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Did Michael Jackson switch from “Billie Jean” to “Mary Jane”?

August 28, 2009

A newly unsealed search warrant issued in California suggests that bags of marijuana were found at Michael Jackson’s Los Angeles mansion after he died. The discovery may earn Jackson a new nickname: King of Pot.michael-jacksonshow

The Los Angeles TImes reported on Thursday that authorities discovered the marijuana in Jackson’s home, after they searched it when his family members discovered what was initially believed to be tar heroin at the residence. Tests revealed the substance was not tar heroin, various media outlets reported.

There is little medical evidence that marijuana can cause death, so reports that it was discovered at Jackson’s home may not go far in determining what lead to his June demise. Authorities have already indicated that the pop star had lethal levels of the anesthetic propofol in his system, and a previous search warrant showed that Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, admitted to giving him the dangerous drug to help induce sleep.

Still, the discovery of marijuana raises questions. His former nurse, Cherilyn Lee, has said in media interviews, including this one with CNN, that Jackson did not use drugs recreationally, including marijuana.

Of course, in California it’s easy to get marijuana through medical dispensaries. In fact, it is probably easier to get marijuana than the prescription medications court documents indicate Jackson sought through various aliases.

And with so many security guards and other personnel circulating through Jackson’s famously well-staffed manor, it’s always possible that the pot belonged to someone else. Could Jackson be the victim of a puff-puff-pass that left him holding the baggie? Who knows, this story may just go up in smoke.


They said there were drugs for glaucoma. One treatment of glaucoma is inded marijuana! A person I know is medically treated this way!

Posted by Sophie | Report as abusive

While Mr. Jackson’s death has touched us all Cannabis ( Marijuana ) laws are something we can change in California. has a legalization Initiative. Please visit for correct information.

There is a difference between Legalization and Decriminalization.

Again my deepest sympathies to the Jackson family on their loss.


Posted by JackTheGrower | Report as abusive

The marijuana was found in another area of the house according to the LAPD. It could belong to anyone. What Michael used was found in HIS room.

Anyway, doesn’t everyone in California smoke pot. This is no big deal but I seriously doubt it belonged to Michael.

Posted by Ingrid | Report as abusive

The only way marijuana can kill is if a large quantity lands on you.

Posted by Frank Thomas | Report as abusive

What kid of Doctor lets their patient take marijuana??? Seriously???

Posted by Desiree | Report as abusive

Who cares if marijuana was found in a house the size of shopping mall. Was MJ or anyone else inspecting every room everyday? MJ had so many people working for him at the house it could be anybodys pot. MJ was a singer with a wonderful voice. He wouldn’t ruin it with pot or expose his lovely children to that sort of stuff. He was very protective of them. Once again MEDIA shut up calling MJ anything than the Greatest Entertainer you’ll ever have known during your lifetime. So Mr.Alex Dobuzinskis find some other headline to post, Like what an idiot you are for even thinking to post the one you just did of MJ.

Posted by fanforever | Report as abusive

Smoking pot would have helped him to sleep, poor guy. Most likely was not his but sooo what if it was!!
Rest in peace Micheal Jackson, you were a good human being, that`s for sure..

Posted by Irene C | Report as abusive

This article outrages me, why would you disrepect a dead man by using the term “king of pot”!? You should be ashamed of yourself, Michael Jackson was a victim of many insulting titles but this is out of hand!!

Posted by Lindwa | Report as abusive

Marijuana found! I hope it didn’t lead to his death. Hopefully he was taking prescription medications instead; they’re legal for a reason!

Posted by Yikes | Report as abusive

pretty sure weed is a lot better than all the other shit he was taking. im sorry but smoking a joint to sleep is about a million times better than been hooked up to an iv and anaesthethetized every night!
never mind what kind of doctor lets you smoke pot, what kind of doctor hooks a man up to an iv EVERY NIGHT and slowly poisons him for his money!!

Posted by ss | Report as abusive

Ahh,just legalize the stuff! Take the money saved from prosecuting offenders and fighting it and put it to good use. Tax it and sell it to adults over 21 in an ABC store with liquor. Its far more safer than alcohol!!

