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Madonna booed in Bucharest over Gypsy remarks

August 27, 2009

Pop star Madonna was booed during a concert in Bucharest, Romania, on Wednesday night when she urged the Eastern European crowd to be tolerant of Roma, otherwise known as the Gypsy population.madonna

The Roma have recently been the victims of targeted killings in Hungary, and they face discrimination in many parts of Europe.

In an effort to bring attention to that, Madonna took a break from performing during her concert in Bucharest to say, “I’ve been paying attention to news reports, and it’s been brought to my attention that there’s a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe, and that makes me feel very sad,” she said. “Because we don’t believe in discrimination against anyone, we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone, right?”

In reaction, Madonna got boos from the crowd, although some fans also showed support for her comments by applauding. Many Roma in Eastern Europe live below the poverty line, and in parts of Eastern Europe it has been common for some to show their hatred of the Roma by displaying the swastika and other Nazi symbols. Many Eastern Europeans have also bristled at any criticism of the way the Roma are treated in their countries, especially if it comes from someone who is not from that part of the world. As a visitor on tour  from the United States, Madonna no doubt ran into that obstacle with the crowd in Bucharest.

See the reaction from a member of the audience with a handheld camera, in the video link below.


I hope Madonna is not discouraged one bit in her activism. It must be a pill to swallow to realize you have fans that are Nazi racists. It’s time the world look at the tribalism and racism. Apartheid, segregation and bigotry aren’t exclusive to India, South Africa and the U.S. They are a growing crisis all over the world especially in Eastern Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Latin America. I say, GO MADONNA GO!!

Posted by Vanessa | Report as abusive

I am saddened by the negative reaction of many within that crowd . The fact that they jeered shows their moral immaturity. Singers and writers have always acted as the moral compass of societies and Madonna had every right to voice her opinion re how the Roma are suffering … I see that the crowd she delivered her message to is sadly filled with pride and displays the inability to show any remorse … Does not bode well!!!

Posted by niko | Report as abusive

I adore Madge…I have been to 5 concerts. But her job is to entertain. She can do activism at her own time. Why can’t she be like Cher? At her concerts it is all about costume changes and fabulousness. I have enough with the 24 hrs bad news. She can go do activism off tour on her ownn time and I will support her 100% More vogue and less blabbing. And I can’t stand Obama, so I don’t want to see him displayed along humble and truly righteous man. He has his agenda and it is not equal to everyone and definetely not inclusive of all. He was elected on the basis of reverse racism or pure racism for that matter.

Posted by Vogualicious | Report as abusive

The fact that they booed her comments shows that they have a long way to go in dealing with their issues

Posted by Ingrid | Report as abusive

She was booed for hypocrisy, not for defending gypsies.
Gypsies are discriminated all over Europe, not only in Eastern Europe. In fact, in Western Europe they are subject to laws that directly targets them (see Italy), or are their rights to stay and/or work is denied, and are subject to deportations like in ww2, against any EU laws (gypsies are EU citizens). Read about what happened a couple a months ago in Belfast – where was Madonna then? She should keep these speaches for her public at home.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

Why discriminate against Gypsies? Just because they have a culture based on theft, con-jobs and begging is no reason to discriminated, amirite?

Posted by suzy creamcheese | Report as abusive

i discriminate against gypsies too. i’m not going to take any crap from madonna on this subject or any other. most of the gypsies i’ve run into have tried to steal something from me. madonna has a lot more work to do on learning to sing, let alone going into politics. shut your trap madonna!

Posted by jack | Report as abusive

It’s simple to speak… but hard to do. I invite Madonna to take these people in America. Why there were problems with gipsy all over Europe (East and West) like: Hungary, Czech Republik, Italy, Irland, etc? Think about? Live between them and after that I’ d like to hear your opinion.

Posted by Jon | Report as abusive

Dear All,
I saw the concert.
Yes, she was booed for giving an opinion on a subject she has absolutely no knowledge of. She heard a romantic story about mad, bohemian gipsy love and decided to do a favor to the story teller.
1. She was not booed when mentioning gay people but rather applauded.
2. She was cheered for the gypsy performance of La Isla Bonita.
3. She was cheered when stating: “we don’t believe in discrimination against anyone, we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone, right?”
4. A moment dedicated to Michael Jackson received more applause than many parts of the show. (yes!)

