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“Amazing Race” stiff-arms “Idol”, again, in Emmy reality show battle

September 21, 2009

The producers of Fox’s  program “American Idol” are likely asking themselves what they need to do on their show to ever beat CBS’ series “The Amazing Race” and win the best reality competition trophy at the Primetime Emmys.amazingrace

Singing competition “American Idol” remains the most watched show on TV, and the team behind the show would surely like to cap that accomplishment with an Emmy for the program.

But it was not to be on Sunday, as “The Amazing Race” and its tale of globetrotting competition, again took the trophy, winning in the category for the seventh straight year. That got Jeff Probst, the host of the rival reality show competition “Survivor,” who won an Emmy for his job on the program, talking backstage to reporters about a possible solution to “The Amazing Race’s” dominance.

“Maybe ‘Amazing Race’ should just do what Oprah (Winfrey) did and just pull themselves out of the competition and say, ‘We’ve won enough, our walls are full of trophies, we’ll let someone else win,’” said Probst, whose show survivor is also on CBS, just like “The Amazing Race.”

Bert Van Munster, one of the creators of “The Amazing Race,” was not about to take Probst up on his suggestion.  Standing backstage with the team behind the show, he jokingly said, “I’m going to have to discuss it with my committee, but it’s unlikely.”americanidol

And he showed no signs of wanting to pull the plug on “The Amazing Race,” which began in 2001.

“I’m a paranoid television producer,” he said. “I would never give something up that’s so good.”


American Idol will never win, unless they fix the voting system..a lot of people got a bad taste in their mouths this year..I will watch American Idol, but will never vote again..what was the point..

Posted by david | Report as abusive

Maybe if American Idol and Fox hadn’t messed with the voting results and let the most talented guy win the title, they would have also won the Emmy. What goes around comes around!

Posted by carolb75 | Report as abusive

How can the biggest show on American TV not win the reality Emmy? In twenty years timne people will still be talking about Idol and TAR will be forgotten, so I guess that will bve Fox’s win and Emmys loss.

Posted by henry johns | Report as abusive

It’s the Emmys vote that’s fixed. American Idol doesn’t win because it’s voted for by many millions of Americans not a bunch of greedy self obsessed hollywood people. Why else is American Idol the No.1 show on US network TV?

Posted by wendy | Report as abusive

I have tried watching “The Amazing Race.” It does not interest me in the least. Neither do awards shows which essentially serve as a forum for self-congratulatory pats on the back within an industry that has not shown much originality recently. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a lot more accomplished in my life since TV programs are not too entertaining anymore. Keep it up, Hollywood!

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

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