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CORRECTED: Robert Pattinson calls “Twilight” character a weirdo, and worse

July 28, 2009

(Corrects last paragraph to replace Cullen with Pattinson) 

Robert Pattinson is looking to put some distance between himself and the lovestruck vampire he played in last year’s surprise hit movie “Twilight.” In remarks to OK! Magazine, the British-born Pattinson compared Edward Cullen’s fan appeal to women’s age-old love affair with the bad boy.robert-pattinson

“With virtually anyone, the nice guys always seem to come last,” Cullen told OK! in remarks posted on the magazine’s website on Tuesday. “You always get weirdos like Edward who seem to attract women for some reason.” 

“If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality, he is like one of those guys who would probably be an axe murderer or something,” the actor added.

What do the hard-core “Twilight” fans, or “Twihards” as they’re known, think of that comment? Does it detract from the appeal of the vampire romance movie series that features Cullen, as the dark vampire heartthrob at the center of it all?

Pattinson continues to star in the movie series, with sequel “New Moon” due out on Nov. 20. Pattinson is a rising star who was virtually unknown before playing Cullen in “Twilight,” so slamming the character he is most famous for portraying is an interesting move on his part.

“People just project their idea of my character on to me and they just seem to assume that I’m the same, when in reality I’m not,” Pattinson told OK!


Dear Mr.Pattinson,You know what? You can’t call Edward Cullen a weirdo because he is not. I agree that if I were to meet him, it would feel weird. On second thought, he IS a weirdo and that’s what draws women to him. He’s someone who’s out of the ordinary and he’s unique: HE’S A VAMPIRE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! And when you signed on to play Edward Cullen, you should have known that people would say you’re the same person and quit trying to act like a bad boy by insulting characters in books, not washing your hair, smoking, and saying that you hate children. You know what? I think that YOU’RE the weirdo.

Posted by Italy Johnson | Report as abusive

Now if this isn’t a Freudian slip…”Cullen told OK!”Gosh I wasn’t aware that fictional characters could give press interviews. That is impressive on Meyer’s part; heartbreaking for Mr. Pattinson. Hopefully he will have the drive to overcome the character and continue on to future projects. He certainly seems to have the talent.Poor cast needs a vacation from the press junkets and public speculation. I understand it’s a good movie and the cast is amazingly beautiful with makeup and contacts but I would think not being able to go to the grocery store and do your regular grocery shopping would grow old after a while. Kudos to the cast for handling this sudden onset of stardom so well.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

wtf?? he wasnt saying it too potray edward as a weirdo. he was joking around when he said this.isnt this old anyway??reporters seriously need lifee

Posted by davina | Report as abusive

Interesting that even the writer of this article and the editor who reviewed, presumably, couldn’t tell the differnce between Rpatz and Cullen since they use the character name so many times when the they should have used Pattenson! ROFLMAF

Posted by UTmouser1 | Report as abusive

Good catch Jennifer. Also, this blog makes it sound like those comments were stated by Pattinson last Tuesday (and maybe the writer thinks they were too, since they were apparently “posted on the magazine’s website” Tuesday), this was reported MONTHS ago in a previous interview. Very OLD news being rehashed, as usual.

Posted by LJM | Report as abusive

I love your comment “I wasn’t aware that fictional characters could give press interviews.” That got me cracking up.

Posted by chewy | Report as abusive

well said Jennifer. Everyone should let them live their lives and not have to have a hundred papz following them all the time they deserve privacy just like any of us.


I can also understand the frustration these young stars must be facing everyday from obsessive fans, paparazzis, etc. But in my opinions, letting down and calling name of a very charactor who put you in the stardom is not a smart move. If this is how he feels, he needs to keep it to himself. He really didn’t need to say it out loud especially “weirdo” comment…I was never crazy about the cast of Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen to begin with (much, much preferred Henry Cavill). Rob is not beautiful enough to portrait Edward and apparently he doesn’t have a present personality either. I know it is too late to cast different actor to replace him but I wish they could for the future movies (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn).

