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Down to the final four on “So You Think You Can Dance”

July 31, 2009

dance01The “dreaded quickstep” was once again the kiss of death as ballerina Melissa Sandvig was eliminated on Fox’s fifth season of the popular “So You Think You Can Dance.”Comments from the judges on Wednesday night were mixed for Sandvig’s challenging ballroom number as Mary Murphy said she was “disappointed” with Melissa and Evan Kasprzak‘s performance while Nigel Lythgoe raved, “it’s routines like I just watched now that started me dancing.”And in what was probably the biggest shock of the season, Ade Obayomi failed to inspire voters to pick up the phone, sending him packing rather than to the finale.  Ade and Jeanine Mason got down and dirty with a well-received Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop number, but their samba failed to impress due to technical shortcomings.ade“It started to fall apart for me. Ade, you were hopping around that floor,” Murphy said on Wednesday, adding the routine had a novice feel. The panel agreed the couple physically looked great but it wasn’t enough to keep the critiques at bay. “We were hoping to get an explosion of excellence and it really fell short for me,” crump choreographer and guest judge Lil C said of the performance. Despite the elimination of two dancers, Thursday’s show managed to retain somewhat of a celebratory feel as past finalists and winners took to the stage to perform Emmy-nominated numbers from last season, including “Bleeding Love,” “Silence” and “A Los Amigos.”This week’s competition got under way with Wednesday night’s performance show, which was a hotbed of sexy samba, high-flying disco and infidelity-inspired contemporary.After fielding some scathing critiques for his Tyce Diorio-choreographed Broadway number, Evan managed to inspire the judges during his quickstep routine, prompting Lil C to say,”I’m going to commend you for dancing bigger than you’ve ever danced on the show for me.”Judge favorites Brandon Bryant and Kayla Radomski continued their ride on the coveted hot tamale train with two first-class tickets doled out by Murphy.  Their “beyond intense” contemporary number, choreographed by Canadian Stacey Tookey, was a technical feast for the eyes. Kayla shone as an abused mistress in the adultery-inspired performance. “You have never taken a wrong step for me Kayla,” Murphy said, “That was perfection up there on the dance floor.”Lil C continued the compliments saying Kayla, who he described as “a beast,” has a tendency to outdance her partners, but her coupling with Brandon was the first time she was evenly matched.Kayla and Brandon will join Evan and Jeanine in the final four, competing for a chance to win $250,000 and the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.”  Did the final four come as a surprise or did the top dancers make the cut?Captions: (Right) Melissa  Sandvig, 29, is a ballet dancer from Los Alamitos, CA. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Ruiz/FOXAde Obayomi,20, is a contemporary dancer from Chandler, AZ. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Ruiz/FOX


The best is already gone. Janette Manrara was voted off because the idiot voters fell for the old ‘cancer dance’. The second best is Brandon. I hope he wins to get some vindication for the lousy job the voters did when they let Janette go. SHAME ON YOU IDIOT VOTERS. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Posted by Rusty B. | Report as abusive

SHOCKING! I think Evan and Jeanine should be gone right now. Kayla, Brandon, Ade and Melissa should have been the top 4! And what about last week? Seriously Janette should NOT have gone. She was AWESOME! Seriously, why is Evan still there???

Posted by Burger | Report as abusive

Brandon, Kayla and Jeanine definitely deserve the top 3. Jeanine is my fave for the win and has been for weeks. These 3 haven’t done a thing wrong since day 1! I thought Janette was good, but somehow she lacked the “gravity” these 3 have. And Evan is riding the luckiest train yet! He should buy a lottery ticket!

Posted by julee | Report as abusive

EVAN SHOULD HAVE GONE! I don’t know who is voting but a MAN with superior talent should win (Ade or Brandon), not a weak little boy who weights down his partners!Benji was not masculine either but he could pull off anything anything. Evan cannot — in fact he hasn’t had to go far outside his comfort zone.Brandon and Ade have proven themselves over and over in contemporary, disco, hip hop, broadway, ballroom, etc. Brandon’s first dance was a Fox Trot for Pete’s sake. I remember being nervous for him and he rocked it!