5. She was booed when she said gypsies are being discriminated because it’s not true. She was booed because the audience took it as an offence. Romanians are really striving to ensure fairness 4 all. They are begging gypsies to send their children to school rather than to send them to beg or sell them. Problem is that such a big number (if not majority) of them are subject for the news.
6. At least the hotel in Romania is not that bad she’s still here 48 hours after the concert.

Posted by Tommy | Report as abusive

@Vanessa, @niko – are you for real? 1-it’s all a fake, she knew she’d get that kind of reaction so she did it on purpose for a little bit of PR. any PR is good PR, right?
2 – please come and live here, get robbed, touched, insulted and abused by this wonderful people called gypsies and then lecture us on discrimination. The Romanian educational system, despite many of its flaws, provides gypsies with free education including university. They have a number of seats GUARANTEED in every school, high school, college and university in this country when other people – of any other race and ethnic background – have to pay tuition. your dear European comrades blame the Romanian government for not stepping up in the case of gypsy children weddings (they marry at 13 for Christ sake), isn’t that ironic!?! when the ethnic Germans of Transylvania left during the communist reign, all those beautiful German villages had become occupied by gypsies. what do you think they look like now?

@Ingrid – true, I’ll give you that; however there is nothing stopping western Europe to discriminate against Romanians and calling them gypsies, beggars and thiefs all across the continent.

Please take a time and read the news before passing judgment. google translate works for Romanian too.

Posted by gina | Report as abusive

I agree with Dan. The way the Gypsies are treated in Europe is not only a problem of Eeastern Europe (that by the way is becoming a scape goat for hypocrite westerners) but a problem in Italy and France as well.

This is a complex problem and some entartainer is in no position to judge anyone.

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

As long as you do not live among them, you cannot afford to make any remarks.Good or bad, they are among us and we are the ones that can have an opinion.Talking without having a slight idea about what does not bring any benefit neither to you or to the situotion. Thats why is better to let professionals to talk and solve problems.And you can stand for something you know about, not just heard about.

Posted by mirela | Report as abusive

I am seriously fed up with people like this singer abusing their position by sounding off about highly personal and arguably contentious subjects whenever they have a captive audience. It is insulting behaviour towards the audience. You go to hear singing not the latest personal rant from the artiste. I agree with Jack – learn to sing properly and shut up about politics.

Posted by Larry | Report as abusive

Romanians are by and large not citizens of the world. Bucharest is one of the most insular capital cities in Europe and many people here are not very well educated. Romania is still quite backward with rampant corruption and a superficial nouveau riche crowd.

Posted by magnum | Report as abusive

Madonna’s reaction was normal, but she was not well informed. The ethnic issue is a sensitive one in Romania, especially when it is mentioned the Roma community. Romanians can be described as a tolerant nation, but their reaction to Roma people has a long history and strong motivation. Gipsies live in casts, according to their own rules, obeying only to their leaders. They don’t accept and respect the law, or any autorithy. They live in groups of extended families, and they have huge number of kids. They don’t allow their kids to go to school and they aren’t interested about a normal 9-5 job. They send their kids in public places or transportation to bag for money, food, cigarets and alcohool… if you don`t give them anything they hitting you and swear you like a trooper. In last years they organised their comunities in gypsy bands, like italian mafia, and now they are in charge with drugs, prostitution, and robberies. Italians, spanish and irish people stopped saying anything about discrimination after the gypsies moved over there. You think they CAN’T go to school ? They DON’T want to! They CAN’T find a job? They DON’T want to! Again…they steal, they don’t respect the law, they don’t respect anyone. So,why should we? I wonder if Madona knows that in some Bucharest’s districts, Romanian people are afraid to come out of their houses because of the gypsies. What would you feel if you knew that when you or your child come out of the house, chances are to be robbed, beaten, raped or even more, killed? The Romanian state gives them houses, but they choose to remain and live in tents.I’d like to propose the great diva to take a step out of Radisson and spend a night in the Ferentari district, in Bucharest, without her guards. I am sure, she’d have the adventure of her life!

Posted by Gabi | Report as abusive

i am romanian.
i am 24 years old.
i have never met a gypsy that didn’t stole from me, beat me, except for one. that one recently stole money from all the people in my block and ran… what more can i say about them? the people from my country who listen to their popular music are acting like them… i don’t sympathize with them either. they are mostly not very civilized people.
i wish this would change and the gypsy people who are not like the ones we all hate will have the chance to live in this world just like anyone else.
thank you.

