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Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, not fans of their own movies

October 9, 2009

Zac Efron, a graduate of Disney’s star machine and teen heart-throb of the “High School Musical” series and “17 Again,” is not the biggest fan of his own movies.zac-efron

And he’s not the only one. “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not exactly talking their own work up either.

With his latest film “Me and Orson Welles” due out next month, Efron told Nylon Guys magazine, “It’s the first time I’ve ever watched a movie (that I’m in) and in the end I’m like, ‘OK! I didn’t check my watch once!”

In fairness to Efron, he is only 21 year-old, so it’s not like he has the long list of movie credits of, say, a Jack Nicholson. Maybe it takes him a while to get warmed up, and he will have some other favorite roles after “Me and Orson Welles.”

But that does not sit well with some Disney fans.  At the Disney fan website,, they whipped up an article titled “Zac Efron Disappoints Us Again” after his latest comment.

“C’mon Zac Efron, really? We love your movies, and we support all of your roles,” the short article states. “And on top of that, we PAY to watch your movies in theater, purchase them on DVD and buy paraphernalia with your face on it. The LEAST you could do is act like you enjoyed those movies too.”

Wow, who knew those Mickey Mouse ears could be so sharp?

robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson recently told a British publication that watching himself on-screen is painful, especially when it comes to this year’s art house film “Little Ashes,” in which he played Salvador Dali.

“It’s like self-flagellation, so why would I bother,” Pattinson said in the piece. “… It was hard to watch my first scene in which I turn up in this funny little hat.”

Meanwhile, Pattinson’s “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart is also feeling some ennui. She tells Interview magazine that the hype around her movie has her feeling the blues.

“The sad thing is that I feel so boring because ‘Twilight’ is literally how every conversation I have these days begins – whether it’s someone I’m meeting for the first time or someone I just haven’t seen in a while.”

The question is whether the rest of the public is getting bored with Efron, Pattinson, Stewart et al as well?



Posted by taylor pattinson | Report as abusive

Well…. Noooooooooooo~!!!
Not with R.Patz.

Posted by bo | Report as abusive

Any actor worth his salt is probably critical of his/her performance and thinks of all the ways he/she could have done a better job. Not surprising!

Posted by Bettyel | Report as abusive

zac rob and kristine should take a lesson from David Cassidy He couldn’t wait to be done with the Partrige family then he wasn’t happy when it was over

You shold enjoy the ride life is too short

Posted by sb | Report as abusive

please.. if these guys all said they loved their movies and thought they were so great in it, we’d be accusing them of being arrogant and narcissistic. they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

most humble people don’t worship themselves and their work but you guys are asking THEM to? what the heck is wrong with you?

Posted by birdy | Report as abusive

I don’t see anything wrong with they way they feel. If they thought they were awesome, oscar worthy performances that would be a problem! One the same side if they said how great they thought they were and just wanted to watch themselves all the time I would be incredibly disapointed. I can also sympathize with Kristen…who wants to have to begin a converstation the same way all the time with friends and strangers alike? Poor kids, but they are all three handling fame very well!

Posted by Danielle | Report as abusive

I would like to pretend I’m interested, but… I just can’t seem to find the IMPORTANCE. *rolls eyes*

Posted by Justine Morris | Report as abusive

The tone of this is a “little” pointed. Although, I suppose that is what gets site hits. The quotes seem to come from two different places. Zac seems to be saying he hasn’t liked any of his previous movies.(Anybody who saw 17 again would agree, imo.) Maybe he didn’t like any of them? He should explain more clearly what he meant by looking at his watch. While Rob is well known for not liking himself on screen. He famously had a panic attack at the Twilight premiere. Finally, I see nothing wrong with Kristen’s quote at all. I would start think I’m boring if I only had one topic of conversation with different people.
Honestly, if you’re going to write something about actors who don’t like seeing themselves on screen then where’s Johnny Depp (a well established actor) in this grouping? He has said out right that he’s never seen any of his movies. Therefore, it would stand to reason that doesn’t like looking at himself on screen either. So…?

Posted by Reese | Report as abusive

I think Zac is totally right. If I was 21 and a guy, I wouldn’t like to be with my friends and turn the TV on and see me dancing and singing! He probably wants us to take him as a serious actor, not as a singer or as a dancer, so hes trying to take that girly image off, and hes totally right.

Posted by Juliette Lewis | Report as abusive

Well I feel that these “kids” are very ungrateful. They are super lucky to be able to star in some very high profile movies like Twilight and High School Musical. Why would you not be thankful for that kind of success??? There are many unknown actors who would’ve killed to play those roles! I think that Kristen, Rob, and Zac should get over themselves. Because like the old saying goes: “You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry.”

