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Kanye West’s arena tour with Lady Gaga killed off

By Dean Goodman
October 2, 2009

If Taylor Swift had any intentions of catching Kanye West on the rapper’s North American concert tour with Lady Gaga, she will now have to make other plans. The trek is off, according to a terse statement issued Thursday afternoon by concert promoter Live Nation.

kanye“Live Nation announced today that the Kanye West and Lady Gaga ‘Fame Kills’ tour has been cancelled. Refunds are available at the point of purchase. Tickets purchased online and via phone will be refunded automatically.”

A spokesman for Live Nation declined to elaborate. Publicists for West and Lady Gaga could not be reached. The arena tour was supposed to begin on Nov. 10 in Phoenix, and wrap on Jan. 24 in Dallas.

Details of the tour were announced amid the worldwide furor that greeted West’s outburst at the MTV Video Music Awards last month, when the controversial star interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech to say that her prize should have gone to Beyonce instead. An apologetic West told comedian Jay Leno the following day that he planned to take some time off and “just analyze how I’m going to make it through the rest of this life, how I’m going to improve. Because I am a celebrity, and that’s something I have to deal with.”

Lady Gaga had eagerly discussed the tour, which would have been a stylish coming out for the biggest new star of 2009. Her album “The Fame” ranks as the best-selling debut album of the year in the United States with 1.3 million copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and has yielded two No. 1 singles: “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.” It’s also the fifth-biggest-selling album of the year overall in the U.S.


Lady Gaga is smart not to have this idiot be anywhere near her fame as it would only validate him as an “A” list celebrity. He has lowered himself to the lowest possible level of the industry. You are so pathetic to say that your mamma’s death two years ago has left you so terribly confused that you don’t know what you are saying?? Do you actually think the few fans you have left are going to buy that sort of crap? Obama said it…! You are a real jerk. Next show you attend they will have two BIG Bros ready to keep your silly little comments off the stage.

Posted by Marcus Holden | Report as abusive

Lady gaga just because your not doing a concert with kanye west doesn’t mean you can’t do a concert in dallas you can come still by yourself and sing some songs please come to dallas american airlines please come. I would like to get an autograph from you.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

Neither of these two deserve any attention. I just gave them some, so I will now move.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

To be honest, it is ridiclous to still be on the Kanye/ Taylor swift bs. Peopleare acting like the guy murdered, rapped or molested a kid. He took a microphone from somebody and said what he thought. Though it was stupid to do it, there are a lot of worst things people do and white America forgives them. Justin timberlakes pulls out Janet Jackson’s breast on national tv and nobody was crucifying him like this. People please get a grip on life

Posted by Phillip | Report as abusive

Well, check out this video I found on YouTube of a guy trying to give Lady Gaga a rose at her concert in DC on Tuesday. It’s hilarious! 8w&fmt=18


Thank you little baby Jesus for not allowing these 2 WACKOZ to go on tour. LADY GAGA is disgusting & just wierd & Kanye West is a cry baby. Thank you again little baby Jesus. No one wants to see a wierdo Lady GAGA & KANYE with his BALD HEADED GIRLFRIEND.

Posted by TOO LEGIT | Report as abusive

Justin Timberlake WAS crucified for his stupid choreographed breast move. This Kanye whoever the hell he is assures us that he is a celebrity. He didn’t lose control and jump on stage, that’s just what thugs do. What ever it takes to get what they want without regard for anyone else. I don’t know where he’s from but he’s sure picked up on Chicago-style street fighting and thuggery well. I wish these jerks didn’t get any air time at all.

Posted by Valerie | Report as abusive

here we go with the white america crap ,taylor didnt ask for the award it was earned and i/or anyone i know cares abt his oppinion of her or beyonce . and i salute beyonce for doing the right thing and allowing a fellow performer her moment . maybe kanye should do more in the studio so he can earn his own moment.


Its about time Kanye West pays for his actions, to bad it is at the expense of Lady Gaga.


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