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Same old song and dance: Aerosmith scrubs Florida shows

By Dean Goodman
July 4, 2009

Want some good news about Aerosmith’s troubled tour? Dream On. The veteran rockers have officially postponed shows scheduled for Saturday in Tampa and Monday in Sunrise/Ft. Lauderdale, after a few days of confusion as to whether they would proceed. Seven shows have now been scrapped as a result of an unspecified leg injury suffered by 61-year-old singer Steven Tyler.

stevejoeThe trek kicked off on June 10 in St. Louis, and the band managed to perform seven shows through June 29 before Tyler (pictured left with guitarist Joe Perry at the American Music Awards last November) was hobbled. Initial sympathy expressed by fans on the official message board at is now turning into frustration as they have to cancel travel and accommodation plans, babysitters and the like.

Perry’s Twitter messages did not help. He told fans on Wednesday that the shows in Florida would not go ahead, but then changed tack the following day saying there had been a misunderstanding.

The good news is that guitarist Brad Whitford, who was sidelined by a head injury just before the tour started, is ready to rejoin his bandmates once Tyler is back in the saddle. All eyes are now on the Atlanta show scheduled for Wednesday.

The band says the seven shows (so far) will be rescheduled but has not confirmed any details. Perry said on a Florida radio station Friday that he hoped to be back in October. Dates are on tap through Sept. 16 in Detroit.


Come on Steve get well soon, you know that old rockers are made of concrete!


I hope you are better soon! We are looking forward to seeing you again on Sept. 5th!!

Posted by Susan Bryden | Report as abusive

Brad Whitford hitting his head while getting out of his Ferrari, this is how the rich and famous get their injuries, if you somehow need to get injured then this is the way to do it. This sounds so much better than I hit my head while driving a forklift at the factory. Get well soon Steve!


We spent boo-koo bux going to that Hershey show, as we live in another state 6 to 7 hours away (depending on what portion of the journey is torrential rain). We had to go a day early or be bedraggled for the show. The postponement was announced while we were on the way to Hershey, so we (of course) didn’t find out until we arrived at our hotel after midnight. We still enjoyed the area and the trip, but you cannot imagine the disappointment and expense NOT postponing the other shows when they postponed the Ohio show cost us, especially the two younger relatives we had taken to introduce to the joys of a real live rock show with BOTH Aerosmith and ZZ Top. You know, anybody who’d bothered to come would have gladly dived at the chance for a ZZ Top show w/o an opener (or even a live bull on stage) for a reduced ticket price and a deal to either make up the ticket price if the show was rescheduled and they could come (same seats–we had 14th row) or a return on half the ticket price if Aerosmith ever made it back.

If ever a tour needed a back-up plan, it is this one.

I could care less how many shows they cancel. What burns is that they didn’t think enough of the fans and the money, time, travel, and anticipation they put into a show in time to announce it when they knew two days beforehand it didn’t look good.


Aerosmith performs 100% or not at all. I’ve been going to their shows since 77 and they put on such a production. Steven puts it all out there the entire time so this doesn’t surprise me considering he’s 61 now. It would suck having to drive 6 or 7 hours only to have a show cancel, a big expense for sure. I’ve been lucky, I’m in Calif and so far have only had to drive a couple hours. Steven get well soon. We’ll be waiting for you in California!! ^^A^^


We drove almost 8 hours as well to celebrate July 4th weekend with Aerosmith and ZZ Top. We drove up Thursday and arrived about 3 hours before the cancellation notice was made public. I agree with the person that said ZZ Top and refunding part of the tickets would have been fine with me. And now, there is no information coming out of Live Nation or Aerosmith. For those people that made the long trek and those closer to the shows — it’s the least Live Nation or Aerosmith can do to simply refund the tickets at this point for face value, including taxes & fees. Not to mention that the “postponed” concerts are being taken off of the websites which makes me think even more that they’re going to be cancelled. If you look at the schdule, it’s not a lot of room to add concert dates, esp. since Tyler likely won’t be up to to many shows to close together if he’s injured his knee. And it’s a summer tour — limits the time-frame even more without having to reissue tickets for indoor shows vs outdoor shows. I’ve seen Aerosmith quite a few times and they always rock. I just hope they’ll be fair to the fans and start offering refunds.

Posted by LB | Report as abusive

Brad wouldn’t have hit his head if he stuck to Corvettes. Corvettes rule. All kidding aside… Brad glad you’re recovered and, Steven, my prayers go out to you for a speedy recovery.

Posted by patricia wentling | Report as abusive

At 61 years old, Steven is still the sexiest performer today. I’ve had a mad crush on him for 20 years now and it breaks my heart to hear he’s having so many health problems. Although I’ve never met him, he’s still been there for me when I needed him most, through his songs and lyrics. As far as I’m concerned, Steven is immortal and I pray the Fates will bring him back to us healthy and happy again very soon. I love you Steven! ;-X
I’m also sad to hear of Brad’s medical concerns. I can only imagine the toll his condition and surgery has taken on him and his family. My thoughts are with Brad Whitford and his family and I hope the Fates will help him heal quickly and completely so he can return to doing what he loves, entertaining the fans. Get Well Soon, Brad, we love you!

