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Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” trailer released to Web

September 16, 2009

After giving the world a first look at the upcoming Michael Jackson film “This Is It” at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Sony Pictures has now made it possible for fans to download the trailer of the much talked-about michael-jacksonshow1rehearsal footage, shot in the weeks before the singer’s death in June.

Fans can visit this Sony website to access the trailer, which runs for nearly three minute.

In the trailer, Jackson looks thin as always but appears healthy, as he dances around the rehearsal stage, in footage that comes complete with sound effects, such as “whoosh” and whip-like noises used to accentuate Jackson’s movements.

The trailer also accentuates the positive in Jackson, as Sony Pictures committed to do when it paid $60 million for the rights to the footage produced by concert promoter AEG Live before a series of comeback shows in London that were to start on July 13.

At one point in the trailer, a voice is heard saying, “Michael has a depth to him that people don’t really know.”

“This Is It” opens in movie theaters on Oct. 28, but it will only run for two weeks.

Will the massive public show of mourning that shot Jackson’s albums to the top of the charts after his June 25 death make “This Is It” into a blockbuster movie, a success along the lines of what Jackson was hoping to achieve with his comeback concerts in London? Or will the rehashed rehearsal footage fail at movie theaters?

And if it does, will that be “it” for the expected boon to Jackson’s estate from products tied to the “Thriller” singer?


Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen. I am heartbroken and devastated at his loss. I will definitely be going to see him rehearsing for his spectacular comeback in This Is It. I am so incredibly sad that this innocent beautiful man with his amazing voice and exquisite dancing ability did not live to experience the joy of his comeback after all the persecution he suffered. Michael Jackson was all about love – of people, animals and the earth. We lost out on so much by allowing the media to destroy his career and reputation.

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

I am awaiting to buy the full version when it’s goes to the shops….


Everything in the media’s eyes has to do with money, isn’t it? The media has been mocking Michael for years despite his incredible genuis and contribution to the world. I wonder those people ever got to enjoy anything in life cause all they do is being bitter about someone is greater then themselves. You can’t wait for this movie to fail, aren’t you? You know what, even if this movie won’t be a mega hit, the fact is Michael inspires millions of lives and still millions of people miss him terribly. Not so with the sickening media, all they get is curses from people who love Michael.

Posted by godsavedsiu | Report as abusive

I will b seeing the movie at the theater for sure and will also buy the DVD. Mj is a genius. He’s the best and always will be. It’s a tragic loss that he’s no longer here. Was looking forward to his big comeback. Love u forever mj. R.I.P.

Posted by Nisha | Report as abusive

well said Anne. Couldn’t put better words together myself.

Posted by michu | Report as abusive

How can \”This is it\” Not be a success? Everything Michael did musicaly was a success! He is a Legend & loved by billions. Im just worried I will not be able to hold it together to get through the footage – nobody wants to see a blubbering 40 something.

Posted by Jodi | Report as abusive

Keeping in mind this is rehearsal it looks great. I’ll go see it because I want to see the whole vision Michael Jackson had in mind and because I trust Kenny Ortega.

Posted by Tom Joyce | Report as abusive

i,m not as much as biggest fan of M.J but i like him so much as because of his good voice not even good but unique voice and non compareable dancing style…..and i feel heartly sorrow on his death…….


I am anticipating to watch this too. As most of you are saying, I wonder too what the media would be especially Martin Bashir for tarnishing Michael’s image and reputation. Martin climbed up on his career at one time but at the expend of making such stupid documentary which nothing can be proud of. The difference is that the bad one (read: media) will always remembered as heartless and ignorance but Michael will always be remembered as a genius who touched the hearts of million people all over the world through his music, creativity and humanitarian activities. What these people have done to the world?

Posted by billiejean | Report as abusive

Ofcourse the footage will be amazing. Everything Michael did was amazing, and far beyond what most men of his age can do! I will definitely be seeing this in the theatre and buying a copy when it’s in stores. His death has impacted me tremendously. Never have I mourned someone I didn’t know personally. But Michael was incredibly talented, giving, pure and kind. It makes my heart ache the way the media portrayed him for years. I grew up on his music and I’ll be missing him for a very long time. I can’t stop the tears when I see his face or hear some of his songs!

Posted by clange | Report as abusive

Anne, it’s as if you took my exact thoughts, that I wasn’t able to put into words, right out of my mouth. Beautifully written!

Posted by Trina | Report as abusive

I LOVE MJ !I miss him sooooooo much !

Posted by manisha | Report as abusive

“In theaters” worldwide or US only? I’m in Asia and I can’t wait to watch this.


Michael Jackson is my hero

Posted by Debbi | Report as abusive

I am anticipating to watch this too.

Posted by manisha | Report as abusive

i am in india.will it be released in india also ?

Posted by manisha | Report as abusive

Can’t wait to see this – his new show looked amazing.

