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The King of Pop’s last testament

By Reuters Staff
July 1, 2009

A memorial is seen as people wait in line to enter the Michael Jackson public memorial at Apollo Theater in New York June 30, 2009.  REUTERS/Shannon StapletonDetails of Michael Jackson’s will began to emerge on Wednesday with all of his multimillion-dollar estate being placed in a family trust, even as plans for his highly anticipated funeral remained sketchy.

The will, signed in 2002, estimates his estate at that time to be worth in excess of $500 million and was filed with a Los Angeles Court. In it, Jackson leaves his entire estate to the Michael Jackson Family Trust, which ultimately benefits his three children, mother and unnamed charities.

Jackson’s 79-year-old mother, Katherine Jackson, is nominated to be guardian of Jackson’s children Prince Michael I, 12, Paris Michael Katherine, 11 and Prince Michael II, 7, and if she should be unwilling and unable to be guardian, Jackson nominated his friend, pop star Diana Ross, to be the children’s guardian.

Read the full document here:


yeah….!!!! now thats what i’m talking about…. Joe gets nothing from michael…. good on ya michael sticking to your guns….. Joe did so much crap to you and yeah woohoo nice one…..

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I am so glad that Joe Jackson got nothing. He did so many horrible things to his sons especially Michael. Michael might have been a different person if his father wasn’t involved. Nice one, you got him even after you are gone.

Posted by dianne connolly | Report as abusive

I really hope that those kids find a warm and loving home and that they prevent that piranha Joe Jackson from ever seeing them.


After years of being treated like crap, Michael finally has some sweet revenge. Now the whole world knows how he felt about his father.


people get so mad at joe jackson, it is a waste of time, Joe is who he is, and if it wasn’t for him being him, Michael would never have been who he was. If it wasn’t for the discipline that he was taught or the cultivating of the talent, Michael would have just been a nobody, We may hate the way he did it, But we have to give credit where credit is due. Yes joe was a womanizer, and hard nose business man who expoilted his children’s talent for monetary gain. don’t hate.

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Posted by KYLA | Report as abusive

yeah, Micheal was great afterall.

Posted by slimmychick | Report as abusive

i wish micheal was still alive. although i was not that much into him during his days, after reading and listening to his true story, i feel so sorry for him. him changing his color wasnt because he didnt want to be black. can people stop spreading bad rumoursplz. R.I.P micheal{KING OF POP}

Posted by precy | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson suffered so much because of Joe Jackson.I can admit that I was not or am not a Michael Jacksonfan. As I read his biography, and all the rumors thatthe press spread about Michael Jackson changing hiscolor of his skin is untrue, as you all probably knowthat Michael Jackson had a disease involving Vitilo; andthat made his skin paler! In the other hand, I hope JoeJackson wasn’t expecting that MJ was gonna let himmoney, yeah it’s true that Joe Jackson would treat himbad; but you know what it wasn’t only Joe Jackson firstof all Michael Jackson had talent you can really say heowes it to Joe Jackson!I hope the kids are in the besthands and I hope it could accomplish Michael Jackson’swill. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson (King of Pop)

