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CNN’s Larry King offers Chris Brown a lollipop

September 5, 2009

larry-kingMidway through Larry King’s interview with singer Chris Brown that aired this week on CNN, the “Suspendered One” asked Brown what he and pop star Rihanna actually fought about. It was as King was trying to get the 20 year-old singer to finally open up about the night in February, when Brown attacked his then girlfriend Rihanna while in Los Angeles, leaving her bruised and bloodied.

Brown refused to talk about the incident, and much has been made of that in media reports about KIng’s interview with Brown. But one exchange has received scant mention, and it’s a zinger from King directed at Brown. The 75 year-old King was asking his much younger interviewee what, at their young age, he and Rihanna might fight about that could lead to such a violent result, and he gave a sardonic example.

“What lollipop are we going to get tomorrow?” King said, according to the transcript.

“No. Right,” Brown responded. “But it’s not really a — it really wasn’t ever like — our relationship was pretty good. Like, I — like we had a pretty steady and great relationship.”

Brown might have shrugged off the lollipop remark, but it was one of the more salient exchanges in the interview, and it seemed to have him searching for words as a result.

Brown discussed what happened late in February, when he and Rihanna reunited in Miami, at the home of rap star Sean “Diddy” Combs. Brown said that at the time, they did not want to talk about the beating incident, because “the situation was really touchy,” and they just rekindled their friendship. The Miami reunion had been widely covered in the media, but neither Brown or Rihanna has talked about it.

Brown also said that he would like to do more than just the 180 days of manual work that is in store for him as part of his sentencing for attacking Rihanna.

“I feel like with — with what I’m capable of doing as far as influencing people, influencing kids, the youth, I can do a lot more to help the community other than picking up trash. But I don’t — I’m not saying picking up trash is something wrong. I’m willing to do it. But I’m just saying, I know I can do a lot more, which I intend to do, aside from our community service,” Brown told King.

It looks like Brown may have something in mind along the lines of what rapper T.I. did before he was sentenced to a year in prison on gun charges. In the lead up to sentencing, T.I. toured the United States speaking to young people about the dangers of drugs and gangs, and Brown may be looking to spread a similar message about the damage that domestic abuse does.

If he does spread that message it could help Brown not only with the judge overseeing his case, but in the eyes of the public.


CHRIS,it was so bad what you did to popstar Rihanna,but time will tell if you love each other

Posted by amos | Report as abusive

So the author is suggesting that if, let’s say, a computer programmer beats his wife, he might best serve the community by fixing the traffic light problem rather than going to jail? Or if a plumber robs someone and hits them with his wrench, he could “spread the message” about what not to flush down the toilet and help improve his image? True, he does not actually suggest or condone such a circumstance, but neither does he state the obvious: a violent woman-beater, even a celebrity, is lucky to get off with community service of any kind. He should be sitting in jail, a point of contrast that would be made if I were the blogger.

Posted by Mike B | Report as abusive

If Chris Brown was not a celebrity he would just be another guy who had a altercation with his girlfriend.No one would have thought twice about the situation. Its not right what he did but if you were not in the car with them when it all went down you should not judge him. I will still buy your album!

Posted by Mrs.Riggins | Report as abusive

chris brown is finally going to get past this and move on with his life good jod CBrezzy you keep your head up and god bless you.


Oh yea just one more thing who laughing now suckers nobody can judge him after this.


I got the feeling Mr.Brown,his mother,and his lawyer were just happy he didn’t have to do any jail time.I bet if he had to do some jail time he would have answeared more of Larry’s questions just to plead his case.

Posted by Marge | Report as abusive

I still can’t get over the fact that this kid did not get any jail time. I mean not even 30 days. There is no way that someone who doesnt have money or isnt famous like this boy would not get any sort of jail time for what he did. Its unheard of and I don’t think this is something he should make a show over or whatnot to make money by telling kids you should abuse women. Why the judge was lenient compared to the average man is beyond me.

Posted by heather snout | Report as abusive

Chris Brown is young enough to receive help and correct what ever the issue is that caused him to be so violent. It was reported on some websites that Rihanna struck him as well and maybe even first. No adult is just going to sit and be hit by anyone be it man or woman. I’m not condoning what Chris Brown did, but if they are both at fault, then they both need to seek help.


Lolipops are gateway drugs!, not something to joke about!

Posted by CB | Report as abusive

Your right no man or woman should sit by and get hit, but at the same time theres NO way he should of continued to beat her without even a him of remourse…he ran….like a little dog. This is his supposidly love and he’s beating her like that….It’s abosolutely ridiculous and he needs help and long with jail time. I will not ever buy any of his records because he did this.

Posted by GMoney | Report as abusive

men shouldnt hit women, end of story. Regardless of what the situation is whether she hit him first etc. its the first thing every father should teach their sons. That mug should be in jail for what he did to the gorgeous rhianna.

Posted by maid | Report as abusive

What was more disturbing was Mark Geragos’s rationalization for Brown who is just another thug. Granted, Geragos was only performing his lawyer duties since we all know what would happen if Brown did jail time. “Yes sir, may I have another.”

Posted by brad | Report as abusive

How about 100+ hour of therapy? He claims he cannot remember the attack. Having blackouts like that suggests he’s pretty messed in the head. Also, the whole biting thing: talk to a forensic psychologist about that behavior some time. This guy is going to do it again, in a similar scenario (with a partner).

Posted by E Chase | Report as abusive

i think that he should be forgiven because he and rihanna have been through alot and he has said that he was sorry a million times

Posted by bg1994 | Report as abusive

misunderstandings are part of every relationship but they should not culminate into blows.chris was’nt supposed to beat rihanna but rather should have settled whatever was wrong amicably.

Posted by esther | Report as abusive

I’m still a fan of you Chris…We all are human and we all make mistakes, no one knows the truth about what actually happened so people shouldn’t judge him. love ya chris

Posted by key-key | Report as abusive

urmmmmm chris brown made a mistake we all doo ,and im hapyy he didnt say anything becuase its not are business to know why they argued so stop with the evil comments its perfectic to be honest ,, i love chris brown he is the best !!!! i forgive himm love youuuu x


ill always still be Chris’s fan no matter wht, wht he did ws wrong but it ws a learning curve 4 him and Rihanna dat in love u shud tackle different situations in a certain manner. wish all da 2 the best nd hopefuly one day we will see Chris nd Rihanna together once more

Posted by celous Oaitse Rachawe | Report as abusive

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