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CORRECTED: Robert Pattinson calls “Twilight” character a weirdo, and worse

July 28, 2009

(Corrects last paragraph to replace Cullen with Pattinson) 

Robert Pattinson is looking to put some distance between himself and the lovestruck vampire he played in last year’s surprise hit movie “Twilight.” In remarks to OK! Magazine, the British-born Pattinson compared Edward Cullen’s fan appeal to women’s age-old love affair with the bad boy.robert-pattinson

“With virtually anyone, the nice guys always seem to come last,” Cullen told OK! in remarks posted on the magazine’s website on Tuesday. “You always get weirdos like Edward who seem to attract women for some reason.” 

“If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality, he is like one of those guys who would probably be an axe murderer or something,” the actor added.

What do the hard-core “Twilight” fans, or “Twihards” as they’re known, think of that comment? Does it detract from the appeal of the vampire romance movie series that features Cullen, as the dark vampire heartthrob at the center of it all?

Pattinson continues to star in the movie series, with sequel “New Moon” due out on Nov. 20. Pattinson is a rising star who was virtually unknown before playing Cullen in “Twilight,” so slamming the character he is most famous for portraying is an interesting move on his part.

“People just project their idea of my character on to me and they just seem to assume that I’m the same, when in reality I’m not,” Pattinson told OK!


This is taken from an interview with Dose.CA. It can be found on Youtube. OK! is full of lies and misrepresentations.

Posted by clancy | Report as abusive

Okay – sad little man… I mean come on, Edward Cullen is the reason that Robert Pattinson is anything. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I didn’t even notice him until I read about it. So how bout sucking it up a little and listening to his agent – who I am sure is pulling his hair out at this point. NEVER bad mouth the character that catapulted you into stardom… Doh!


Robert Pattinson. Can we say clueless anyone? If it weren’t for this weirdo vampire he’d be waiting tables in West Hollywood begging to get discovered.These obsessed girls love the books and the mythology. And hello, the books are about a _vampire_ of course he’s bizarre.Can we say ungrateful snob?

Posted by dumbactors | Report as abusive

This is a load of crap, he looks like a monkey but its peoples reactions that are funniest HEHE you take this stuff way to seriously, you read the book and think he’s perfect but he;s not your all weirdos if you ask me, just because he read more deeply into a charecter he’s playing doesnt make him mean it makes him clever. and waiting tables? wtf what aspiring actor does that???

Posted by lilanna | Report as abusive

Come on, I’m a fan of Twilight and Edward is a bit wierd; how could he not be, he has had a totally different life from anyone else. And come on, Edward did kill people and he would probably be a creepy guy…Nothing wrong with saying it.

Posted by Rose | Report as abusive

Pattinson is a joker. I doubt anything said in this article was meant in a serious manner.

Posted by wayfarers | Report as abusive

He is absolutely right! In real life Mike Newton would be with Bella because he is what is “normal”. Edward is a bit strange, he is 100 and something years old, and a vampire. In real life I don’t think I would want to date a vampire, but that is why this is fiction and fantasy.

Posted by Mandi | Report as abusive

people are into the books.and unlike Reuters, can tell the difference between robert pattinson and edward cullen. the tween-agers who love the books are compeltely wrapped up in edward. not in robert pattinson. the fangirls asking him to bite them are all like moms in the 30s.

Posted by dumbactors | Report as abusive

Really, first of all Reuters is quoting OK! Mag…like there’s any credibility there. Secondly, Rob doesn’t hold back, he says whatever strikes his fancy at the time — one reason we love him, right? Even if this “quote” of a “quote” that may or may not be made up or mis “quoted”, taken out of context..whatever, is true, what’s the big deal. It wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last (I hope) time he makes a joke about his character, i.e., eyebrows; bouffant; customized p-coat :)


I’m kind of surprised by Rob’s opinion. His interviews indicate that he is a well-read young man. Surely (yeah, I know don’t call you that) he’s familiar with the Byronic hero. This is why chix dig Edward Cullen: “A later variation of the ‘anthithetically mixed’ Villain-Hero. Aristocratic, suave, moody, handsome, solitary, secretive, brilliant, cynical, sexually intriguing, and nursing a secret wound, he is renowned because of his fatal attraction for female characters and readers and continues to occasion debate about gender issues. Example: Byron’s Childe Harold and, more gothically, Manfred are the best examples, but this darkly attractive and very conflicted male figure surfaces everywhere in the 19th and 20th century gothic.” –Paul Quinnell Needless to say, this character also comes up in 21st YA fiction as well. Chix have been digging Byronic heroes or some variation thereof for centuries and I’m sure they will continue to love on these characters for centuries to come. After all, one woman’s “stalker freak” is another woman’s “dream come true”. Put me squarely in the latter category.