Posted by James | Report as abusive

You really ought to be ashamed of yourself for lowering Reuters’ standards. This article is just ridiculous — a low blow below the belt and unfair to MJ, his children and family. You nincompoops have gone way too far! You are not even fit to wipe MJ’s shoes and you are just sick with jealousy because that is what it is! Shame on you! I dare you to post this! Shame on you again!

Posted by Nahamuah | Report as abusive

“What kid of Doctor lets their patient take marijuana??? Seriously???”

A compassionate one. Seriously.

Posted by court | Report as abusive

You guys are digusting for posting this and making fun of a dead guy by calling him ‘king of pot’. You must be ashamed. That house MJ lived in was huge with lots of servants living there. It could have belonged to any1 if at all it was there. Author of this article should be ashamed of himself. What a sorry excuse for a human being.
RIP Michael. You were too good for this world. Hope you are finally at peace now.

Posted by Jane | Report as abusive

let him just RestInPeace! Its enough… so let it be… it doesnt matter what he did in his private life and it doesnt matter if he took drugs or not…

do you want that people talk bad about your after death… do you want that people talk so much dirt about you after death??? i think no… so just shut your mouth and caro about your problems!!

greets from germany….

Posted by Eddie | Report as abusive

Dear Michael,

I love you. In my eyes you are only human. However your story is told only you know the truth and that rests with you. Let us move you this time…like you moved us in music and spirit. Why lay blame on anything or anyone? Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good time. Blame it on the Boogie! Good Night! I’ll be there for you when you meet the morning. I’ll be there for you. I will be there for you. You are loved forever! You know who I am. Miss you Boo!

Posted by Elizabeth Watkins | Report as abusive

Reuters, open your eyes!
its now like TMZ..

Posted by TR | Report as abusive

i don’t think it was his, but if it was…who cares? i’ve had doctors tell me that marijuana has more benefits than negative side effects.

Posted by triune | Report as abusive

Who has not tried pot? This is just like the Maria Magdalena story. Who has not tried pot at least once be the first one to throw the rock. Ridiculous BS! Media is an ugly dirty whore!!! Media distroyed many lives and the fabricated lies that you put in your tabloids… How do you sleep at night knowing that you put bread on the table fabricating nasty stories ?

Posted by Lia | Report as abusive

Ok, I see you people getting offended by Michael Jackson possibly using marijuana. I see you being bothered he’s accused of using it. With stuff in the article saying ‘theres little evidence of marijuana causing death’ is a flat out lie. There is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence of marijuana causing death. A man could not consume in a day enough marijuana to kill him. Obviously this guy was willing to try every drug under the sun to sleep and for pain. Whereas marijuana aids with pain and sleep it is not going to help a JUNKIE like Michael Jackson. I love the guy, his music, his views. You cant hide from the fact he was a drug fiend. For a junkie marijuana is like an after dinner snack for an excessive eater, its not the entree. Now if that was ALL he was using, Michael would still be here. You wonder why a doctor would give their patient Marijuana, thats the LEAST to worry about. Doctors misdiagnose people all the time and it results to death from taking their sample drugs and then taking drugs to cover side effects from other prescriptions. Check your facts people, LAY OFF MARIJUANA!

Posted by Hit It Or Quit It | Report as abusive

blechh… come on, who HASN’T smoked pot by the time they reach 50?! I wish Michael *had* done pot instead of Propofol to get his sleep. if he had, he’d probably have been much plumper and still be alive today. love you MJ… I miss ya, ya sweet thang! see ya on the other side. xx

Posted by indranee | Report as abusive

“There is little medical evidence that marijuana can cause death”. What??? There is NO medical evidence. In the entire history of the planet going back to Egyptian times, there has not been one death cause by pot. It physically impossible. If you smoke/ate a whole bag you may be able to do yourself in with too much Ben and Jerry’s though.


I think it was Dr. Murray’s marijuana. He was may have been getting high while Michael was dying.

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

This article is so ignorant

Posted by Micah Fitch | Report as abusive

do you seriously get paid to write this drivel ? this was quite possibly one of the most poorly written “articles” / “blog posts” / whatever you want to call it or mask it, that I can remember reading in recent memory.