Posted by Mihai | Report as abusive

I was at the concert in question. She shouldn’t mention gypsies. They are not in the same category with homosexuals or other categories with which nobody has a problem. Gypsies behave like they are another species. They steal, refuse to work, don’t pay taxes, get wellfare and breed like rabbits. They don’t go to school despite efforts to integrate them. Some were GIVEN housing and they just live in tents in the yards and keep animals in the house. They use their children as weapons in clan wars (use them as clubs actually – yes, you heard right!). They also use they litter of children to earn money by forcing them to beg. If you are robbed by a gypsy police won’t do much because they’re afraid. Romanians hate gypsies, true. Such talk about US discriminating THEM is not going to make a difference. Gypsies now are very lucky that people are so tolerant. If they weren’t there wouldn’t be any gypsies left here…

Posted by Cris | Report as abusive

We are ROMANIANS! Not romanes, roma, romanies or gypsies! I was so furious whean I read that… There are too many confusions regarding our nation, we have a beautiful culture and a beautiful country, how can people identify us with the Gypsies? There’s such a huge difference! And they are supported in all areas, just not want to be enlighten. And we discrimanate those people?! Pleeease….


Posted by Liana | Report as abusive

Gypsies are discriminated (sort to speak) in England as well. Madonna should read the British papers and she will learn how scared and offended Brits are over the gypsies immigration! When they go to Britain, or Ireland, Italy or France they don’t go to work! No, no!! They go to beg, claiming that in Romania they are discriminated against! The director of the National Employment Agency said that they don’t receive job applications from gypsies, never! Who discriminates them? They make the rule in the street! They are organized in powerful gangs, they traffic women and children for prostitution, they smuggle cars, and more recently they turned to internet crimes and banking frauds…
So they are discriminated because they are not left to do their dirty businesses? This is a huge hypocrisy!
What about the poor pensioners, the orphan children, the Aids patients who are now taking to the streets because the National Health Insurance stopped the distribution of the drugs? What about those Afghan kids sent to Guantanamo and tortured? What about the children in Somalia, Congo, Gaza? What about them? Why didn’t Madonna react when dozens of Palestinian babies where murdered by the Israeli assault last winter???
Now why people don’t like gypsies and don’t want to leave near them?
Well because most of them (I met also normal people originated from this community)
- they don’t work, work is not an option for them
-they steal, they call this ‘sharing’
-they believe they are entitled to be provided housing, money, food for nothing, they want to be permanently and forever socially assisted
-they refuse going to school, they don’t respect the laws, they have their own Tribunals (stabor)
-they don’t wash themselves
-they are violent, they kill and rape women
and I could go on…
now, there are many gypsy leaders very powerful and rich, why don’t they do anything to educate their community members? Madonna should visit the villages in Transylvania where gypsies live in huge mansions and castles, they don’t pay taxes, they can not justify the source of their fortunes, they don’t participate with anything in the society why should we pay for them and be blamed that we are racists or intolerant (which implies superiority …) because we refuse to be the victims of these people? Why should Romanians be identified with them? Why should I be ashamed to be Romanian because the bad fame gypsies gave us in the world? The EU should cancel this word roma, it’s a nonsense, they are gypsies they call themselves gypsies!
As for the racial killings, why nobody speaks about the victims of the gypsies? A Romanian sportsman was killed by a gang of violent gypsies in Hungary not long ago, and yet nobody speaks about their crimes. Why????? Taxi drivers in Romania have been killed by gypsies, store owners, people murdered in their homes? Why these crimes are not mentioned in the EU reports? Who is discriminating who?
If they would only send their kids to school, life would be different. Everything starts there.

Posted by lola | Report as abusive

What does Madonna know? Is she an authority in human rights or Romania’s internal affairs? Has she ever stepped foot outside her hotel while in Bucharest? Has she ever met with people who actually live in Romania day in and day out?

People did not boo because they are racist, they booed because her crass generalization was an insult. And ironically, they paid up to $270 to be insulted by this fake, superficial being who may or may not have a high school diploma, yet appears to care so much and be so very knowledgeable.

