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Michael Jackson WILL have a funeral, right??

July 2, 2009

jessicaIts been a full week since Michael Jackson died.  So …. When is the King of Pop’s funeral? And where?

So far, the answers have proven surprisingly elusive.

Though Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, has had time to turn up at the BET awards and plug his new record label, the family hasn’t uttered a word about the possibility of a funeral or memorial service.

With solid information scarce, the rumors have been flying. For several days last week, media reports said that the family was planning to bury Michael at his once-beloved Neverland Valley Ranch — following an elaborate motorcade four hours up the coast of Los Angeles with the pop star’s body carried to its final resting place in glass-sided, horse-drawn carriage.

That news touched off a stampede to the central California estate by reporters and devoted fans — who were then told there was nothing happening after all. Meanwhile the mayor of Gary, Indiana, piped up to say that Jacko’s hometown was also planning some kind of memorial service.

Then came a new story: A massive Jackson celebration would be held at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.  Or maybe at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. On Sunday. Or maybe on Tuesday night. Wait, make that Tuesday morning.

Stay tuned …

Photo: Michael Jackson fan Jessica Mathis waits outside Neverland (Reuters/ Phil Klein)


I slowly start feeling you like. I mean, it is a big loss, but keeping his body without the funeral will NOT bring him back to life……… some decency, people…

Posted by Monika | Report as abusive

So what. Its has only been a week. My Dad funeral took place after 2 weeks, because all the relatives could not agree and had to arrange flights. What is the hurry, the morturary people are very capable of perserving the body.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

I agree. Fair enough that theres been no funeral after aweek i expected that but one would have expected atleast a date. But then again they are a weird family…

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

i mean michael jackson has 2 have a funeral right. who dies without having a funeral or at least some type of memorial service

Posted by yana | Report as abusive

Maybe they are considering cryogenics, the family is a bit weird, so you never know.


There will most definitely be a funeral for Michael. He was known worldwide and I believe this is the cause for the delay. The family probably has to adhere to Michael’s wishes as to how and where he wanted to be buried. I’m sure there will also be discussions as to where the funeral will take place and if it will be private or public because he has so many fans.

Posted by Cassandra | Report as abusive


Posted by LORENA | Report as abusive

This whole Michael Jackson funeral debacle is starting to remind me of James Brown’s funeral. What is wrong with these people anyway?

Posted by sc341 | Report as abusive

Why are people showing grief and support for Michael after his death? I can’t help but wonder if all of this attention and positive support would have helped save him….maybe he wouldn’t have had to take drugs to function if you had shown this “love” when he was alive.It’s really sad to me.

Posted by Lucy | Report as abusive

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