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Heidi Montag fails to win universal praise at Miss Universe

August 24, 2009

Hollywood’s resident reality TV villainĀ Heidi Montag performed her song “Body Language” at the “Miss Universe” pageant on Sunday, as several critics reacted by saying it was bad — but could have been worse.heidi-montag

Montag, 22, gained fame for appearing on MTV reality show “The Hills,” becoming a TV celebrity before she made her mark with anything resembling what celebrities normally do to get famous, like singing or acting. On “The Hills” and on subsequent TV appearances, Montag has earned a reputation for being a personality whom TV viewers don’t really like, but can’t keep their eyes off.

Of late, Montag has tried to make a name for herself as a singer. She also appeared in the September issue of Playboy, as her husband, fellow reality TV “bad boy” Spencer Pratt, interviewed her for the piece. Among other things, Montag told her husband that she experienced great sex with him and she might want another boob job.

As for Montag’s performance at the Miss Universe pageant, a writer at Entertainment Weekly said it featured “moderately competent lip-syncing, some Britney-wannabe choreography … and that’s about it.”

But celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote, “while it was most definitely bad — it wasn’t EMBARRASSINGLY bad!”

Ditto for paparazzi website X17, an outfit that is very familiar with Montag. They wrote, “you have to admit that it could have been way worse!”

Check out the video of her performance below.


oh my lord. how embarrassing…

Posted by tegan | Report as abusive

she sucks. it was a nightmare to watch this year. How did they get her to perform this year? i was in shock. she sucks, her voice is like a cat screaming! i changed the channel.

Posted by zoom | Report as abusive

she should just go straight to porn and save us all the waste of time.

Posted by the truth | Report as abusive

I thought that the Miss Universe promotes beauty and brains and half time entertainment should be the same quality. I am sick of the many Britany spears out there try some real clean entertainment for a change.


i think americans are tired of the same old britney/boobs/sex as a money machine formula. once the gears are in motion, they will attempt to shove her down our throats until money comes. but this time, i think they bet on the wrong horse.

Posted by peachhhh | Report as abusive

That was as much of a disappointment as her Playboy pictorial is.

Posted by Opie | Report as abusive

I can not believe they let her do that!!!….
Ewwww No words to describe…. poor thing…

Posted by leon | Report as abusive

All her “body language” shows is incoordination…

Posted by elday | Report as abusive

This c-bag gets worse and worse…just go away already. No one cares about your f’ing life or your f’ing jackoff of a husband. They represent all that is wrong with this country…it’s a disgrace.

Posted by Lil Yimmy | Report as abusive

Of all the talented people, why would they put this on? This is just a person that likes to parade her body around in front of a camera. This is not music or entertainment. I feel sorry that she is so insecure, she has to do this to herself.

Posted by sgreen | Report as abusive

Oh wow. at first i thought she was nude! this must be so embarassing for her to have to re-watch this via internet, or via tv! i couldn’t stop laughing about the dancing (especially when she got off beat of her MUCH worse than high school musical dancing) or when her lips were obviously off and she tried to catch up. this was just a disaster!

Posted by bomb | Report as abusive

sweetie, your 15 seconds of fame were over weeks ago. stop making a fool of yourself.

Posted by Alexx | Report as abusive

Wow! That was…. painful to watch! Seriously… Did she try to do the nude suit because it worked sooo well for Britney?? This reminded me of a knock off from Britney Spears dances.. Britney may lip-sync, but she can dance, which is more then you can say for Heidi….

Posted by shelly freeman | Report as abusive

I didn’t think that she was bad at all. Give her a break people. Do you think you can do better? Why don’t you try it? She did good for her first performance.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

What an embarrassment to the US!! How did SHE get on??? LOL Donald Trump needs some help in choosing good producers AND get rid of Billy Bush – he personifies the “trash” of America!

This is no longer a classy competition.

Posted by Stephanie | Report as abusive

WHY HEIDI? WHY? This is all you can say to this performance

Posted by charcentral | Report as abusive

I agree with everything that was said. Hedi sucked. I laughed sooo hard. I love the hills but she is soooo dumb forever getting with spencer

Posted by Bethany | Report as abusive

She was awful. How sad for Ms. Universe that they allowed this hack performer to gyrate onstage with her clumsy dance moves and lypc synched lyrics. Who is this woman other than a wannabee Britney Spears?? Heidi just needs to stick to Playboy and getting implants. She is such a bad singer!

Posted by sandy | Report as abusive

She’s no worse than Britney, the Pussycat Dolls, or Justin Timberlake who has made millions singing the same types of silly songs about being a tease…don’t take any of these girls (yes, this includes you Justin…geez, what does Jessica Biel or what did Cameron Diaz ever see in you?) seriously…they really aren’t true artists…just looking to cash in on some bucks…who can blame them? They wouldn’t get noticed if people weren’t snatching up their cds….Who buys this crap? obviously is all very sad…ha ha

Posted by MC | Report as abusive

She wasn’t that bad. She did okay her first performance.