Posted by Lotus | Report as abusive

First, thank you RPatz for bringing Edward to life! I’m sorry that you have had such a hard time with all the frenzied fame. But, I believe that the whole point is not that Edward is just a “weirdo” or a “bad boy” that draws the females, but the fact that he Loves Bella with his whole heart and soul; he would do anything for her. For a man to love a woman so deeply and with such conviction, is the whole point of Edward, and what captures all us females, I feel. Now, throw in the other aspects of Ms. Meyer’s storyline, and you have the receipe for great reading!


I think people have lost their minds… This is just a book and Edward is just a character. I don’t understand the obsession. There are bigger things to think about in this world. Besides, I think Robert would be a much better person to fall in love with then Edward because he is less crazy.Anyway, I hope Robert moves on to bigger and better things and don’t become dishearten by all the crazy fans and their stupid comments/reactions. You need a really good publicist who can keep the fans away so you can get some work done.Best of luck.

Posted by Rose | Report as abusive

um.. does the writer realise that their referring to him as ‘cullen’??? Like Cullen stated that …wtf?

Posted by Ally | Report as abusive

hahah Cullen told OK hahaha…thats the second time I’ve seen them mess his fictional character with him…it happened on the Tyra Banks show too when he started speaking a little blue box came out that said Edward Cullen actor hahaha….I would’ve died if it was like…Edward Cullen vampire hahahah

Posted by Luba | Report as abusive

Beautifully said kristin. Can’t agree more. It is not the fact that he is a bad boy that’s appealing, its his unconditional love for bella. Yes it is just a book, but it is a very good one.

Posted by tina | Report as abusive

OMG! I agree I laughed so hard when I read the article, and man oh man it’s getting to be a bit much. To top it off some comments are bit scary. Robert is Robert and Edward is not really. don’t get me wrong. I love Twilight but only because it let’s you get away from reality for a bit, but that’s just it. A bit. so please…come back to reality. It’s a great place to be too.

Posted by Lapiz | Report as abusive

I didn’t know that there was a requirement for how good looking an actor should be to act as a vampire in any movie role. Actors should be picked on their abilities not there looks. What is this world coming too, the best actor for the part was chosen, get over it already.Edward and Robert aren’t one and the same, one is a character and the other is a person people need to differentiate between the two.Love your work Mr Pattinson

Posted by Katrina | Report as abusive

Pattinson speaks the truth, Twitards. Edward is fecking creepy and a stalker and I would definitely not want him in my bedroom.And he doesn’t have to like his character to play him. He knows he’ll get a crapload of money from the sheeple who will go see it five times in a row.

Posted by Knarpulous | Report as abusive

I can only imagine that having to give interviews all the time would be like women having to get their female exams every year. You know you HAVE TO DO IT, but that doesn’t mean you want to! I have all the empathy in the world for the people who play the roles of these characters, it’s no surprise one of them hasn’t said something even more nasty than this OLD QUOTE.

Posted by Nicole | Report as abusive

Well, I love Edward regardless of what Robert said about the character. & I really dislike actors that first crave stardom & fame. Once they get there they turn around & talk all this mess about the character that made them famous…

Posted by teamedward | Report as abusive

i think everyone should just stop trying to make all of the cast look bad…get a llife…they are amazing and are all making the book swe love into movies…they are normal people who say normal things…if anyone else would have said something no one would have cared so everyone should just back off…..everyone is entitled to their own opinion so just stop HATING and deal with it…I love you robert pattinson and the whole twilight saga crew…u too stephenie meyer

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

COME ON ROB!!Its abt time you realized that people don’t love just bcz you are Edward! they love you because you are you!Please do realize that. I love that you’re so humble but its going too far.

Posted by zainab | Report as abusive

It’s refreshing to have the honest view of the actor who can separate reality from fiction and the talent to carry the role without losing his understanding of self. The boy/man that is Robert Pattinson – as genuine as that smile without having to always go with the flow when the situation warrants it.

Posted by Maya | Report as abusive

youre right katrina, u 2 kristin & jennifer..the whole point is edward and robert ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON!! robert might think that edward is a weirdo but that is his own thought..

