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Jonas Brothers love life gets complicated

July 27, 2009


As one Jonas goes off the market, another comes back on.

Joe Jonas, 19, has split with his actress girlfriend Camilla Belle, 22, after less than a year of dating.

camillab “Yes it’s true,” they have broken up, Belle’s publicist told People magazine on Monday. “There is no third party involved and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends.”

Joe hooked up with Camilla last year not long after his very public breakup with teen country singer Taylor Swift.

The split for the middle Jonas comes just a few weeks after older bro Kevin, 21, announced his engagement to girlfriend Danielle Deleasa, 22, after two years of dating.

As for Nick, 16, he has apparently re-connected with Miley Cyrus after a brief fling with anothertaylormiley Disney teen star , Selena Gomez.

But the teens have put all the splits and hook-ups to good use musically.

Miley’s 2008 hit song “7 Things I Hate About You” was reportedly inspired by her first break-up with Nick, Joe’s “Much Better”, is supposed to be about Camilla, and as for Taylor Swift she has said her song “Forever & Always” was inspired by her breakup with Joe.

Er.. this is getting a confusing.


Its all about marketing, they simply wanna stay in the news.


You are correct 12 Weeks, this is all a big marketing push and nothing more.

Posted by veronica69 | Report as abusive

im a big fan of them and him but i feel really bad for him……i wish him happyness, i hope he feel’s better…
i luv him with all my heart……


correction: “Much Better” is probably about Taylor Swift. A line in it is “and all the tears on her guitar…” Taylor Swift has a song called “Teardrops on my Guitar.” Just a guess.

Posted by Caroline | Report as abusive

aww Joe! I’m verry sorry!

Posted by Gracie | Report as abusive

it´s a mess i don´t mind her personal life …well i´m spanish xD

Posted by mari | Report as abusive

joe I am your biggest fan and I love you I’m sorry you guys broke up. Maybe its for the best!!

Posted by kate | Report as abusive

Joe seems really upset, crying on stage while he was singing two of his songs. But however he didn’t sem much of his self when he was with camilla because in interviews ect, he was very quiet and not being his funny, loud self, but now after the break up he I think that he’s changed back to the Joe that we love and know like dressing up in costumes for the sound cheak parties ect. So I’m glad to have Joe back to his normal self.
EVIE xoxo P.S love you Joe hope you feel better soon!!!xoxo

Posted by Evie Ford | Report as abusive

The song “Much Better” is about Camilla because he is saying Camilla is better for him than Taylor Swift was. . . he also says he’s “not bitter” toward Taylor but Camilla WAS “much better” for him.

Posted by Maddie | Report as abusive

“much better” was a song to write to the fans for jonas brothers and joe does look really upset in that first picture i hope he finds someone PS: I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS

Posted by JONAS FAN | Report as abusive

Poor Joe…hahah ..
Nick isnt dating Miley. they broke up in 08, and the rumers are all a LIE! also, rumers mean nothing unless confirmed by a Jonas themselves. Miley and Nick arent dating. its rumered that the ‘lovey dovey’ tweeets between her and Jusitin are back and they are toether….nothing is the truth unless Nick himsleve says he is dating her

Posted by Nick is mine | Report as abusive

joe I am your biggest fan I am sorry you both broke up

Posted by namratha | Report as abusive

I didn’t know it was that serious between them..
If he was crying though I feel realy sorry for him. Jonas brothers rock :)

Posted by Jess | Report as abusive

hi jb fans i love joe but im sorry what happen i just hope after paul(kevin)get married i hope the band would stick together


we cant let nick and miley get together.
then, he’ll never see me :(

Posted by morgan | Report as abusive

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Joe’s single again!!!!! :)))) that’s when he’s hottest, WOOO I’m happyyy !!!! :D

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive



I am the biggest Jonas Brothers Fan in the UK, I just want to say that, Camilla was reportedly cheating, Much Better – Jonas bROTHERS is About Taylor Swift, Joe has been crying over this break up, LIVE ON STAGE and anyone that is calling this a publicity Stunt is wrong and obviously not getting the full story!!

I just hope Joe is okay, and Getss through this

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

i am the biggest fan over here in australia i can’t belive she cheated on you now your little heart is broken.
i luv u joe ifly ifly ifly.

i sooo hope the band stays together after kevin gets married. congratz kevin

niley forever lol seriously

ifly joe kevin nick

Posted by Tash | Report as abusive

I hope joe gets over this!!! He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

correction no. 2 tthe song much better is definitely about taylor swift no.1 becacause of the teardrops thing and no2 because at one concert he says now i’m done with country stars, in their facebook live chats they say once you hear it you’ll probably know who its about. they also said t girl in frontof me meaans the fans but it was kinda assumed it was about camilla but after they broke up he said the girls in front of me and pointed at the fans.
not to sound mean but i’m glad they broke up i think she changed joe he became a lot less playfull and cheery. plus they look really alike and they kinda creeps me out.

Posted by jonas fan | Report as abusive

joe deserves someone better.

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

I’m not sure about miley and nick getting back together .. WELL i just hope there not I can’t stand her >> BUT IL LOVE HIM

Posted by LOVENICK | Report as abusive

That is sad for joe jonas and I would never let a jonas get sad and never been to a concert and miley cyrus stalker had been let out of jail early, Is this painful for joe still in love with camilla but I knew something goes wrong. I love the jonas brothers bbfff rock out. Best of all goes for kevin’s engagement wow so I want to shoutout for joe and nick. For joe talk to demi lovato and nick go back to selena or miley come on,
Jonas freak 101.


i am very proud of you guys that you all won at the teen choice awaeds of 2009 this year and i hope next year as well i am very proud of you guys


LIFE AND NICK IS THE BEST.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ANGEL | Report as abusive

happy birthday joeybear

Posted by MrsJoeJonas | Report as abusive

dude you rock,but i still think you should not have broke with guys make a perfect couple.i still love you both


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