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“Balloon Boy,” the video game

October 16, 2009

First, there was the television reality show “Wife Swap” that first introduced young Falcon Heene and his family to the public. Then the 6 year-old Colorado child was quickly nicknamed “Balloon Boy” on Thursday, when a giant Mylar balloon thought to be lofting him to the heavens riveted TV viewers, until the whole story popped. Now that we know Falcon is safe and sound, there’s “Balloon  Boy” the video game.balloon-boy1

The free game, available to play at this website, is a creation of the San Francisco-based startup Heyzap. In the game, “Balloon Boy” must use a laser zapper to defend himself from birds, muckracking documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and UFOs, all the while holding fast to the side of the Mylar aircraft.

The game ends inside an attic, because that’s where Falcon himself was found at the family’s home, after rescuers tried frantically to look for him on the belief that he had been carried aloft by the balloon.

The game was programmed by three friends, all age 25, who pulled an all-nighter to get it finished, after the whole “Balloon Boy” incident deflated on Thursday afternoon.

Never mind that Heyzap describes the birds in the game as falcons, even though they look a lot like seagulls.  Just zap away at those birds, and try not to think too hard about it. It will entertain just about anybody for five minutes.


As Einstein once said, “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” High five to the 25 year olds making this game. It sounds fun, innocent and entertaining. We need more non-violent/sexual games like this.

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Suckers! All suckers! Next time before letting your imagination run away, going berserk and gaga over certain incidents, weight events carefully with a grain of salt. To all the millions of suckers who got excited over nothing and carelessly wasted their attention on this vicious joke that cost taxpayers good…you look silly! You have been had!

Posted by Graham Jones | Report as abusive

I am hoping it was not a hoax, because that would be a twisted thing for the parents to do.


Any why is the media CONTINUING TO GIVE HIM EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS???? Wouldn’t the best thing to do in this situation would be for the press to IGNORE this “story”?????

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