MOST Romanians have nothing against the Roma population per se. Naturally, when you’re transiting a Roma village by car and your windows get smashed with rocks one might feel a tad bit different. However, Romanians do not hate the Roma by default, they hate the criminals and the gangs because they affect the overall quality of life, not because of the color of their skin. I live in Romania, I know how it feels to have to deal with a drunk Roma ethnic and I also know what it feels like to deal with a drunk Romanian ethnic. The only difference is the far greater incidence of the first case. Madonna wouldn’t know any of this. At the same time, I am sure she was aware of how the same Gypsies were beaten, put on fire and killed in Ireland. Din not hear even a pipsqueak out of her on the issue. I guess it is easier to patronize the Romanians than the Irish or the brits.

She is an overpaid entertainer who, like many of her species, believes that mysticism combined with activism equals undeniable cool. This is exactly what her statement was meant to bring her. Just a touch of extra-cool and a bit of media buzz. Deep down, she’s still a teenage girl who wants to hang with the cool kids and in order to prove herself she has to be outrageous. Whether that comes by toning up her old body to make it look 20 or by buying an idiotic outfit and then pretending it has a deeper meaning that eludes everyone else or by getting a brand new boy toy or by exhaling wanna-be-wisdom, is less important. Wakie-wakie, you’re not in Junior High anymore, Madge. And Romania is so not the new Malawi. ” regards.

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The name Romania comes from the the original Roman legions who settled the area during the Imperial Roman era. The Romany people, also known as Cyganie, or Gypsies are of course horribly discriminated against BUT they contribute to this discrimination by a continent wide and centuries long refusal to change the negative aspects of their culture. They have no leadership to speak of, and no desire to become part of modern society or to follow modern civil rules. Madonna should not be surprised at the jeering, she should be happy the crowd didn’t assault her. The crowd on the other hand should have simply walked out, the hypocrisy of paying to see Madonna perform and then jeering her for expressing her views is quite telling. A little bit of simple research as to why Romanians dislike Gypsies would have helped Madonna. The Romanians on the other hand should recall that their full participation in NAZI Germany’s extermination program will not be forgotten or forgiven until they stop being the prejudiced backwoods of Europe. Romania is a vile country full of vile people, it took a strong woman to challenge this, unfortunately Madonna is the wrong spokesperson for Gypsy-love, by including Homosexuals in her tolerance speech she failed to understand that the Romanian hatred was really restrained… if it was anyone other than Madonna she would have been not just booed and jeered, she would have been impaled and left to rot on the side of the road. Which – given how bad Madonna’s music is, might not be a bad idea. The Romanians are of course neo-NAZI pigs and are indefensible, the Gypsies for all they have suffered are trash and need to clean up and become civilized members of modern Europe, Madonna ought to retire, and the Homosexuals should be happy and very thankful they were on stage in a former NAZI, former Communist, Orthdox Christian country that JUST hates them and not say Saudi Arabia where they would have had their heads cut off. Finally, why would anyone go to to Romania to have a concert? And the Romanians have really sunk low if they are willing to shell out hard earned money to listen to Madonna while she dances with Homosexuals and Gypsies. Ivan the Terrible would be so disappointed.

Posted by Cyrien McCallister | Report as abusive

I forgot to give a concrete example. I have a gypsy neighbour, his nickname is the the Irishman. Why? He left ten years ago to Ireland where he asked for asylum claiming he and his numerous family were the victims of racism in Romania. He was offered a house and social aid. Even today he gets 800 pounds from the Irish government as school allowance for his kids. The guy leaves in Romania, he has three villas near Bucharest, several SUVs, BMWs, and other Mercedes cars… The Irish authorities sent him a letter warning him that unless he doesn’t send his kids to school, they will cut the allowance. So, the kids were rushed to the airport the next day. They were back in Romania in after a few days. This is just an example of the way gypsies take abuse our generosity. How do you think the Irish would react if they knew they are paying for this guys expensive way of life? And the guy brags he is Irish! just wonder… This story would be a good read in Ireland, maybe authorities will open their eyes and won\’t be so naive…


Let’s discriminate against simple, comfortable answers.

A group may have differences, even great differences, in the statistical aggregate, relative to other statistical aggregates.

You can generally never be completely sure what an individual will be like, regardless of the statistics of their group.

We try to diagnose, and bring out the best in, all groups. We try to give every fair chance we can reasonably afford, without prejudgement, to every individual.

Did I miss anything?

