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Box office gets “Wild” as adults groove with kids’ tale

October 19, 2009

whild-thingsDirector Spike Jonze’s movie adaptation “Where the Wild Things Are” proved naysayers wrong this past weekend with a strong opening at U.S. box offices, making $32.5 million. The film brought Jonze’s hipster ethic to a popular 1963 children’s book, and managed to attract both adults and kids.

Of course, other movies have done that before, including this year’s Disney/Pixar film “Up.” But the doubters were particularly vocal about “Where the Wild Things Are” because early in the production process there were questions about whether the film was too scary for young kids and not scary enough for adults. You can read about some of it here, but none of those past concerns seemed to matter over the weekend.

Other movies that opened this past weekend included the thriller “Law Abiding Citizen,” about an average guy who takes the law into his own hands. The horror movie “Paranormal Activity,” which cost $15,000 to make and has been widened out each week to more theaters, also did well, and has made $33.7 million since it opened in limited release on Sept. 25.

We talked to movie fans this weekend to get their opinions on the latest releases. You can see the video by clicking below.

(video by Marc Price)


I thought this movie “Where the wild things are” was horrible. Did not make sense at all!!! The kid was full of anger, bitterness. So he enters a world, in which you think he’ll find happiness, and everyone there is just as miserable. It was definitely a waste of money and time. Just my opinion…. I’m hoping to reach all my friends and family before they waste money and time on this film. Seriously thought script must of been written under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

This was the dumbest movie I have ever seen. Even my 13 year old daughter and 18 year son thought it was a very stupid movie. There should be a law against charging someone $9 to watch this stupid movie.


i spent $14.50 for IMAX and liked it. very deep and made you think.


This was a great film, it has many layers and was never intended for children, but adults. It made you remember childhood for what it was, confusing, sometimes scary and sometimes sad. Those commenters under me suffer from Small Mind Syndrome and should watch again with a better outlook.

Great film, once again.

Posted by jay | Report as abusive

Loved this film! It moved me to tears and was honestly the best children’s movie since Wall-E

Posted by David | Report as abusive

This is a great film to go see while on mushrooms (or another psychedelic of your choice.) I took my son and niece (5 and 6 years old respectively) and I had a great time. I ate a few caps before taking them to the theater and was in full trip about 15 minutes into the movie. I felt like I actually went to where the Wild Things were! Then, by the time I was coming down I realized we were halfway through a different movie! I think it was Paranormal Activity. The kids were crying at this point and others around us were getting upset so we high tailed it outta there without ever having to pay for the 2nd movie (haha suckers!) What an experience, would recommend to anyone with a good imagination!

Posted by T. Rolle | Report as abusive

Take it easy naysayers. The film was a social commentary on growing up without being able to control your world. Much like the book it seeks to create a fantasy world but even then, there is no escaping reality. If you look closely, the ‘Wild Things,’ each resemble an aspect of Max, his personality and people in his world.

Posted by JM | Report as abusive

The movie is great. The soundtrack is perfect. Anyone who went expecting some vanilla, Disney-flavored formula kid movie was understandably disappointed. But if you go to see the full range of emotions of childhood and to see a movie that is true to the book while still creating an art all its own, you’ll be pleased.

Posted by JW | Report as abusive

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