Posted by Liffie | Report as abusive

apparently my previous comment was deleted becase I had an opinion so here’s attempt #2: I would have respected this “Actor” more if he’d called out the entire Twilight franchise as lacking in literary merit and melodramatic torture but I did enjoy the fact that he gave an accurate if brief description of its fanbase.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Oh good for him! I’m sure he is sick of the little teenie boppers stalking him so he is distancing himself. I don’t blame him. There is some morbid fascination us girls have that allow us to get used and abused and treated like crap and normally guys like Edward Cullen are not these sweet romantic types, they are stalkers and possessive and abusive in real life. Yeah its hot to think of some hot mysterious guy watching you sleep but it is creepy too and probably would lead to a lot of trouble in the real world.

Posted by Gina | Report as abusive

i know, right? he sooooo isn’t edward. edward isn’t nearly as hairy and has beautiful golden eyes. i love the way edward speaks but don’t like rob’s thick british accent. i am physically attracted to edward but not really to robert pattinson. even just the simple changes in grooming, eye color, and speech pattern make allt he difference. it’s like orlando bloom playing legolas. i like legolas but not orlando bloom. make sense? but, rob is the closest we have to edward.and uh… to another poster: what is so bad boy about smoking and not wanting or liking kids? those are pretty common attributes. i guess i must be satan.


i think it’s especially annoying when people write posts sucking up cause they think robert pattinson is going to read them. peeved about this victoria change. bryce howard? first of all, that’s a dude’s name… second, she’s unremarkable… third, i hate it when they pull the switcharoo like we won’t care or notice.


all you little twelve year old girls need to get a life.

Posted by nigger joes tar soap | Report as abusive

Please remind Rob Pattinson that he became famous because of Edward Cullen. If not for that book of Stephanie Meyer he would be a no one in the movie industry. You know, anyone who portrayed Edward Cullen and Bella Swan would be very famous by now, so I think they should be thankful instead because if not because of the book that was already a phenomenon before it hit the movies,they would not be that famous by now. Just remind him of that. He used to be just a weirdo from Harry Potter as well, now he is famous because of Edward Cullen which fans has been relating to.

Posted by Mary White | Report as abusive

I hardly think that the writer should be passing judgement on Pattinson, “so slamming the character he is most famous for portraying is an interesting move on his part,” when even HE(she?)can’t tell them apart. That was the exact reason Rob made those comments!! People regard Rob and Edward as the same person! He is not Edward! And while Twilight has made him a mega-star, would anyone consider what he is dealing with on a daily basis enjoyable? Does this person really think he is having fun and should be grateful for how people treat him? The press can’t hound him, and then malign him for his reaction. He is actually handling it all very nicely, all things considered, and I don’t blame him one bit for his comments. He isn’t bashing Edward, he is just trying to make people understand he is Rob and that he is real and Edward could be any kind of person, because he is fictional.

Posted by Jennie | Report as abusive

Haha, some people are so funny, He’s entitled to his own opinion and i bet no “twihards” have thought the same thing when i bet everything he said is true, He’s just had a chance to read more into the charecter, Some people take crap so seriously Lol :D This will keep me amused for hours :-)

Posted by eve | Report as abusive

This article reads as older interviews given by Rob. Not very impressive, especially saying that Cullen told OK. Rob has the right to distance himself from the character of Edward as living up to all the hype associated with this series would drive any person insane.


