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UPDATE: Aerosmith wife no fan of band’s albums

By Dean Goodman
October 12, 2009

(updates with comment from Joe Perry)

The wife of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry doesn’t particularly care for the band’s recordings, and has never listened to any of their albums in their entirety. 

“I am not a fan of Aerosmith’s music without the live performance behind it,”billie1 Billie Perry (at right with her husband) wrote on her Twitter page on Sunday.

“Honestly I have never listened to 1 CD all the way through. I listen in the studio when they record. I’ve never put an Aero CD on my player. I did order a few songs from iTunes, but have not listened.” 

She considers Aerosmith to be one of the greatest live acts in rock ‘n’ roll, but “… without the live show the songs n lyrics don’t move me.”

Perry’s comments come at a sensitive time for the veteran rock band. Aerosmith was forced to cancel a troubled tour two months ago after singer Steven Tyler fell off the stage, and he has not spoken to his bandmates since.

Joe Perry, who is promoting a new solo album that will keep him on the road through March, recently told Reuters he has not written a song with Tyler in 10 years.

But he took to Twitter to defend his wife’s Twitter messages, saying she had told him when they first met that she was not familiar with Aerosmith and did not care about his fame or fortune. “Made me love her all the more,” he said.

“She’s a real true punk when it comes to R&R and makes no bones about it,” he added. “She’s one of the only people I trust to give me knowledgeable truth.”

His wife, a photographer and poet, uses Twitter to update fans on the band’s internal developments, to the occasional chagrin of fans. But her latest comments aren’t likely to win her any awards for dutiful wife of the year. Alas, if Aerosmith cannot get past its current impasse, the albums are the only way she’ll be able to appreciate one of America’s biggest rock bands.


Get a life. She has the right to her opinions.

Posted by DD | Report as abusive

Dean- Are you hard up for material or what??? Billie Perry is being honest and there is nothing wrong with that. And I am speaking as a LOYAL Aero fan. I think it bothers others that she can love her husband and speak her mind and not have to apologize for it. Shame on you for making her out to be the bad guy…

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

I have always loved Aerosmith because they are kind of raunchy and sleazy and they are so good at it!


BRAVO! for Mrs. Perry.
I have seen Aerosmith 3x in concert.
I used to have a crush on Steven Tyler.
But I do not own a single Aerosmith CD.
They are tremendous live in concert..and she is right…
the recorded stuff is just not the same.
Glad she is able to speak her mind.
BooHoo, Steven!

Posted by cincobayou | Report as abusive

C’mon on. Don’t try to put the “Yoko Ono Label” on her. She’s frank and has the right to say what she wants. I love Aerosmith. Live as well as some of their CDs. But nowadays I like even more what Joe Perry is doing right now. Bringing some raw and good music down to earth and to smaller venues. Hope he’ll bring his band to Germany also.

Posted by metropolista | Report as abusive

‘dutiful wife’? Damn, what century is Dean Goodman living in?

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

if the wife can´t stand their music, what can I say?! They really suck! She is totally right! Why she doesn´t keep her opinion to her? Poor Aero fans…

Posted by anna | Report as abusive

Dean Goodman is writing as if he was in the 70′s…wives of Rock Stars were often groupies whose entire life was the band, their music and being wasted spending considerable time listening to CD’s. Billie Perry comments are refreshing. She is a mother of 3 successful children, intelligent, supportive of her husband and a great role model.The author’s comments about Ms. Perry being a “dutiful wife” is off base…get a life Mr. Goodman!

Posted by David Lowry | Report as abusive

“No awards as dutiful wife of the year”? This writer shouldn’t be referred to as a journalist, and has no idea what it’s like to be the supportive wife of a rock legend like Joe Perry. Just another unprofessional writer taking comments out of context to make a buck. Is Twitter the best you could do as a source? Could you not get a personal interview? Do you consider what it’s like to read a story like this written about you? It is sad when someone follows the wife of a rock star on Twitter and apparently has not paid attention to anything else that she has said. Get a life – or better yet, another job.

Posted by E. Ponyboy | Report as abusive

What a stupid play on taking a Twitter comment out of context and washing it out to portray an entirely different message. It’s sh*t media like this that’s the reason no one trusts the “news” anymore. Billie Perry was talking about what a truly “live” band Aerosmith is, and the comment about their records was said in an effort to explicate just how much a recording can’t capture the band’s true energy and power. Dean Goodman, you should really be ashamed of milking this for a worthless article. If you know anything about the Perry’s or Aerosmith at all, you’d know they let the music do the talking.

Posted by KristenPaige | Report as abusive

When there is no news…. Make up some news!

Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

How dare Billie have her own ideas and not be wrapped up in her husbands work? (big eyeroll). Slow news day dude? If you really knew anything about the band and their history you would already know the story of how they met and that Billie is her own person. No news, we already knew. You were the one in the dark and decided to try and make it a negative thing when you heard “big news” on twitter.

Posted by Pam | Report as abusive

Nice re-write. You know your original story was crap so you keep trying. Don’t worry buddy one day it will come to you. Maybe one day you can be a real wittier and not just riding the Reuters coattails and writing on its “blog” page. Maybe when you grow up you can be a real reporter.

