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Lindsay Lohan makes fashion debut in Paris

October 4, 2009

FRANCE-FASHION/Cameramen elbowed photographers out of the way, television presenters crashed into bloggers, PR assistants were drowned in a shouting mass of paparazzi as everyone fought for a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan at Paris fashion week.

As a marketing scoop, her new job as artistic adviser for fashion house Emanuel Ungaro has certainly been a success. She even out-papped R&B singer Rihanna and actor Bruce Willis, who were among the VIPs visiting the Paris shows. Ungaro’s president, Mounir Moufarrige, observed the backstage scrum with a satisfied smile on his face, maybe mentally recalculating his profit outlook.

But whether the hype will translate into better sales for the ageing label remains to be seen.

“It’s the clothes that talk. People are interested, and our business is to sell,” Moufarrige told me after the show, surrounded by exhausted fashionistas sipping champagne. “We want to make beautiful products that people will buy.”

Lohan herself may well decide that ultimately, consuming fashion is more fun than producing it. She looked a little dazed and tired after her debut collection, and when a reporter asked her about her love of scandal, she snapped that it was “an unnecessary question”.

Even if the collaboration turns out to be short-lived, Moufarrige could have the last laugh. The label’s clothes are now guaranteed to appear in tabloids, glossy magazines, blogs and talk shows. And the fact that fashion critics have derided Lohan’s stripper-inspired nipple pasties, bra tops and skimpy pink dresses may not matter to shoppers. After all, Victoria Beckham was long sneered at by the fashion in-crowd, and yet her
collection of dresses is now flying off the shelves.

- Reporting by Sophie Hardach

- Photos by Reuters


The only ones who’ll buy Ungaro because of Lohan are idiots. She needs to stick to herself and leave high end fashion houses to the experts. She’s not one. Buying lots of designer brands does not make one!!!

Posted by R.Saenz | Report as abusive

Sad, but she had it all and lost it because of her attitude with everyone……Fashion is alls thats left for her…


Ungaro will never recover from this disaster. They wanted publicity and they got it but did they want to be known as a joke in the fashion community? A monkey could have designed more fashionable clothes.

Posted by PhillipP | Report as abusive

Not worth comment.

Posted by bjco | Report as abusive

Its ashame that Linsay is looking like trailer trash! This is very sad!

Posted by emenot | Report as abusive

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