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William Shatner gives Sarah Palin a poetic sendoff

July 28, 2009

shatnerWilliam Shatner has produced another spoken word gem, this time a poetic reading of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech as governor of Alaska. Shatner was on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” on NBC on Monday night, and he sat down on a stool with a conga drummer and a bass player in the background, injecting dramatic flair into a paragraph from Palin’s speech, which included the words: “It is as throughout all Alaska that big wild good life teeming along the road that is north to the future.” (Video below)

NBC scored big when “Saturday Night Live” veteran Tina Fey lampooned Palin last year during the presidential campaign, and the network stands to get a lot more clicks on its Web outlet with this latest comedy piece. Now that Palin has quit as governor of Alaska, maybe she can work on her Shatner impression. It’s not that hard to do.


Hm…another liberal idiot who makes money “pretending” and we’re supposed to care about his political beliefs? Bring it on, libs. All you do is give Sarah free press. Thanks!


Leslie Jo, Love her or hate her, Sarah is good for laughs.

This was AWESOME!!

Posted by Kieran Taylor | Report as abusive

“It is as throughout all Alaska that big wild good life teeming along the road that is north to the future.”

You call this a quote of Palin’s speech? If you’re going to quote Shatner’s parody, at least make it clearer.

Palin Speech Transcript – =108512348434

“The big, wild and good life teeming along that road leads north to the future.”

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Hm…Sarah Palin another conservative idiot who makes money “pretending” and we’re supposed to care about her political beliefs? Bring it on, “Cons”. All you do is give Sarah free press to drive another nail in the Repug coffin. Thanks!

Posted by E rockguy | Report as abusive

The libs are worried – our Sarah scares them because Sarah is capable of beating Obama in 2012. Expect the attacks to ratchet up.

Posted by JoeCollins | Report as abusive

I think this is FABULOUS! Thank you, Mr. Shatner for making such otherwise worthless words into a piece of art. Sarah should be grateful someone knew what to do with them.

Posted by cheryl u | Report as abusive

Alaskans enjoyed Palin’s spoof because they understood it. Conan’s audience laughed because they did not understand it but wanted to be politically correct. Palin’s string of inane tourist ads meant to attract tourists to Alaska was for fun, not a “pathetic poetic attempt”. Shattner spoofed a spoof…so to speak.
Happens somethimes when you shoot from the hip you shoot your foot.BUT…Wait! Couldn’t be! Your foot was safely in your mouth! Too bad your writers consider themselves superior to mere Alaskans…And..shame..on you Shattner.. going along with it…so to you we greet you from the north…with fire bushes…etc…etc…Really got you going, didn’t it? Palin bashing seems to continue as the past time of the desperate…


“Giving someone press” by displaying their raw idiocy isn’t necessarily a good thing. Shatner also did a dramatic reading of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” so I guess that makes him a filthy commie lib. Whether you are a fan of his or not, at least his level of parody is funny with cruelty unlike the insulting, low-brow personal attacks by Rush Limbaugh.

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“giving Sara press” by displaying her weaknesses of which there are too many to list is not necessarily a good thing. Besides, whether you’re a fan of Shatner or not, at least his satire is good-natured as opposed to the cruel personal attacks often taken by right-wing icons like Limbaugh.

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Like Sarah Palin or dislike her, the poem was funny. It was not the William Shatners of the world, nor the media, who have turned her into a joke. She did it to herself.


I wanna see Sara Palin do a Shatner impression because it’s the only thing left she hasn’t done to make a complete you-know-what of herself.

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I fail to see how pointing out the various oddities and grammatical faux pas in Palin’s speech constitutes giving her good press. If anything, this will probably have the same effect as the Tina Key skits, which is to say not at all positive.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Perfect! A tip of the hat is in order for poor old Dan Quayle. Prior to Governor Palin’s nomination as vice-presidential candidate ten months ago, he was generally regarded as the very worst choice of a running mate in living memory. All that has changed. Compared to Sarah, Danny boy is starting to look like Albert Einstein.

E=M.C. Hammer.

What, you may well ask, is her motivation for committing political suicide by abandoning the office that the people of Alaska entrusted to her care two years ago? When NBC’s Andrea Mitchell suggested to her that after ten months in the national limelight, the comparative drudgery of her duties as governor might have started to seem boring, Sarah Palin responded in words that should be etched in granite at the base of Mount Rushmore:

“The nitty-gritty, like, you mean the fish slime and the dirt under the fingernails and stuff that’s me?”

Brilliant. Someone hand me my chisel.

Why did she resign? She says that as a lame duck governor she won’t be as effective as she would like to be. The fact that she expects the voters of Alaska to swallow this nonsense without a chaser shows the utter contempt she must feel toward the people she was sworn to serve.

Does she really believe that she has a shot at the nomination three years from now? The answer (unbelievably) is yes. Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News put it well: The woman has “delusions of adequacy”. The pundits (most of them anyway) are starting to compare her rambling press conference on July 3 to Dick Nixon’s infamous tirade when he lost the California governor’s race in 1962 (“You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore”). Some are even daring to suggest that, like Tricky Dick, she will ultimately be victorious. The only problem with that scenario is the fact that there are slightly over one-hundred things that separate Sarah Palin from Richard Milhaus Nixon: I.Q. points.

What else were her motivations for quitting? Money. She knows damned well that there is a nice chunk of change to be made in the lower forty-eight and that getting from there to here is an expensive and time-consuming process that infringes upon her gubernatorial responsibilities. Were you aware that the distance between Fairbanks and Washington is almost as great as the distance between Washington and London? What to do? To hell with her constituents and head off to the land of the golden goose.

When asked what her future plans were, she said that she will continue to work overtime for the people of Alaska. I’m willing to bet anyone that in the next twelve months, most – if not all of her time – will be spent in New York and Washington. Any takers?

The next three years will find her cashing in on her status as a….uhh….well, whatever her status just might be. Count on her making a national speaking tour for at least one-hundred thousand dollars a pop. A radio talk show? Probably. A gig on FOX Noise? That’s almost inevitable. There is a fortune to be made here and she’s not about to let something as trivial as her oath of office prevent her from making it.

Does she really have a shot at the nomination in three years? I sure hope so. That would be too good to be true.


You go, girl!

Tom Degan


That speech as a whole was just cringe-worthy.

Posted by rocky | Report as abusive

I thought it was brilliant on Conan’s part; Shatner was just a “means to an end”! I actually think the media tries to give her the benefit of the doubt, she just keeps “steppin’ in it” all by herself time after time… You go, girl…

Posted by Jeanette | Report as abusive

This was too funny. Nothing could have summed up the absurdity of that speech better than reading it again verbatim.

Classic TV moment.


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