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Miley Cyrus “kinda bummed” about early release of Walmart EP

By Dean Goodman
September 3, 2009

Miley Cyrus said via Twitter on Wednesday she’s “kinda bummed” that her new Walmart-only EP “The Time of Our Lives” went on sale earlier than planned, denying her a chance of topping the U.S. album charts.

The seven-track disc sold 62,000 copies during the week ended Sunday, Aug. 30, according to tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan, after hitting shelves on Friday. Albums are normally released on Tuesday, not Friday, but the shortened time span of three days of sale for Cyrus’ album was good enough to land it No. 3 on the Billboard 200 Wednesday.

The CD had originally been set to come out on Monday, head-to-head with Whitney Houston’s first album in seven years, “I Look To You,” which is now the unchallenged pretender to the Billboard 200 crown next Wednesday with estimated sales of about 200,000 copies. Cyrus is unlikely to match that, if for no other reason than the fact many of her fans already picked up her album over the weekend.

miley“Kinda bummed,” Cyrus wrote on Twitter (pictured at left in happier times, performing at the “Today” show in New York last Friday.) “My E.P. got put on shelves (with) my clothing line and got released 3 days early on accident :(“ 
A source close to the situation said the EP is tied in with her “Miley & Max” fashion line, which boasts a big presence in Walmart’s junior clothing department.

“In order to be prepared for street date, and subsequent assembly and stock placement of a huge number of display units, they put her CDs out early,” the source said on condition of anonymity. 

Emails sent to Walmart and to Cyrus’ Walt Disney Records label were not immediately answered.
It’s not clear if Cyrus would have gone to No. 1 anyway. Her previous release, the soundtrack to her “Hannah Montana” movie, opened at No. 2 in April with 136,000 copies. It hit the top two weeks later with 196,000 copies, buoyed by the movie’s first-place debut at the North American box office. She previously went to No. 1 in July 2008 with a 371,000-unit start for “Breakout” — her first album under her own name as opposed to her Hannah Montana alter ego.


I’ll buy it again, if that will help

Posted by fan | Report as abusive

stupid walmart

Posted by jen | Report as abusive

i cant see what the problem is!i mean she’s no.3 and in a week or soo she will be no1!

Posted by marie | Report as abusive

The “album” only has SEVEN tracks – can you even consider that and album??

Posted by over them all | Report as abusive

@ “over them all” that’s why it’s called an EP, not a full album b/c it only has 7 tracks

Posted by cyrus_fan | Report as abusive

if walmart had have done it right miley would be number 1 next week…she may still do it cuz there are about 1,000,000 times as many miley fans as whitney fans

Posted by uber | Report as abusive

NO there are more Whitney fans than Miley fans. WH has fans all over: Canada, US, central america, south america, europe, asia, africa, & australia.

Miley has girls fans age 6-11 in the US.

Posted by lilkunta | Report as abusive

You’re joking me!
Miley is such a spoiled person. She should be grateful that her album even got realeased and that she scored #3 on billboard charts so here’s a note for you Mile Cyrus:

Suck it up you spoiled ugly brat!

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

I can´t understand why anyone buys music from both, Miley and Whitney, i can´t even say which one i like less…


lilkunta you are so wrong MILEY has more fans and ur wrong about saying that miley only has fans 6-11 in the us i live in the uk and im nearly 12 !!!!! so ur wrong

Posted by Mileysbiggestfan | Report as abusive

r u kidding me? miley has fans all over as well. i see people on youtube saying we love you miley, im from argentina or they say im from brasil. and i saw this video and she was a fan of miley cyrus and she was from germany. her tour is going to the uk and ireland. her show is played all around the world and so do her albums. she has fans that r teens as well and im 13 and i know people who like her who are my age as well.
so haaaaaa in ur face! dont say anything if it aint true!

Posted by mileyrules | Report as abusive

miley has sold over 200000 albums in the first week twice or 3 times. so she could beat whitney.
with breakout, hannah montana 1 and hannah montana 2/ meet miley cyrus has sold more than 200000 in the first week.

Posted by mileyrules | Report as abusive

Wow, yeah, I can totally understand why she’s bummed. I mean, that must totally suck to be making so much money while the rest of the world is in an economic crisis. Geez…I wanna smack her. Bummed because she’s number 3 and wants to be 1? Now I wish she hadn’t sold any copies..stupid spoiled brat.

Posted by B | Report as abusive

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