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Feuding stars Eminem, Mariah Carey “Obsessed” with each other

By Dean Goodman
July 31, 2009

If President Obama still has some Bud Light in the fridge after his “beer summit” Thursday to defuse racial tensions, he might want to mediate an even bigger crisis: The escalating feud between Mariah Carey and Eminem. 

eminemLong after the stars may or may not have had a brief romantic entanglement, they have been sniping at each other in song. In the latest development, Eminem on Thursday released a new track “The Warning,” in which he goes into explicit — often embarrassing — details about their alleged fling in 2001. (Carey has said it never happened.) 

“Enough dirt on you to murder you,” Eminem says in one of the mildest lines on the song, which also targets her husband of 15 months, singer/rapper Nick Cannon. 

“Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures? However you prefer to do, and that goes for Nick too. Faggot, you think I’m scared of you?” 

After firing out various insults at the couple, Eminem threatens to release voicemails she left for him, and then a Carey soundalike is heard making romantic utterances. Eminem does at least hold out an olive branch of sorts at the end, offering to call a truce. 

mariahHis song was a direct response to Carey’s new single “Obsessed,” which comes from her forthcoming album “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.” Carey’s song does not mention Eminem by name, but the object of the song is described as being “delusional” and “fired up with your Napoleon Complex.”  

“Why you so obsessed with me? Boy, I wanna know,” she sings. “Lyin’ that you’re sexin’ me when everybody knows it’s clear that you’re upset with me.”

In the video, she plays both herself and a goateed stalker in a hoodie, which Eminem in his song took to be a representation of him. Carey has said that it is no one in particular. Coincidentally or not, a remixed version of the video features rapper Gucci Mane sporting a medallion with the number “1017″ (Eminem was born on Oct. 17). 

Eminem, whose caustic tirades against celebrities such as Britney Spears, Moby and Jessica Simpson, are eagerly dissected by his fans, ignited the firestorm with a song on his recent album “Relapse.” In the tune “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” he called Carey a “whore” and Cannon a “punk.”  Cannon responded with an angry blog, and Eminem uncharacteristically appeared to back down when he told a BBC interviewer that one of the lines was “a little harsh.”


The Em is the best, his talent i will remember forever, the man dangling, well!


Wow…I thankkk This Fued Is Useles. Dey Needah Just Leave Iht Alone.! Not that Big Of Ah Deal.!


i think this a pointless fight and eminem needs to retire bcuz he gettin too grumpy mayb he startin menopause


I’ve come across fans of many different artists and I’ve reached the conclusion that fans of eminem are the least decent of people. They seem to be brainwashed and instead of loving their idol they seem to worship him. eminem’s fans seems to be retarded: you know he takes your worship for granted, right? seriously, and they all seem to be very rude regardless of the situation-eminem related or not!

Posted by anonymous | Report as abusive

I think Mariah is an old sluttie who marreied a young talentless rapper( no one else would marry this bitch)there is a question here: why eminem is so obsesed about a relationship about 8 years ago? because she is a goddamn lier. and that’s why eminem is pissed off.

Posted by A.P | Report as abusive

well done Mariah, fight fire with fire. EMINEM has dissed everyone (not just her) in his songs and its got everyone talking and love him or hate him you know his lyrics if not his songs. I DIDN’T like Mariah carey at all until I heard this song (obsessed), I think it shows a diffrent side of her, she’s got sense of humour! I don’t think it matters if they did or didnt have a relationship, its controversy and thats what sells.

(hope i spelt this right I did re read it but I know how us eminem fans can be isn’t that the “truth!” hahaha)

Posted by illiterate MnM fan | Report as abusive

i am with mariah, she’s the best. i never hated eminem, but he’s just so insecure at this point; for this issue. it’s too childish of him, which i sympathized about. for mariah, you are always loved and whatever you do is admired. go on girl and be not afraid to be happy. to hell with what they (he) say. keep up the good work and continue to make songs for the people who love you… eminem and eminem fans: grow up!


i believe eminem needs to grow up and stop talking about Mariah and bringing the past up its real pathetic even though shes the top sellinq artist in the world but she dosent need eminems crap lols (: he real pathetic and needs to grow up haha he needs to find a girl and like get over mariah and yeah MOVE ON loser , mariah is happy and outta the blue he comes and starts this bullshit haha and he has voicemails from 6 years ago WOOOOOOOW isnt he awesome haha but yeah im with Mariah she dont need crap from some little white boy wannabe , and imagining things in his head (:


alright whichever retard wrote this needs 2 get there facts straight gucci is on the song 4 the money he has nothin 2 do with the beef 1017 has nothing 2 do with em its his label 1017 brick squad jus 2 let yall know

Posted by rw | Report as abusive

Dear Eminem Nobody,

You think tha you can take advantage of women like you did to Mariah. You shouldn’t stopped right there. And look! You’re the fool for bad choices. You know what it is. What/who said you had the business to ruin Mariah & her life, huh? Next time you bring up a stupid song “The Warning”. Ahem! Don’t try to rap shit jus’ cuz you are too afrad that publicity will hate you, even though they do now! You think that people care about your so-called fame. They just want to see if you’re good at it… which you suck at it real bad. Put a dick in your mouth, oh wait… you already have a dick. Like you said, you were born with a dick in your brain.

This is for Mariah Carey!

Posted by xlachicax | Report as abusive

Here is something for all of you Negative viewers. Ok Eminem has his life and Mariah has hers and they dated ok, good for them and even if Mariah says it did not happen God knows the Truth, ya know ? That is all that matters. So stop dissing the Gossip, and pray for the imperfection we all bear, and that includes Eminem and Mariah, God hears and sees all things. Whatever happens,I hope they can be happy in their current lives,and Thank God to be Alive !!! Be Well …

Posted by straightedge | Report as abusive

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