Posted by Legion58 | Report as abusive

That “weirdo” character and that character’s rabid fans handed him a career. Wonder what Stephenie Meyers thinks about this.You know, up until the middle of the 20th century, actors were considered only a step up above prostitutes. Now we (well, not me) worship them.

Posted by stupidcelebrities | Report as abusive

Nice thing to say about the character that shot you to overnight fame. Edward was not an axe murdere, all males are a little weird, Rob P., not excluded, most guys would love all this female adoration. It seems to freak him out… hmmm. I’m a fan, but sometimes I wonder.. I can distinguish between Rob and Edward thank you, and Edward was beyond a nice guy, he was an extraordinary gentleman.

Posted by Elizabeth | Report as abusive

I don’t even think Robert Pattinson is a good actor at all. I have seen other movies he did outside of Twilight and Harry Potter and I wasn’t impressed with his acting.And, (my opinon)he is not that good looking. I don’t know what people see in him??? If it wasn’t for Twilight movie, he still won’t be famous. Count your blessing Rob, before you bash the charactor who put you where you are.

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

He said in an interview on You Tube that he hadnot read the books and did not know about the hype surrounding them in the U.S. I honestly don’t think he knew what he was getting into. I have heard it said, even from him in interviews, that the only reason he auditioned was to meet Kristen Stewart. The interviewer asked him why he bothered to audition, if he knew nothing about it and he says, “I read the script and (pauses) Kristen”, then, grow some stones and ask her out for coffee or maybe for him tea or whatever, don’t smear your personal interests all in Stephenie Meyer’s masterpiece. If this is true, he got the part just to meet some girl he saw in another movie, not to do justice to the role of Edward… and now he does not like all the attention… Waaa.

Posted by Stacey | Report as abusive

What a JERK!

Posted by Tru | Report as abusive

who knows. maybe this interview is old. but it’s like leonard nimoy if he were to critize spock for being unfeeling.i mean, i feel sorry for pattinson because to be typecast at such a young age must be frustrating. but shatner and nimoy somehow sorted this out and embraced the characters.most actors would kill to be in such a series. you have your place in a kinda history, despite the fact that the books are poorly writen and the films are low quality. it was the same with the original star trek TV show. and it turned into a cultural touchstone. this no longer happens with theatre or TV. and it rarely happens with films or books. it is extremely rare.he should embrace the whole thing and count himself lucky. taylor lautner seems to be eatting it up. i mean, what man wouldn’t love to have thousands of girls screaming i love you at them? only one whose not into girls.

Posted by screamingfans | Report as abusive

Oh my god. Why has he got such a massive fan base? He’s such a jerk. I’m a massive twilight fan, but why the Hell did they cast him? He doesn’t look anything like I imagined Edward.And what kind of position has put himself in now? Slamming the charecter that made him one of the most popular actors in U.K and USA!!!!!

Posted by Kristen Bowen | Report as abusive

I really feel astonished that there are so strong and hateful reactions towards Robert Pattinson here. If anyone here had attended Robert Pattinson’s last two years, his acting in different films, his hundreds of interviews and talkshows, where he was asked the same questions a hundred times, and all the hype, the screaming etc. – would have noticed similar expressions and silly talking long ago…He is an excellent actor – all directors who worked with him said so, concentrated, professional, very well prepared, trying again and again…He is only 23! When being interviewed by somebody serious who impresses him, who tackles his intellect, his answers are very fine, well deliberated and explaining everything prudently. But sometimes he just feels the nonsense around him, and then his reactions fit exactly. He has never wanted anything but work seriously… listen to his interviews, he is a sensitive young man, who has wanted to be an actor, and I don’t think anyone would have played Edward better than he did – look at the little laughter in the biology lesson – this is the inner knowledge of Edward’s psyche – when she says, that she hates any cold and wet thing – then he grasps immediately the funny and ridiculous core of the situation – he is the coldest of all people – he is a cold one – but a humorous one who understands that his falling in love with this little human girl will be just incredibly painful for him… this is what you read in his face at school and later on in every following scene…Now, stop! Edward is a weirdo! Rob said it – but is there anything that any normal person could say against that?Did you read the Saga? He is a murderer, he has already murdered perhaps 50 people, he would like to murder Bella, but he doesn’t, every normal touch would hurt her, and on the island, making love almost tears her to pieces, she has bruises and effusions of blood everywhere – that girl is in permanent danger – her life is permanently threatened because of him – and nowdear readers: You scream and start fighting Robert Pattinson.I think the Twilight Saga is an extremely brutal story – so much blood, so many broken bones – I am sorry, but our women’s shelters are full of young and old women who get battered by men… Of course poor soft-vampire Edward does not want to hurt her, he even wants to leave her because of his dooming presence…He is a weirdo! And Bella is very weird as well – she is the one – as described – who would end up in an asylum (I wouldn’t send her there because I enjoy people who are a bit different to the normal).So I don’t understand your screaming, ladies, and Stephenie Meyer is intelligent enough to remember what exactly she wrote – Bella changes her mind many times and discusses her own reactions, she even says, that she shuts her eyes to her inconsequent behaviour…

