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Oops! Studio publishes filmmaker Judd Apatow’s home address

By Dean Goodman
July 19, 2009

Psst! Want to know where Judd Apatow hangs his hat when he’s not on the lot churning out pictures like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up”? Universal Pictures accidentally included his home address in widely distributed press materials produced for his latest movie, “Funny People,” which opens on July 31.

His wife, “Funny People” co-star Leslie Mann, was outraged when told of the snafu at a press gathering for the film on Sunday, saying: “That’s really not cool at all.” Apatow started to answer a reporter’s question on the subject, but was interrupted by a studio publicist.

judd1For some reason, one of the pages in the press kit is a printout of an email reproducing an invoice for limousine service from Apatow’s home in the tony Los Angeles oceanfront suburb of Pacific Palisades to the nearby Santa Monica hotel where the ”Funny People” press event took place. Cost of the 12.4-mile roundtrip? $1,375.79. A taxi would have cost about $19 each way, excluding tips.

A studio publicist ripped out the offending page when it was shown to her, even though dozens of press kits had already been handed out.

The movie’s stars, including Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, were also at the press gathering, although it was not known if they  also enjoyed high-end rides or whether they maybe car-pooled.

For enquiring minds, Apatow is enjoying his well-deserved success. He, Mann and their two daughters live in a five-bedroom, six-bathroom house valued at $4 million by


Dean, you are an idiot. You think Judd Apatow, one of the most talented, famous and successful filmmakers alive, can take a taxi?!? Him and Leslie get hounded wherever they go. By suggesting that that is a waste of money and Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler should have carpooled simply you are just illustrating how simple minded you are. Don’tbe jealous that Judd is so successful and you are not…

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studio publicists suck! what’s the problem if they did a mistake? don’t need to act like Nazis! Gosh.. What’s the address anyway? I want to send Leslie some flowers.

Posted by Maxchine | Report as abusive

Tim, you are the idiot here. You didnt get the core of the story. The problem is that the idiot publicits publicized their address and then acted like crazy in the press room. And I, being from east europe, felt outrageous by the info they spent more then a thounsand to drive the director. Man, that’s my salary!! And I will continue to buy pirate DVDs. No guilty at all anymore!

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They are such a beautiful family!

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