Posted by tweety | Report as abusive

An appearance on a major TV show like this takes a lot of talent and practice, it was obvious Heidi had neither.

Posted by molly | Report as abusive

Sad. She reminds me of someone I know who is desperately starved for attention. Heidi would likely pose nude on a children’s network just for a moment in the spotlight. It just goes to show what kind of morals she has.. or lacks, I should say. It must be hard for her parents to watch their daughter make a fool of herself and trash her own name at such a young age.

Posted by Nat | Report as abusive

Heidi Montag did what other attractive women should do – show off her body and flaunt her sexuality. Beautiful women out to embrace their femininity and beauty and be proud of it and leave all the feminist crap in the garbage.

It’s clear she can’t sing but if you have the boobs, the hips, and the face — what more do you really need to entertain the viewers?

Posted by Goeff B. | Report as abusive

gail adams and peachhhh, Britney Spears is 10x better than this. There is a reason that Britney is a pop icon. And Heidi is, well…Heidi.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

OMG!!! just before watching the pageant clip I watched a clip of Speidi in the jungle. Heidi should never be allowed to leave her house with out a full face of makeup, hair extentions, plumbed up lips and of course a really good underwire bra in order to hold up her fake
boobs. She is definitly NOT a natural born beauty everything about her is fake with the exception of a slight over bite. She should visit Spencers Dad so he can fit her for a retainer that she can pop in at bed time to fix that rabbit mouth of hers (has anyone else noticed this??) gosh how sexy of a sight would that be in order to fix her rabbit teeth. Maybe Spencer could produce an ad for his Dads Dental Practice, showing off Heidi wearing her retainer, at least then they could now say they are making honest money lol lol. The only reason people watched this singing and dance mess is people love to watch others make complete idiots of them selves which Heidi clearly did doing that pageant performance which was a off beat mess, and where the heck did she find those back up dancers? She can not and should not sing ever again I could not make out one single word. The bottom line, just pack it in and stick to the Hills so you can pay off your Plastic surgeon and Spencer’s Dad if she decides to fix that rabbit mouth she tries to sing with !! I have often thought what does Spencer do for a living? Has he ever worked a day in his Life ?? All I have ever seen him do is text, twitter, play video games and read. I have often thought about Heidi’s ex Jordan what is he up to these days, I also think he is a bit of a creep. Anyway I hope I never witness another performance like that pageant performance ever again!!!!! CHEERS EVERYONE!!
11111111111 –

Posted by Trish | Report as abusive

wow. um. wow, this girl just CANNOT DANCE! OMG< I would be laughing except for that it is kind of painfully embarrassing to watch!! I mean, really, can she keep a beat? The way her hips move, and the overall un-coordination…And the song is just…reminds me of when paris thought she was a singer, or early Jlo stuff! Oh man. Just overproduced, mixed nonsense. This girl is DESPERATELY CLINGING to fame! LOL…good luck with that! In 5 years we will all be like, “Who TF is Heidi MONTAG?”

Posted by april | Report as abusive

A has-been at 22? Who in the world paid this girl to get up there? Why couldn’t someone be honest and tell her that she has no talent? We, the public, are supposed to buy into thinking this girl gave some kind of acceptable performance?

Posted by bjco | Report as abusive

leave the poor las alone, it was good for her first bloody performance, like to see you do better, crikey.! heidi your gorgeous and can sing alot better than many people and yeah the dancing could be improved but its only by practicing and performing that makes perfection, just leave her alone she’s trying and you are all jealous

Posted by scottish las | Report as abusive

why do people encourage this girl, or the couple for that matter..They have no talent, they are nobody’s and the networks continue to put them on TV..I just do not get it, my kids are more talented than these two STUPID

Posted by LouLou | Report as abusive

Bless her pathetic, delusional little heart. This performance underscores the fact that this couple is famous for nothing. Well, unless you consider being the world’s biggest blowhole a reason. Spencer would top that list

Posted by Lisa BACON | Report as abusive

mediocre with bad dancing…girl needs a butt before she topples herself with more implants

Posted by clady | Report as abusive

thhhaaat was HI-larious! It was a joke, right?

Posted by Brenda | Report as abusive

This is a poor performance no matter which way you slice it.

Posted by Renee | Report as abusive

um. wow. she CAN’T act, sing or dance. but she can lose bff’ least she has some talent.

Posted by Courtney | Report as abusive

Oh my Gosh she was so bad off beat with her dancing, and what the hell was up with that outfit. She needs to stick to being a drama queen and stay the HELL away from music. “HORRIBLE” no other word to sum it up!!!!