Posted by LunahTiC | Report as abusive

I flew to Raleigh from New Jersey for two days to meet friends for the 7/7 concert. I called prior to leaving and was assured the show was a go. Upon arrival at the site we were handed a paper saying the show was “postponed”. No one wants to hear someone has been injured but a little honesty with the fans would have been nice. It is not just the cost, which was a big splurge, but the disapointment and being lied to. How about a little honesty now and just cancell those shows and refund the tickets. I do not see any holes in the tour that will accomodate these dates. The only ones making out are the promoters who are earning interest on the ticket monies from all the Postponed shows. Good health to all.

Posted by Patricia | Report as abusive

Hope your ok Steve, but please lets us fans in Tampa know if you coming…preferably today since the concert is tommorow (11 July)

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive



Posted by tom | Report as abusive

get well soon steven. i luvv aerosmith!

Posted by sammie | Report as abusive

My husband and I purchased tickets with a large group of people for the Tampa concert back in April. It was to be our anniversary celebration, as it is on July 11th. We like many other people juggled schedules around and went to alot of expense for this ordeal. To say we are disappointed is an understatement. Obviously people like Tyler and Perry do not have a clue what it is like for the average person to have to suck up these kind of expenses. They do not behave like pro performers. This, after all is not the first time they have performed this trick. Clearly they believe they are better than their fans, and have forgotten who put them where they are today. I will gladly wait for the supposed performance reschedule date so I can get my money refunded. I’m sure the Stones or Madonna would never do something this rotten to their fans. A “leg injury” would never keep a singer down if they really gave a crap. I think Aerosmith should come to grips with the fact that they are beyond performing anymore, sell a greatest hits cd and close the curtain.

Posted by Camillia Helmer | Report as abusive

The tampa show was my husband’s 50th Birthday Present.Now I’m out over a grand and no postponed dates are available or refund info.This really sucks to do this to people less than 24 hours before a show.My husband’s birthday present is ruined.

Posted by Grace Barnard | Report as abusive

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting real tired of Aerosmith’s crap. This was to be my 20th anniversary surprise for my wife and I’m out big $$ like so many others. I wouldn’t go to a reschedueled show if it was in my living room. All the JADED people out there inconvienienced and out big bucks, ….. band together and make a difference. Anybody know of a good class action attorney?? Tyler, Perry and crew…time to hang it up. Go somewhere and count your cash, bang your heads into your Ferarris and try to totally forget the people who bought it for you!

Posted by Jack Nash | Report as abusive

the bank atlantic concert was a big deal to us. my husband took off work to go which cost us $ 120. today, saturday, i got an email at 3pm saying this concert was “postponed”. like so many others who commented, i don’t believe this concert will take place. as soon as i get off this website i am cancelling our tickets and getting a refund. chump change to aerosmith is a good chunk of money to us working folks. and i agree with jack nash-i wouldn’t go to a rescheduled show if it were in my living room. and Daisy, you’re absolutely right except the concrete seems to be from the neck up.

Posted by mouse | Report as abusive

Just hoping Steven is back on his feet soon. I had the same injury and the same surgery he required. Mine was the end of April and we are now in mid-July and JUST getting back on my feet. My goal was to be well enough for ME to make it to the show.

Not happy about the cancellations either, but come on guys. True fans might want to cut them a little slack. Every show is 100% kick ass rock. And, if anyone has ever met Steven, you know that you can be in a room with him and a hundred others. But, to him, your are the only one in the room. They should have handled these cancellations differently, but they are also human and have made through so much over the last couple of years. So how about a little empathy for 5 of the best American rockers.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Bummed about the Sunrise, FL Show too! I was hoping they were going to change the setlist to ROCKS including the key tunes from TOYS, etc…Brad would be back and they would be “Back In the Saddle”…or so we thought. Joe Perry is all about his solo CD in the last couple weeks…some are saying his heart is not really into Aerosmith until they finish their new cd. I beg to differ. Joe and Steven and the rest of the guys always give 105%, especially Steven. Yea, I will go to a rescheduled show, but I hope AEROSMITH realizes the fans don’t want to hear just TOYS IN THE ATTIC and/or ROCKS.

Posted by PR | Report as abusive

Glad to hear someone else doesn’t think much of the set lists either! I am 7 months into recovering from a skiing accident, so I absolutely understand the frustration of a long-term recovery. I’m also sure “the boys” feel OUR frustration and are ready to get back to the shows — how about a little compassion and understanding? And yeah, I’m going to be out airfare, etc. if my concerts are cancelled soon! But things happen…..

Posted by janet | Report as abusive

believe me, my husband and i do sympathize with someone suffering an injury. we have both worked in the thoroughbred racing industry upwards of 30 years. broken bits, strains & sprains,as well as torn muscles & ligaments happen. and they are painful. what we do not sympathize with is LIVENATION not issuing refunds for “postponed” concerts until a new date is announced. we paid our money and the concert did not happen. it was “postponed” 48 hours before the concert date. the fans are expected to understand. we do. but how come LIVENATION does not understand that we want our refund in 48 hours? could the answer possibly lie in the interest being collected on all those tickets?

Posted by mouse | Report as abusive

I am truly sorry that Steven Tyler has health issues BUT I do believe that out of respect to their fans, Aerosmith should issue the release to the different ticket issuing agencies to refund the monies collected for the scrapped concerts. It is totally unfair to me, that they are holding on the money paid when there is no re-sheduled concert date in sight for Sunrise FL.

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