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Tom Ford brands gay marriage ban “disgusting”

September 11, 2009

fordTom Ford has branded as “disgusting” the ban on gay marriage in parts of the United States and elsewhere in the world.

The designer, who is openly gay, used a Venice press conference for his feature film debut “A Single Man” starring Colin Firth to criticize decisions like that in California in November banning same-sex marriage. He did, however, add that his movie, which is in competition at the Venice film festival was not about being gay at all, but about the human condition in general.

“It is, I have to say, quite disgusting that in America and in other countries you cannot have a civil union or something equivalent to marriage,” said the 48-year-old.

“I have someone I’ve lived together with for 23 years. Recently he was in hospital for something. I had to carry papers on me at all times that he had signed saying that I could visit him in his room and make medical decisions for him if anything happened. Our taxes, by the way: if I died tomorrow my estate would be completely taxed and then the remainder go to him whereas if we were a couple his life wouldn’t have to change and my entire estate would move to him. There are things that are wrong with our legal systems in a lot of countries.”


Kudos to Tom.Cheers, Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,Washington, Connecticut, USA.Couples are coming to CT this summer to wed from all around the country. Congrats to all. It’s time America.


I agree with Mr. Ford. We’re working to destroy proposition 8 in our federal court trial that begins at 8:30 AM, on 1/11/10. The gay marriage bans are disgusting, and so are the religious corporations that support them. They deserve to be exposed, and subject to all of the negativity that they receive.Religious corporations receive their well deserved hatred as a result of their imposition of religion into our private lives!

Posted by Flex | Report as abusive

Until Heterosexuals stop the abuse of the very Gay & Lesbian children they themselves created, nothing will ever change.This is actually APARTHEID. No matter what Heterosexuals want to call it, it IS Apartheid. Straights seem to feel that they have carved out a Gay/Lesbian exception to the Bill of Rights as well as the U.S. Constitution. But what they are actually doing is criminal. And reparations WILL be sought.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

well said, Tom!

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Bill, please don’t alienate your allies. If you see a case of child abuse, be a hero and step in to stop it. But don’t accuse all heterosexuals of being child abusers. That doesn’t help. As a mom, I have pledged to myself that my daughter, now 5, will have the right to marry anyone she pleases when she reaches adulthood, whether it is a man or a woman, and to that end I give my time and money to fighting Prop 8.Many, many heterosexuals are in favor of marriage equality, and while I understand your bitterness, accusations and hostility like you posted don’t help people see your point of view.As for religions, Flex, sure some of them are bigoted and interfere with people’s freedom. But a lot of churches in our area are actually fighting for the right to marry same-sex couples in their own congregations. Putting all churches in the same category also alienates your potential allies.The USA will inevitably have marriage equality. I’ll do my part to make it sooner rather than later. But I hate to see intolerance here, where we should be fighting for more tolerance and understanding on all sides.

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I really dont see the big deal if they want to get married, let them.

Posted by king | Report as abusive

Tom Ford is right on target. As a happily married gay man in Massachusetts, my life is a lot more stable and full since I met and married my wonderful husband. Hopefully soon the Federal Government in the US will recognize what our state gave us a license to do 4 years ago and we won’t be (viola!) un-married when we cross state lines to a place where gay marriages are not recognized. How dumb is that? Funny how my husband’s home state of Iowa also recognizes our marriage now. When we visit his folks, we’re not legal strangers to each other.Do states where 2nd cousin marriages between heterosexuals are not allowed check the family trees of all ‘married’ heterosexuals who move in to make sure they’re not breaking the law and living an illegal marriage? Perhaps their marriages could evaporate as well. We must follow the laws, yes?It will be a great day when the majority of the People (and Legislatures, Judges and Chief Executives) in our country get over their baseless fears and acknowledge two men, 2 women, a man & woman all can form a loving couple, are a solid family unit and all have the exact same rights and privileges.At a mere 52% of the vote against us in ‘liberal’ California, that day is fast approaching.


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