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Susan Boyle takes over reins of “Wild Horses”

By Dean Goodman
September 17, 2009

Maybe “Salt of the Earth” would have been a more appropriate choice for a Rolling Stones song, but everyone’s favorite underdog Susan Boyle seems to have wowed the masses with her tasteful cover of the rock band’s “Wild Horses.”

boyleThe powerful ballad about love and loss is the first single from the British talent-show heroine’s upcoming debut album, and she previewed it for U.S. viewers during Wednesday’s episode of “America’s Got Talent.”

The “live” performance was actually taped the night before, according to the Los Angeles Times, which hailed it as “lovely, inspirational, free of surprises.” Then again, the paper said Boyle’s version lacked the original‘s irony, although it’s not clear that there was any irony in the original.

The single version, with Boyle accompanied by a pianist, is perhaps more faithful to the restrained, elegiac tone of the original version. On TV, she unleashed her inner opera diva and also omitted the third verse, which contains the song’s most memorable line, “Let’s do some living after we die.”

If anyone stood to be offended it was picky fans of the Rolling Stones, but a survey of responses on the fan Web site It’s Only Rock’n Roll indicated near-unanimous approval. There was no immediate word from writers Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Jagger has said that Richards came up with the melody and the phrase “Wild Horses” and that he wrote the rest. The tune is a popular inclusion in the band’s set lists.

Boyle, meanwhile, is scheduled to release her album “I Dreamed a Dream” on Nov. 24 in the United States through Columbia Records. The shy, 48-year-old spinster rose to overnight worldwide fame in April, after tens of millions of people watched her bravura appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Unable to deal with the sudden attention, Boyle was admitted to a London rehab clinic the next month to deal with anxiety.


For your information Susan’s performance was taped at the same time as Cirque d’Soleil and no one is suggesting they are fragile! I know this because I was there to see both of them perform before a packed audience so it is ridiculous to say that Susan’s performance was taped for the reasons you say. It is very normal to do this sort of taping but the live audiences are real. The place was packed to capacity and the crowd was thrilled by her performance including the several of us who flew in from Florida for the occasion and some from Germany, Canada, Philadelphia, and other places. So there!

Posted by Sherry | Report as abusive

Susan’s version of Wild Horses is equisite! I believe Susan sang this song to evoke her feelings for the loss of her mother. Very appropriate song for her to sing as her redition makes one feel her loss. This is a very successful lady and her ability to evoke her emotions is a sign she is a true professional. Regarding your comment that 19th Nervous Breakdown may have been more appropriate makes me feel that you lack the professional as a journalist to report news by trying to make fun at somebody’s expense. Susan is by far the more professional — maybe you should watch Susan so you could learn how to be successful in life.

Posted by Bonnie | Report as abusive

When oh when will the “trashoid” press stop trying to dig up any way in the world they can to disparage Susan’s lovely performances? One would think by now you would realize you have “lost” the battle of trashing this beautiful lady and stop trying to tear her down. She has done an incredible job of standing up to you but should never had had to “fight the tigers” the way she continues to have to. She has done nothing to deserve it and her fans are not some mindless sheep who will allow you to drag them down this path. You are the ones who are looking like fools; not Susan. :)

Posted by Misti in Seattle | Report as abusive

Agree with both comments here, so well said!

Posted by LS | Report as abusive

It’s quite simple really: she has done a very good version of a very good song. It’s is surprising to see her inhabit a song written by the Stones, but that only adds to the appeal.


Not overly impressed with her rendition – it was quite austere sounding; somewhat headmistress like, and not in keeping with the feel of the song. Even discounting the original, better covers than this have been released. me-in-wild-horses-from-the-rolling-stone s-to-susan-boyle/


Haven’t we heard enough about this untalented woman? Her voice is just satisfactory and nothing original or special. Sorry fans.

Posted by TJ | Report as abusive

@Bonnie: Susan’s version of Wild Horses is equisite!

I agree! I really think her voice does this arrangement justice. I’ve not followed Susan closely, but when I heard her voice singing Wild Horses I flipped the radio channels trying to find it again!

Posted by PetPunkRock | Report as abusive

get out from under the rock and open your ears. Wait until tha album comes out and see how many millions of
people will buy it. It will prove that you have no musical ear. I’ll be one of the first in line to buy it.
She’s only just begun and will thrill generations to come.


Susan has done an incredibly moving performance of a beautiful song. She did the classic Rolling Stones proud and gave new life to their song. It touched my heart and I feel sure that a lot of hearts were touched.

Posted by Ann | Report as abusive

Well said, Ann: “Susan has done an incredibly moving performance of a beautiful song.” I’m sure that each member of the Stones will be enormously proud of Susan Boyle’s achievement, especially Jagger and Richards. She proves both her own greatness and the greatness of the song. What an unusual but utterly inspiring choice of song for her.

Posted by robert | Report as abusive

It is unbelievable that in this day and age, there are still gutter reporters who think that they can get away with reporting sensationalized fiction as facts. They try to make their living off Susan Boyle, but they cant get over their bad habits of lying.

Posted by Andy Sleeter | Report as abusive

What a beautiful version of a lovely stones song!
I bet even sir mike would feel honoured.
Just close your eyes somwhere quiet and listen, words and timing so perfect,you can really feel that you are in the song and relate to somtime in your life!
Susan you do us in britain proud! and long may it last!

Posted by jayne. | Report as abusive

Her rendition of this song is even better on her cd, its just the best I’ve heard. I hope she does well in the future. Up the UK

Posted by ali | Report as abusive

For heavens sake, will you get off her marital status and lose the word “spinster”? Are we living in the 1940s?

Posted by Georgie L | Report as abusive

People who become popular can expect all kinds of criticism, and lack of empathy by some ‘reporters’ in the news media. The point is, that those people must be able to stand up to the rudeness like Susan Boyle is trying to do. She has made it through her childhood, ill parents, their death, and her loneliness, although she has eight siblings. What is wrong with her becoming exhausted? Many ‘stars’ seek treatment for different reasons, and they are not ridiculed like what Susan is experiencing from some ‘media’. ONE CAN IMAGINE THE JEALOUSY FELT WHEN AN UNKNOWN BECOMES THE #1 singer in the music industry, especially when so much affection— genuine affection is shown to a complete stranger who has made the world a happier place, due to her beautiful voice. Has anyone listened to the various notes that Susan can put into one word? To me, that is what I enjoy the most. They can make jokes about her while she is becoming richer than they are.


Susan’s voice is absolutely magnificent…….beautiful song for her


Susan’s rendition of Wild Horses is the most beautiful I have ever heard. She has touched millions of hearts and souls with her glorious voice and emotional presentation of her songs. I predict her debut album will go platinum within months – she is absolutely stunning!


I adore this talented singer, she brought me to tears so easily with her beautiful voice. She is a star, I am a singer too, and I called to get back to my voice lessons after I heard Susan sing this song that she turned into a masterpiece. I am hoping to sing this song at my voice lessons, I wish to sound just like her. Thank you Susan for sharing your voice with the whole world. I too have lost my mother, so this song reaches right to my heart.


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