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Paula Abdul, hard to replace on “Idol”?

August 6, 2009

The Fox TV network and the producers of “American Idol” are scrambling to find a replacement for Paula Abdul . The network has talked about British celebrity Victoria Beckham and pop star Katy Perry as guest judges. But can anyone fill in for the “Straight Up” singer and former Laker Girl on a permanent basis?paula-abdul1

As Time magazine critic James Poniewozik told Reuters, “The reason that people sometimes make fun of Paula is the reason that people watch Paula.”

Abdul has racked up a litany of “weirdest moments,” and Fan Fare mentioned a few in a blog post here.

“She’ll be remembered mostly for her crazy talk on the judges’ panel,” Poniewozik said. “Just weird, kind of hazy and tactically un-diagrammable sentences. Sometimes she refuses to criticize singers when they clearly need it.”

And yet, Abdul has been widely viewed as an important part of the top-rated “Idol” formula for success. Simon Cowell, the alpha judge on the reality singing contest, said last month that he had “made it clear” that he wanted Abdul back on the show. Abdul and Cowell sat side-by-side on the panel, and their interactions often devolved into silly, love-hate taunts and tussles that got the audience laughing or howling.

Abdul may have been the most erratic judge on “Idol,” but critics often say she was more interesting to watch than co-panelists Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson. It remains to be seen if the “Idol” producers will even look for a permanent replacement, or if they will return to having three judges, as they always did until this season when they added DioGuardi.

The four-judge format was unpopular with many critics. As a commentator for news outletĀ MSNBC wrote earlier this year, “For a show already chock-full of filler, increasing the blather seems like a no-win situation.”

What do you think? Can Abdul be replaced? And if not, should Fox go back to three judges or try to get her back somehow?


By all means, get her back!!!

Posted by Kathryn Whiten | Report as abusive

she’s irreplaceable…

Posted by ivy | Report as abusive

By all means get her back somehow. I love u Paula Your Forever Our Girl

Posted by Susie | Report as abusive

The show wont be the same without her, sure I made fun of her to but it was harmless, at least she wasn’t boring.


I’ve seen so many angry comments about her leaving Idols, it can become a very expensive mistake to let her go as she’s got a large and loyal fan base that will quit Idols as well if she leaves.


Our family has decided not to watch. Not only will we miss Paula, but we do not like Kara.

Posted by j | Report as abusive

If you bring that wierdo Victoria Beckham on the show, you can count me and a bunch of others out. For some reason she thinks she is someone…..

Posted by Houston 1526 | Report as abusive

Get Debbie Gibson – she was a terrific singer and song-writer at a young age around when Paula was popular, a nice person, and intelligent & articulate.

Nobody is irreplaceable on that show except for Simon. Paula will be missed, but losing her is not a show-ender by any means.

Posted by R T Johnson | Report as abusive

Fox execs being cheap will end up costing them big. Not smart. Down with American Idol!

Posted by Nicole | Report as abusive

American Idol has a formula: The Fab Four: Simon, Randy, Paula, and Ryan. Take away one today, they can take away another tomorrow! Kara is awful. No one likes her- get rid of her. Fox/Simon Fuller make a fortune off American Idol. They CHOOSE not to pay Paula. I have watched every show, but I am done now. American Idol has no loyalty to their judges or their fans; I have no loyalty to the show.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

oh god no, she can’t be replaced I mean she’s one of the reasons why I watch in the first place! I mean besides the fact that its a great show, the banter is a huge bonus for me and its something that was unique that she brought. This is truly a dark dark time for us.

Posted by Mike Wolf | Report as abusive

I am glad to see Paula go. I always had to fast forward through her comments because she just can’t get the words out fast enough. She sucks. So does Kara


cyndi lauper would be the ideal replacement. big heart, quirky personality, lots of talent

Posted by tom | Report as abusive

Fox is carazy to let her go. Paythe money she wants and get her back. Half the fun of watching the show is Paula .

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

It is imperitive that you get Paula back. She has been a key component to the success of this show.

You should go back to 3 judges. There always has to be 3 to have tie breaker.


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