Let me highlight some of the utter nonsense you typed.

“Could Jackson be the victim of a puff-puff-pass that left him holding the baggie? Who knows, this story may just go up in smoke.” could you write more like a moron who works for access hollywood? could you stop writing articles about people who have died?

or better:

The discovery may earn Jackson a new nickname: King of Pot.

HA !! funny. get it, king of pot, not rock. b/c he had a few bags of weed in his house…

you either a) think you’re funny or b) wrote this in a haze of your own and were trying to make deadline. either way, you’re a terrible excuse for a “journalist”

Posted by adam | Report as abusive

I completely agree with Adam. I’m sure you were high when you wrote this. Pathetic article.

Posted by TheObserver | Report as abusive

Doubt Michael smoked weed. He was in the habit of receiving pain relief/anti-anxiety meds from physicians on a regular basis. As pointed out, his house was well staffed and, certainly, anyone could have stashed a bag of marijuana there or anything else for that matter…it’s water under the bridge at this point.

Some people will do anything for pain relief, and when there is a habit and the financial means, well, anything goes. Don’t forget, Michael was an insomniac. That’s a hard thing to deal with, I’ll tell you. I’m so sorry his life was lost. He is irreplaceable. He WAS a genius, and he left his young children behind whom he loved. Rest in peace.

Posted by Jeanne | Report as abusive

blah blah blah….is that what you “journalists” do all day? MJ never smoked….we all know that thank you very much. So before you jump into such pathetic conclusions, do us a favor and get your facts right. By doing that you won’t be wasting anyone’s time. Peace.

Posted by Nkumbizi | Report as abusive

who cares? he’s dead…kids will no longer have to live in fear of being molested by him…we won’t have to look at his disgusting face/body… or hear his disgusting girly voice…the only thing we have to deal with is the news media mentioning this freak from time to time…i can live with that…

Posted by dave | Report as abusive

Also, if MJ had smoked pot he would have weighed more than 112lbs at the time of his death. After smoking pot you get the munchies so I’m told. So was MJ munchin on Tofu?

Posted by fanforever | Report as abusive

Another drug! Okay the sensational always wins…maybe
We are dealing with someone who lived, who has three children. I understand that he ate dinner with his children and in some ways was a good parent. Still, those kids say a lot they should not have. As no doubt, so did Michael. Let’s try and break these cycles. Let’s all try and raise our children with love and wisdom and not Joe Jackson’s type.


To all you people whining about how this shouldn’t be a newss tory and what a terrible job the writer did, well you just made his article the most commented article for the day. If you really hated it so much then don’t comment on it you stupid hypocrits.

Posted by Showtime | Report as abusive

Too bad that Reuters sensors the blogs that are posted. Readers out there, please note that what you are reading are only selected blogs that Reuters wants you to see. However, Reuters can post any headline that they want everyone too see. Seems that big brother is trying to control what we read and twist it in there favor. Be careful and you probably will not get to read this but I’ll wait to see if it stays posted! Fanforever and MJ will always be the KING of POP!

Posted by fanforever | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson was most likely a pedophile and a hard core drug user. He was also a musical and dance genius. Perhaps his later life problems were caused by his horrendous chiuldhood. I admire the musical and dancing genius but abhor the child abuse and drug use. In a final sense he was just human with flaws like the rest of us.

Posted by Johnny | Report as abusive

you people are so ignorant. MJ never smoked any pot, plus, if he did he would’ve weighed more than just 112 lbs. and he wasn’t a pedophile either. im so tired of hearing ppl say that. he wasn’t perfect, not even close, but he wasn’t a child molestor either! RIP MJ!

Posted by deelia | Report as abusive

He was prescribed the marijuana therefor it is his however the only way this cannabis can kill you, by smoking it, is if you smoke you’re own body weight or a ounce in less than thirty minutes. That’s impossible because the lung compacity wouldn’t allow you to do that or your body would stop smoking because your lungs are too tight. This did not contribute to his death the medication he was prescribed did.

Posted by iamoutthere | Report as abusive

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