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Perez Hilton tries to clip Angel’s wings

By Dean Goodman
September 23, 2009

Former “Charlie’s Angels” star Jaclyn Smith did not shoot herself in Honduras, despite gossip columnist Perez Hilton’s claim to the contrary on Tuesday.

jaclyn1Hilton created an international incident after he sent out a Twitter message: “OMG! Jaclyn Smith suicide attempt! Tragic news! She’s in critical condition! Details coming ASAP!” 
His source was a Honduran newspaper that later appeared to correct its initial report to say that rather than Smith, the victim was a woman who played her stunt double.
Smith quickly took to Facebook and Twitter to calm the masses: “Jaclyn is safe and home with her family. She is not in Honduras. It is a lie.”
Hilton, who once reported that Fidel Castro had died, took a lot of heat on Twitter, with the word “douche” cropping up frequently.


I used to kind of like Perez Hilton because he’s quirky and fun. What happened? Now he’s mean and spreads rumors that are false.


Those are the risks of Twitter and having unprofesional reporters do the job of good ones.

Posted by Ricardo | Report as abusive

Well, Twitter got it right — Perez Hilton IS a douche.Why anyone still reads his trashy website, I’ll never know.

Posted by MJ | Report as abusive

I like the designation “douche” for Mr. Hilton. Get a life.

Posted by TheBish | Report as abusive

Honestly, it’s his own fault for not even bothering to contact her publicist to confirm it- since that’s a big bomb to drop without confirmation. Even if it was the Honduran newspaper who go the story wrong to start, he could have at least made a phone call to make sure.

Posted by Kiare | Report as abusive

Why should anyone care anymore what Perez Hilton says, let along believe anything he writes? Moron.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

this rod runner must be one of the most insecure human beings i have ever seen. incredibly sickening.

Posted by BRUCE | Report as abusive

The loss of two angels in the same year would be unbearable. Shame on Perez Hilton and the many radio stations that picked up on his story and reported the incident as well. Just goes to prove you can’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!

Posted by VLN | Report as abusive

Ok,Ok,Ok…..Relax…Perez Hilton is in the business of gossip & rumors, QUIT your talk dudes and dudettes! That’s why it’s called rumors, and gossip..not FACT. so lay off the sauce and let perez do what he does best. squeal and’s you guys that need to find out what’s really real, perez is just a source. find someone else, if thats the case!

Posted by SANDMAN | Report as abusive

Perez is a buthole surfing, douche bag, piece of garbage.peace outSal Minella


he is the gossip business, what would you expect from him, that’s the our gossip industry works, people like that stuff.


who care what he said


very funny, not important for me he is not qualified for this comments.


This is typical behaviour for Perez Hilton…I wish people would stop reading his blog and that he’d just go away.

Posted by KG0 | Report as abusive

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