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

Not embarrassing? She looked like a complete idiot wanting to dance like Britney and lip sync like Ashley Simpson.

Posted by Ann | Report as abusive

Heidi OMG!…(laughing)…OMG!… you are delicously horrible!! You have the big fake hair, the fake boobs and your talent is seriously screaming out … “PLEASE FEEL ME, Im desperate to be FAMOUS!”. Spencer put you up to another one of his manipulative-persuasion that you possess talent. What you both do on reality (fight/cause to hurt people).. only works, not music! BTW Playboy works because thats all you are… a piece of meat!


I don’t think it was a bad performance, I think she danced quite well. The song was okay, but very forgettable and not very catchy, kinda reminds me of paris hilton.

Posted by Jaslyn | Report as abusive

VERY,VERY SAD!! Spencer has $$ signs watching Heidi blowup into his puppet. Poor gal shes sooooo naive about herself, so she lets stuff like this (Spencer) CONTROL her and she doesnt even know he only sees $$ off of her. Yah she looks great, does even better on that fixality show The Hills. Body Language shot wasnt that impressive, she couldve at least have a stripper pole to wow the crowd. She has the heels and body for it. Heidi I bet you do alot better getting the right people around you and subtract Spencer he is ONLY your husband.. thats all!


This was hilarious and embarassing to watch at the same time. Couldn’t they find someone else surely HEIDI MONTAG was not the only possible entertainer. I’m still waiting for someone to say “just kidding”. This was super funny.

Keep up the HORRIFIC work Heidi. At least this is legitimate entertainment. My belly hurts..I’ve been laughing so hard.

Thanks girl

Posted by Cami | Report as abusive

a desperate attempt to be the next britney spears…the outfit is even reminiscent of one of britney’s MTV performances…lip-synching at its worst — the camera never goes in for a close-up of her face and her hair is all over the place so you won’t notice that her lip movements and the music don’t match up…the dancing is awful…she even looks at the backup dancers several times during the “performance” because she can’t seem to remember what to do. It’s just a big ole’ mess! She and Spencer need to go away FOREVER!

Posted by smith | Report as abusive

I admit, Heidi is smokin\’ hot. People hate her because she is the \”bad guy\” on the Hills, but for those of us who don\’t watch that MTV reality show junk, well, she\’s just another hot blonde we see on the magazine covers when we go into a store. I\’ve tested this theory by showing several guys who have little to no idea what \’the Hills\’ is, a picture of Montag and asked what they thought, and the response is always that she\’s good to great looking. Teenage girls and women in the early twenties who watch the show hate her, and dog on her looks, mainly because she \”plays\” (that\’s right – it\’s scripted) a villain on the show. She\’s not a great singer, but neither is Ashlee Simpson, Jo-Jo, and half of these pop singers whose careers are based solely on music.

Posted by August Rush | Report as abusive

simply awful. she needs to stop trying to bite britney’s style (and old demos), take some dance lessons, accept that she can’t sing, and move back to colorado with that nasty, famewhore husband of hers.

Posted by sarah ashley | Report as abusive

I only have one word. TOTALLY HOT


OMG, is that Heidi Montag? She didn’t work for BoltHouse anymore? Wow, I didn’t actually quite like her music at all, I mean probably Britney Spears wannabe.
Oh wow where is Spenser Pratt anyway?

Posted by MX28080 | Report as abusive

I’ve no axe to grind with this girl. Have only seen the Hills once and didn’t care for it, it moved too slowly. I think that Heidi’s actually an attractive woman with zero talent. How tall is she?? She’d probably be an excellent model if she’s got the height.

However, she can’t act, can’t sing, and her dancing is an embarrassment (I don’t think she could find the beat if it was hidden in her bra).

Posted by Mystical Muse | Report as abusive

Did she take a dump in those pants right before the song, or what. Ewwwww…

Posted by Hugh Jassol | Report as abusive

Watching this without sound, is just as bad, if not worse. She can’t dance to save her life, and I all I see is the next Britney Spears. God, get a life, take your husband, and jump off a cliff or something, your 15 minutes of fame is up!

Posted by Me | Report as abusive

I didn’t like her and her nasty hubby when I saw them on “I’M A CELB, GET ME OUT OF HERE” they both are just nasty and rude people. My 13 year old acts more mature than they did on that show.

Posted by Randi | Report as abusive

So fake! Everything about her is fake, her boobs, her nose, her chin, her hair and now he singing!!! Anyone can record a song with the masking they have done to her voice, similar to Brittney for sure! I don’t know how she got on this show, but someone has an investment in her. And her Playboy cover, are you kidding me?? I was really disappointed with such a high quality magazine having her and her stupid fake husband as well Spencer interviewing her…..what a waste!

Posted by sheba | Report as abusive

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