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Cameron Douglas girlfriend arrested for smuggling heroin in toothbrush

August 12, 2009

douglasCall them the Hollywood drug gang that couldn’t shoot straight — or get straight.

First, the son of Michael Douglas, 30-year-old Cameron Douglas, gets arrested late last month in New York City for allegedly dealing in crystal meth. He’s a member of Hollywood royalty — grandson of Kirk Douglas — and undoubtedly was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You can read about his arrest here.

Then, late Tuesday came news reports that Cameron Douglas’ girlfriend was arrested this week after she was caught trying to deliver 19 tiny bags of heroin to him stuffed inside a toothbrush, according to court papers and New York media reports.

Douglas, a part-time actor himself, was being held under house arrest when Kelly Sott, identified as his girlfriend, was caught by a guard who opened the battery compartment of an electric toothbrush and found “19 glassines containing a brownish substance” that was later confirmed as heroin. She was then arrested at the same, hip downtown Manhattan hotel (the Gansevoort) in which Douglas was taken into custody. Sott said she “was not aware of the contents of the toothbrush,” according to the complaint.

The guard was tipped off when Douglas, who faces at least 10 years in prison for running a drug operation from Los Angeles to New York, “appeared to be very concerned about when the toothbrush would be delivered.”

Sott, who is being held in jail pending a bail application, was identified in court papers as needing special attention due to heroin addiction. Her attempt at drug smuggling has been mocked in the New York media as amateurish.

Could either of them just say “no”? Apparently not.


Not too bright, are they?

Posted by Goober Pyle | Report as abusive

“The guard was tipped off when Douglas . . . “appeared to be very concerned about when the toothbrush would be delivered.””


Criminal masterminds.

I know what happens next. Even as I write, some other hotshot will be baking him a cake with a file in it.

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