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Miley Cyrus quits Twitter

October 9, 2009

On television, Disney star Miley Cyrus can flip between her normal self and her Hannah Montana alter ego, just by putting on a blond wig.cyrus

On the Internet, the 16 year-old Cyrus also can switch off unwanted public attention, just by deleting her Twitter page, as she did on Thursday,  without a clear explanation.

Will Cyrus’ departure herald a celebrity exodus from Twitter? Don’t count on it.

Just this week, Elizabeth Taylor used the website to announce to the world that she was going into the hospital for heart surgery. And even as Cyrus quit the website, “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan announced that he was joining it Thursday. Why? Because his fans wanted him to, that’s why, Morgan said.

Of course, there is an online campaign to get Cyrus back to Twitter. On Thursday afternoon, “Mileycomeback” was the most active topic on Twitter, meaning some users of the site were typing in those words to call on Cyrus to restart her Twitter page.

Cyrus has a strong force that appears to have pulled her off Twitter. In an article titled “Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter for Boyfriend,” People magazine said that in one of her last Twitter posts, Cyrus wrote, “FYI Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants me to delete mine with good reason.”

Liam Hemsworth is reportedly Miley’s latest boyfriend, and her co-star in upcoming movie “Last Song.”


Hate to say it people, but you have all been scammed!!

Disney star “Miley Cyrus”, does not really exist at all!!

“Miley Cyrus” is a clever computer generated program
created by the US Government to take control of American culture.

The US government tried this before, with, “The Monkeys”; in the 1970s, but did not quite get it right…they were to real looking!

Don’t give in to the government conspiracy; free your mind from the computer generated, “Miley Cyrus”, construct.

(see, “Miley Cyrus Government cover-up”, on Youtube for more evidence that this is just an elaborate Government conspiracy!!)


I can’t believe Miley Cyrus quit Twitter because her boyfriend told her to. That’s really weak.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

People should chill. She probably has her reasons for leaving the site and there should not be an expectation that she explain them to everyone. She is a performer and should be judged for her performances, not her lack of a twitter account.

Posted by Amanda | Report as abusive

Who cares about twitter. Jeez. Go back to your myspace dramma days

Posted by Rafael | Report as abusive

Yeah because all the “dudes” was hitting on her in typical Internet meat market style.

Posted by Anony Mouse | Report as abusive

Awww, I miss Miley already :(

Miley, you’re awesome, no matter what jealous people say :D

Posted by Dani | Report as abusive

Please be careful girl as when a boyfriend asks you to delete (if that is truly the case) because he does not have an account with Twitter you could have told him to feel free to get his own account yet not tell you you need to delete yours. My cousin Susie quit being a then rising country singing star when her then boyfriend told her not to sing or that she could not sing when we all knew she could already at 12 when she was upstaging then the so called country super star Tammy Wynett. Years later my cousin maybe felt like she could have kicked herself for listening to his bad advice.?

Posted by Ben Robinson | Report as abusive

Interesting blog. First of all you should never do something because your boyfriend tells you so. How long will that relationship last. She is only 16!! However, I do think Twitter is stupid so I understand if that was her reasoning.


This chick is hot! I would kill for a few intimate moments with her. She’s a doll, plus she’ll be a billionnairess by the time she’s 18. I would gladly quit my job and grovel after her.

Posted by Mufaso | Report as abusive

I ditched mine long ago as well. its important to experience life and take time to reflect on it personally before launching one’s thoughts out to the general (sbuscribed) public for review and scrutiny. Seriously, the only people that care at all are those who’s asses are planted on their couches or in their beds watching Extra and TMZ all day in order to live vicareously via the lifes of people who they have only seen on the tube. Twitter is annoying, as are those that feel it necessary to waste their lives constantly checking updates on their phones and thumbing messages in response, without regard to the world around you. This hyper-blogging/hyper-diary culture is a bit out of hand. Kudos to the little girl for wanting a bit of privacy in her life.


wow….this shows that Liam is playing the man role in the relationship well…!


Who did what? And why do we care?

Posted by V | Report as abusive


I love your music and the fact that you have remained a fantastic role model for young girls, however your sudden decision to quit twitter based on your co-star / boyfriend request is alarming at best. The only reports the public is getting is that he asked you to quit and you did it, this is not a good reason as you are a public figure with a huge fan base. It appears he is jealous and insecure and wants to have you withdraw from your fans. Please post a public explanation as to your decision so not to give the continued impression that your boyfriend made you do it. I am sure you can understand my point and concern.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

The jury is still out on twitter.

Posted by njoy-d-ride | Report as abusive

Found out where Miley updates will be. Miley Cyrus has canceled her twitter account @mileycyrus The only updates will be posted via the official Miley Cyrus Fan Club


@V – You clicked on an article, read it, and are now taking time to post a comment asking what the article was about and why you care? Hmm…

See, *I* care because I find pop culture’s intersection with technology interesting, in particular because rapid, low-barrier communication between fans has altered the cultural landscape – much as same between customers has altered the commercial landscape.

Also, I’m continually amazed by the vast number of “Hannah Montana” sections in pretty much any store I visit. It’s getting so I’m half expecting to see one in my dentist’s office. It’s a remarkable phenomenon, as evidenced here by my remarking on it.

Couldn’t tell you what -your- reasons are, though.


I applaud Miley for getting away from the Twitter fad. Given what Twitter is, its survival is dependent upon narcissists and losers who are in search of a life. I suspect that more and more people will figure this out in the coming months and dump Twitter.

Posted by Mike H | Report as abusive

Twitter is the lamest thing since the spice girls. Her boyfriend gave her great advice.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

Okay, who cares? She has her reasons, and I’m sure they’re good. Twitter is not life. I do not have a Twitter nor do I plan on getting an account. Leave her alone. She does what she feels is right to do, and I think I’d be insane with people Twittering me all the time, so good for her. Keep the faith, Miley.

Posted by Jordan Swogger | Report as abusive

Okay honestly wow its TWITTER. Not a big deal at all. Before twittter was myyearbook before that it was myspace and after twitter there will be something else. It`s NOT the end of the world. If I were her I wouldnt want one either and I don`t have one now. I mean shes kinda famous don`t you think shes a little busy?! I mean honestly people WEIRD!! GET A LIFE!!

Posted by Samantha Fields | Report as abusive

She needs to do whats best for her. She should not be in the media so much anyways. She is young and I don’t want her to turn out like so many young hollywood people.

Posted by michele katzer | Report as abusive

Wow she just wants attention, plain and simple. it’s the truth! but twitter can say bad things about ppl though.


She informed fans on her website Miley World why she quit. She doesn’t owe anyone any explanation. She did not quit because of Liam, how stupid. She quit because of negative comments made on her page daily by people who have nothing better to do then try to beat people down. Good for her. If you want to know what she has to say and when she says it, join her fan club.

Posted by Melanie | Report as abusive

I honestly still don’t know exactly what Twitter is. My husband won’t allow me to have it. From what I’ve been told it’s a way to communicate to other people what you are doing throughout the day or to give opinions. I don’t really see the point. If Miley is not twittering then she probably has more time to do things that are far more important or interesting.


Miley cyrus you are the best we allllll love you

Posted by Simran datta | Report as abusive

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