Posted by dizzee | Report as abusive

I love Michael Jackson very much and i simply love his music i know every music he has ever produced. and it hurts to know tht he is gone so soon. But i dnt thnk tht the gift he left for us which is the movie This is it will ever fail in the box office it will never. His work is too good to fail. I just only hope tht like how michael is gopne people can stop critising him about his lifestyle and the way he lived. He lived his life to the fullest and i know he enjoyed every moment of it it was his life not anyone elses and we have no right to judge him for the way he lived his life. Im sandy and im from Jamaica

Posted by sandy | Report as abusive

I’ll be there…

Posted by Michele McGinn | Report as abusive

The world is at terrible loss of good music and miraculousdance performances with the untimely death of the pop king.How could anyone possibly even doubt that the movie wont work?People around the globe still mourn at the event like this in history has captured media and public attraction with the same intensity..the movie is goin to be a blast undoubtedly..Rest In Peace michael! we all love u alot….

Posted by sreeshma | Report as abusive

I definitely want to watch this movie. But why only for 2 weeks?

Posted by ng | Report as abusive

I so want to see this film !!!The trailer looks awesome =DI LOVE YOU MICHAEL FOREVER !!! XI’m 13 and i’ll be in England when it comes out …the day that tickets go on sale i’m going to make sure i’m up real real early so i know what to do etc. x)

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

I was so sad when I heard that Michael Jackson died I love you Michael Jackson and I miss you Micheal Jackson rest in peace.

Posted by Tabitha Waters | Report as abusive

I will always luv u Micheal


we all miss you king of pop we love you


How can i say this ever since i was little i neva knew who was MICHEAL JACKSON was. Now i see he was 1 of our ICONS its sad to see him go so quick.I would love to see his house and i wll totally miss him R.I.PMICHEAL JACKSONLOVE BY: Janelle


micheal me my dad my mom and my hole family is so sad because u isn die we want you to know that we miss you and i love all of your song rest in peace king of pop………………………………………………………………………….


i love you and i miss you rest in peace bye micheal jackson


i miss you and i love you king of pop


I Love Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!! I first found out about him when I was little and he was on Free Willy. I miss him,I love him and R.I.P Michael.

Posted by Ashanti | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson is truly a one-of-a-kind creative genius. I would see this movie and buy the DVD even if it is just 2 1/2 hours of Michael Jackson “talking” about his ideas for the concerts. All these breathtaking dancing and singing shown in the trailer are indeed bonuses for me. After all, Michael doesn’t need further proofs that he is a great vocalist and an amazing dancer. But then again, the rehearsal footages speak for themselves.

Posted by lighthouse | Report as abusive

Checked the date….it’s screening in Malaysia 29th October 2009. My family is looking forward to it!!! We really miss Michael Jackson and we had not seen him in any tv show for such a long long time since BAD music video. But now we’re going to watch him live again! hear what he has to say, his dreams, his visions….We’ll always remember the ‘incredible & magical’ Michael Jackson and we love you Michael.

Posted by MM | Report as abusive

Can’t wait! its gonna be amazingR.I.P the king of pop<3

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

What is the matter with all of you. He was a pedophile! He owes people millions of dollars. The majority of cannot spell so I guess I understand the adulation.

Posted by Madonna | Report as abusive

The US justice system acquitted MJ of all charges, what’s your problem? He was a kid trapped in a man’s body and was an easy target because of that. I studied psychologist. I did extensive research on the subject as well as the People vs Jackson case. So for the idiot below, stop finding excuse to bash him. Get a life! I won’t even click on anything related to someone whom I think is a paedophile. I find it weird for those who do. What a weird world.

Posted by susan | Report as abusive

Anyone who STILL thinks MJ was a pedophile is simply sucking at the tit of the hacks in mainstream media that mocked, scorned and ridiculed a man who was acquitted of every single allegation by a jury or his peers. Come on, “Posted by Madonna,” think for yourself!! Stop being a hacks-in-mainstream-media lemming! Tell the hacks in mainstream media you INSIST on quality journalism and you’re not going to accept their lies! BTW, the guy who wrote THIS article did a great job–factual, unbiased, solid reporting . Thanks, Alex Dobuzinskis. Keep up the good work!

Posted by SoCalGal | Report as abusive

Alex Dobuzinskis seems to be unbiased but too bad the ones controlling the articles on the entertainment news section here aren’t. Read the article about MJ not in this blog between the lines and observe their wording and you’ll see their agenda. They seem like a big XXX or XXX fan who had lost their full music catalogue to MJ. By the way, the Los Angeles Coroner Office has determined the cause of MJ’s death was acute propofol intoxication. I wonder why Reuters reported it as ‘prescription drug overdose’?

Posted by gigi | Report as abusive

I live in Northern Ireland. And i am trying to find out, where i can go and see. THIS IS IT. But no one seems to know where i can go. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE

Posted by evelyn | Report as abusive

micheal will always be a huge part in my life i cant wait for his film then we all can truely say our good byes to the true king of pop


mj is the true victom here we love you mj you are and always will be the best you was my idle and the true king i love you and i miss you so much i was so lucky to have bin able to see you live when i did it was and always will be the greatest moment in my life

Posted by dan stone | Report as abusive

Everyday i listen to your music, all i can think of is that, The world Has been robbed. U are truely the greatest ever. 28TH October is booked out for me, THIS IS IT, here i come.

Posted by Solomon Monama | Report as abusive

my original hero is mj tribute yo micheal jackson the king of pop


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