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Director Kevin Smith steels self for 24-hour Twitter marathon

September 4, 2009

(Note: some strong language in quote and book title)

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has some faithful fans, the kind of movie buffs who — at least in the online world — would love to have an all-night chat with Silent Bob, Smith’s movie screen alter ego, ironically named because Smith is anything but silent.¬† In fact, Smith is loquacious enough to fulfill hiskevin-smith1 fans’ desire for nonstop conversation, by planning for a 24-hour Twitter marathon of questions-and-answers on Monday.

In a release announcing the “event,” Smith joked that he has spent a long time prepping for this day.

“I’ve been training for this my whole life, simply by being a lazy fat-ass who’d rather stare at a screen than better himself with a brisk constitutional,” Smith said in a statement.

Smith has some other training in the non-stop blabbermouth arena. Back in 2005, at a theater in his home state of New Jersey, Smith held a Q&A session with an audience that lasted from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. And he has often kept in touch with his fans online, going way back to the grungy 1990s.

Smith last year came out with the comedy “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. Smith told Reuters at the time that Americans are too uptight about sex, and that there is “no better way of knowing a person than knowing what their sex life is.”

Smith’s Twitter page is, so that’s the place to go on Monday to hear him wax poetic or nostalgic or pornographic about anything he wants to discuss.


Also, proving¬†he has more to say, Smith has written a book called “Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith,” a title that almost rhymes, and he launches a 15-city international speaking tour this month with stops that include Chicago, Miami, London and Edmonton, Canada.


I am Big Kevin Smith Fan, I think he is an incredible storyteller. Pertyy funny too.


Posted by candace | Report as abusive

Kevin often belittles his talent. and I’m not referring to his potty mouth! He’s a filmmaker who hasn’t lost the love of actually watching movies. …and he’s funny as heck…can’t wait for monday..will need snacks.

Posted by Inujo | Report as abusive

YES!!!! Kevin is a genious in his many fields and obviously way ahead of his time in writing, comedy and directing, but, did you also know that he is a very compassionate, caring, kind and sensitive guy.
He is a first class act all the way.

Posted by Ron Finucan (Brantford Canada) | Report as abusive

Honestly, Kevin Smith is far better at being Kevin Smith than he is at making films. He’s funny and interesting as a speaker but his films are amateurish and lame.

Posted by The JuRK | Report as abusive

Will you work with Seth again soon? And do you ever regret when you decided not to make anymore movies with Jay & Bob in them? PS Jay and Bob Rock I wish I grew up with them being 42 myself I had friends close but they will always hols a special place in my heart.


He’s the best director of my generation(x).

Posted by CheekyChopsNJ | Report as abusive

Only 2.5 hours left :o) And it’s been quite interesting & entertaining.


My captcha for this post was ‘Ikea’. Product placement, anyone? Anyway, I think that more celebrities should go for the 24 hour marathon.

Toward the end, things get more interesting, probably due to lack of sleep.


I have asked about a million questions….he hasn’t answered them yet!! Times p almost! :(

Posted by Suzie | Report as abusive

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