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“Harry Potter” works like magic at box offices

July 14, 2009

With the latest Harry Potter movie opening across North America tomorrow, “The Half-Blood Prince” is already — and perhaps expectedly — among the hottest-selling movie tickets of the year.

JapanesefansFrom Alaska to Florida, 2,500 midnight showtimes of “The Half-Blood Prince” have sold out, according to Fandango, a top movie and entertainment online ticket seller.

The website is currently selling an average of eight Harry Potter tickets per second.

It seems the British boy wizard has cast the right spell to reclaim his spot among the top 3 advance-ticket sellers of all time, a coveted honor lost last fall to “Twilight”.

In fact, by the end of the day, “The Half-Blood Prince” may even outpace “The Dark Knight” in advance-ticket sales.

“Harry Potter fans are insanely loyal,” said Fandango spokesperson Harry Medved. “And it’s clear that the online buzz and positive reviews for ‘The Half-Blood Prince’ are fueling the online ticket sales.”

This should come as a surprise to the Wall Street Journal.

An article posted Friday on their website argued that Harry Potter fans were getting too old for spellbooks and Quidditch.

The article further stated the average teen would rather spend time with “the gorgeous vampire (Robert Pattinson) who fights his own biological destiny to fall in love with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), a human girl” in the Twilight series.

While there is no denying Potter fans are growing up (the first Harry Potter book was published in 1997), are they really ready to abandon the boy wizard en masse?

USfansThe numbers suggest most fans have room for both.

Fifty-five percent of people who plan to see “The Half-Blood Prince” said they are also fans of the Twilight series of books, according to Fandango.

And 59 percent of people who plan to see “The Half-blood Prince” said they are looking forward to “New Moon”, the upcoming Twilight movie.

But there is one category where Harry Potter has Twilight beat.

While 63 percent of people planning to see “The Half-Blood Prince” are female, there is still a sizable group of males looking forward to watching Harry Potter’s latest adventure on screen.

“It’s not like Twilight,” said Medved. “That was 80-90 percent female.”

twlightkissMedved added that Twilight’s popularity may have been fueled by the fact that “The Half-Blood Prince” was delayed from its original release date in November of 2008.

“A lot of fans had to satisfy themselves with ‘Twilight,’” said Medved. “I’m assuming that some went to see ‘Twilight’ to get their fantasy and romance fix.”

The draw of a romance-infused plot line has not escaped the “Half-blood Prince” producers. If this trailer is any indication of what is to come, the latest movie promises plenty of romance.


If you like Harry Potter, you’ll love The Othersiders. It airs tonight at 9 PM on Cartoon Network!

Posted by abby | Report as abusive

The Half Blood Prince was disappointing. Too much time was spent on the relationships between Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron. I was looking forward to the action sequences near the end of the book. They were omitted. The confrontation between Harry and Snape is also omitted. If you want to see this movie, go at the cheapest time of day.

Posted by Bob Farris | Report as abusive

I am in Ireland and a fan from the first movie. I went with hopes to see this latest movie. The photography is fabulous, the scenery is beautiful, the effects are phenomonal, but the story moves so turgidly I was amazed that the film makers did not see it. Too grown-up. Harry is a boy wizard. Surely this excludes his growing up. I found the ‘romance’ just too much to take. I was bored. A kid sitting near me whispered to his mom, ‘Will it be over soon? Indiana Jones is more appealing to the kids than this. If there are to be any more then the movie makers will have to catch on to themselves and realise what appeals to the kids and forget about what might attract teenagers in the short term. A pity!!


David Yates (director) did a superb job just magnificent to watch, may be Alfonso Cuarón would have made them ROCK. I am a great fan of Harry Potter series. My favorite still remains HP3: Prisoner of Azkaban. But Half Blood was simply outstanding on levels. I’ll be seeing it again Saturday on IMAX which will be even better as it’s one of the original IMAX screens that loom up and over the audience as opposed to newer screens that are just big.
Being a great fan I have collected a list of good sites and articles (may be around 200) related to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (movie information, movie schedule, movie reviews, books, games, news, wallpapers and many more). If you are interested take a look at the below link  /all-you-want-to-know-about-harry-potte r.html


Oh goodness! I can’t wait. Very excited to see new stuff about the movie. Even though we should already have seen the movie itself by now! But.. I bet it will be worth the wait! :)


I love emma watson and dislike the idea of her being replaced in the last one but like the idea that she wants to go to university so have. She is a great influence and love her style!


Don’t waste your money! Of course everyone who has enjoyed the last few Harry Potters will go to see it expecting the same quality – BUT – the movie was sadly lacking substance – to the point of boredom. Too many seconds spent on longing looks between teenagers and no time spent on the story – especially not on the Half Blood Princes story – not even the genuine grief and anguish at the demise of our dear professor. The whole thing was emotionally flat – script and editing abysmal.