Posted by Gabriele | Report as abusive

Gabriele, you are way too into this book series. Thanks for the spoiler alert, btw.The point is. Loads of people go into acting but less than 1% can make a living doing it. So when most actors get a break they are exceedingly grateful (see Taylor Lautner). Maybe there’s some sort of cultural disconnect. Or Lautner, who is only, what 17 has more common sense and media savvy than Robert Pattinson, his co-star. Or maybe it’s the whole white entitlement thing. go figure.

Posted by whatever | Report as abusive

I didn’t think I would like this movie. I totally fell in love with it. Can’t wait till the next one! He talks about women’s age-old love affair with the bad boy and that he’s not like that in reality. I would like to know what he is like in reality. I would also like to know why he bashes the character that gave him the stardom he has.

Posted by Betty McDannald | Report as abusive

how could he say that He is ruining the experience for us whata dumb ass that really pisses me off cause Edward is nothing like that an axe murderer He has a heart has the dumb yadda ever read the book I love Edward and now it’s like Edward (robert) who plays Edward isn’t Edward at all Makes the whole attraction seem meaningless and pointless because He is not who we all thought He is


I feel sorry for the poor lad, i mean i know it probably wasn’t the brightest idea to slag off the character that shot him to fame but give him a break! He played Edward Cullen brilliantly and no’one can take that away from him it was like he was born to play that role, in fact i think he made that film. Imagine how frustrating and annoying it must be to have people automatically assume he really is just like Edward no wonder he has a complex about it! Bless him i back him all the way, he can say what he wants and is completely entitled to his own opinion.

Posted by Vikki | Report as abusive

Ok everyone repeat after me Twilight and Edward Cullen are fiction. Rob Pattinson is a real person. Sadly. a 23 year old person who did not have a clue about what he was signing up for. He must have done the role a teeny bit of justice because a lot of ladies have been acting like they lost their minds whenever they are in his presence. He pretty much has said early on that he was a bit paranoid in the first place. So as Stephenie says Holy Crow – overnight sensation. Also pretty overwhelming for some of the other actors too.Typical fans though, putting people on a pedestal and one little misstep wham knock that sucker off. He was paid to play a role not become a fictional character. Yes, Taylor is more gracious for now. Let’s see what happens after New Moon is released. There are more Edward fans than Jacob fans right now. Hey, that might change since all these girls have turned on Rob maybe they will switch teams now?So what he made one little snarky comment on a character -so it is time to crucify him now, that ungrateful jerk. That’s how it works right?

Posted by Carly | Report as abusive

i feel sorry for rob, having to put up with fans scratching their necks to draw blood then asking him to suck ther necks, my god im suprised he isnt in the loony house. he is a beautiful person who has an amazing talent, not just as an actor but as a musician. he is stuck in his house most of the time alone as he caannot go out as fans mug him and push him into oncoming taxis, hes only 23 he should be enjoying his life not having to hide form people, so i think if he wnts to have a short moan about his role, well dmn well let him. he deserves to.

