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Perez Hilton’s ambitious concert tour dogged by apathy

By Dean Goodman
October 4, 2009

Gossip columnist Perez Hilton probably hoped for bigger crowds and better buzz for his inaugural North American tour of up-and-coming musical acts. But the three-and-a-half week trek ended on a high note on Saturday as upwards of a thousand people showed up at the Avalon Hollywood theater to check out the vibrant lineup of would-be superstars.

ladyhawkeNumbers may have been boosted by the addition of a not-so-secret mystery headliner, indie rock band The Gossip, who are probably better known internationally.┬áThe other performers on the final stop of the “Perez Hilton Presents” club tour included the B-52s-like rock band Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, English singer/songwriter Julian Perretta, the glam-rock New York band Semi Precious Weapons, and usual headliner New Zealand dance-pop-rock starlet Ladyhawke (pictured at left).

And, of course, the excitable Hilton drew loud shrieks from his core demographic of young women packed into the front rows each time he took the stage to introduce the next act. “I have this little gossip site, but music is really my passion,” he said at one point. “This is a dream of mine.”

Whether the dream will yield a second tour is questionable. The trek drew modest crowds, and tickets for some of the all-ages gigs were given away. Tickets for the Hollywood show could be bought at the window for $25, down from the advertised day-of-sale rate of $31. Norwegian singer Ida Maria, one of the headliners, dropped out after a week claiming “total exhaustion.”

rtr27t1wIt also passed under the radar of the music industry, whose denizens are neither enamored of Hilton’s day job nor thrilled that he landed his own label at Warner Music Group.┬áHilton was aware that his stamp of approval could backfire on the artists, telling the Seattle Weekly that “if you love Ladyhawke, you shouldn’t let your dislike for me get in the way from coming to the show. Just get over it. It’s not about me.”

On the other hand, the promoters did seem to keep costs down, judging by the fact that many of the artists set up their own equipment. Ladyhawke (a.k.a. Pip Brown) recounted that she had driven 8,000 miles in a van with both her bandmates and with Semi Precious Weapons. Presumbly Ladyhawke and Semi Precious Weapons’ cross-dressing frontman Justin Tranter had plenty of time to swap makeup tips and pantyhose tricks.


Perez (Mario) Hilton is a sad and lonely and very angry gay man who has managed to turn off most of North America with his mean spirit. He had to GIVE AWAY tickets to this tour just to get people into the buildings. No one wants to support him anymore. Even his mean mouthed blog is showing the signs of demise with so few comments. The people who do comment are putting him down. He is a horrible person and is a sure sign of death to any artist that tries to partner with him. His days are quickly numbered. This tour was not a success, just like his failed clothing line and failed book and failed TV show. He is one big fat failure.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

I agree with the comment above…Very sad what he has become……


Agreed, he is a failure.

Posted by Temper | Report as abusive

Another page from the “How-did-this-person-ever-become-famous? ” file.We all drew nasty things on other people’s pictures when we were 10 years old, but we grew out of it. Who knew you could make a career out of it, and get a book deal and a spot on a TV show and be a STAR? He’s a nasty little creep.

Posted by Heather | Report as abusive

Well said, Jack.Yes this tour appears to have been just another epic failure for Internet cockroach Mario Lavandeira aka Perez Hilton. More disturbing for his few remaining blog fans is his clear admission in this article that his real passion is music (and not the gossip that they come to him for.) Shame he’s not very good at the whole music thing. Combined with his despicable mean-spiritedness, Lavandeira’s prospects for future success in any endeavor associated with the “Perez Hilton” brand are limited at best.

Posted by Zach Swan | Report as abusive

I’m sorry but Perez Hilton is no longer interesting except for his offensive words and behavior. Anyone can can be mean and act childish so I don’t see any talent in that. I hope that the musical performers who toured with him find the success they are looking for. I’m afraid that he did nothing to help them.


Is there not anyone who will say something nice about Perez Hilton’s work? Well, I guess not, because there is not much nice to say about it. Is it too much to hope that he will fade from the public eye entirely, and try to do something worthwhile with his life?

Posted by John Clark | Report as abusive

It is great to see an online celebrity like Perez Hilton give an honest effort to support the indie music industry. He really puts his money where his heart is.When you see all the tallent in online music ‘scotty vanity’ you know that Perez is on to something and the mainstream media should get in there and support what he is doing. The future starts small and then everyone will be wishing they were Perez Hilton or had his business vision.Like him or not, Perez is the future.Good Work Perez!


I’m just kidding…..Perez is a loser and should not peddle his wares with good music. He is over, done.

Posted by James Reginald Harris Jr. | Report as abusive

The funniest line in this story is where Perez says, “It’s not about me.” I think that, in Perez’s mind, EVERYTHING is about him.I’m amazed that any band with an ounce of talent would want to hitch their wagon to this falling star. I suspect that they’ll lose more potential fans by being associated with him than they’ll gain.

Posted by Tasteful John | Report as abusive

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