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Lindsay Lohan speaks with her finger — no not that one

October 16, 2009

lindsay-lohanActress Lindsay Lohan appeared before a judge on Friday to explain why she had not regularly attended her alcohol education program. LiLo was mostly quiet, letting her attorney do the talking, but a photo from the hearing shows she had something to say with her index finger.

The word, “Shhh…” was tattooed on the digit. It’s been there for awhile, but this photo from the courtroom shows how the tattoo can add drama to even the most mundane of gestures.

Perhaps in a case like this one, where LiLo is dealing with the aftermath of a pair of drunken driving arrests, the actress would like everyone to follow her tattoo’s lead and hush up about the case.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel no doubt had the media scrutiny of LiLo in mind when she told the actress, “Your life is followed — it’s not as if you can just hide out.”

LiLo’s appearance in the Beverly Hills courtroom came after paparazzi photographers spent the morning pressed against the windows outside, waiting for a chance to take shots of her going through the security entrance.

The hearing was delayed more than an hour as the courtroom waited for LiLo to show up. During that time, Revel showed herself to be quite an entertaining judge, and got the reporters tittering by pulling out a giant, 4-foot gavel and chatting about “Balloon Boy” , the reality show “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” and the time a baseball landed in her lap at Dodger Stadium.

When she walked into the courtoom, LiLo was wearing sunglasses and holding hands with her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley. During the hearing, Holley explained to the judge that LiLo had fallen behind on her alcohol education program because she had several projects going. LiLo these days is spending her time narrating a BBC documentary about human smuggling, recording an album for Universal Music Group and overseeing her fashion line, Holley said.

The judge extended her probation for a year and set a Dec. 15 progress hearing for LiLo, although if the actress is progressing well with her alcohol education program, she will not have to attend in person.

As for LiLo’s exclamatory finger, here is an article from UK newspaper The Sun showing that the “Shhh…” tattoo is somewhat of a fad, shared by singers Lily Allen and Rihanna.

(Photo credit: Nick Ut/Pool)


Lindsey is a beautiful girl with much talent. But if she doesn’t control her drinking, her life will spiral out of control and she’ll end up being a has-been. Then the depression will set in for her.

Too much, too fast, too soon. This ordeal is not entirely her fault. Producers are only interested in one thing…money. They will capitilize on her as much as they can while she’s in the spotlight whether if its good news or bad. And they’ll milk her for what she’s worth. Basically, there’s really no way around this so why not try and do something positive with yourself and keep the money train going for as long as you can in a good way. This way you can stay in the spotlight, have respect and make yourself and others proud. No one want’s to see a has-been junkie trying to act like they’re a new fresh face doing whatever they can to make it big again as they once did a long, long time ago. That is very sad.

Get your act together Lindsey.

Posted by i,robert | Report as abusive

I wish her father would get the intervention under way. I do think he’s telling the truth about her prescription drug abuse and addiction. We are watching this young woman die before our eyes and she’s taking her sister Ali down with her. If the mother is too self-involved or co-dependant to join in the cause then intervene without her support. Get on this now Michael Lohan!!

Posted by Tralalala | Report as abusive

She WAS a beautiful girl that has turned into a lush and a whore. The only thing missing is another DUI where she kills somebody walking on a sidewalk. This train wreck needs to spend some time in jail. If I’d done what she has done, I would be in jail. October is an even month, so she can be a lezbo again to have some friends during her stay.

Posted by OPie | Report as abusive

Sounds like another self-absorbed celebrity who would be better off in the anonymous world of soccer moms.

Posted by Mike H | Report as abusive

Lindsay is possibly collaborating with Bebe!! Interesting!

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Posted by denise | Report as abusive

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