If you knew Billie and her family you would understand that she LOVES Aerosmith. She loves every one in the band as family: They ARE FAMILY. You are trying to start s*it where there isn’t any. Do you think Joe sits there and pops in an Aero CD after it’s made and jams out to it? Do you think anyone in the family of the band or close friends really “listens” to Aerosmith other then watching them live? No, but I can tell you that family is sitting there through the whole recording process watching the song start as a riff in the kitchen one day to the final song that you hear on the radio. Months and months of hearing the same song over and over again, they know it, they love it and they help mold it because the band asks family and friends for opinions on the “new songs” so they help even mold the songs. So they know the songs. They have heard them from their infancy. Do you think that after months and months of hearing the same song being played over and over again in the house, in the studio, on various radios and CD players to make sure it sounds great while a new CD is being made and supporting 100% through the whole process anyone connected should keep listening for pleasure? It ends up being like work. Does that mean they don’t like the song? No. By the time you hear the song the family has heard it 100s of times, various versions throughout the whole process. Not to mention the 1000s of times watching them live over and over again. Billie enjoys the shows. She can often been see on the side of the stage jamming out, enjoying and supporting Joe every step of the way. Family and friends love watching Aerosmith playing live on stage and rocking’ out to it, but really, dropping a CD in the car as you drive to the store? Listen if she said she rocks out daily you would bash her for being a groupie wife, if she doesn’t you bash her for not liking the band. I can tell you she LOVES this band and EVERYONE in it. She has supported Joe for the past 25+ years. She was a big reason the band got back together. She supports her husband, her 4 kids, her family, her friends and is truly an amazing, strong, outspoken, intelligent woman. Her strength is amazing.


Billie Perry has a right to her opinion. She has supported Aerosmith and her husband for many years and her loyalty should not be questioned. While some of us love Aerosmith anytime and anyway, she has the right to voice her views. We’re all different and should respect each other.

Posted by pixgirl | Report as abusive

Billie Perry not listening to all of Aero’s CDs isn’t a big deal at all.

I would consider myself a pretty big fan of Aerosmith and I can think of three or four of their records at least that I haven’t listened to from start-to-finish. It’s just not that important.

What’s important is listening to what makes you feel good.

She’s got a point. Aerosmith is at their best when they’re live. I can think of quite a few songs that sound better live than they do on the albums. Dream On, WTW, What it takes, Monkey, love in an elev., Eat the rich etc..

Posted by Sam Perricone | Report as abusive

When someone works with or lives with entertainers it is rare that they listen to the finished albums. By that point, they have heard them in various working stages, in demoes, maybe a couple of unfinished versions, an early mix etc.

By the time the album pops they have lived with the songs on the album for two years. Then they see the band perform a half dozen times on tour.

Billie is renowned for being a class act and her and Joe make a great couple.

This seems kinda thin to base a blog on fella.

Posted by Larr LeBlanc | Report as abusive

Thanks for your support, honey….

My mother once told me that you don’t have to say everything just because you can. Maybe it’s a lesson that a few more people need to learn.

Posted by Dawn | Report as abusive

I love Aerosmith and their recorded albums but that’s just my opinion. She’s entitled to her opinion and I have no problem with it. She didn’t marry him for his music anyway. What is “dutiful wife” supposed to mean? This is a non story typical of the fixed noise corporate run 24 hr infotainment crap that’s laughably called “news.”

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Dean- seriously. Get a Grip.

This blog is very sexist and quite offensive to not only Billie but all women. Very antiquated suggestions here.
A woman is supposed to live and breathe by what her husband does for a living? And she has horns and a tail if God forbid she dosnt follow his every word or, in this case, know every song he has ever written?

Through twitter, I’ve had the opportunity to read some of Billie and Joes thoughts and often entertaining and infomative points of view. Billie is filled with wisdom and whimsey. She appears to be a completely devoted mother, wife & lover of nature and animals and most importantly it is very clear Joe adores her. Who cares if she does or dosnt listen to Aerosmith albums.

I think you owe all women an apology.

Posted by Aqua ~ A Liquid Sun | Report as abusive

Billie perry who you think yourself,you’re nothing and without steven Tyler you’re husbend is also nothing,he thinks he rocks now and he is on the road but the truth is that Steven Tyler is the main and the bone of aersmith and without him you losers worth shet.So keep your stupid tweets for your self cos nobody really gives a damn.

Posted by solo princes | Report as abusive

I applaud her honesty; she strikes me as a woman of integrity and I for one find nothing odd in her viewpoint.

Posted by A.M. | Report as abusive

As a “glass-half-full” kind of guy, I see this as a ringing endorsement of how EXCELLENT of concerts Aeorsmith performs. And having access to hear them a their best regularly (as often as they go out, or practice), who would want to go on a diet of “studio mix?” Some bands *needed* studio mixes to sound decent. This is a compliment, not a criticism, by Billie. Any thinking person would be enticed to go to a concert rather than be detracted from buying an album.

Posted by jack | Report as abusive

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