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U.S. comic Garofalo wrongfooted in Edinburgh

August 8, 2009

COMEDY ARTSU.S. film, television and comedy star Janeane Garofalo was badly prepared for her show on the first night of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on Friday, according to The Scotsman newspaper.

Critic Jay Richardson blasted Garofalo for a “train wreck” of a show during which she consulted notes, rambled on, opined about Scottish stereotypes like eating deep fried Mars bars and a fondness for drink and spouted some ill-considered opinions about British politicians.

“Interrogating cricket-apathetic Scots about The Ashes (a series between England and Australia played in England and Wales this year) might have been the nadir, were it not for her laboured Conservative baiting,” Richardson wrote.
However, the paper praised Garofalo for flashes of brilliance when she stuck to a script that she knew better, offering the audience a brief glimpse of the kind of show they had come to see crammed into a breakneck final 15  minutes venting spleen on Laura Bush, talking about her loss of religion, libido, cosmetic surgery and depression. 
Reporting by Paul Casciato – Lifestyle Chief Sub-Editor EMEA
Photo  – Reuters

The woman is mentally unstable, to put it mildly. She isn’t remotely funny, and would do well to find another line of work.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

She has been boring and irrelevant here in the States for some time. I’m glad you’re stuck with her as we find her boring.
We have a new president that is screwing up left and right and she makes Laura Bush jokes. Yawn!

Posted by Joe Pepe NYC | Report as abusive

Poor Miss Garofalo, if only she could be kept in Scotland for a little while; say ten years? What an embarassment.

Posted by Abe Dadian | Report as abusive

Another pathetic Hollywood loser trying to make a comeback from “never-was”, picking on the Bush’s to try and generate some life into a sad, dead performance. One word comes to mind- LOSER

Posted by Writeguy | Report as abusive

Why is this news? Report about her is she does something spectacular, not for something mundane.

Posted by ed scott | Report as abusive

She’s yours now! We don’t want her back either.

Posted by Mr X | Report as abusive

“U.S. film, television and comedy star” . . . Where did you get that Ms Goldsmith? From her publicist. She may have been a minor TV actress 10 years ago but never anything more.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

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