Posted by Babydoll1229 | Report as abusive

I love Robert… and I’m not surprised that he’s not a fan of his own show. I mean, after the hype, and the crazy fans stalking him all the time.. I wish he’s still enjoying his career as an actor! Love Your Robert Pattinson! :)))


Can you really blame Rob or Zac? Come on, Zac in a 21 year old guy, he is not gonna enjoy High School Musical. I’m a huge HSM fan, btu I’m not offended. I think it’s pretty obvious he wouldn’t enjoy it. And why would Rob enjoy Twilight? It’s a cheesy romance, he’s a 23 year old guy; again, not surprising he’s not gonna enjoy it. Come on, people! That doesn’t eman they don’t appreciate the fans of the movies!

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

I seriously cannot see what all the fuss is about here. The fact that these actors don’t like certain aspects of their career is no more different than any person who is working in any job. In other words…..That’s Life!1

Posted by Astra | Report as abusive

Personally I love Robert Pattinson’s acting in Twilight and cannot wait till the new movie in November! Just like Kristen Stewart is an amazing actor… Zac Efron also is brilliant.

Posted by Jane | Report as abusive

I really don’t see what is wrong with people these days! So, they don’t like to watch themselves, so what?! If I watch home movies or old pictures I most of the time giggle and think my voice sounds funny. Who doesn’t? There are a lot actors who don’t watch their own movies and singers who don’t listen to their own music. Give these young actors a brake. They are not ungratefull, just overwhelmed. They don’t have to watch, I will watch it for them! Anything with Rob in it is fine by me!

Posted by snack | Report as abusive

OMG i am so not bored of twilight but HSM am i can not wait until new moon comes out!!!!

Posted by Gabrielle | Report as abusive

i think all three of these young actors are talented, although their most popular work does not show the range of that talent. twilight, for example, is crap; kristen stewart and robert pattinson can and have both done better work. i’m happy to see that the recognize this, although i would hope (as in zac ephron’s case) they wouldn’t put their time into something they’re not proud of. all three are too talented to sell-out they way they have…

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

omg OMG realllllllllllly sexy

Posted by lucifer | Report as abusive

God. “Bored” isn’t the right word. Irritated is how I am feeling. She lacks basic acting skills. Why are we idolizing her? Her character hasn’t changed, ever. She makes me feel so uncomfortable. The lack of acting makes me feel uncomfortable. I hope this hype ends soon.

She acts as those she’s better than Twilight. Kristen Stewart you haven’t proven yourself worthy of a decent screenplay.

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

Zac’s quotes have been totally taken out of context and are not representative of the article. For example he also said about HSM in the same article: “[Put your mind to it and you can achieve anything,] that’s what High School Musical is about. And man, you should see the faces on the kids. It’s priceless, and I don’t look down on, or think badly about, those films. I have no regrets at all. I’m extremely proud of those movies, and will be forever.”

Posted by Olivia | Report as abusive

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one that didn’t enjoy their movies. At least they’re not delusional.

Posted by Dominique | Report as abusive

Hey, just got off the treadmill, saw this show capturing the Nerd world when it hit me. Rob is a good looking GEEK and NERD. He can’t deal with adoration because his mind works logically and practically. He has right brain talent with left brain thought process. Leave the guy alone, he is making fun choice, I wish there was a way to put a bubble up for him to live in. Maybe he could move to Coon Rapids, Iowa, I garauntee NO ONE would find him here HERE hidden in the nothingness.


Who could get fed up of these 3 actors? I have to admit Robert pattinson will always have my vote,But i feel sorry for all of them being attacked by fans what happened to dignity? If i met rob i certainly wouldn’t try to push him into a road or jump on him! I will never want to be a celebrity i mean who really wants their personal life shown to every newspaper and magazine in the world? I think these actors should get more credit for what they do,not only are they great actors but they have to put up with alot more than that!

Posted by Alicia | Report as abusive

Do you know,im sick to death of going onto a website and seeing “Haters” For instance if you dont like any of the films the three actors have been in why tell us? Why slate them! Why slate any celebrity for that matter. Robert likes acting he is lucky enough to have that as a job and earn a lot of money and also he is very well known for doing his job but its his choice. I bet if any of you got offered say 5 million you would do a cheesy film. They don’t want their private life all over the press but that’s part of his job. I don’t see why people just don’t get a life and go and read articles on the celebrity you do like? I mean if you don’t like the actors why read an article on them?

Posted by Alicia | Report as abusive

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