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Gran, Mom or Aunt? Who should get Jacko’s kids?

July 17, 2009

The thorny question of who should raise Michael Jackson’s three young children goes back to the Los Angeles courts next week — and there could be three women now vying for custody.katherinejackson

Jacko said in his will that he wanted his Mom Katherine (pictured right) to look after them (with his good Motown friend, singer Diana Ross, as second choice).

CRIME JACKSON But ex-wife Debbie Rowe (pictured left) appears to be considering staking a claim to at least the two kids ( Prince Michael I and Paris) that she gave birth to, if not also young Blanket, whose parentage has never been clarified.

Rowe this week slapped a defamation lawsuit on a woman who claimed she was willing to accept millions of dollars to give up her custody rights.

Now there’s news of a possible third contender — Jackson’s younger sister Janet (pictured right) , who has no children of her own and who according to OK! magazine has formed a special bond with the kids and is willing to raise them.

(It was Janet, remember, who comforted young Paris after she made her heart-felt tribute to “the best father you could ever imagine” at the singer’s public memorial last week.)janet-malfunction

So we have a loving but 79 year-old grandmother, a mom who has barely had any contact with her children for 10 years, and a superstar aunt (aged 43) who may be best-known for her “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 halftime Super Bowl show.

dianaross As for Diana Ross (65, pictured left), she has four grown children of her own and has been very silent publicly on the possibility of raising any more.

For the sake of the children, you’d hope these ladies can come to an amicable agreement between themselves without having to leave the decision to a judge.

But who do you think should be appointed the guardian of what are currently three of the most famous children in the world?


I think Janet Jackson should rasied that children with the help of her mother Katherine. Debbie Rowe should have some kind of contact with the children but not custody of them. In my opinon, Janet is look out for the children well been. If Debbie get the children, she will spend all the money that Michael left for the children. Debbie statement that “She never wanting children” The children belong to Michael. Now Michael is dead she want the children. Something not right in that picture. No mother is there right mind would give their children up. Debbie gave her children up. So now after the death of Michael she want them back. If I was the judges I will give the children to their aunt Janet and say that Katherine can help raise them. Give to mother visiting right to children but don’t give the childern to Debbie. The court should do a checked up on how time Debbie come see the children. If she don’t visit the children then it prove it. She don’t want them.

Posted by Missy | Report as abusive

I think that Janet Jackson should help her mother with those kids, Janet & Michael were very close and im sure that Michael would have wanted Janet to help. Is that the only picture that you all could find of Janet ain’t nobody thinking about that superbowl mess, this is why Michael Jackson went into isolation because you all picked on him for everything, Janet is very strong like her mother she just don’t pay any of attention to you all. If you could not find a picture why put one there.
Just plain stupid cause this lady has lost her brother and all yall can think about is some damn mess that happne ages ago.

Posted by Tiffany | Report as abusive

I feel that the children should not be separated and the ex-wife Debbie Rowe she not have custody. I just do not understand how someone can come and take someone personal will and change what he has written. I am praying that God take control of this situation and stay with the plans Michael has written from his heart concerning the children. Childrens, can also pick who they want to live with, and I am sure no doubt it would be their grandmother and aunt. Debbie Rowe remembers the kids will grow up and they will always remember what you have said and done which is nothing.

Posted by Healer | Report as abusive

The ones who are able to show, share and give love should get custody. Thats the number one thing these kids need, love and warmth.


Something is very important: the will of the kids.

I know the law and the criteria for the well being of the children can take in consideration this fact but also that the law is revising other issues of building estability in all the aspects of development of these kids.
In that criteria I think is good the prospect role of Janet Jackson as a caregiver and future parent of the children , looks like she is covering the requirments of close bonds with the children now and before, family member, age,knowledge in how to dela with fame, responsability in trying to help Michael in his bad moments and in his healthy problems like addiction, and who by actions demostrated that even is a family woman is independent enough to take decision- for example the intervention she tryed to do in belhalf of her brother health and his family(the kids),that is an action of a strong and caring person for a member of her family. Also she is not dependant of the father and also knows the vision of life , artistic ambience, and surroundings Michael gave to their kids.
So her was not far and is not so far from Michael way of raising the children and well being.
The mother of Michael can help, the grandmother can be the back constant support of these new family to be with Janet Jackson. I am sure also that Diana Ross will be near to that purpose if she is asked to do so and also the nanny is a main piece to help in this transitional time of buildidg a new family struscture for the kids, including privacy.
Thre lw usgoing to monitor this good development of this new family structure in all the aspects.
Always we have to remember that this kids are first Human Beings and that are extreme vulnerable, now is the responsability of the Judge to evaluate in a panoramic way all the law, the facts and situations to stablish a new order for this kids that are suffering the pain of loosing the only parent that was there for them always.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

Take away the money, Now, who really wants the children!
Also Miss Ross has 5 grown children, not 4.

Posted by noydco | Report as abusive

In my opinion Janet is the best choice in this situation because she’s a Jackson family member and she can be helped of all her relatives – especially her mother – and Miss Ross also. More than that, the kids will be keep together. I think Debbie Rowe is interested in money gainnings much more than in motherly responsabilities.

Posted by Lili | Report as abusive

I really thonk some one in the jackson family should get the kids because the jackson family is all the kids know anyways.

Posted by joycelyn | Report as abusive

Katherine is up in years and should remain the “grandmother” and she is too close to Joe who should not be trying to raise these children. Joe does not have the children’s best interest in mind. He is only after the money and fame off those innocent children.
Debbie Rowe only appears to be trying to find a way to get more money. She chose to not be a part of their lives, took money from Michael for him to solely raise them and NOW she wants everyone to everyone to think she is innocent and cares about the children when all she really is after is MORE MONEY to give up the rights. Enough is enough Debbie! Leave the children to someone who loves them, will care for them and foremost, has those 3 beautiful kids best interest in mind and heart. Debbie would not be a good caretaker or roll model for the children.
Janet has the means to take care of the children as she has had her own career all these years and appears to be genuinely attached and bonded with them. All this crap about her tours/career and her ability to be around or take care of them is nonsense. How many people in show and music business have kids that know how to take care of their children when touring or filming? How would Janet be any different? Janet is sensible, caring and would ensure that these children were well tended to and provided with the best life, family and upbringing that is appropriate and needed. Not to mention, these kids really seem to care about Janet also.


Janet of course! I don’t know why Michael didnt name her guardian but I know he would love Janet to raise his kids


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