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Jessica Simpson wants dog back from wily coyote

September 17, 2009

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson  wants to see her dog again, and she doesn’t care what people think about her campaign to get the pjessica-simpsonooch back, after she saw a coyote make off with the animal.

This star-search drama comes courtesy of social networking website Twitter, where Simpson posted a missing poster on Monday with a picture of the small, caramel-colored dog.

“My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!” Simpson wrote on the page.

And on Wednesday came another Twitter message from Simpson, this one bearing all the fighting tenacity of a pitbull in a prize match. It seems some folks have been critical of Simpson’s public plea to find Daisy, a fact that evidently upset Simpson.

“Still holding out hope despite the (jerks) that say is it a dumb thing to do. Daisy is my baby… why would I stop searching? I’m a mom,” Simpson wrote, apparently meaning by the word “mom” that she loves her pet like a mom, a la Leona Helmsley

Unfortunately for Simpson, these things don’t often end well when a coyote makes off with a live creature. At its most tragic end, coyotes can kill small children.

coyoteOne of the most famous cases involved the 1980 disappearance of a baby named Azaria Chamberlain in Australia. Her parents said that Azaria was taken by a dingo, which is a wild dog similar to a coyote, when the family was camping, but the authorities did not believe them and the girl’s mother, Lindy, spent three years in prison. When a new investigation backed up Lindy’s dingo claim, she was freed.

Meanwhile, Simpson can keep holding out hope, but it’s looking grim for Daisy. This may be a very wily coyote indeed, and unless it wants to end up in a reality show, the predator will probably keep a low profile.

One drawback of Simpson’s Twitter search poster is that it fails to say where the dog was snatched by the coyote. Simpson probably wants to keep a low profile herself, but does that mean she expects all of America to look for her dog? Or should the search be confined to Los Angeles and her home state of Texas?


I don’t think what she is doing is dumb. Actually most people with beloved pets would do the same thing. For all those who make fun of her…learn some manners and show a little class. I know for some its hard to do. I wish her all the luck and hope she finds her baby, whatever the outcome.


I think they’ll probably find her dog in some coyote poop. They don’t steal them to be friends you know…

Posted by Fred Thompson | Report as abusive

Actually this story has been very disturbing to me. As a pet owner/lover I couldn’t fathom having my pet/baby snatched by a Coyote or any other predator. I’ve been nauseous thinking about this from the moment I first read about it. It’s about time people start to recognize that our pets are part of our family and they love us and we love them. It’s an unconditional love – try it sometime- it’s a wonderful thing and it will forever brighten and enlighten your life.

Posted by JoAnne | Report as abusive

My heart is broken for Jessica. When I heard the news I hugged my babies(two dogs) tightly. This is not a funny matter. She is hopeful that her dog will show up but sadly, the dog probably will not. I truly hope everything works out for her. You all need to think about if this happened to you!


I do like Jessica Simpson, BUT…responsible pet owners do not let their pets far enough away from them they they can be snatched by a coyote. It is sad, and I feel for her, but she was negligible.

Posted by Beryl | Report as abusive

Jess is doing what any loving pet owner would do. She just gets more publicity for obvious reasons. Some people are so mean and harsh! If all you have in your tiny brains are hateful words to someone grieving, just shut up. That includes not typing what your mouth wants to say. God forbid these same people ever need words of comfort because someone or something they love has been taken away.

And we all know that Coyotes don’t kidnap dogs and return them later. Maybe we should learn to be a smarta@@ when its appropriate or maybe you forgot the manners your mother taught you.

Best of luck to Jessica and any other person looking for a lost pet.


Well Beryl, I don’t think that Jessica is insignificant, and she may not be negliGENT, either. Her dog could have been taken in an instant. While I think it unlikely that she’ll see it again, I hope for her sake that she does, and that it’s still alive. And why would anyone would think it “stupid” that she wants her pet back? That’s just plain mean. Circle/slash mean people. Amy

Posted by Amy Boho | Report as abusive

Joanne and Shayna, I completely agree. This incident has really upset me. It has been on my mind constantly since I heard about it…and thinking about it makes me sick at my stomach. I too am a single girl that is Jessica’s age with two dogs…which are my “kids”. I too hugged mine tight. Anyone who was remotely a fan of Jessica’s knows that this dog really meant a lot to her. I can’t imagine witnessing that and how hard a time she is having. I would need a sedative and would be absolutely beside myself. And that poor poor dog…I bet she was so scared…and let’s be honest, not a good way to go. I read that coyotes are bravely venturing into neighborhoods and snatching up domestic animals…bc they know that they are easy to get and can’t protect themselves like wild animals can…and these coyotes are supposedly pretty ballsy, willing to snatch anything no matter how close it is to a human.

People are being SO mean over this. Obviously she doesn’t expect coyotes to read Twitter or signs…obviously. I’m sure she does realize that not every person in the world knows her dog. And I know she wants Daisy returned to her one way or the other…whether it be to get her dog back or to bury her and have a little closure. Who can blame her there? I would do the same exact thing. Who can blame her for 2 days later still looking? I just can’t believe during this terribly difficult time, people would attack her…geez, where is compassion?

Realistically, I know the dog is most likely gone. But miracles do happen. But either way, I do hope she finds her so she won’t always be wondering.

Posted by Audrey | Report as abusive

Coyotes evolved in North America 1.8 million years ago. They haven’t lasted this long by being stupid or nice. Jessica, face facts, your dog made a special meal for a coyote.

It’s not the coyote’s fault or your dog’s fault. It’s YOURS. Learn this tough lesson and don’t let you future pooches run loose in coyote territory (which during the day is pretty much anything rural and during the night includes urban).