Posted by Pete Cann | Report as abusive

Gabi and Maria are right. I should be also noted that gypsies benefit from positive discrimination: as Gina said, they have guaranteed seats in top-schools. In some cities or villages where they are in greater numbers, their gangs rule the streets new york mafia-style. Many gypsies live on STATE-SUPPORTED welfare!

Since Romania acceeded in the EU, many gypsies emigrated in Western Europe where they engaged theft, pickpocketing and beggary. Because of the phonetic similarity between the words Roma and Romanian many Westerners confuse them and a sentiment of distrust grew recently towards Romanians.

If you asked Madonna 1 month before the concert to pinpoint Romania on the map, she probably would have placed it in Africa. She should start her lecturing not with Eastern Europe, but with Belfast and London for their treatment of gypsies and pakis.

Posted by ion | Report as abusive

Why do senile old entertainers feel like they need to open their mouths and make comments on issues when all I pay them to do is try and entertain me? When I pay for over priced concert tickets I want to be entertained not hear arrogant comments on subjects that your simple little mind can not grasp.

Posted by Thomas Brick | Report as abusive

I am Romanian and I have attended Madonna’s show which was very great indeed. As far as the comments on the situation of gypsies in East Europe, I think that people and even Madonna should utterly understand the Romanians’ reaction to this sensitive subject. Let’s imagine that some of the Romanians attending the show have relatives in Italy who certainly suffer from discrimination because of the illegal deeds performed by gypsies calling themselves ROMANIANS. Of course, Madonna felt SAD about people booing her, but she should have been more informed about this subject and about all the sufferings endured by Romanians abroad.
I think that we should all fight discrimination in all its forms.

Posted by Ileana | Report as abusive

first off all : i’m sorry for my bad english!! and now: years ago countries like england france italy said romanian people are racist.and we should accept roma people (roma people are not one and the same with ROMANIAS….roma people are a minority). After a few more years Romania was accepted in UE!! And this is the part when all started… when roma people went all over europe and start to do all kind of things like stealing , killng , sent their children on the streets to beg , when they rapped girls( or boys)and romanians are blamed for all those things. The funny thing is that the gouverments of the countries I mentioned above , that years ago called us racists and told us to accept them, now want them out of their teritory and sent them back in romania , but that’s not the bad part!!The bad part is that when we, romanians, go in other countrie to visit or to get a job , we are treated like garbage and everyone is looking at us like we are the most dangerous criminals…There are people (romania) who lost their jobs because what roma people did all over the world !! Does Modonna knows how it feels to go somewhere in europe and people treat you like shit because you are romanian ?? does she knows how it feel to lose a job because of them?? does she know how it feel to be robbed ,spit , cursed abused by them every single fuck*ng day of your life?? does she know how it feels to be affraid to walk on the streets because the are carrying knifs and swards and they are picking one you for no reason (and you have to accept because they are having clans? i believe she doesn’t so she is not in condition to talk about racism in our country ! A romanian kid has to struglle to go to school they have guaranteed seats in top-schools and they choose not to go because it’s easier to steal, they pay no taxes , they have laws that protect them THEY ARE A MINORITY AND HAVE MORE RIGHT IN OUR COUNTRY THAN WE HAVE…we are discriminated in our own country and you guys treat us like we are the bad ones.???? The romanian gouverment helps them is not discriminated then like you say!! And that’s the reason she was booed!! D you know that they force their children to get married at a very young age the girls have to marry the one who offers more for them ( around 9-10 yers old ??) is that right or even legal?? we tried to fight that and they say that this tradition and theres nothing to do about it?? They always say they have no money but they have palaces but they are sleeping in the yard in tents!! They don’t have money but they all have at least 7 children???!! i’m not saying thy are all the same but the majority are , and the romanians are the only ones who suffer because their ancient behaviour and the things they do!!!

Posted by cristina | Report as abusive

So I guess Madonna is an expert?
Madonna, haven’t you learned not to believe everything you read and hear in the news? This is one of the first things I learned in English Lit 101.

I am married to a Romanian woman and have been to Romania many times. I have seen how the gypsies live. ION is correct and I agree with him/her.

And RIGHT ON Thomas Brick. Madonna, you are paid to entertain NOT push off your political views.

