you understand he is blessed by the Lord. Michael died at age 50. You do the math, but Joe has met the criteria by age to be a blessed individual. Some of the critics need to be of good health like him and have the ability to start a record company at his age. Some people are simply haters and ignorant of facts. Did he truly cause Michael to use drugs? Sounds like he needed somebody to look out for him after Joe left his side.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

To Mary:

I couldn’t agree with you more!

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

To Mary,

I couldn’t agree with you more! Well written!

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

how dare joe jackson promoting his record company while the world greives michael joe go to hell.


I just wonder will Micheal Jackson ever have any peace. I was sick when I heard his father speak here he is suppose to be griefing for hhis son he ust lost and all he cared about was promoting his new recording company.He has lived on Micheal Jackson and the Jackson five all his life he didn’t care if they were happy he didn’t care about them only the money they all brought in he makes me sick and I hope he never gets any control over anything that Micheal had and I hope he is not allowed any where near Micheals children my god the man isn’t even buried yet and he’s already talking about the talents his kids have and I am sure he is trying to find a way to control there lifes as he did his own children. And anyone that followed Micheals career knew his wish was to never go back to Neverland and what are they fighting about burying him at neverland because if they do they can make millions on Micheal even in death. I just think Joe Jackson is a real jerk and he should at least let his son control his death he never did when he was alive cause no matter what the show had to go on hemade Micheal the unhappy person he was it’s time to let him rest in peace and stop trying to make money off him.I think Micheal deserves that because his life was not a happy one and I am sure just from what was said in the will that Micheal did not want his father having any say so over his estate or his children and he has always said he would never go back to Neverland he hated the place after the trail so to take him back there would not only be wrong but I don’t think Micheal would ever rest in peace there. Joe Jackson needs to keep out of it and stay away from those kids before he ruins there lives the way he did Micheals

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On the subject of Joe Jackson, the husband of Katherine Jackson, the father of the Jackson Five and other Jackson’s singer; to include Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Michael Jackson (now deceased), Reba Jackson, Latoya Jackson, Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson. I’m not sure if the order is correct. Never the less, Joseph Jackson has been reported to have been a father who sometimes beat his sons with switches. He is reported to have pushed his sons to the point of disliking him while he pushed them to the point of becoming successful entertainers. Some people have reported that Joseph Jackson was abusive to his family.
Here is just my opinion, and some actual facts: Joseph Jackson is guilty of not only pushing his sons to become successful entertainers, but his is guilty of pushing his sons to the point of perfection. Joseph Jackson is guilty of going to work without heals on his shoes, and sometimes without a meal at lunchtime before he got his children to the point of reaching stardom. Joseph Jackson is guilty of making sacrifices for the purpose of getting his sons exposure so that they would reach the stardom that was apparently the dream that both he and his wife endured.
Here is a thought, supposing Joseph Jackson had not pushed his sons to stardom, suppose he had not made the sacrifices that he made for his family. Then maybe whenever we hear the name Michael Jackson, it would have no more meaning to us except maybe the local Jackson family who just happen to have a son name Michael. But if he had not, there would never have been a Jackson Five, if he had not, we would not have known a man name Michael Jackson as the “King of Pop”. If he had not, we may not have ever known any of the family of Jackson’s to include Joe Jackson, the husband of Katherine Jackson, the father of the Jackson Five and other Jackson’s singer; Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Michael Jackson (now deceased), Reba Jackson, Latoya Jackson, Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson.
There are a list of men of different races who have fathered children then found it easier to abandon them as oppose to stay and ruff it out with them. They are labeled dead beat dads. Joseph Jackson not only stayed and ruffed it out with his family, but he eventually got his family the recognition that he was after for them and got them out of what I believe was a low income area that is like unto a ghetto in Gary Indiana. “He was or is not a dead beat dad.” To make another point about possibility of having never known the Jackson’s; the stats have it that whenever there are six males born to one family that lives in an area of low income or ghetto, the likelihood of all of those males becoming successful is never 100%. However, all six of the sons of Joseph Jackson were successful. I grew up in an area where out of almost every family that had four or more children, at least one of them were killed or murdered. If Michael Jackson’s death was due to murder, it was not because his father did not protect him. The stats also have it that when there are six sons born out of one family that live in a low income or ghetto area, at least one of them gets involved in selling drugs or at least one of them become a victim of using illegal drugs. Although it is rumored that Michael Jackson may have died of drug abuse somehow, the question of illegal drugs is not at all a factor. To this day, I have never heard that any of the Jackson’s became victims of illegal drug abuse, selling drugs; none of them were victims of the streets at all. None of the Jackson girls have been proven to be victims of prostitution or any other exploitation. I would say that Joseph Jackson did a super job raising his children and getting them out of a place that they could easily have become victims too.
My father died when I was seven years old, my mother raised six children in a Holiness Church. My mother beat all of us with switches, belts, and straps or with her hand. “Not one time did she abuse any of us”. She was obedient; she beat her sons with the rod to save our souls from hell. There are a lot of people that don’t believe in GOD or that are servants of Satan and would like nothing else but to instill their beliefs on the rest of the world. A lot of people believe in nothing more than what they themselves want to believe in. Joseph Jackson disciplined his son and GOD blessed to get to stardom. There are children that are without discipline and a lot of them are in the penal system, dead or headed to one or the other.
For all of you people that say that you love Michael Jackson and the Jackson family so much, I am suggesting “The Michael Joseph Jackson Memorial Fund”. I suggest that you get the proper address to Mrs. Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Joseph Jackson, and send your donations directly to her. If you do not, there will become some thief that will steal whatever you contribute. Contribution could be as little as $1.00 and as much as each individual want to contribute. If you cannot get a proper address to directly reach Mrs. Katherine Jackson, send me an e-mail, I’m presently trying to find an address myself. Not to say that I will have an address, but I am trying to obtain a proper address that would reach her and no one else. My e-mail address is
Last thought, could it have been the pressure of the media and all of the insinuations made by the media that caused Michael Jackson to began to use so many prescription drugs. Could it be that the media’s promotion of the allegations made of Michael’s so-called child abuse charges caused him to hide from the general public because he was ashamed that so many people believed those allegations. Could the media be contributory to the death of Michael Jackson?
GOD bless you Joseph Jackson, the Jackson family and the whole world. May he keep us all in his blessings. In my opinion Joseph Jackson, you have done your family well. My name is Brian R. Tinsley and like it or not, this is what I believe.

