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Madonna’s biceps become a controversy

July 29, 2009

So, Madonna penned an article about Jewish mysticism for an Israeli newspaper, and that made some headlines on Wednesday.madonna

But the online world was still buzzing about a photo of the Material Girl that a pair of British newspapers put on their websites on Tuesday, showing Madonna’s arms looking veiny and bulging, like the guns an arm wrestling champion might sport, or a veteran seaman.

The photo was shown here on the website of British publication The Daily Mirror, and here at the Telegraph. (The photos shown on this blog page are from Reuters, and neither one is the photo in question of Madonna, which appears to have been taken on the street in London)

Liz Rosenberg, a spokeswoman for Madonna, said in an email to Reuters that the “4 Minutes” singer has been the victim of some strong-armed photo altering.

“Madonna’s arms do not look like the photo that has been shown this past week in papers and the photograph was obviously altered or photoshopped in some way,” Rosenberg said. “Like Michelle Obama, Madonna has beautiful and very impressive arms.”

Michelle Obama, the U.S. first lady, was the subject of endless media reports earlier this year, after she posed sleeveless in a White House portrait.

madonna1The Mirror and the Telegraph continued showing the picture on their websites on Wednesday. MatrixPhotos, which is credited in the Telegraph piece as the agency that took the photo, did not return an email from Reuters seeking comment.

Plenty of media reports have commented on Madonna’s strenuous workout regimen as a possible reason for her buff look. The website has weighed in, rating the bicep story and photo a 4 on the 1-to-10 scale of rumor or real, with 10 being real, giving credence to the idea that the image was altered.


She looks like a Bulgarian weightlifter on steroids.


Nice spin, Liz Rosenberg, but Michelle Obama’s and Madonna’s arms are nothing alike. Michelle’s are nicely toned and feminine. Madonna’s look like those of a greased-up female professional bodybuilder. Not pretty – just freakish.

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I think Madonna deserves more respect anyways and that’s completely her own business how she looks like…..

check what famous peers said on Madonna: donna

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