Posted by i,robert | Report as abusive

A true story: I am a well educated and trained Romanian, 44 yo and I live in Romania. A couple of weeks I visited Barcelona. One day I was in the line for a city-tour bus for tourists. In from of me, a small group of French tourists, behind me a French couple. One lady in front answers a call on her mobile and after she hangs up, in a very happy mood, loudly tells her fried that the call was from a Spanish police officer who told her they found her wallet, that had been stolen 1-2 day before while nearby Sagrada. All the documents inside were present and some 20 euros left there. A lot of happiness irradiates. I understand French, so I happy for her happiness. I might have showed an empathic look. So, she turns to those behind her in the bus cue and starts sharing the news with the French couple behind me and with me. I learn her wallet was stolen by “some gitannes Roumains” that did so and so. I am so embarrassed.. What to do? To say something nice? NO, I am afraid they would understand from my accent that I am Romanian. To apologize because some of my compatriots did that? Why should I? I am an honest persons, I am not the thief and I am not responsible of other’s wrongdoings. They continue the discussion, insist with the chat. It is hot, I am bored cause the bus is not coming. In the end I join the conversation. I say something nice, oui, biensure, bla, bla. They look at me in a strange way. Their next move? They hold their bag tighter under their arms and become more reserved – with me only. They did understood from my accent that I am Romanian and they. I suddenly feel discriminated. I am sad. The bus comes and I go my way.

Shall we talk more about discrimination? I think Madonna should mind her own business. In total, she collected from the concert in Bucharest about 5 mil USD, they said. Nice of her to come but anyway, people paid for her to sing, to make a show, not for preaching against discrimination of whatever. What does she know about the facets of discrimination, and its boomerangs ?

Posted by Magdalena | Report as abusive

One more point. We are feed up with our corrupt local politicians that are pushing the country down the drain. They are doing this since we got ready of Ceausescu. Like Madonna, the say a lot of bla bla, whenever they see a crowd. And we had enough crap so far. Alike for Madonna’s concerts we pay for our politicians’ performance. For the later, not with out-of pocket money but out-of taxes money, that are spoiled by them during their fraudulent governances. Maybe this is a sign that the Romanians are ready to stop swallowing more crap from half-learned.

Posted by Magdalena | Report as abusive

We all know that the press doesn’t write from the best perspective.
This is the best response I’ve read. To all (press and ignorant alike): 28/open-letter-to-associated-press-and-o thers/

Read it and then have an opinion.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Madonna is of Italian origins and the word is that she is an Italian gypsy. This is why she took interest in this cause. But, as she stated, this was “brought to her attention”, which means she does not want to risk show deeper emotional engagement with the issue.
She actually hates her origins and all her life wanted to invent herself as something else…

Posted by john | Report as abusive

Madonna just grab the available concert money we’ve paid and probably was not enough as far she wanted to act much smarter than she normally acts, patronizing us, H.M. Clients, with a lesson about racism, without being enough documented about some of the main gypsy discrimination reasons in Central and Eastern Europe, or Western Europe too. Madonna is a talented dancer, sometimes a good singer, for sure one women show, whatever, but why would somebody pay to listen to her modest moral believes, as far she was not hired by the Bucharest concert ticket payers for such purpose? Indeed, I was one of the people who happily booed Madonna for two main reasons: huge hypocrisy attitude and lack of delivering the content she was hired/paid for. To be honest, I’m quite happy with such a fast reaction of the Bucharest crowd, as far her only feedback to such unexpected reaction of the crowd was a poor: “God, Dam It”. Give us a break Madonna from the gypsy racism perspective, because you don’t know nothing about. Last but not the least, we do respect and salute your talent, when is the case, like many others worldwide. In a personal straightforward opinion about the way how the newspapers evaluate the event, what was probably forgotten to be said by reporters, no matter Reuters, Ass. Press or others, was a simple quote: in Bucharest, Madonna jumped again very fast from sublime to a ridiculous attitude, same as she grew up from the very early stages of her carrier. That’s my 2 cents guys …

Posted by Adrian | Report as abusive

Romanians do not discriminate gypsies. There are a lot of them who are very appreciated here. Some examples: Damian Draghici, Madalin Voicu, Marius Mihalache, Anca Parghel (RIP), Stefan Banica, and so many more. They are all loved by us! So, Madonna, should get more information before speaking out.