Posted by Christine King | Report as abusive

I want my money back! This movie is lacking the action and “on the edge of your seat” intensity that the other movies had.
As also stated, there was not a big deal made of the actual “half blood prince” and it’s storyline.
The only two intense scenes was with Dumbledore and Harry finding
the horcroax, and Dumbledore’s death.
I hope the final two movies make up for what this one is lacking!

Posted by Lisa Meskimen | Report as abusive

The Half-Blood Prince is a darker, tighter film. The humor shines more brightly as a result.

The kids have matured as actors, they seem to live in their world so comfortably. They have their favorite director.

The great English flagship actors are allowed to be a little bit more human. Gambon is rich, a last bite of Dumbledore to be savored. Maggie Smith’s closeups are a film in themselves. Rickman with a more vulnerable quality, apt this time around.

The film is abound in rich detail lightly touched upon, graceful cameos of actors not featured. The art direction was perhaps done by some divinity or other.

Plot holes and all, I think this film was absolutely delicious. My kids had to drag me away from watching all the credits. Kudos to all.

Posted by mventon | Report as abusive

This was by far the most awful movie I have ever experienced. So here’s the question: Did anyone working on the set of this movie actually READ the book???? Because from the looks of it they didn’t. The freaking OPENING scene wasn’t even in the book. And why the HECK would they blow up the Weasley house??!?!??!?!?! That was the most frustrating part of the whole movie. Where was the new Minister of Magic? Where were the multiple memories of Marvolo and Merope?? Why did Harry and Dumbledore apparate from Hogwarts and not from the Three Broomsticks? Why did Malfoy and his mother go into Borgin and Bourke’s together? Tell me why….every one was so casual throughout the movie?? THESE PEOPLE ARE AT WAR!!!!!! I have never been more disappointed with J.K.Rowling or the producers of these movies.

Posted by EMS | Report as abusive

harf blood bordom time for a new director

Posted by george | Report as abusive

Most movies do not follow the books they are based on exactly, but there were many things left out of The Half Blood Prince that were essential for a fair rendering of the original work in my opinion. To do justice to the story,this movie should have been split into two separate movies or one long movie with an intermission as was done for the classic Gone With the Wind.

If would have been nice to witness the scene where Harry tells Scrimgeour(sp) what he thinks of him and the Ministry of Magic. This would have been a powerful indication of how Harry had matured as an individual during his years at Hogwarts. Many of the relationships were totally ommited. And what about Dobby and Kreacher?
Tonks was more or less written out of the script and Harry wasn’t rescued by Luna, but by Tonks!!

Too much went on the cutting floor or was never filmed. Too bad!!

On the positive side, I did enjoy the special effects and the sound track of the movie. I thought Michael Gambon was very good and Jim Broadbent’s depiction of Slughorn was well done. Rupert Grint continues to mature as an actor and had some nice comic moments.

By the way, I would echo the comments of a previous blogger who asked if anyone on the set had read the book. That also goes for the movie critics that reviewed the movie.

With all that said, I did enjoy the movie.


Terrfic harry potter movie and brilliant blockbuster!


Half Blood Price is probably my favorite book of the 7 but this is my least favorite of the movies. SOOOOOO much was left out. the opening scene with the Prime Minister and Minister of Magic, Phlegm, there was no clarity about the various relationships, and more. Why did they make Luna find Harry on the train and walk back to school instead of Tonks ??? her patronus? the secret of what she was sad about? this is so frustrating!!! what about the Kreacher?? they better not leave him out of the next movie!! why don’t they know every one who goes to see these films are heads like us? why would they arbitrarily change things? AND WHAT ABOUT DUMBLEDORE’S FUNERAL FOR GOD’S SAKE?? i was looking forward to that scene. that could have been a kickass ending. let’s hope better for the next one. Long live JK Rowling.

Posted by banjofan | Report as abusive

The first time i saw the Half Blood Prince, i really wasnt a huge fan of it. I thought ther was too much time spent being silly and not enough on the story. Plus the obvious sexual inuendos *cough shoelaces cough* were very hard to watch. But when i saw it again, knowing what to expect, I didnt think it was so bad.
You cant go into the theatre prepared to compare the movie to teh book, they are two seperate entities. The book is always going to be better, and there are always going to be a S**t ton of things missing. You just have to think of it as an entirely different medium, then you will enjoy the movies a whole lot more.
As for Twilight. I was a fan of it before it got popular (and yes I am a guy), but i thought the movie was horible. Robert Pattinson should have stayed dead as Cedric, becuase his preformance was flat and misguided. you saw littereally nohting og the rest of the Cullens, who were protrayed just as poorly. Really hte best part was Charlie, he saved it for me. I am not looking forward to New Moon, nor will I see it, becuase its going to be nothing but 2 hours of Shirtless Jacob, and I can stand to miss that.


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