Posted by Di | Report as abusive

Evan is the great “white” hope! That is why voters vote for him.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Evan is still there because he is a charismatic performer, in the sense that Joel Grey and Gene Kelly were. There is difference between gymnastic feats and dancing; there is difference between showing off and showmanship. When I watch Ade and Brandon, my usual reaction is, “Wow, how do they get their bodies to do that?” When I watch Evan I think very little and just find myself smiling and being captivated. That’s artistry, and it’s why Evan is still there.

Posted by Will N. | Report as abusive

First off, I love the show, love it. But WHY! is Lil C still rambling on. Someone take his thesaurus away. My ears cringe when he speaks. When I found out he was the guest judge this week, I purposely let the PVR record a good 20 minutes before I started watching so I could fast-forward through his bits. And what more does he want from the dancers? Amazing is Amazing.And, where has Jean-Marc been hiding!… Can’t wait for the finale!

Posted by jeffrey | Report as abusive

Will N. got it exactly right! Evan is an entertainer as well as a great dancer. To bring race into this is just ridiculous (as posted by Chris)! It’s not about race. It’s about connecting with the audience. The charisma and the love of dance just shines through him. And what a gentleman! He takes all the criticism with class and style and makes every effort to try to please the judges, which is not easy. Sometimes I cannot figure out what they want! Go Evan! You have reminded me why I love to watch people dance.

Posted by Carol Stockstell | Report as abusive

Why is Evan still there? I agree with Will N.’s comment that it is because he is enjoyable to watch. It’s subjective — if you like Gene Kelly, then you like Evan. If you like something more modern, then you would want Ade. Evan is also very solid technically, more so than Ade, who was amazing physically. I also remember that when Ade, Brandon (who should win), and Evan danced together, I thought they all did great and were about even.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I really can’t believe that Evan made it through the last 4 rounds let alone into the final four. He has no versatility and he certainly is no Gene Kelly (I am old enough to know that). He really isn’t pleasant to watch because his body lines and lack of physical definition don’t look good unless he’s fully dressed and he absolutely is not debonair like Kelly or Astaire. His narrow range in both dance and dramatic ability qualify him for local theatre in a small city.Does America just need a white boy? (I am quite white by the way). Reality shows are often disappointing not because the contestants aren’t talented or interesting, but because it reveals the level of judgement in America. I think it is quite clear that the experts are quite surprised that Evan has made it this far. If you go through the shows, they are usually damning him faint praise.I realize that Ade was not as schooled or technically as sound but he was far beyond Evan in talent and appeal on the stage. And yes, someone should have taken his comb away from him. However, watch Ade with a partner, then watch Evan (check out the relatedness,the smoothness and the lifts).Brandon is absolutely spectacular in every way. If he doesn’t win, the judges should override public opinion because it would be beyond ridiculous if Evan won. It could threaten the integrity of the show.

Posted by Pat | Report as abusive

I love the show, but I am disappointed that Evans has not been eliminated. He is a good dancer, but only in his style It seems each year a dancer passes the judges and voters and we lose a better dancer. I appreciate Evans broadway dancing, but feel he should have been eliminated. If he wins, I will really be disappointed. Brandon is one of the best dancer.

Posted by Rose McBride | Report as abusive

Ok many of these comments are pure idiots and ignorant jerks, dance is DANCE. Evan is good but ok! Brandon has skill and can go farther, i think brandon is will always work. Sympathy votes for evan will only prove that America is one big sob story.. no skill..

Posted by Denise | Report as abusive

Jeanine is my favorite for the win! She deserves it!! Brandon is next and he could win it too! Kayla is a great dancer but she didnt have the same effect on me as Jeanine or Brandon. Evan does not deserve to be there. Melissa, Ade, or even Janette deserved it way more!

Posted by brian | Report as abusive

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