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For those speaking ill of Joe Jackson. Let me add a bit of perspective. I have no idea how many of you are men nor how many of you are black so i’ll go with the assumption that none of you are and take it from there. Joe Jackson was born in the 20′s. Let me repeat that. He was BORN in the 1920′s. It wasn’t called the Great Depression back then… it was called ‘life’. This man was not only born in the 20′s but he was born in Arkansas. Yeah that sounds quaint but Arkansas is right above Louisiana. So he was born in the Deep South in the 20′s. He is old school. The way you kept kids in line in the Deep South in the 20′s and 30′s so that they wouldn’t be hanged is to whip them. The way you ensured that your child’s life wasn’t in danger in the deep south in the 20′s and 30′s was to whip them. Period. I know some of you don’t believe that there was life before 1970 but there was and Joseph Jackson was born in and raised in an environment that is completely foreign to the vast majority of us. He was born in Arkansas (rough place if you were a black boy or man), moved to Oakland CA at 12 (again, rough place if you were a black boy or man and then to Indiana (his mindset was already cemented by this time)Joseph Jackson was the father of 9 kids. Let me repeat that. 9 kids… not just 9 kids but 9 black kids (I know I know there is no such thing as racism and all kids are treated equally especially kids like Emmett Till who was murdered by the way in Mississippi which is incidentally one state diagonal and to the right of Arkansas… just thought I’d throw that in there) but 9 black kids in Gary, Indiana. A little about Gary Indiana; Gary Indiana was and still is poor. The economic demands of World War II revived the steel industry and pulled Gary out of the Depression BUT Wartime consensus shattered in late 1940’s (when Joseph was there) and after. Racial segregation and strife, labor problems in steel, industrial pollution, and political corruption (which had been persistent since the 1920s) earned Gary a national reputation as a troubled town. Let me repeat that. Racial segregation and strife, labor problems in steel, industrial pollution, and political earned Gary a national reputation as a troubled town. Now you’re in a town that is nationally recognized as ‘troubled’ and you have 9 little black kids and you need to keep them in line what do you do if you’re a black man from the deep south in raised in the 20’s and 30’s? You whip them.It’s really sad that some of you all really think that this man is an abuser when in reality this man is a father. He is the type of father that a society that needs men produces. He is being vilified for doing what he was supposed to do. He was THERE. He provided for his kids. None of them were pregnant or got anyone else pregnant as teenagers, you don’t hear about any of them doing drugs as teenagers you don’t hear about any of them getting into trouble as kids because he did his job as a father and that is to provide for those kids. In fact he worked 2 jobs so that the wife that he loved, the woman that he married, the woman that everyone is fawning over (I think that Katherine is a wonderful woman as well don’t get it twisted) wouldn’t have to work at all and raise those children. He did what ALL fathers are supposed to do. He took care of his family by the sweat of his brow and took care of his wife so that she could stay home and raise their kids. Period.Here is a bit about Success that some may not realize. Success isn’t easy. If it was easy everyone would be successful. Success takes hard work and dedication. Success takes hours practicing and hours learning your trade. Success takes working 2 jobs to afford to instill in your children the dream that you envision for them (which is what your daddy is supposed to do) and making sure that they have the tools to achieve that dream. Success means driving your family to and from gigs with all of your equipment in a van. Success means making sure that your kids practiced even when they didn’t want to practice. Success means begging people to give the kids that you love a shot so that they can reach the dreams that you have for them. There would be no Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson or Jackson 5 of any of that without Joseph Jackson. Joseph Jackson MADE the Jackson 5. He taught then to play instruments. He taught them to dance and how to work the stage. The ENTIRE clan is where they are today because of the vision of Joe Jackson ALONE! Back in Gary, Ind., after discovering his kids’ talents, he quit his job at the steel mill, spent his whole life savings on the best musical instruments he could buy. His wife was very upset, but he told her, “Don’t worry; we are going to make it”. With no other source of income, other than a few club performances, he knew he had to succeed. Many forget that Gary, Ind. is one of the poorest cities in the whole country. To raise nine black kids out of poverty to super stardom with class is worthy of respect. Katherine married him and she never said the he abused his children. Whipping a child with a switch or a belt is not abuse. Some of the people in this generation should try it so that we can maybe not see kids beating up their parents on television. But again, that would require that there be actual men who are interested in being real fathers to their kids and actual women who support those men in raising a family.Like I said, Joseph Jackson is old school. He’s tough. He is a child of the depression. To judge how and where he grieves is wrong and pompous. Walk a mile in his shoes then tell me if you want the media, who you’ve seen over and over again try to tear your son down, in your face asking you to reveal your thoughts about your son. He is a man that feels that it is up to him to be the man. He did that all his life. When Michael Jackson collapsed at 11:30 a.m. June 25th, the security guard’s first instinct was to call Joe in Las Vegas to find out what to do. HIS FIRST INSTINCT WAS TO CALL THE MAN THAT YOU ALL ARE CALLING A MONSTER! Joe screamed into the phone, “Get yourself together and call 911, now now now !!!” That was him in action, no emotion. Why would Joe be the first one to call if he was such a monster? Why would people who aren’t even in the family call Joe? Ask yourself that question when you’re vilifying the name of the man who created this family dynasty from nothing. Whenever Michael was in trouble who did he go to? That’s right Poppa Joe. During the trial in 2003, with everyone focused on the court proceedings, Joe went from door to door in Santa Barbara, knocking on strangers’ doors introducing himself, meeting as many locals as he could. He struggled to get the community on his son’s side. He had dinner with people in the community, brought signed Jackson memorabilia as gifts, and did his best to get to know them on a personal basis. He knew too well that legal court proceedings are not decided only in the court room but also in the court of public opinion. Now most PR firms would be thinking of a national or international campaign. But for this trial, the public opinion that mattered most was a very small community in Santa Barbara. That’s a real man and a real father.Joe went to flukking WAR for his family time after time after time. He sacrificed, just like Matthew Knowles did for Beyonce, like Richard Williams did for Venus and Serena, and like Earl Woods did for Tiger. He did what a daddy is supposed to do. He protected and provided for his family AND he never cared whether anyone knew it or not because HE knows it and that was what he was supposed to do. He’s by no means perfect and has made his share of mistakes as all men do however he deserves respect. I’m going to be honest here; those browbeating Joseph Jackson could not carry his jock strap.