Posted by Sonia | Report as abusive

mastupidonna needs to shut up and stop interfering.If Romania and the rest of the Eu don’t like gypsies then so be it. It’s none of this hag’s business to tell another country what to do. europe is more pro-nazi now since WW2, Geeeeee!!!! there might be a reason why that is. I guess Madonna is so smart she will tell Europe how to behave, I think that could be a very bad mistake…..”CAN’T FIX STUPID THOUGH OR HER BIG LOUD MOUTH”…….

Posted by 14/88 | Report as abusive

I am a romanie, living in the u.s. I am happy to hear someone is acknowledging my people. maybe there are some bad romanies, but there are also good, law abiding, god-fearing citizens. As there are with every race. Does anyone know how it feels to have to keep your nationality a secret, so you and your kids wont be discriminated? All my neighbors, my husbands clients and employees think were greek, or italian. Im proud of who I am, but i cant voice it because of the sterotype thats out there about my people. There are over a million of gypsies that were killed along with the jews by the nazis and alot of people dont acknowledge that. Just know there are good and bad people in every race or culture, you cant hate everyone or say everyone in that race robs, steals or whatever. Thats wrong and as madonna said dicriminating. So my point is shes right, romanies are put into a whole group as bad. So anyone giving stories about a experience with a gypsie is only with one or a certain family. Dont group us all in the same category!

Posted by lottie | Report as abusive

To discriminate is to generalize a whole race, religion or culture. Romanians should know better than that because they are discriminated against. How can you say that every member of that race or culture is the same way. This is the same thick headed thinking that plagues the planet and until we get over it and look at each person as an individual we are hopelessly ignorant and dense. Romanians, step up to the future and change.

Posted by Chop | Report as abusive

First and formost in all the worlds eyes Madonna is an Artist. Secondly and not necessarily last, She is American. Born and raised to to freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. Freedom in action. if a few boos were enough to make US sit down and do nothing in the face of injustice, then our freedoms mean nothing.
I’ll not apologize for Madonna. Europe, you should apologize to her.
Rock On.

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Here in Romania, we do not have anything against the gipsy who are working and are honest. We are happy when we can meet some of such guys. The problem is that the largest majority of this gipsy comunity is on the opposite direction (I am not talking about the reasons why they steel, or are keeping a lifestyle of poor sanitation, or that are noisy or different other things). Nobody claim that we the majority of Romanian we are saints. But we, the ones that are working, pay taxes we cannot tolerate such situation. And personally I found gulty the leaders of the gipsy comunity that receive money from the Romanian government in order to be spent on gipsy “integration” and instead of going there and educate them, all day are going on TV and Journals stating that we are discriminate them. Really after 12 days of working I am seak to hear that I am not doing enough for them. And also I am seak to see that here in Romania when a gipsy do something wrong he claims suddenly that is persecuted and when he goes abroad and steel he claims that is a Romanian citizen and a member of a rhoma community. That creates confusion and put all the rest in diffcult and embarrasing position.
So in concept I agree with Madonna but in practice…. the situation is slightly different. I am not agree in killing gipsy for shure, but …. we still give money for nothing on gipsy leaders and we have people that worked a whole life and now they cannot afford to receive a decent monthly payment and are starving

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It’s really great when such a ethical person, like Madonna tells us idiots how to deal with our problems. Someone who buy children around the world, to save them from their misery. I hear this shit now 20 years and it has changed absolutely nothing. I’m from Slovakia
(but I live in Prag) so I understand both sides of this coin and this kind of statement make me sad and angry. I want to see how she reacts when someone comes and every month take 5% of the taxes she pays and show no interest to find some job to pay this money back. Madonna should speak about the Gypsis with her ex-husband, he made a movie about them, maybe he can explain the situation to her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she thinks she make the right think to point the finger at this problem. But the sentence “Who didn’t try to live among them, can’t never understand.” is absolutely true. So Mrs., before you next time insult 100.000.000 people, please think twice and try to collect some more information.

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Oh, dear, I’d so much love to see this Peta girl being pet by a horde of gypsies from my neighbourhood… hahha, goddamn! it’ll be my supreme joy, dear ignorant & over-zealous brainwashed political-correct “coqsucceur”, which – not accidentaly – is american, i bet. probabily she had some curriculum time to spend here in Romania and she probabily said she knows the real facts. too bad we had to swallow this sh!t from time to time. get real morons, wake the f. up and get yuor heads up from the hollywood dumb injecting movies filled with boemians, fortune tellers & caravans, you fairy asses!

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