Edward is not weird!! I think that if he did exist, he would be mobbed by people like me who love him. And an AXE MURDERER? WTF!?? Don’t get me wrong, I adore Rob, but he has no reason to be mean about the part of Edward-that’s how he became famous-he is dissing his reason for fame!!!! I get that they are totally different people, and it annoyed me when people called Rob Edward – but I am still a bit annoyed. I still adoreeeee both of them!!xxxxx

Posted by Meg | Report as abusive

WOW… who the heck allowed that interview to be printed? It’s ridiculous! The interviewer could not keep up with the actor, then refers to the vampire. (maybe the interviewer got bitten?) LOL!! I never read any of the books, but saw the movie and loved it. I will see the other movies as well.. :-)

Posted by Tweetie | Report as abusive

I have read the books three times & watched the video over 100 times but unlike OK magazine who apparently interviewed Edward Cullen, I know that Edward Cullen is a fictional character. For me the casting of Robert Pattinson was inspired & he is the perfect actor to portray Edward – he brought the character to ‘life’ for me & no one else would even come close, certainly not ‘light weight’ Zac Efron or Henry Cavill as I’ve seen suggested. In the books Edward is the most beautiful person that Bella has ever seen, so it is always going to be subjective & whoever had been cast would not have appealed to everyone.Robert Pattinson is having such a dreadful time with the paparazzi & all the crazy obsesive fans stalking his every move, he can’t do anything or go anywhere & his life is no longer his own. I fully understand why he is trying to distance himself from the character of Edward to try & make these crazy fans consider him as a person in his own right.Like Kristin says Edwards absolute love of Bella endears him to the reader(not just females as my husband has read the books twice & watched the film several times)but so does his struggle to overcome his nature because he doesn’t want to be a monster. In the books Edward has no say in becoming a vampire & despite admitting to killing people for a noble motive (only killing people who were going to commit horrible crimes until he questions who is the monster, them or him?) he fights to overcome his natural nature which is an admirable thing to do, which again endears him to the reader. Despite being a vampire he was raised in a different time & he holds old fashioned values, is very polite & has good morals, something which we see less & less of.I sincerely hope that all the craziness surrounding Rob will ease off to a allow him the oportunity to realise his full potential, glimpses of which we’ve seen in his previous roles in Vanity Fair, Harry Potter, The Haunted Airman, The Summer House, How to Be & Little Ashes. Come on everyone, be a true fan & let him get on with his acting which is what we all want to see, don’t end up driving him away from his acting career.

Posted by Mavis | Report as abusive

Really people? He’s got a point. He’s not dissing Edward. I’m sure he feels that he has a lot to owe the character. And you can tell he respects the character by how well he portrays him. He’s merely looking from a realistic perspective. If you met a guy like Edward, no matter how gorgeous, you’d think he was a weirdo- merely by his awkward social tendencies! That’s all Robert is saying. And frankly, I think he’s right.

Posted by Erica | Report as abusive

How horrific for Mr. Pattinson that the press cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. Really, to identify a character in a book and an actual person interchangeably…! As for Mr. Pattinson’s comments, he’s he’s entitled to them, as we all have our own opinions. The story is one of the best love stories told in recent times, not necessarily because of the types of characters they are; the fact that the author used vampires and werewolves just makes it more interesting.

Posted by June | Report as abusive

to all who read this,Robert Pattinson may play Edward Cullen *yes * we all know that , but he is just doin his job acting …. you know all these little girls chasing him all over the place screaming and grabbing at him, make us nice people look like just as bad. leave the poor guy alone “geez”

Posted by jennifer | Report as abusive

You are totally contradicting what he is saying. The last thing Rob wants is to be known for his character Edward Cullen, just like Johnny Depp doesn’t want to be known as Jack Sparrow, because that’s not who they are, so why are you saying, “Cullen told Ok!” and “Cullen did this and that” his name is Rob Pattinson, he’s not Edward Cullen!

Posted by Sasha | Report as abusive

Umm..he’s right. lol I mean, I LOVE the saga, love Edward and love Pattinson. But, c’mon..the man is absolutely right in what he’s saying about the CHARACTER. That doesn’t make Edward any less romantic or heroic or desirable, it’s simply true because FICTIONAL characters can have traits that would truly be unnattractive in REAL LIFE people. The things that would make Edward a “wierdo” in reality are the same things that make him amazing in a fictional series. There’s nothing to GET angry about here in what he’s saying. C’mon. Publications are always trying to stir up controversy.

Posted by SavannahLC | Report as abusive

Oh, and can we get a correction with the constant “Cullen” quotes. His name is PATTINSON. Dayum.