Posted by ItsNaturalSelection | Report as abusive

that is a good topic, thanx alot
najeeb from afghanistan

Posted by najeeb | Report as abusive

I do not think Jessica is dumb at all. That must have been horrifying to see your beloved pet dragged away by a cyote.

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

LMAO this is the most hilarious story ever.

Posted by Kenny | Report as abusive

I think its disgusting some of the hurtful things people are saying, poor Jessica must be going through hell at the moment, it was obvious Daisy meant the world to her. I hope with all my heart that Daisy will be back with Jessica soon.


Alive or dead I would want to know either way and wouldn’t stop searching until I found the answer. Animals are part of the family and is just like a child. I love my animals just as much as I love my children. Several years ago I found a stray cat that someone abandoned and since I didn’t know if the cat had shots or not I didn’t want to mix it with my pets. I would feed it every day and even had a bed outside for it. When outside the cat would follow me everywhere. I did this for about 2 weeks. I was just getting prepared to bring it inside my home to be part of our family and it didn’t return. I put up flyers everywhere and 2 weeks later talking to a neighbor about the cat and if she’d seen it and yes she did. The morning the cat went missing is when she found the dead cat by her doorstep. Volchers were picking at its remains because a coyote had killed it. Animal control came and got the cat. Days later I came home at night and saw a coyote by my home and I was so mad at it I chased it with my car and I was going to run it over but it went a different direction. I would have killed it.

When I moved later in years one of my cats went missing and I spent 48 hours straight, not eating or drinking or sleeping looking for my cat. I did find her and she was just fine scared in bushes a few doors from my home.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

I have a baby myself and I have held her and given her extra kisses after hearing about this. Why don’t they lay off of Jessica Simpson between Tony Romo, weight etc. She has a good heart and is a sweet person. Daisy is her baby and if she wants to twitter about it let her. Maybe someone saw the coyote trying to drag the dog off and it scared it. We don’t know. I mean unless we were there we just don’t know. I am praying for her and Daisy. Let her talk,twitter or anything else she needs to do to either find her fur baby or some type of answers one way or another! Good Luck Jessica you are loved by many sweetie!!!!!

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

I can’t believe the mean things people are saying about Jessica Simpson. I would do the same thing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having hope. I can’t imagine how awful it must feel to have your loving pet taken away by a coyote.

Posted by min kim | Report as abusive

i have 2 dogs i love.. i had one die. with in a week we got a new one..i love my dogs like my kids…

Posted by dennise | Report as abusive

I agree with itsnatural selection concerning it not being the coyote or Jessica\\\’s dog fault, What people must understand some animals dont\\\’ have logic only instincts and thats all they know so the coyote just like any other animal found her dog as an easy meal. Sorry to say but her dog may not be coming back all we can say is sorry for your lost. And hope people learn to pay more attention to thier pets.

Posted by Brandon | Report as abusive

I think it might be difficult for those who don’t have pets, or see pets as part of the family, to fathom the horror of watching a beloved pet meet an untimely and cruel demise. If I were Jessica I’d probably do the same thing – search for my pet.

Unlikely her dog will survive, but who knows? One can only hope, and that’s what Jessica is going on right now – hope.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

I feel so bad for Jessica. Ever since I heard about this it has been constantly on my mind. I just hate to even imagine that happening. I hate to even think about how she must be feeling. It is just so sad. My heart aches when I hear of things like this happening to our precious pets. And yes they are like our babies. I consider them as part of my family. She has raised it since it was a baby. Let us all pray for a miracle for Daisy. And all you mean people, you should consider people’s feelings before posting hurtful comments. Only thing I can think of is you must never have owned a pet. They bring such joy to our lifes. Remember, they love unconditionally.


Oh my God, if a coyote took my dog I wouldn’t stop searching for her until I found her. I wouldn’t care what people think of me for it. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t search for their dog if it were taken. Anyone who thinks that’s stupid is obviously heartless and cares only for themselves.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

Oh bother people, this story is so ridiculous. The dog is gone, literally. She is never going to find the dog alive. She needs to deal in reality.
I am saying this to be cruel, not at all. I have lost a cat to a coyote serveral years ago. I looked everywhere for her for days. Do you want to know what I found? HAIR! That was all that was left of my beloved cat. Was it my fault she died? Yes. I did not do my job as a pet owner and I lost her because of it. I loved her and I cried for her because it was MY fault.
It is not the coyote’s or the dog’s fault. It is hers.
It is sad and it sucks, but jeez there are more important things in the world to be worried about. And anyone who calls themselves a “mom” that doesn’t have a human child and is referring to a pet; there is something wrong with you.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

I feel for her completely. Since I’m about the same as her. I turn on the TV for my dog to watch when I left home and I fight with Vetenerian all the time if the mistreat my dog. But I feed my dog with premium dog food since it has much better nutritian. I also call him son. Something wrong with me? Maybe but I’m happy and I don’t hurt people. If I know there were coyotes near my house I would find someway to protect my dog better. For Example, Motion Sensor detection, Web Cam for monitoring or thing like that because these things are very cheap these days like a few hundread dollars. I love my dog so much I even wrote a book that he stars in it. Hope You get through the pain Jessica.


Is this girl stupid? The dog was the coyotes lunch. Did she think the coyote took it to play with? Get real.

Posted by Mrs. Georgia Peech | Report as abusive

I think shes a bit off,i think her celeb status has caused her to think shes some diva…does she expect people to look for a dog that is gone??..lunch for sure. It was her fault, supposedly it happened in her back yard, with all the money she has… she should have fenced that yard and Poochy wouldn’t be gone. I feel horrible for the dog, that it had such a irresponsible owner.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Buy a new, better dog and hire security for it.

Posted by CelebrityXRay | Report as abusive

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