Posted by Brian Tinsley | Report as abusive

Coming from a Single Parent Home: My Mother would often ask us to get the switch or belt or whatever was close to her at that time, to get her point across.. It worked 5 girls no one had children at a young age (like she did) everyone got there education(like she did not). Job well done Joe Jackson.. The man had 5 boys he needed all the help he could get.(the belt, the switch, etc.) He was able give his boys guided direction and cause there greatness, that we should all wish our children could accomplish..

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Of Nancy Grace, it seems that the only response you are willing to listen too concerning the allegations that have been made about Joseph Jackson is anything negative. Nancy Grace will talk all over top of anyone that does not agree with her. There are many people that are offended by her comments. Most of you so called experts do not know the meaning of discipline, You call time out discipline. Sparing the rod from a child in need of discipline is abusive. You are denying the child discipline. The funny thing is for a long time in American history, there were times that are documented when police caused their dogs to attack African-American children, I have never heard any of you call that abusive. There is film documentation showing police and fire fighter releasing high powered water hoses on African-American child, I have never once heard you say anything about that being abusive, but it was. We have all seen film footage of these things. We have also seen film footage of police and other whites calling African-American people and children “Niggers”. Was that abusive, I never heard you say it was. You seem to be the kind of person that would accuse a person in Salem, Mass., of being a witch, and would caused them to be burned at the stake, knowing that they were not witches. Just your own will is your only interest. Maybe if you were disciplined when you were a child, maybe you would not be so selfish and self-centered. However, a man who is disciplining his children by way of a belt beating, a strap beating or a switch you have the nerve to call abusive. You giving this second hand information of Joseph Jackson’s abusive behavior could be construed as slander. You are not saying he might have been abusive. You are saying that he was abusive, and there has been no court to have convicted him of being abusive. Your way and your words are offensive to many people. You should be held to some form of ethics.

Posted by Brian Tinsley | Report as abusive

If you would take the time and trouble to read the unauthorized biography of MJ, you will realize that Joe Jackson has NEVER depended on his children for money at any time in his life.On the contrary, he has made every sacrifice to bring them where they are today. He did two jobs to be able to buy them musical instruments remortgaged the house to acquire a van to drive them to talent contests all over. He taught them everything he he knew: dancing, singing, and musical instruments.He fought to get them to the top, in a bussiness he knew very little. He has always been financially responsible for himself. His greatest fight was to do whatever it takes to keep the boys together as a group, and all his children as a family, supportive of each other. Joe is nearly 80 years and still working, trying to remain financially independent. Try bringing up 9 BLACK children up in a BLACK run down neighbourhood, and turn them into the success story that we all know.Without Joe’s SACRIFICES AND DILIGENCE there would have been no JACKSON STORY, and certainly no Michael Jackson the legend. Perhaps, if MJ had stayed close to his family he might have avoided so much of the pain and heartbreak which nearly destroyed him.

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ok now i never write on sies like this usally am on some tech site mostly cause love computer technology. in my life my mom raised us 3 girls and 3 boys. yes she beat us with everything she was very strict. we grew up in bedsty and in red hook. am about the same age as the jackson 5 members. ok and i agree when a child needs disapline they should get it life is tuff and hard.if you need to use a belt use it. there are people in society(the police ect.(if you donot displine your child they will. so joe jackson beat his kids. so what i saw the jackson movie about their lifes and micheal was no angel. micheal lelf his family base. after getting to grow and without the help got caught up in society ills. then sucomb to drugs.and greedy society(that he was around did what ever he said because he had much money. they didnot care for him and he no longer listened to mother fathers or older siblings. its very sad indeed. but this sort of thing happens every day. blessings and peace to the jackson family and all. thank you

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