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Harry Potter pushes “Twilight” aside in early box office

July 15, 2009

Move over “Twilight”. Harry Potter’s spells are way more potent.potter-pix

The new movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” just blasted box-office records by taking in $22.2 million in midnight screenings alone in the United States — and that’s before most fans even woke up to premiere day of the sixth instalment of the wizard franchise.

Harry and his Hogwart pals also regained their place among the top three of advance sales tickets of all time — an honor it lost to vampire blockbuster “Twilight” last year.

The bumper figures give the lie to recent suggestions in some media that Potter might be losing his magic with those who started reading his books 12 years ago when they were kids, but who are now well into their teens — and older.

With “Half-Blood Prince” already having won the first skirmish in the popularity battle with “Twilight”, everything is pointing to a massive opening weekend box office.

Are you a fan of both Potter and “Twilight” and is it fair to draw comparisons between them?


I’m a fan of Harry Potter and there’s nothing to compare !The story is not the same, the success is not the same, the public is not the same.Harry Potter rocks !

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Harry Potter captivated my imagination, and motivated me to read. I am a Harry Potter fanatic from the very beginning. First to buy the books and first to see the movies. The latest installment of the movie franchise didn’t disappoint me. I just saw the film, and it was well-crafted. The pacing is superb. Overall, it was the best movie version of the six Potter books made to film thus far.On the other hand, I also tried reading the Twilight novels. Sadly, I did not have the gut to finish the first novel. Sorry to all Twilight fans but I just can’t bear the pages and pages of description about the vampire’s physique. I also watched the movie because of curiosity. Again, I was disappointed. It looked cheap, and hurriedly done.So there’s really no point of comparison between the two novel series and film versions.


I am a huge fan of both HP and Twilight. As a matter of fact, I got so much into Twilight I was little turned off from HP, but I tried reading the books again a few months ago and imagine, as awesome as ever! :DI loved the movie, I just saw it. I need to not think of stuff I wanted in it and look at it as a big picture, the best HP so far. Twilight movie on the other hand was a disaster. I personally think Kirsten and Robert are awful actors. Overacted.And I don’t think HP and Twilight can compare. Two different worlds and enough love in me for both of them :)

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Saturday is the night, my son has been looking forward to this movie for weeks.


I went to see Harry Potter on opening day; it did not disappoint in the slightest bit. Although I have been a Potter fan since the books became popular some years ago, I am now a University Student entering my 3rd year and I do not think Harry Potter and Twilight should be even remotely compared. Although both films involve magical worlds, the two are very different, the Potter films involving the world of wizards and Twilight based on the world of vampires/rare love story that develops.I have read both sets of novels and they are completely different in almost every single sense. While both series’ do surround themselves around magic and the unknown, the target audience for both sets of novels/films I think is different. Harry Potter has an audience which began when most of them were around the age of 12 years old and now are in their 20′s (like myself) I do still enjoy the Harry Potter films but I am myself more drawn towards the Twilight film and novels. Twilight has the entire magical world which I enjoyed from the Potter collection while adding an intense love story to the mix. I think Twilight is directed to more of an older female audience between the ages of 14 -25+ because of the love story between Bella and Edward. Harry Potter does not even compare in that sense.Although I did enjoy both the Harry Potter and Twilight films/novels I do not think they should be compared, just because they both involve magical worlds does not mean they should be compared. They are very different in almost every way. The only thing that should be compared is the box office sales.

