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Heidi Montag fails to win universal praise at Miss Universe

August 24, 2009

Hollywood’s resident reality TV villain Heidi Montag performed her song “Body Language” at the “Miss Universe” pageant on Sunday, as several critics reacted by saying it was bad — but could have been worse.heidi-montag

Montag, 22, gained fame for appearing on MTV reality show “The Hills,” becoming a TV celebrity before she made her mark with anything resembling what celebrities normally do to get famous, like singing or acting. On “The Hills” and on subsequent TV appearances, Montag has earned a reputation for being a personality whom TV viewers don’t really like, but can’t keep their eyes off.

Of late, Montag has tried to make a name for herself as a singer. She also appeared in the September issue of Playboy, as her husband, fellow reality TV “bad boy” Spencer Pratt, interviewed her for the piece. Among other things, Montag told her husband that she experienced great sex with him and she might want another boob job.

As for Montag’s performance at the Miss Universe pageant, a writer at Entertainment Weekly said it featured “moderately competent lip-syncing, some Britney-wannabe choreography … and that’s about it.”

But celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote, “while it was most definitely bad — it wasn’t EMBARRASSINGLY bad!”

Ditto for paparazzi website X17, an outfit that is very familiar with Montag. They wrote, “you have to admit that it could have been way worse!”

Check out the video of her performance below.


all ya’ll are haters get a life…your just mad because your not her….all these other singers are doing just same thing..

Posted by Ashley | Report as abusive

The (her) dance was like watching mannequins being turned in the show window. Although Heidi dolled up pretty HOT. She knows shes HOT, she knows everyone knows who she is now. Thanks to L.C… whom Speidi turn tricks to try to smear L.C’s rep. We all may not look like Heidi or have her taste in EVERYTHING but thats the difference between Talent & hard-earned careers. Remember when she drop out or got FIRED from Bolthouse and worse she cant even INDEPENDANTLY make decisions. I really do wanna see how far Heidi goes and WHAT really dumb things she’ll do next! By that Heidi…. your doing great keeping up with all your LOVERS & HATERS!! I wouldnt wanna be you, you do great job being EXTREMELY you, so Airhead.


Heidi proved it right when she lyric’d Body Language. She let her sex appeal talk. Im not a Heidi fan because of her villiandicous personality added with a bit of wackness. However I do know Heidi sounds great vocally she actually does have that sexy voice-purr except her dance performance she needs alot of touchup. Heidi can hold SEXY and HOT but she needs alot more fabrication to win the world over. Thats what sells, she already has drama in her and the husband America Loves to hate. BTW have you noticed Body Language was downloaded remarkably. I give it 2-stars!


she is the worst dancer i’ve ever seen

Posted by Casey | Report as abusive

what was even worse than this performance at miss universe were the finalists’ answers to the judge’s questions. did you hear the crap that they were spewing? i don’t care that they had to use translators. they all sounded pretty idiotic. the competition is a joke. it amazes me that women allow themselves to be so objectified and used like that. and then they complain when they get older, lose their looks, have absolutely nothing else in life going for them, and realize no one gives a sh-t about them anymore (heidi included). straight pathetic.

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

She needs to stop with all these apperances in different shows….she is confusing the audience …first in the hills she was consider the “B” word then the reality game show her and spencer are highly devoted christians now she in pageant half naked singing..all i can say is hypocrite…she needs to sit down and stop trying to do everything at one time and find her true talent. :)

Posted by Mz Nae | Report as abusive

whoa…whoa what’s the opposite of a moose knuckle?

Posted by tammy | Report as abusive

Why is it that if you have any kind of celebrity status, you think you can sing and dance?? This looks like a really horrible Brittany Spears knock off outift, and dance! Can someone PLEASE tell Heidi to just sit back, have her Baby, be a good little Christian, and hush??? Between her and her idiot Husband the press has made them way more popular than they deserve. So much for real talent!

Posted by Dragonlady | Report as abusive

Lets all cut our faces and smash our heads into a brick wall until we reach this level of stupidity. Hey! we all deserve a shot at fame!

Posted by Kwoodz | Report as abusive

What a joke! I liked Heidi when she was originally on the Hills. Now shes so manufactured with her fake boobs, face and singing that I’ve lost respect for her. Also, her husband Spencer is a strange cat. He is certainly not trustworthy.

Posted by Tara | Report as abusive

It’s not even that the performance was so terrible, besides for the obvious lip-syncing, it’s the fact that Heidi Montag is trying to a singer that is so ridiculous. Stick to reality TV Heidi, and find a new costume designer.

Posted by Kate | Report as abusive

That poor girl can NOT dance.. You can literally see her counting the dance moves in her head… I’m embarassed for her.

Posted by KC | Report as abusive

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