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Tyra Banks strips down to promote new season

August 17, 2009

tyra-2If you happened to be lucky enough to be in New York’s Union Square on Monday, you might have glimpsed supermodel turned TV celebrity Tyra Banks naked — well, sort of. (See  the picture at right)

She was promoting the upcoming season of “The Tyra Banks Show,” her chat program that moves to the CW network this fall. It is the same network that airs Tyra’s “America’s Next Top Model” reality TV contest.

So Tyra stripped down to her knickers, make that a body suit, to say to the world that her new season is going to be about “celebrating inner and outer beauty and owning and rocking what you’ve got.”

Tyra has always been outspoken about women’s body images and the media’s perception of them. Readers may remember a few years back when several celebrity publications ran some rather unflattering pictures of Tyra in a bathing suit. Afterward, she went on her own media campaign to respond, saying things to the effect of, “so what. I am who I am, and this is the body I have.” Our words, not hers. But we say, “You go girl!”

And to support her new season’s campaign of “rocking what you’ve got,” Tyra is going one step further. On the show’s Sept. 8 premiere, she is taking the weave out of her hair and appearing au naturel — her hair, that is. ”No fake hair,” Tyra says in a release promoting the show, “I’m rocking my REAL hair.”

(photo credit: Warner Bros/Michael Loccisano)


Its interesting that while she was modeling she was all about profiting from the “skinny” artificial modeling image. Now that she’s “old” and washed up she’s all for “this is who I am”. Women typically do this when they get old and less ‘desirable” but support the I’m “slim and hot” philosophy when they can be arrogant and picky. These are the same women who feed off older and well off men when they’re young and call these same men “pigs” when they’re old and flabby. What else is new.

Posted by Norm | Report as abusive

If it makes her money then she supports it!


Old? She’s 35! What are you saying to women? Washed up? She’s rich and has a successful show … well … 2. Maybe I’m wrong but so many people seem so angry that they lash out at anything and everything they see. She’s older now and settled into a more realistic body and wants to let the world know it’s okay to not be a size 0. And you criticize that? I say way to go! We need more of that!


Ya know, you haters ought to knock it off. You’ll live longer. None of us can afford a negative thought. Jealous, critical. yuck.
I love Tyra, always have, always will. She’s about as real as they get. I have to wear a uniform to work (flight crew). When she was younger and always on the runway, she had to comply with rules of HER trade. That’s a sin? She’s smart, kind, beautiful, REAL and funny. And she gives hope and joy to many. Me, for one. Go Tyra! Love you!

Posted by Lisa Flory | Report as abusive

Trya do your thing i just hate that woman hate on other women that are doing things good for there self especially our black woman ur not only a pretty woman u went after what u wanted and doing a dam good job kept up the great work and try to encourage our younger youth we dont have enough of encourging the youth and we r losing our young people over silly and crazy things and it needs to come from home but our parents are not like when we came up they are younger and just stupid these day I have 18 year daughter that has a baby herself and i make sure that she dose again that she dose whats need for her child so that she wont make that mistake again i couldnt prevent her from haveing sex but i belive that she learn.


The tyra bank show isnt good at all, She shuts down people when they are on just to prove her point, and her niceness on the show is all an act, she really isnt taht nice to her guess.

Posted by Cool dude | Report as abusive

In response to ‘Norm’….When Tyra was a model she was leaner than the average woman. But keep in mind that she was also larger than the average runway model. She was one of the ‘volumptous’ models working for Victoria’s Secret. Even at her thinnest she had T&A. I found, and still do, her physical appearance to be inspiring. She wasn’t/isn’t stick thin and unhealthy looking. She was thin and healthy. In fact, right now she has a BMI of 23, which is well within the healthy weight range. She never came across to me as having the attitude of, “women who feed off older and well off men when they’re young and call these same men “pigs” when they’re old and flabby.” I don’t know where this can be seen in her life.

As for ‘older’ women having the, “this is who I am” attitude. Did you ever stop to think that most women are very insecure with their appearance? Especially when in their teens and twenties. That’s WHY they don’t have a more self accepting attitude. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in public for over 6 years, and I’m of an average healthy weight for my height. I’m still trying to get over my body insecurities.

Did you stop to think by calling someone who is 35, old, that you’re adding to that insecurity? I turned 30 this year, and was feeling very self-conscious about it. I had it in my head that 30 was old. My brother kept telling me that I had better have a kid before time runs out, that I was ‘reaching my expiration date’. But you know what? I’m planning to live to be 120, so 30 is a drop in the bucket.

I respect what Tyra is doing. She is trying to help women of all ages understand that there is not ONE ideal beauty. That we need to stop nitpicking at how ourselves, and others look. That we need to start participating in life in order to live it. To not let cellulite or not having a 6 pack stop us from doing the things we want to. Screw all you jerks who make us feel like we are less than human for not fitting into whatever mold you want us to.

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How many other super models do you see putting themselves out there, taking risks as big as she does, taking criticism for her passion and turning it into yet more encouragement for many young women? She is a prime example of how one can achieve great success when one works hard and goes after what they desire with all their might. Putting her down right now really doesn’t do much anyway because when you look up the word Tyra, you find her picture. Keep doing what you do, girl. Show us where passion will get us.

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