Posted by Uncontainable Spirit | Report as abusive

michael jackson father is being left out but we owned him a lot. If not for his strong parenting we would not have had a super star like michael. Thank you joe jackson for getting the talent out of michael

Posted by beatrice mawolo | Report as abusive

I feel sorry that Micheal has left us and he leaves behind 3 small children, What puzzles me is that they were suppose to be such a close family??? Then ehy was he taking so many drugs and getting away with it , They couldn’t step in, they can now for the money , ahah.also why was joe jailed for child abuse, he publically admitted to whipping his kids, his position and money years later should not let him away with this anyone of us did this we would be charged and go to jail, old school or not.and where was the great mother when these whippings were taken place. it all boils down to the mighty dollar. Also they are suppose to be so religiousTHE JEHOVA WITTNESS’S I know do not believe in tv, glitz and glamour, maybe the church likes them because of their money donations..Micheal you are at rest now ,they can finally leave youalone.dmt


I wish to thank Uncontainable Spirit for the comments on Micheal’s father. I really hadn’t thought about him in the context of your letter. I must admit that I was one of those berating Joe Jackson’s behaviour towards his children but you are right. Given the circumstances and the times that Joe brought his children up, I can appreciate his situation more now. I too wish Micheal was still with us and ? wish so much that ? could have been a friend to him. ? believe that with the right support and understanding he would still be alive today. I will never forget you Micheal and ? pray that his children will be protected in the way Micheal always tried to protect them. God bless him and let him rest in peace. We will not see the like of him again. Love you Micheal. Jacky


To Uncontainable Spirit: thank you. There are always two sides to a story, and I thank you for presenting Joe Jackson’s side so very eloquently. I still wish that he had chosen a different method in dealing with Michael. Not all children are built the same way. A child not as emotionally fragile and sensitive as Michael may have withstood this early and continuous assault on his psyche better but, as always, hindsight is foresight. All we know is, Michael forgave his father. He may not have forgotten the pain his father inflicted upon him, but he did forgive him (see his Oxford speech). The money and the will are a moot point. He provided for the three people he loved the most… the three who cannot support themselves without his help. Case closed.

Posted by indranee | Report as abusive

My mom was “old school” too. She whipped but and produced a generation of alcoholics and drug users trying to dull the pain of the so called “whippings”. Thanks mom. However, I will admit that any success that I have today is because I spent my formative years bucking against her every prejudice she tried to instill, and against the venom she spewed when she opened her mouth. I have to go to counseling, but I learned exactly what NOT to do as a parent, and I have extremely mannerable children with great coping skills who know how to talk through their issues. Thanks Joe. You inspired an empire. Thanks Mom. I don’t beat my kids with furniture.

Posted by Lady Kikio | Report as abusive

To Lady Kikio. I feel for your pain. True. Excessive cruelty in any generation cannot be justified but I do see where Uncontainable Spirit is coming from. Joseph needed to be firm with his family but he could have still achieved this by also showing LOVE. Not letting his children call him ‘Daddy’ was not a part of that strict upbringing. Not letting them know that they are loved did not contribute to their wellbeing. No amount of success can replace a childhood which Michael so obviously craved and missed out on. So what if Michael would not have become a superstar – who’s to say that he wouldn’t have made it anyhow? He was a natural talent. Look, I am not Joe bashing but all I am saying is that there is a right way and a wrong way. When my superstar child has emotional problems so deep that he wants to change the way he looks (not skin colour, I know he had vitiligo, but the cosmetic surgery) and is never satisfied with himself, then I have not done my job as a parent properly. Even as an adult, Michael still felt his father did not show him love. He seemed to give it freely to his illigitimate daughter, but not to his original children. I have no doubt that he loved his children, in his own way, or that he probably saved them by being strict. But that is no excuse for depriving them of LOVE and the feeling that they are truly loved. It would have made the world of difference to Michael at least. He wanted some “ME TIME” with daddy which he never got. All that said, I do know that Joe did support his son in times of trouble – although that trouble may not have occurred had there not been a deep need in the first place – and I know that Joe worked tirelessly to exonerate his son. That is probably also because it reflected on him so it is not entirely a selfless act.Michael is gone now. It’s no use arguing over whose fault it was, it will not bring him back. Let us appreciate his great legacy of music, love and genius that is Michael J. Jackson. Out of this world and onto the pages of history. Love you MJJ.

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