Posted by SavannahLC | Report as abusive

I have just read ok and Rob is entitled to his own opinion. I wouldn’t want to be known by somebody i portrayed in a movie (not that i’m at all famous). I am a twilight fan, i’ve read all the books and seen the movie but i can tell the difference between Rob and Edward, i don’t know why others can’t. I say Good on ya Rob! Tell it like it is!

Posted by Hayley | Report as abusive

he’s right. many women fall for the obsessive, jealous stalker-type, thinking they are the signs-the only signs- that a guy truly is in love with them.isn’t robert saying that he isn’t like that?the characterisation within twilight saga-of edward- does have some restraint-and develops restraint-thank-god- even though it wouldn’t be very believable if a vampire wasn’t obsessive.

Posted by cass | Report as abusive

Mary White….you are a prime example of a wacko that needs to go into therapy….Robert had a thriving career prior to the Twilight Films and Kristen Stewart she did as well… you know how to use the google work engine? do you research before you open your ignorant mouth in your poor grammer run on sentence manner. If you are in therapy already then your doctor needs to adjust your meds.

Posted by Amery | Report as abusive

robert pattinson needs to remember that the tweens have fallen for edward cullen, not him. those books are bigger than the actors in the films. anyone in that role would’ve been turned into a sensation.he needs to get a clue. we don’t even know if he can open a film. the tweens have fallen for edward cullen and will watch the other films even if he’s not in them.twilight the film is total cheeze whiz. but the girls love it. he should get over himself.lap it up while it’s still possible. because english (and i did say english, not british) actors have a very short shelf life (orlando bloom anyone??). and are known for making bad choices (jude law ‘i heart huckabee.’)he should lap it up while he is hot because trends change very very quickly.

Posted by hello_stupid | Report as abusive

I think that people need to give Rob a break. While I am a huge fan of both the Twilight books and the movie I also realize that Edward is fictional. He is a great character and Rob plays him in a wonderful way but, people HE ISN’t REAL. Let Rob have time to enjoy life. He’s a man who can truely go far in his chosen field. He is an amazingly talented actor and is also a wonderful musician. I will continue to follow his career and see his movies because I enjoy watching Robert Pattinson,not because he plays Edward Cullen.

Posted by bonnie | Report as abusive

Robert is very talented and hes fame is on the rise. People need to remember hes an actor/musican and many other things proably and also a man! Let him live his life abit, give him some space too chill out.Ive only recently become a fan of hes and i think hes very talented and look forward to hes future projects not just the twilight sagas. He deserves a break, so lets give him 1.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Rob: What a stupid thing to say ! You do NOT bite the hand that feeds you. Edward Cullen is your meal ticket. Without him you are nothing but a pretty face, that will get old soon enough. If you want to distance yourself from him, you should take some acting classes first.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

‘ “People just project their idea of my character on to me and they just seem to assume that I’m the same, when in reality I’m not,” Cullen told OK! ‘CULLEN? Is that supposed to be irony?

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

I agree With the rest of you. Rob does need a break otherwise who knows what will happen to him. I am a huge fan of the Twilight Books and the Movies, But i too understand that rob is just an actor and he IS NOT Edward. Edward is a fictional character and I don’t think that there is a real life Edward. so Just give him some space and stop asking him to bite your neck… thats kinda weird when you think about it. he needs the space or he is gonna go crazy!…lol


I suspect this is an old interview rehashed merely because Robert Pattinson’s name and photograph sell magazines.However, I think Robert, as the actor playing Edward Cullen, will have a deeper understanding of his character thn probably anyone except Stephenie Meyer. So it seems entirely reasonable, for him to question why it is that this stalkerish over-protective vampire is so popular with girls/women.Equally, I agree that any actor who played Edward Cullen would have gotten the same level of fame and adulation that he has.For someone who has panic attacks, the fan hysteria must be really difficult to deal with. And as an actor I guess he wants to do other films/plays after Twilight. He isn’t Edward, even if OK! magazine and teenagers don’t want to see that.

Posted by Edwardia | Report as abusive

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