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Im 16 years old and I personally feel that both series are great. I’ve been a Harry potter fan since the first book came out. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to see the movie on its release day yesterday :( tear tear right.!but i will be going today.!I didn’tt discover Twilight until about early June, last month, I had no idea about the Twilight epidemic going on although I would see the ads online. My mom happened to by the mmovie and I watched it and fell IN LOVE…then I learned that it was made based off a novel and that there were actually foue books out. I read all four books within four days,thats how absolutely ADDICTING they for everyone who said they don’t really like the Twilight movies, reaad the books, because Stephenie Meyer, the author, is great. Her plotline is great a vampire falling in love with the same human that he also wishes to kill because hes addicted to the scent of her blood, but love conquers all.Honestly, hp is made to appeal to a younger preteen audience while twilight appeals more to teen(girls) especially and adults. I personally am a sucker for a love story and honestly, the movie twilight does not do the book justice, its true, however that it ws a low budget film because they didnt know if it’d be a huge sucess..however it was a huge sucess and they have ahugeeeee budget sercond time around..and Im anxious to see it.!rob pattinson and kristen stewart are great.!Im leaning more towards Twilight because hp has been quiet for a while until now..and as i said before i love a love story, especially with a twist..besides rob pattinson is but hp is the shit..harry has been a long journey, and love conquers all in his series too, just a different kind of love. Harry potter keeps you anxious for the outcome or film, which is probably the only reason im still such a huge fan, i kinda think iwill eventually grow out of being a potter crazed chick..especially as twilight continues to step in.I dont feel though, that the two should be compared or even held on the same pedestal people.c’mon.!we’re talking witches, house elfs, wizards, giants, squibs vs vampires wtf.! their not even compatible enough to compare..magic vs vegitarian blood suckers lol..not going to work.! too different types of stories made for capturing to different audiences, they just happen to capture some of the same because some of us hp fans are ancient in age now lol jk 16 to early 20s though..and this twilight series was made for us. I think the main reason they’re compared is because robert pattinson was once in a hp film (cedric diggory who dies in film 4) yes thats rob nd now he has his own film where he’s the main character who doesnt die. He and dan radcliffe are also friends as well as former co-stars so they have a bit of friendly competition going on.!lol which is fine but i think rob will eventually gain more fans then dan from my age group .!

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You can’t compare at all. Harry Potter is richer in details, in plot, subplot and characters. Furthermore, the style of Twilight is boring teenage nonsense about physical attraction, whereas Potter is funny, lots of humour in words or in situations. Messages are deeper in Potter with love (parental, brotherly, or just romantic) whereas Twilight is only focused on sexual/romantic attraction. I understand how teenagers can go from one to the other, but when they grow older again, I think they will return to the complexity of Potter, love, hate, friendship, power, greed, innocence, right and wrong, right and easy, etc. If the only attraction of a book is a vampire’s almost impossible love, how can it even begin to compare?

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I was first a loyal fan of Harry Potter. I used to read read one of those books in under one day, and I always found them very good, but even for me, before I enjoyed Twilight, I began to skip the beginning that always seemed to be boring, and the same to me. I mean, I know that stuff happened with Harry at his home in the Dursley’s but, still I just go so bored of having entire chapters set aside for just a slow part of the book. I was happy when Rowling finally began to make him go places and do stuff earlier in the book.I read Twilight 2 years ago, and after reading the first book, I dived into the rest of the searies. When we found out Twilight was going to be a movie, I swear, there was about 5 minutes of squealing and jumping. Eventually My friends began reading it, especially after they’ve seen the trailers for it.In my comparison to both the books and the movies, Harry Potter was done well for the first 2 movies, and was messed up after that, but the books continued to be fairly good. Twilight has been also good and close to the book, but I will also state something for those who haven’t read the book:If you are looking for the funny parts, there are. They are just in the book. My friends was upset when they left out one of those scenes, but I recognized that they were making this movie more dramatic, so now, even though she ‘hates’ twilight, she can’t wait for New moon. And besides, in the 3rd book, every chapter has something funny in it. And I know Harry Potter didn’t get funny until the 4th or 5th book.So, really, I’m dying to see the next Harry Potter movie, but the buzz for it by now is not as much as it used to be, whereas New Moon seems to be fairly, well, New and eventually it will most likely take out Harry Potter by at least the 3rd movie.

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