Posted by j whittle | Report as abusive

I only just began to understand this cult phenom recently when I picked up the books, and realized how completely the character Edward Cullen is written as an irresitible supernatural lover. The conventions Meyer uses have been used in literature for centuries – and they are as emotionally manipulative as they are true. While I don’t think that Edward would necessarily be an axe murderer (as if anyone’s opinion really matters) – the character is as dangerous as he is sexy, which makes him even sexier.So of course fans are dangerously overzealous about this fictional character, and of course Mr. Pattinson needs to deflect the insanity because it is getting out of hand (and was out of hand even before he jumped on board the Twlight train). And justifiably so.People need to learn to separate fantasy from reality – especially when dealing with actors who flirt with the boundaries so frequently. If we don’t, we may not get to enjoy future projects because the actors will pull out for mental/health reasons.

Posted by burstep | Report as abusive

First we have to examine where the original quote came from. And then wonder what part of the interview may have been left out.It does seem that he is dissing the character who has made him famous. Maybe since he’s not been acting for too long he doesn’t know how rare it is that a role comes along for an actor that transforms one’s career. It could also be because he realizes that the acting in Twilight and in that really horrible trailer for New Moon is actually quite bad.But these are fun campy vampire movies. Supernatural stuff. It’s great that the books have lead so many people to the internet to over analyze all of the characters and to project on Robert Pattinson, despite his being a very mediocre actor.


It all comes down to how much people can handle. Some have mentioned how well Taylor has taken to his fame while Rob seems to want to keep away. Rob seems like he may just be more private. It is well known how shy he is. The evidence is in the interviews. Most of the time, Rob isn’t looking the interviewer in the eyes. He may also be sensitive to the fact that someone may get hurt in their endeavours to meet him. Hell, he’s probably worried about his own safety as well. If people weren’t so crazy he probably would not be reacting in this manner. I have met plenty of celebrities and as long as everyone is calm things usually go well. Try telling that to a screaming girl though. Maybe he should make friends with the Jonas Brothers and they can help him deal with it all.

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

first of all .. he coudlnt even be a real person cause hes a vampire so that doesnt even make much sense… and it is kinda rude of him to smash his own character. but whatever we still love him anyway hes goregous.. check out these galleries of him. :) ews/sections/special/twilight.html?_show &cmp=sam_twilight

Posted by kelly | Report as abusive

I don’t understand.Why do we feel “sorry” for this brat?There are so many actors out there who will trade places with him in a second. He needs to grow up real quick to realize what he is saying.Sure, he is entitled to his own opinions but he needs to learn time/place to share certain opinion of his.As a huge Twilight book fan( I didn’t like the movie…acting was cheap and horrible. Charactors were disappointing), this comment he made certainly offended me.

Posted by Chelse | Report as abusive

the stephenie meyer books have filled a vacuum in chick lit. and the edward cullen character is an appealing anti-hero to these readers.i think perhaps this quote has been taken from an older interview while he was promoting the first movie. as i followed the link suggested by a previous poster.i think what has made people respond to this particular actor is that he, unlike brad pitt, isn’t particularly politically minded and preachy and seems very un P.C. sort of like most normal people.we’re in a recession at the moment. and perhaps this is why fantasy books are selling really well. we all need a little break. and it’s great that the twilight series is like 2000 pages worth of escapismm.


wow, what a stuck up prick. he’s the worst actor they could’ve possibly chosen to play edward. he can’t even act. and he doesn’t even relate to the character what-so-ever.

Posted by cady | Report as abusive

I think that’s been taken out of context or has been seriously misunderstood. I highly doubt Rob would just randomly say that because he’d probably lose the job for bad publicity or something.If you read the bit at the top “Pattinson compared Edward Cullen’s fan appeal to women’s age-old love affair with the bad boy.” – I think he’s saying that Edward isn’t the normal prince charming style nice guy. The Vampire thing makes him a bit quirky and weird but he still attracts women. – Because women love a bad boy lolHe’s not slating the character at all.

Posted by Sophia | Report as abusive

ahhh cady, you’re just angry that pattison thinks you twilight fans are freaks.

Posted by acey the knavey | Report as abusive

I saw New Moon opening day. It is a souless, spineless movie. They left the heart of the film on the cutting room floor –or rather, in the computer.Robert Pattinson looks constipated throughout the whole thing. I know he’s supposed to be a vampire craving blood. But that’s now how it came across. As Donald Rumsfeld would say, ‘There’s no movie there.’Whatever anyone might think. People don’t love the films (or rather, the film –as in the first one) because of Robert Pattinson and Kstew they love the films because they love Stephenie Meyer and the books. The studio could replace Pattinson and the kiddies would get over it because they would go to see Breaking Dawn just in the hope that it’s better than New Moon and Eclipse.

Posted by fanofrogerebert | Report as abusive

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